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Fri Mar 21 17:14:22 2014 UTClccn-n500356270.00Papers, 1968-19940.490.93Mischief in the sun : the making and unmaking of The loved one /73878418n 5003562770902Davis, Robert M.Murray Davis, Robertlccn-n79049248Waugh, Evelyn1903-1966lccn-n79081460Steinbeck, John1902-1968dtelccn-n83023786Rockhurst Collegelccn-n80024579Klinkowitz, Jeromelccn-n85281454Pieratt, Asa B.lccn-n50023795Barthelme, Donaldlccn-n79093083Wister, Owen1860-1938lccn-n79061316University of Texas at AustinHumanities Research Centerlccn-n50026724Dooley, D. J.(David Joseph)1921-lccn-n99026234Villar, Carlos1966-edtDavis, Robert MurrayCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionSatireBibliographyHistoryBiographyCase studiesCatalogsEnglandAdulteryBrazilAristocracy (Social class)Waugh, Evelyn,Country homesBritishUnited States, WestSteinbeck, John,LiteratureDavis, Robert MurrayTravelFictionManners and customsUpper classAmerican fictionCowboysWestern storiesBrideshead revisited (Waugh, Evelyn)CatholicsFamiliesDivorceSatireCatholic universities and collegesUnited StatesCollege studentsSocial mobilityRockhurst CollegeSmall collegesSatire, EnglishCowboys as literary charactersCatholic fictionBarthelme, DonaldExperimental fiction, AmericanEnglish fictionMan-woman relationshipsCity and town lifeWealthGreat BritainArchivesTexas--AustinManuscripts, EnglishManuscriptsUniversity of Texas at Austin.--Humanities Research CenterChristian fiction, EnglishSatire--Religious aspectsChristianity and literatureMissouri--BoonvillePost-communismLiterature and state19341958196419651966196719681969197219771978197919801981198519861987198919901991199219941996199719992000200120032004200520062007200820111020257159823.912PR6045.A97ocn000248777ocn000036151ocn000015481ocn000293047ocn185740599ocn463176588ocn301228141ocn448852826ocn405988068ocn469405314ocn461960574ocn439167195ocn731407480ocn448852826194812ocn000248777book19690.27Davis, Robert MurraySteinbeck : a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of critical essays dealing with the author's major novels and themes10498ocn000036151book19680.47Davis, Robert MurrayThe novel: modern essays in criticismHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc9468ocn007283107book19800.53Davis, Robert MurrayEvelyn Waugh, writerCriticism, interpretation, etc8899ocn024467601book19910.39Davis, Robert MurrayPlaying cowboys : low culture and high art in the westernCriticism, interpretation, etcIn Playing Cowboys, Robert Murray Davis examines the Western hero--a principal image of American manhood since publication of The Virginian--as portrayed by a variety of post-World War II novelists and filmmakers. Innovative artists have used the Western to discuss issues of ethics and aesthetics, but its greatest impact may have been on popular cultural values. Davis shows that the Western is not primarily about escape or violence, but, at its best, is about development. The would-be hero adopts the existing role only to find it inadequate, and, forced to "reimagine" himself, he defines the Western hero anew. At the core of this process is strength--not power over others, but courage to go beyond the established boundaries. Although women do appear in the Western (often as proponents of "civilization"), it is fundamentally a man's world, offering an important view of male identity. Focusing on The Virginian, chapter 1 explores the origin of the Western hero and the source of the genre's major plots and issues. Chapter 2 evaluates history, myth, and the relative reality of the two in the works of Oakley Hall. Citing the novels of Richard Brautigan, E. L. Doctorow, John Hawkes, and Michael Ondaatje, chapter 3 compares the Western and the gothic novel, focusing on the concept of space. These works portray the West as a wasteland devoid of any vitality, but chapter 4 takes up science fiction Westerns (including works by John Jakes, John Boyd, and Robert Sheckley) that use the Western frontier to ironic and liberating effect. Chapter 5, on the motion picture Blazing Saddles and the postmodern Western novels of Ishmael Reed and Alvin Greenberg, examines the role-playing by which identity is created. And in his Preface, Introduction, and Epilogue, Davis frames these discussions with personal observations on the West and its relation to the American masculine mystique. For those interested in Western movies or novels, popular culture, gender studies, or literary criticism, Playing Cowboys is a unique and indispensable guide to the territory from here to the sunset7897ocn021524152book19900.37Davis, Robert MurrayBrideshead revisited : the past redeemedProvides in-depth analysis of the literary work Brideshead Revisited, as well as its importance and critical reception. Includes a chronology of the life and works of the author4755ocn000428506book19720.63Waugh, EvelynEvelyn Waugh: a checklist of primary and secondary materialBibliography3694ocn017981437book19890.76Davis, Robert MurrayEvelyn Waugh and the forms of his timeCriticism, interpretation, etc3467ocn003293182book19770.73Klinkowitz, JeromeDonald Barthelme : a comprehensive bibliography and annotated secondary checklistBibliography3215ocn012663551book19850.76Waugh, EvelynEvelyn Waugh, apprentice : the early writings, 1910-19272885ocn013337756book19860.79A Bibliography of Evelyn WaughBibliography2473ocn015652632book19870.76Wister, OwenOwen Wister's West : selected articles2014ocn007441033book19810.90Davis, Robert MurrayA catalogue of the Evelyn Waugh collection at the Humanities Research Center, the University of Texas at AustinCatalogs1892ocn000015481book19690.70Davis, Robert MurrayEvelyn WaughHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1854ocn023462716book19920.28Davis, Robert MurrayMid-lands : a family album+-+57486857351807ocn164802342book20070.81Davis, Robert MurrayThe literature of post-Communist Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania : a studyCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book examines the economic, social, and literary effect of the end of communist domination and accompanying cultural subsidies in Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. The end of the communist regime has made the position of writer less lucrative and prestigious within these four countries. The countries' respective publishing markets are struggling to adjust to a new economy"--Provided by publisher+-+62578913251579ocn044915738book19970.27Waugh, EvelynA handful of dustFictionSatireFrom sleepy rural England to decadent London and the jungles of Brazil, Waugh describes the fortunes of Lady Brenda Last and her husband Tony, as her infatuation with the young man-about-town John Beaver leads to the break-up of her marriage+-+61483669653241482ocn000293047book19720.59Davis, Robert MurrayModern British short novels734ocn058788936book20050.79Waugh without end : new trends in Evelyn Waugh studiesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4149564858723ocn041253190book19990.93Davis, Robert MurrayMischief in the sun : the making and unmaking of The loved oneCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+1949023235108ocn008144854book19640.92Davis, Robert MurrayThe externalist methods in the novels of Ronald Firbank, Carl Van Vechten and Evelyn WaughCriticism, interpretation, etc8492ocn065286327com20040.39Davis, Robert MurrayThe ornamental hermit people and places of the new WestBiographyIn a collection of essays, Robert Murray Davis describes his travels across the United States+-+08707214354122ocn044961140com19960.59Davis, Robert MurrayA lower-middle-class educationHistoryBiographyCase studiesThe title of the book, Davis explains, is a description, not a value judgment. Compared to a middle-class education, which is "supposed to help you maintain status so that you can understand what your family is saying," a lower-middle-class education is "supposed to improve your status so that your family will not understand what you are saying." When Davis left his hometown in rural Missouri and arrived in Kansas City to attend Rockhurst College, he had yet to see television or the New York Times or a foreign film. The college aimed to mold such impressionable young men into upstanding Catholic laymen, but Davis's increasing interests in girls, jazz, and writing took him down a path less traditional than the one the college had in mind+-+339376153531ocn746783693book20110.23Davis, Robert MurrayBorn again skeptic & other valedictions+-+397058834532401ocn046613377mixDavis, Robert MurrayCriticism, interpretation, etcEnglish professor. Critiques (n.d.) of literary works, particularly those of Evelyn Waugh; and research materials (n.d.) regarding Waugh's works, as well as works of Donald Barthelme, Charles Molesworth, and Matthew Bruccoli. Also includes drafts of works by Robert Murray Davis01ocn122520662mixDavis, Robert MurrayCriticism, interpretation, etcEnglish professor. Critiques (n.d.) of literary works, particularly those of Evelyn Waugh; and research materials (n.d.) regarding Waugh's works, as well as works of Donald Barthelme, Charles Molesworth, and Matthew Bruccoli+-+5748685735+-+5748685735Fri Mar 21 15:50:10 EDT 2014batch19536