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Alexanderlccn-n80020306Bodleian Libraryothedtlccn-n80032672Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)othlccn-nr00009095Master of Mary of Burgundyactive 1475-1490illilulccn-n83200156Pächt, Otto1902-1988redlccn-nr2003005256EngelbrechtIICount of Nassau-Dillenburg-Dietz1451-1504lccn-n78095799Pierpont Morgan Librarylccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n84058671Wormald, Francislccn-n80060418Sandler, Lucy Freemanothlccn-n80084588Brown, T. Julian(Thomas Julian)edtAlexander, J. J. G.(Jonathan James Graham)Exhibition catalogsCatalogsBibliographyHistoryIllumination of books and manuscripts, MedievalIllumination of books and manuscriptsIllumination of books and manuscripts, RenaissanceIllumination of books and manuscripts, ItalianItalyIllumination of books and manuscripts--TechniqueArt, MedievalEnglandInitialsDecoration and ornament--Themes, motivesManuscriptsBooks of hoursNetherlandsIllumination of books and manuscripts, EnglishEngland--OxfordGreat BritainPrivate librariesLibrariesManuscript (Bodleian Library)Art, GothicArchitecture, EnglishArt, EnglishArchitecture, GothicChurch architectureFrance--Le Mont-Saint-MichelIllumination of books and manuscripts, NormanMont-Saint-Michel (Abbey : France)Manuscripts, ItalianAbbey, J. R.--(John Roland),Illumination of books and manuscripts, IrishIrelandNew York (State)--New YorkNew York Public Library.--Humanities and Social Sciences LibraryArt, RenaissanceAlexander, J. J. G.--(Jonathan James Graham)Illumination of books and manuscripts, EuropeanItaly--UrbinoFederico,--da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino,Avril, FrançoisIllumination of books and manuscripts, FrenchManuscripts, MedievalIllumination of books and manuscripts, GothicIllumination of books and manuscripts, RomanesqueNew York Public LibraryMaster of Mary of Burgundy,Belgium--BrusselsArchitecture, MedievalArchitecture, RenaissanceArt1935196419661967196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201410241295676745.67ND2920ocn462926858ocn185537546ocn310878584ocn464315562ocn466373168ocn797692034ocn489581773ocn462199011ocn800802628ocn613008635ocn185428580ocn185428566ocn185756426ocn185680966ocn185399677ocn185374454ocn186811753ocn723773437ocn254949065ocn468407835ocn883877400ocn470959585ocn664452750ocn314160252123715ocn025552462book19920.50Alexander, J. J. GMedieval illuminators and their methods of workWho were the medieval illuminators? How were their hand-produced books illustrated and decorated? In this beautiful book Jonathan Alexander presents a survey of manuscript illumination throughout Europe from the fourth to the sixteenth century. He discusses the social and historical context of the illuminators' lives, considers their methods of work, and presents a series of case studies to show the range and nature of the visual sources and the ways in which they were adapted, copied, or created anew. Alexander explains that in the early period, Christian monasteries and churches were the main centers for the copying of manuscripts, and so the majority of illuminators were monks working in and for their own monasteries. From the eleventh century, lay scribes and illuminators became increasingly numerous, and by the thirteenth century, professional illuminators dominated the field. During this later period, illuminators were able to travel in search of work and to acquire new ideas, they joined guilds with scribes or with artists in the cities, and their ranks included nuns and secular women. Work was regularly collaborative, and the craft was learned through an apprenticeship system. Alexander carefully analyzes surviving manuscripts and medieval treatises in order to explain the complex and time-consuming technical processes of illumination - its materials, methods, tools, choice of illustration, and execution. From rare surviving contracts, he deduces the preoccupation of patrons with materials and schedules. Illustrating his discussion with examples chosen from religious and secular manuscripts made all over Europe, Alexander recreates the astonishing variety and creativity of medieval illumination. His book will be a standard reference for years to come+-+8431055585100018ocn002818439book19710.37Alexander, J. J. GItalian Renaissance illuminations95414ocn003844581book19780.37Alexander, J. J. GThe decorated letter76724ocn000102205book19700.56Master of Mary of BurgundyA book of hours for Engelbert of Nassau, the Bodleian Library, Oxford+-+578861253565118ocn031804536book19940.50Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)The Painted page : Italian Renaissance book illumination, 1450-1550Exhibition catalogs137 manuscripts, printed books with hand-painted illustrations and single pages are illustrated in full color, ranging from small prayer books to large choir books, and from Greek, Roman, and Italian literature to collections of fables and historical treatises. Many of these volumes were commissioned by powerful wealthy, and discriminating patrons who included members of the ruling Italian families as well as cardinals and popes and many of whom were also prominent bibliophiles. Among other fascinating issues, the mechanics of patronage, patterns of production, and formation of libraries are discussed in three essays and in the catalogue entries - the latter divided into eight thematic sections - written by noted specialists in the history of Renaissance manuscripts and books. And, of course, we are introduced to the artists themselves - their working habits, characteristic styles, and interrelationships+-+103868642832448622ocn000230121book19660.70Bodleian LibraryIlluminated manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, OxfordCatalogsBibliography45118ocn019938286book19870.63Age of chivalry : art in Plantagenet England, 1200-1400HistoryExhibition catalogs43116ocn000086507book19690.66Alexander, J. J. GNorman illumination at Mont St. Michel, 966-110039713ocn011536042book19840.74Wormald, FrancisCollected writings38513ocn000016944book19690.77Alexander, J. J. GThe Italian manuscripts in the library of Major J.R. AbbeyCatalogs37811ocn004809269book19780.77Alexander, J. J. GInsular manuscripts, 6th to the 9th centuryCatalogs35614ocn061352924book20050.70New York Public LibraryThe splendor of the word : medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts at the New York Public LibraryCatalogsExhibition catalogsBetrifft die Handschriften Cod. 31-32 (Nr. 86, S. 368-371 & Anm. 2) und Cod. 85 (Nr. 6, S. 45-50, bes. S. 49, Anm. 2) der Burgerbibliothek Bern+-+K5502805462938ocn010777531book19840.82Alexander, J. J. GIlluminated manuscripts in the Oxford College libraries, the University Archives, and the Taylor InstitutionCatalogsBibliography18610ocn001551958book19750.84A survey of manuscripts illuminated in the British IslesCatalogs+-+48085705453241847ocn076787924book20050.79Tributes to Jonathan J.G. Alexander : the making and meaning of illuminated Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts, art & architecture+-+32965072361233ocn138279917book20070.84Federico da Montefeltro and his libraryHistoryExhibition catalogs1032ocn166387031book20070.79Quand la peinture était dans les livres : mélanges en l'honneur de François Avril à l'occasion de la remise du titre de docteur honoris causa de la Freie Universität BerlinBibliographyInterventions prononcées lors d'une journée consacrée à cette personnalité marquante du réseau des conservateurs et historiens de l'art. Elles portent sur les manuscrits enluminés du Moyen Age et mettent en lumière certaines thématiques telles que le trône de grâce, le maître des graduels de San Salvatore de Pavie, le missel d'Alfonso Strozzi de la bibliothèque universitaire de Leipzig+-+5108708507945ocn017617561book19770.33Alexander, J. J. GBuchmalerei der italienischen Renaissance : im 15. Jahrhundert9111ocn001008385book19730.74Alexander, J. J. GEnglish illuminated manuscripts 700-1500Exhibition catalogs849ocn051988199book20000.82Alexander, J. J. GStudies in Italian manuscript illuminationHistory11ocn795757298book20061.00Tributes to Jonathan J.G. Alexander : making and meaning of illuminated in the Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts, art & architecture+-+329650723611ocn270975031book20050.56L'Engle, SusanTributes to Jonathan J.G. Alexander : making and meaning in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance+-+3296507236+-+8431055585+-+8431055585Thu Oct 16 15:08:35 EDT 2014batch26081