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Fri Mar 21 17:14:24 2014 UTClccn-n500352360.19An honourable man /0.420.86Equatoria under Egyptian rule : the unpublished correspondence of Col. (afterwards Major-Gen.) C. G. Gordon with Ismaïl, Khedive of Egypt and the Sudan, during the years 1874-1876 /69070194Charles_George_Gordonn 5003523670542Charles George GordonChinese GordonChinese Gordon, 1833-1855Chinese Gordon, 1833-1885_G_hurdūn, 1833-1885Gedeng, 1833-1885Ghurdun Basha, 1833-1855Ghūrdūn Bāshā, 1833-1885Gordon, ... 1833-1885Gordon, C. G.Gordon, C. G. 1833-1885Gordon, C. G. (Charles George), 1833-1885Gordon, Charles, 1833-1885Gordon, Charles G. 1833-1885Gordon, Chinese, 1833-1855Gordon, Chinese, 1833-1885Gordon,, General (Charles George), 1833-1885Gordon PachaGordon Pacha 1833-1885Gordon Pascha, Charles George 1833-1885Gordon Pasha, 1833-1855Gordon Pasha, 1833-1885戈登, 1833-1885lccn-n79135291Strachey, Lytton1880-1932lccn-n50001555Arnold, Thomas1795-1842lccn-n85098882Manning, Henry Edward1808-1892lccn-n79103647Nightingale, Florence1820-1910lccn-n79063282Great BritainArmylccn-n86871820Hake, A. Egmont(Alfred Egmont)auiedtlccn-n80044787Stanley, Henry M.(Henry Morton)1841-1904lccn-n83183805Berenson, Edward1949-lccn-n50043025Lyautey, Louis Hubert Gonzalve1854-1934lccn-n83033551Brazza, Pierre Savorgnan de1852-1905Gordon, Charles George1833-1885HistoryBiographySourcesDiariesRecords and correspondencePersonal narrativesGordon, Charles George,Great BritainNightingale, Florence,Arnold, Thomas,Manning, Henry Edward,SudanGeneralsGreat Britain.--ArmyAfricaColonial administratorsEgyptBritish Occupation of Egypt (1882-1936)ExplorersMass mediaFranceEuropeLyautey, Louis Hubert Gonzalve,Marchand, Jean-Baptiste,Brazza, Pierre Savorgnan de,Discovery and exploration, EuropeanStanley, Henry M.--(Henry Morton),Gordon Relief ExpeditionEngland--LondonSlave tradeStead, W. T.--(William Thomas),ChinaTaiping Rebellion (China : 1850-1864)Sudan--KhartoumRhodes, Cecil,Burton, Richard Francis,Lawrence, Henry Montgomery,--Sir,Siege of Khartoum (Sudan : 1884-1885)BritishNicholson, John,Walker, William,Livingstone, David,EnglandChristianityNicholson, John,Historical fictionSoldiersCrimean War (1853-1856)Patteson, John Coleridge,Christian martyrsArnold, Thomas,Gordon, C. GPolitical scienceMissionariesSlaveryBiography183318851849185018561858186218641865186618671868187018721873187418751876187718801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451947194819501951195319541955195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013251056201638942.08CT782ocn495046780Generals44934ocn000184016book18850.66Gordon, Charles GeorgeThe journals of Major-Gen. C.G. Gordon, C.B., at KartoumHistoryBiographyDiariesPersonal narrativesSources4424ocn001675274book19610.47Gordon, Charles GeorgeKhartoum journalHistorySources8313ocn000593927book18850.81Gordon, Charles GeorgeGeneral Gordon's private diary of his exploits in China; amplified by Samuel Mossman. With portraits and mapHistoryDiariesSources+-+34284675963248123ocn018406119book18810.79Gordon, Charles GeorgeColonel Gordon in Central Africa, 1874-1879HistoryBiographySourcesRecords and correspondence8010ocn000857424book18840.70Gordon, Charles GeorgeReflections in Palestine. 1883485ocn002929118book19530.86Gordon, Charles GeorgeEquatoria under Egyptian rule : the unpublished correspondence of Col. (afterwards Major-Gen.) C. G. Gordon with Ismaïl, Khedive of Egypt and the Sudan, during the years 1874-1876HistorySources4712ocn007155270book18880.76Gordon, Charles GeorgeLetters of general C.G. Gordon to his sister, M.A. GordonRecords and correspondence466ocn004107142book18990.53Gordon, Charles GeorgeGordon in Central Africa, 1874-1879, with a portrait ; and map of the country prepared under Colonel Gordon's supervision. From original letters and documents, edHistoryRecords and correspondence384ocn005632534book18870.84Macdonald, AlexToo late for Gordon and Khartoum; the testimony of an independent eye-witness of the heroic efforts for their rescue and relief. With maps and plans and several unpublished letters of the late General GordonHistory327ocn458032053book18860.79Gordon, Charles GeorgeJournal du général Gordon, siège de KhartoumHistorySources305ocn003117603book18850.76Gordon, Charles GeorgeGeneral Gordon's last journal. A facsimile of the last of the six volumes of journals dispatched by General Gordon before the fall of KartoumHistoryDiariesSources303ocn004950205book18840.59Gordon, Charles GeorgeGeneral Gordon's letters from the Crimea, the Danube, and Armenia. Aug. 18, 1854, to Nov. 17, 1858Records and correspondenceThe letters in this book refer to the period of the Crimean War and the two frontier commissions which resulted from it. They show the close attention of the General to the details of his profession and supply autobiographical information down to the Basutoland Mission. - Publisher's Weekly254ocn069346772book19080.37Gordon, Charles GeorgeBriefe und Tagebuchblätter des Generals Charles Gordon of Khartum ...History223ocn019671347book19870.84Hake, A. EgmontGordon in China and the SoudanHistoryBiography185ocn027845394book19180.37Strachey, LyttonEminent Victorians: Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Dr. Arnold, General GordonHistoryBiographyFor other editions, see Author Catalog186ocn028049879book19590.53Gordon, Charles GeorgeGeneral Gordon's Khartoum journalHistorySourcesWhen Gordon set out from Cairo for Khartoum on January 26, 1884, he became, though he would never know it, the most celebrated personage in the world. For during the next twelve months, astounded alike at the seeming insanity of a government which had dispatched a solitary general on a mission which to all appearances would need a couple of armies and a highly trained civil service to carry through, and at the irrational self confidence of the man who had so readily accepted such unparalleled responsibilities, foreign spectators eagerly devoured first the romantic accounts of Gordon's spectacular career, which were headline news in every civilized country, and then the scanty and conjectural reports which filtered from the Sudan, as the slow tragedy of Khartoum drew towards its close. - p. 91712ocn464066384book18840.47Gordon, Charles GeorgeLettres de Gordon à sa soeur, écrites du Soudan; précédées d'une étude historique et biographique165ocn015039017book19000.84Gordon, Charles GeorgeGordon's campaign in ChinaHistory162ocn008205796book19290.70Gordon, Charles GeorgeCrooks of the underworld138ocn013187079book18850.29Gordon, Charles GeorgeJournals at Kartoum : printed from the original manuscripts245179ocn000390325book19180.37Strachey, LyttonEminent Victorians: Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Dr. Arnold, General GordonHistoryBiographyFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+3241371065324143454ocn000407870book19180.32Strachey, LyttonEminent VictoriansHistoryBiographySourcesEminent Victorians is a groundbreaking work of biography that raised the genre to the level of high art. It replaced reverence with skepticism and Strachey's wit, iconoclasm, and narrative skill liberated the biographical enterprise. His portraits of Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Arnold, and General Gordon changed perceptions of the Victorians for a generation+-+4306537465107711ocn033452376book19180.31Strachey, LyttonEminent Victorians : Cardinal Manning, Dr Arnold, Florence Nightingale, General GordonHistoryBiographySelected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best nonfiction books of all time "Eminent Victorians" marked an epoch in the art of biography; it also helped to crack the old myths of high Victorianism and to usher in a new spirit by which chauvinism, hypocrisy and the stiff upper lip were debunked. In it, Strachey cleverly exposes the self-seeking ambitions of Cardinal Manning and the manipulative, neurotic Florence Nightingale; and in his essays on Dr Arnold and General Gordon, his quarries are not only his subjects but also the public-school system and the whole structure of nineteenth-century liberal values+-+176591421510727ocn673417644file20100.33Berenson, EdwardHeroes of empire five charismatic men and the conquest of AfricaHistoryBiographyDuring the decades of empire (1870-1914), legendary heroes and their astonishing deeds of conquest gave imperialism a recognizable human face. Henry Morton Stanley, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, Charles Gordon, Jean-Baptiste Marchand, and Hubert Lyautey all braved almost unimaginable dangers among "savage" people for their nation's greater good. This vastly readable book, the first comparative history of colonial heroes in Britain and France, shows via unforgettable portraits the shift from public veneration of the peaceful conqueror to unbridled passion for the vanquishing hero. Edward Berenson+-+32798757057802ocn755605591com20080.39Faught, C. BradGordon Victorian heroHistoryBiographyDetails the life of an important British figure whose demise by the hands of a Muslim extremist contains relevance today+-+39962424067414ocn004495126book19780.29Chenevix Trench, CharlesThe road to Khartoum : a life of General Charles GordonHistoryBiography5715ocn001373570book19660.32Nutting, AnthonyGordon of Khartoum, martyr and misfit5715ocn049948463visu19660.20Dearden, BasilKhartoumHistoryDramaChronicles Britain's crisis in the Sudan and the siege at Khartoum in 1883+-+704753742532456736ocn000382943book18890.53Butler, William FrancisCharles George GordonHistoryBiographyMajor-General Charles Chinese" Gordon (1833-1885) was a heroic British soldier and eccentric individual. Starting with a discussion of his ancestry and birth, this volume follows the career of the General through the Crimea, China, the Sudan, India, Palestine, and more giving readers a clear picture of his duties, as well as a hint of his personality+-+951754269652710ocn000399929book19290.56Abdullah, AchmedDreamers of empire4766ocn000398467book19540.50Elton, Godfrey EltonGordon of Khartoum; the life of General Charles George GordonHistoryBiography4403ocn018017371book19880.29Waller, John HGordon of Khartoum : the saga of a Victorian heroHistoryBiography42837ocn002019525book18840.53Hake, A. EgmontThe story of Chinese GordonHistoryBiographyA. Egmont Hake's compelling biography concerns the life and exploits of Major-General Charles George Gordon (1833 1885), of the British army who went by Chinese Gordon, among other nicknames. This is the story of a man whose one aim in life was to do his duty. Gordon was a legendary soldier, best remembered for his campaigns in China and northern Africa4023ocn011692505book19850.33MacGregor-Hastie, RoyNever to be taken alive : a biography of General GordonHistoryBiography3713ocn000624125book19720.37Maugham, RobinThe last encounterFictionBased on the life of General Gordon3624ocn018813328book19180.23Strachey, LyttonEminent Victorians : the illustrated editionHistoryBiography3397ocn000067861book19330.66Crabitès, PierreGordon, the Sudan, and slaveryHistory32717ocn000016130book18850.76Charles, Elizabeth RundleThree martyrs of the nineteenth century; studies from the lives of Livingstone, Gordon, and PattesonBiography3269ocn755072711book20110.19Slovo, GillianAn honourable manHistoryFictionHistorical fictionIt is 1884. In Khartoum, General Gordon stands on the roof of his fortress as the city is besieged. He has vowed to fight the Mahdi to the death. At his side is the boy he rescued from the English dockyardslums - his reluctant last ally. Approaching with the Camel Corps is a young doctor who has joined the expedition to rescue Gordon. As the men make agonising progress across the desert, John Clarke struggles to be the hero of his imagining, while his abandoned wife, Mary, troubles his conscience. Back in London, as controversy rages over the expedition, Mary finds herself adrift and isolated. Her only release comes from laudanum, an addiction that will take her into Victorian London's darkest corners. An Honourable Man is a novel of extraordinary power that combines the intimate and the epic, exploring the folly of Empire through the fine grain of human experience and emotion31931ocn002640194book18810.76Forbes, ArchibaldChinese Gordon : a succinct record of his lifeHistoryBiography+-+3428467596324+-+3428467596324Fri Mar 21 16:03:57 EDT 2014batch49895