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Fri Mar 21 17:12:16 2014 UTClccn-n500352330.37N is a number a portrait of Paul Erdős /0.670.92Vvedenie v teorii︠u︡ diofantovykh priblizheniĭ51750617J._W._S._Casselsn 5003523370539Cassels, J. W.Cassels, J. W. S.Cassels, J.W.S., 1922-Cassels, John William ScottCassels, John William Scott 1922-Kassels, Dž.Kassels, Dž. V. S.Scott Cassels, John William 1922-Касселс, Дж. В. С.キャッセルズ, J. W. Slccn-n96018865Flynn, E. V.lccn-n79118957London Mathematical Societyothpbdedtlccn-n50073455International Mathematical Unionothlccn-n83065310Fröhlich, A.(Albrecht)1916-edtnp-frolich, albrechtFrölich, Albrechtedtlccn-n77016642Nathanson, Melvyn B.(Melvyn Bernard)1944-viaf-204115678Ruciński, Andrzejlccn-n78062675Bollobás, Bélalccn-n80033469Graham, Ronald L.1935-lccn-n84151498Knoop, JohnCassels, J. W. S.(John William Scott)Conference proceedingsBiographyFilm adaptationsLie groupsMathematical physicsQuantum groupsGeometry of numbersCurves, AlgebraicLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalMathematical analysisAlgebraic number theoryCombinatorial analysisDiophantine approximationInverse scattering transformNonlinear theoriesEconomics, MathematicalEconomics--Mathematical modelsSchrödinger equationEconomicsCurves, EllipticForms, QuadraticLocal fields (Algebra)MathematiciansHungaryErdős, Paul,Operator spacesHoffman, Paul,Diophantine analysisMathematics--PhilosophyApproximation theoryNumber theoryGeometryMathematicsGeometric group theoryLie algebrasAlgebraic fields1922195119551956195719591960196119651966196719691971197219761978197919811982198519861987198819901991199219931995199619972001200220032004200520082010503763267530.15255QC20.7.G76ocn000261317ocn002127315ocn264443291ocn799287837ocn803113966ocn079249402ocn797106896ocn472201696ocn467967839ocn756978975ocn697789982ocn858088881ocn865066196ocn760729007ocn843868486ocn843868322ocn865245043ocn843868519ocn865066634ocn85808903384739ocn000527458book19590.70Cassels, J. W. SAn introduction to the geometry of numbersReihentext + Geometry of Numbers From the reviews: "The work is carefully written. It is well motivated, and interesting to read, even if it is not always easy ... historical material is included ... the author has written an excellent account of an interesting subject." (Mathematical Gazette) "A well-written, very thorough account ... Among the topics are lattices, reduction, Minkowski's Theorem, distance functions, packings, and automorphs; some applications to number theory; excellent bibliographical references." (The American Mathematical Monthly)+-+933261590869112ocn836848735file19960.59Cassels, J. W. SProlegomena to a middlebrow arithmetic of curves of genus 2A unique insight into the topic of curves of genus 2, by two of the world's leading practitioners+-+552839670568326ocn000909096book19570.66Cassels, J. W. SAn introduction to diophantine approximation+-+323095670559145ocn000261317book19670.73Cassels, J. W. SAlgebraic number theory; proceedings of an instructional conferenceConference proceedings+-+179827504532450222ocn007814330book19810.70Cassels, J. W. SEconomics for mathematiciansThis is the expanded notes of a course intended to introduce students specializing in mathematics to some of the central ideas of traditional economics+-+K96137670545516ocn025160885book19910.70Cassels, J. W. SLectures on elliptic curves+-+658079670544317ocn012262799book19850.73Cassels, J. W. SLocal fieldsThis book provides a fairly elementary and self-contained introduction to local fields+-+493958670532443415ocn004746865book19780.73Cassels, J. W. SRational quadratic forms+-+65211913951761ocn056349644visu20040.37Csicsery, George PaulN is a number a portrait of Paul ErdősBiographyFilm adaptationsA documentary filmed in England, Hungary, Poland and the United States over a period of four years presenting mathematician Paul Erdos's mathematical quest in its personal and philosophical dimensions, and the tragic historical events that molded his life+-+3633097245324404ocn490017929book19670.56Algebraic number theory proceedings of an instructional conference [held from September 1st to 17th, 1965, in the University of Sussex, Brighton], organized by the London Mathematical Society (a NATO Advanced Study Institute) with the support of the International Mathematical Union213ocn855968952file20030.84Pisier, GillesIntroduction to operator space theoryAn introduction to the theory of operator spaces, emphasising examples that illustrate the theory and applications to C*-algebras, and applications to non self-adjoint operator algebras, and similarity problems. Postgraduate and professional mathematicians interested in functional analysis, operator algebras and theoretical physics will find the book has much to offer+-+6016636705193ocn437068991com20020.53Pressley, AndrewQuantum groups and Lie theoryConference proceedingsThis book comprises an overview of the material presented at the 1999 Durham Symposium on Quantum Groups and includes contributions from many of the world's leading figures in this area. It will be of interest to researchers and will also be useful as a reference text for graduate courses+-+8595656705141ocn437069134com20030.66Ablowitz, Mark JDiscrete and continuous nonlinear Schrödinger systemsIn this book, the detailed mathematical analysis of the scattering theory is presented, soliton solutions are obtained and soliton interactions, both scalar and vector, are analyzed. Many details presented, including aspects of the scattering theory, solution methodology, soliton solutions and vector soliton interactions are not available in the previously-published literature122ocn845243038file20030.59Henson, C. WAnalysis and logicConference proceedingsThis volume comprises articles from four outstanding researchers who work at the cusp of analysis and logic. The emphasis is on active research topics; many results are presented that have not been published before and open problems are formulated+-+5613916705102ocn853239421com19910.47Cassels, J. W. SLMSST : 24 Lectures on Elliptic CurvesA self-contained introductory text for beginning graduate students that is contemporary in approach without ignoring historical matters102ocn845243044file20030.56Wensley, C. DSurveys in combinatorics, 2003Conference proceedingsIn 2003 the British Combinatorial Conference conference was held at the University of Wales, Bangor. The papers contained here are high quality surveys contributed by the invited speakers, covering topics of significant interest. Ideal for established researchers and graduate students who will find much here to inspire future work92ocn013475502book19610.92Cassels, J. W. SVvedenie v teorii︠u︡ diofantovykh priblizheniĭ81ocn781291971book19670.47Algebraic number theory : proceedings of an instructional conference organized by the London Mathematical Society (a Nato Advanced Study Institute) with the support of the International Mathematical Union [, held from Sept. 1st to Sept. 17th, 1965, in the University of Sussex, Brighton]Conference proceedings74ocn313285407book19820.47Cassels, J. W. SRacional'nye kvadratičnye formy61ocn776976421com19930.47Geometric Group TheoryConference proceedings+-+0531996705+-+K961376705+-+K961376705Fri Mar 21 16:02:05 EDT 2014batch17680