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Thu Oct 16 17:59:21 2014 UTClccn-n500360710.19The world's greatest paintings0.550.92Claude Lorrain e i pittori lorenesi in Italia nel XVII secolo : aprile-maggio 198254156251Claude_Lorrainn 5003607171340Claude.Claude 1600-1682Claude 1600-1682 de LorrainClaude 1600-1682 le LorrainClaude 1600-1682 LorrainClaude 1600-1682 LorraineClaude de Lorrain.Claude de Lorrain 1600-1682Claude le Lorrain 1600-1682Claude LorrainClaude Lorrain 1600-1682Claude Lorraine 1600-1682Claudio 1600-1682 de LorenaClaudio 1600-1682 LoreneseClaudio de Lorena.Claudio de Lorena 1600-1682Claudio Lorenese 1600-1682Gelée, Claude.Gelée, Claude 1600-1682Gelée, Claude 1600-1682 called Claude LorrainGelée, Claude 1600-1682 detto Claude LorrainGelee, Claude called Claude LorrainGelée, Claude, called Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682Gelée, Claude, detto Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682Gellée, ClaudeGellée, Claude 1600-1682Gellée, Claude 1600-1682 detto Claude LorrainGellée, Claude, detto Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682Le LorrainLe Lorrain, Claude.Le Lorrain Claude 1600-1682Lorena, Claudio de.Lorena, Claudio de 1600-1682Lorenese, ClaudioLorenese, Claudio 1600-1682Lorense, Claudio 1600-1682Lorense, Claudio de 1600-1682Lorrain, ClaudeLorrain, Claude de.Lorrain, Claude de 1600-1682Lorrain, Le.Lorrain Le 1600-1682Lorraine, ClaudeLorraine, Claude 1600-1682ロラン, クロードlccn-n83014782Roethlisberger, Marcel1929-crelccn-n80028152Poussin, Nicolas1594?-1665othilllccn-n85293615Daniel, Sergeilccn-n79054426National Gallery of Art (U.S.)lccn-n78018394Brink, Andrew W.1932-lccn-no2014023246Brink Collectionlccn-n79142935Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn1606-1669antillartlccn-n82126525Russell, H. Diane(Helen Diane)lccn-n50018173Cotté, Sabinelccn-n79055561Rubens, Peter Paul1577-1640illLorrain, Claude1600-1682Criticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsCatalogsBiographyConference proceedingsHistoryFictionLorrain, Claude,FranceLandscape paintingEnglandPoussin, Nicolas,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)ItalyNature (Aesthetics)Art, EuropeanEtchingArt, BaroqueRembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn,Leonardo,--da Vinci,Rubens, Peter Paul,Art, ModernCarracci, Annibale,Landscapes in artClassicism in artPainting, FrenchDrawingArt, FrenchRosa, Salvatore,Landscape gardeningLandscapesArt, FlemishArt, DutchArt, ItalianArt, GermanArt appreciationVermeer, Johannes,Delacroix, Eugène,La Tour, Georges du Mesnil de,Chardin, Jean Baptiste Siméon,David, Jacques Louis,Watteau, Antoine,ArtistsArcadia in artBritish MuseumCézanne, Paul,Botticelli, Sandro,Duccio,--di Buoninsegna,Art, RenaissanceRenoir, Auguste,Degas, Edgar,Seurat, Georges,Picasso, Pablo,Eyck, Jan van,Manet, Édouard,CubismGrünewald, Matthias,160016821624163016341635163616371638164016411642164316441645164616471648165016511655165616571660166116631667167016751676167717461763176717711774177517761777180118021804180718101812181918231824182518261827182818321835183718381840184718491850185218641865186618701872187518781880188418871895190019011902190519071908190919111913191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261928193119321935193719381939194019411942194619471949195219531956195719581959196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219941995199619981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014178937511259759.4N6853.L64ocn078749784ocn264086932ocn217225324ocn313400732ocn313387786ocn312949367ocn310812932ocn310646146ocn314529730ocn263940762ocn461678274ocn461882910ocn578808429ocn464609002ocn460478971ocn462365004ocn461797382ocn445003604ocn185259250ocn450104245ocn440212755ocn441426445ocn438963341ocn765041820ocn811457225ocn454037564ocn693102607ocn185691330ocn185690621ocn691818161ocn691818166ocn762854096ocn762854064ocn762854045ocn693102607ocn073588923ocn721993245ocn718779872ocn762854096ocn762854045ocn762854064ocn759754978ocn762943060ocn87935810479315ocn008709269book19820.47Russell, H. DianeClaude Lorrain, 1600-16824571ocn000364096book19710.39Roethlisberger, MarcelThe Claude Lorrain album in the Norton Simon Inc. Museum of Art4564ocn028930069book19890.53Langdon, HelenClaude LorrainCriticism, interpretation, etcBook on art and life of of Claude Lorrain (1600-1682)42310ocn067392897book20060.66Rand, RichardClaude Lorrain--the painter as draftsman : drawings from the British MuseumExhibition catalogsThe great French artist Claude Lorrain (1600-1682) - for whom drawing was an integral part of the artistic process - spent most of his career in Italy, where he documented the beauty of the landscape and the splendor of classical ruins. This richly illustrated book examines the wide-ranging role the medium played throughout Claude's career. The book presents some of Claude's most remarkable drawings, representing all aspects of his style and subject matter - from informal outdoor sketches of trees, rivers, and ruins to formal presentation drawings and elaborate compositional designs for paintings, many of which have never before been reproduced in color. A detailed and scholarly essay places them within the social and cultural contexts of their time and includes comparative illustrations of paintings and etchings to situate them within the artist's oeuvre. A selection of works from the Liber Veritatis (Book of Truth), a portfolio of highly finished drawings that the artist created to document his own painted compositions, is also included+-+95395655852952ocn011868517book19840.77Symposium "Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682"Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682 : a symposiumCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings2814ocn751754773book20110.77Sonnabend, MartinClaude Lorrain : the enchanted landscapeCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsClaude Lorrain (1604-82) is known as the father of European landscape painting. This book sets out to re-appraise his work and look at it through fresh eyes. It unites in a single volume paintings, drawings, and prints from all periods of the artist's life2504ocn000010969book19680.77Lorrain, ClaudeClaude Lorrain; selected drawingsHistory2411ocn759174428book20120.59Warrell, IanTurner inspired : in the light of ClaudeCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsThe English Romantic artist Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) was hailed as the "painter of light" for his brilliantly colored landscapes and seascapes. He drew much influence from the French painter Claude Lorrain (c. 1604/5?-1682), who was a vital force in Turner's artistic practice from his formative years until the end of his working life. So great was Claude's influence that Turner stipulated in his will that his works hang alongside Claude's in the National Gallery, London. This book examines the ways in which Turner consistently strove to confront Claude's achievement and legacy. He had encountered Claude's works in salerooms and in the collections of his aristocratic patrons, and applied what he had learned to the British countryside, producing views of the Thames valley that transform it into an idyllic pastoral scene reminiscent of the Roman Campagna. For the balance of his career, Turner continued to pit himself against Claude, paying homage even as he continually sought to go beyond the accomplishments of his master. -- Publisher description2107ocn010018921book19830.86Roethlisberger, MarcelIm Licht von Claude Lorrain : Landschaftsmalerei aus drei Jahrhunderten : Haus der Kunst München, 12. März bis 29. Mai 1983Exhibition catalogs1979ocn008993019book19750.77Roethlisberger, MarcelL'opera completa di Claude Lorrain15310ocn065252987file18230.88Lorrain, ClaudeDictionaire universel des comptes d'intérêts à l'usage de la banque, du commerce et des administrations1223ocn078749784file18380.90Burnet, JohnPractical hints on light and shade in painting. : Illustrated by examples from the Italian, Flemish, and Dutch schools.History1092ocn003081397book19700.50Cotté, SabineClaude Lorrain's universe985ocn013559308book19840.92Luna, Juan JClaudio de Lorena y el ideal clásico de paisaje en el siglo XVII : Museo del Prado, abril-junio 1984Exhibition catalogs952ocn020386470book19890.84Butor, MichelL'embarquement de la Reine de Saba : d'après le tableau de Claude LorrainFiction843ocn041878004book19990.63Bergmann, GüntherClaude Lorrain : das Leuchten der LandschaftCriticism, interpretation, etc706ocn036292016book19960.77Lorrain, ClaudeClaude Lorrain : Gemälde und ZeichnungenCriticism, interpretation, etc693ocn041205471book19980.82Lorrain, ClaudeClaude Lorrain : paintings and drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K319963338643ocn000692127book18840.84Dilke, Emilia Francis StrongClaude Lorrain, sa vie et ses œuvres : d'après des documents inéditsBiography543ocn000834155book19720.88Roethlisberger, MarcelThe Claude Lorrain album in the Norton Simon, inc., Museum of Art10073ocn865475092file20130.39Brink, AndrewInk and light : the influence of Claude Lorrain's etchings on EnglandExhibition catalogs7594ocn794493096file20110.39Daniėlʹ, S. MClaude LorrainCriticism, interpretation, etcPictorial worksClaude Lorrain (1600-1682), the greatest landscape painter of his time, is also known as Claude Gelée or simply as Claude. He was called Lorrain merely because he was born in the province of Lorraine, in France. He lived in Rome as a young man, and apart from a brief spell in Nancy, in Northeast France, he remained in Italy for the rest of his life. It is therfore not surprising that the romantic landscapes for which Lorrain was famous owe far more to the Italian than to the French tradition. The subtle lighting effects and feathery foliage, offset against ruins of Greco-Roman architecture, in6935ocn000261625book19610.59Roethlisberger, MarcelClaude Lorrain: the paintingscatalogue raisonné67613ocn000376390book19250.59Manwaring, Elizabeth WheelerItalian landscape in eighteenth century England; a study chiefly of the influence of Claude Lorrain and Salvator Rosa on English taste, 1700-1800Criticism, interpretation, etc5965ocn000141348book19700.39Cotté, SabineClaude Lorrain5831ocn021521316book19900.63Lagerlöf, Margaretha RossholmIdeal landscape : Annibale Carracci, Nicolas Poussin, and Claude LorrainCriticism, interpretation, etcAn examination of the landscape paintings of Carracci, Poussin and Lorrain from four perspectives relevant to their contemporaries - those of drama, rhetoric, utopianism and metaphysics+-+58129555855763ocn000020705book19680.63Roethlisberger, MarcelClaude Lorrain: the drawings4932ocn794493109file20120.35Daniėlʹ, S. MLe LorrainCriticism, interpretation, etcClaude Gellée (1600-1682), dit Le Lorrain, fut le plus grand paysagiste de son époque. Il fut surnommé Le Lorrain car il naquit en Lorraine. Jeune, il vécut à Rome et, si ce n'est un bref séjour à Nancy, demeura en Italie jusqu'à la fin de sa vie. Il n'est donc pas surprenant que les paysages romantiques pour lesquels Le Lorrain fut célébré, appartiennent davantage à la tradition italienne qu'à celle de la France. L'effet tamisé de la lumière et le feuillage duveteux, en contraste avec des ruines gréco-romaines, inspira des générations de peintres, y compris Turner et même les Impressionni4591ocn138409674visu20060.20Museum masterpieces the LouvreThis series of lectures introduces the greatest of universal museums. Its aim is not comprehensive. The focus is narrowed to the Department of Paintings, which is responsible for European paintings from the Middle Ages until the mid-19th century. These works of art form an encyclopedic summary of the achievements of painters that can be called the single most important such collection in the world. The aim of these lectures is to both prepare new viewers for a visit and to be a "study aid" for those who have been and gone before. Critic and historian Richard Brettell begins with an overview of the Louvre's colorful history as royal palace, art academy, and national showcase. The lectures explore some of the most beautiful and renowned examples of European painting, including masterworks by Raphael, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Watteau, Rubens and Vermeer3912ocn017873168book19880.66Lorrain, ClaudeThe etchings of Claude LorrainCatalogs+-+67779555853243644ocn064678815visu20050.21Kloss, WilliamA History of European artThe development of the arts in Europe from the Middle Ages to the modern era is an astonishing record of cultural achievement, from the breathtaking architecture of Gothic cathedrals to the daring visual experiments of the Cubist painters. We all have our favorite artists, periods, or styles from this immensely rich tradition, but how many of us truly know the full sweep of European art? How many of us can connect the dots of influences and inspiration that link the Renaissance with Mannerism, or that tie the paintings of the creator of modern art, Edouard Manet, to masterpieces from centuries earlier? A History of European Art is your gateway to this visually stunning story. In 48 beautifully illustrated lectures you will encounter all the landmarks you would expect to find in a comprehensive survey of Western art since the Middle Ages. Works such as Giotto's Arena Chapel, Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece, Leonardo's The Last Supper, Michelangelo's David, Vermeer's View of Delft, Van Gogh's The Starry Night, Picasso's Guernica, and hundreds more. You will also find works that are completely new to you. Plus you'll be introduced to lesser-known artists ; perhaps names you've heard but never connected to specific works, and you'll understand why they deserve to be classed among the great masters. Your guide to this unrivalled collection of paintings, sculptures, architecture, drawings, and other media, created over a span of more than a thousand years, is William Kloss, an independent art historian long connected with the seminar and tour programs of the Smithsonian Associates at the Smithsonian Institution2425ocn001088090book19210.79Friedlaender, Walter FClaude Lorrain2311ocn029846138book19940.77Wine, HumphreyClaude : the poetic landscapeExhibition catalogsThey are peopled with gods, saints and heroes, and provide an idealised setting for incidents from myth, history and the Bible, which may often have carried special associations for Claude's aristocratic patrons. The introductory essay is followed by a catalogue where all the works discussed are illustrated, grouped by subject, and accompanied by summaries of the stories on which they are based1671ocn657642326visu20100.19The world's greatest paintingsThe aim of these lectures is to make viewers feel welcome and comfortable in the company of paintings. By focusing on 65 masterpieces of Western painting, Professor William Kloss offers a vivid, visceral encounter with genius, shining light on the unique technical, stylistic, and expressive achievements of each painting. From the 14th century to the 20th, the images are examined for their qualities of uniqueness, impact, and emotional and intellectual resonance. The lectures are arranged chronologically, showing what painters of contrasting traditions and cultures were doing in the same period, thus following the progressive unfolding of each painter's art. These lectures open rich perspectives on Western civilization through encounters with some of the most significant, daring, and sublime paintings in Western art1569ocn018086741book19830.56Lorrain, ClaudeClaude Gellée dit Le Lorrain, 1600-1682 : National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., 17 octobre 1982-2 janvier 1983 ; Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, 15 février-16 mai 1983Exhibition catalogs1453ocn039773756book19980.88Whiteley, JonClaude Lorrain : drawings from the collections of the British Museum and the Ashmolean MuseumCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogs1345ocn009914289book18870.66Dullea, Owen JClaude Gellée, Le LorrainBiography1316ocn000087672book19690.82Kitson, MichaelThe art of Claude LorrainExhibition catalogs1292ocn001466078book19660.39Lorrain, ClaudeThe drawings of Lorrain. Introd. by Marcel Roethlisberger1242ocn010020014book19820.92Lorrain, ClaudeClaude Lorrain e i pittori lorenesi in Italia nel XVII secolo : aprile-maggio 1982Exhibition catalogs+-+9539565585+-+9539565585Thu Oct 16 15:07:24 EDT 2014batch48838