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G.(Peter G.)Darwin, Erasmus1731-1802PoetryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondenceHumorHistoryMiscellaneaDarwin, Erasmus,NaturalistsPhysiciansBotanyEnglandNatural historyEvolution (Biology)PhysiologyPathologyMedicineGreat BritainArctic RegionsDiscoveries in geographyEnglish poetryNature in literaturePortland VasePolar regionsExplorersInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Women--EducationRomanticismScience in literatureLiterature and scienceDarwin, Charles,AgricultureAdventure stories, AmericanScience fiction, AmericanBotanistsDarwin, Francis,--Sir,SciencePhilosophy of nature in literaturePerception in literatureBotany in literatureLawrence, D. H.--(David Herbert),Clare, John,Ruskin, John,Crabbe, George,EnlightenmentBiologistsConduct of lifeIntellectual lifeGardeningPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaFranklin, John,Young women--Conduct of lifePlant physiologyYoung womenLearning and scholarshipComic, The, in literatureTravel173118021751175817601763176417661770177117721774177617771778177917801781178217831784178517861787178817891790179117921793179417951796179717981799180018011802180318041805180618071808180918101812181718181820182218231824182518271828183018421844184518521860186118691879188018821885188718931894190319061907191019111914191519211923192519301931193619431952195419571959196019631964196519671968196919701971197219731974197719781980198119821984198619871989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013196644391469821.6PR3396ocn014831217ocn457407142ocn063338958ocn082846150ocn0635532921610134ocn062827345book17940.88Darwin, ErasmusZoonomia, or, The laws of organic life. Vol. I.Poetry"The purport of the following pages is an endeavour to reduce the facts belonging to Animal Life into classes, orders, genera, and species; and, by comparing them with each other, to unravel the theory of diseases. It happened, perhaps unfortunately for the inquirers into the knowledge of diseases, that other sciences had received improvement previous to their own; whence, instead of comparing the properties belonging to animated nature with each other, they, idly ingenious, busied themselves in attempting to explain the laws of life by those of mechanism and chemistry; they considered the body as an hydraulic machine, and the fluids as passing through a series of chemical changes, forgetting that animation was its essential characteristic"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)+-+5500553566103695ocn642788529file17890.76Darwin, ErasmusThe botanic garden. a poem, in two parts. Part I. Containing the economy of vegetation. Part II. The loves of the plants. With philosophical notesPoetry74669ocn083328555file17890.73Darwin, ErasmusThe botanic garden. Part. II Containing the loves of the plants. A poem. With philosophical notes. Volume the secondPoetry+-+254906469667355ocn000863637book18030.92Darwin, ErasmusThe temple of naturePoetry+-+681553806632457145ocn000188301book17970.79Darwin, ErasmusA plan for the conduct of female education in boarding schoolsHistory+-+888722903655138ocn005660287book18000.84Darwin, ErasmusPhytologia, or, The philosophy of agriculture and gardening : with the theory of draining morasses, and with an improved construction of the drill plough+-+713562893653245ocn001393534book17890.92Darwin, ErasmusThe botanic garden; a poem, in two partsPoetryMiscellanea+-+71356289363357ocn000462163book19680.73Darwin, ErasmusThe essential writings of Erasmus Darwin32133ocn083268477file17960.76Darwin, ErasmusZoonomia or, the laws of organic life. ... By Erasmus Darwin25537ocn004137543book17910.76Darwin, ErasmusThe botanic gardenPoetry+-+522041806632422710ocn511077659file17970.86Darwin, ErasmusZoonomia; or, the laws of organic life. Part second. By Erasmus Darwin, M.D.1778ocn062827344file17980.79Darwin, ErasmusA plan for the conduct of female education, in boarding schools, private families, and public seminaries14110ocn015450343book18050.94Darwin, ErasmusBeauties of The botanic gardenPoetry13015ocn000723882book17940.70Darwin, ErasmusZoonomia+-+993209522612314ocn023771305book17900.70Darwin, ErasmusThe loves of the plantsPoetry+-+K8836315961238ocn084807540file17940.79Darwin, ErasmusThe golden age, a poetical epistle from Erasmus D-n, M.D. to Thomas Beddoes, M.DPoetry1164ocn004084545book18060.73Darwin, ErasmusThe poetical works of Erasmus Darwin containing the Botanic garden, in two parts and the Temple of nature ; with philosophical notes and platesPoetry1154ocn004137542book19780.86Darwin, ErasmusThe golden age ; The temple of nature, or, The origin of society844ocn017866230book17760.73Mundy, Francis Noel ClarkeNeedwood forestPoetry4518ocn017157178book18050.93Darwin, ErasmusGli amori delle piante : poema con note filosofichePoetry15059ocn056216689com20020.37Darwin, CharlesThe life of Erasmus DarwinBiography"This book is not a narrative biography, but rather a series of illuminating insights into Erasmus Darwin's life and work, with quotations from letters and candid comments by Charles Darwin. Charles always writes well, but here he is free of the inhibitions of scientific convention, and you feel you are really meeting him in person. This account of his grandfather Erasmus Darwin is the last of Charles Darwin's books to be published in full."--Jacket+-+11706367057776ocn000588285book19630.53King-Hele, DesmondErasmus Darwin7402ocn000864140book19730.53Hassler, Donald MErasmus DarwinCriticism, interpretation, etc6144ocn041522786book19990.27King-Hele, DesmondErasmus Darwin : a life of unequalled achievementBiographyErasmus Darwin (1731-1802) was the grandfather of Charles Darwin. He is considered extraordinary in his scientific insight in physics,chemistry, geology, meteorology and all aspects of biology. "Two of his books, Zoonomia, which made him famous as the leading medical mind of the 1790s, and The Temple of Nature, a long poem, show that he believed life developed from microscopic specks in primeval seas through fishes and amphibians to "humankind"." -- Back cover+-+43520855465596ocn012583068book19860.59King-Hele, DesmondErasmus Darwin and the Romantic poetsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+35654888853245101ocn003679192book19770.47King-Hele, DesmondDoctor of revolution : the life and genius of Erasmus DarwinBiography45417ocn001258681book18040.93Seward, AnnaMemoirs of the life of Dr. Darwin : chiefly during his residence in Lichfield, with anecdotes of his friends, and criticisms on his writingsBiography4512ocn049225727book20020.14Sheffield, CharlesThe amazing Dr. DarwinFictionEighteenth-century healer, philosopher, and expert on the bizarre and supernatural, Dr. Erasmus Darwin is put to the test as he delves into some some of the darkest corners of Europe+-+K47089892545116ocn001223136book18790.84Krause, ErnstErasmus DarwinBiography+-+77257296354395ocn191754392book20080.63Ayres, P. GThe aliveness of plants : the Darwins at the dawn of plant scienceHistoryBiographyThe Darwin family was instrumental in the history of botany. Their experiences illustrate the growing specialization and professionalisation of science throughout the 19th century. This book shows how botany escaped the burdens of medicine and the sterility of classification and nomenclature to become a rigorous laboratory science+-+05241460364152ocn000674723book19630.29Pearson, HeskethDoctor Darwin3135ocn183264754book20080.79Mahood, M. MThe poet as botanistCriticism, interpretation, etcExamines plants and botany in the writing of D.H. Lawrence and John Clare, among others+-+61871367052881ocn007949728book19810.81Darwin, ErasmusThe Letters of Erasmus DarwinRecords and correspondence2872ocn781680685book20120.70Fara, PatriciaErasmus Darwin : sex, science, and serendipityHistoryBiography"Dr. Erasmus Darwin seemed an innocuous Midlands physician, a respectable stalwart of eighteenth-century society. But there was another side to him. Botanist, inventor, Lunar inventor and popular poet, Darwin was internationally renowned for breathtakingly long poems explaining his theories about sex and science. Yet he become a target for the political classes, the victim of a sustained and vitriolic character assassination by London's most savage satirists. Intrigued, prize-winning historian Patricia Fara set out to investigate why Darwin had provoked such fierce intellectual and political reaction. Inviting her readers to accompany her, she embarked on what turned out to be a circuitous and serendipitous journey. Her research led her to discover a man who possessed, according to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 'perhaps a greater range of knowledge than any other man in Europe.' His evolutionary ideas influenced his grandson Charles, were banned by the Vatican, and scandalized his reactionary critics. But for modern readers, he shines out as an impassioned Enlightenment reformer who championed the abolition of slavery, the education of women, and the optimistic ideals of the French Revolution. As she tracks down her quarry, Patricia Fara uncovers a ferment of dangerous ideas that terrified the establishment, inspired the Romantics, and laid the ground for Victorian battles between faith and science." -- Publisher's description2815ocn000246584book19360.79Logan, James VenableThe poetry and aesthetics of Erasmus DarwinHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc2432ocn016091956book19870.84McNeil, MaureenUnder the banner of science : Erasmus Darwin and his ageBiography2241ocn042800981rcrd19990.12Barrett, AndreaThe voyage of the NarwhalFictionIn 1885 Erasmus Darwin Wells embarks an expedition to the Arctic to search for the explorer, John Franklin. Erasmus' fears of failure seem to be realized when the voyage threatens to turn violent2152ocn054461160book20050.81The genius of Erasmus DarwinConference proceedings"The Genius of Erasmus Darwin provides insight into the full extent of Erasmus Darwin's exceptional intellect. He is shown to be a major creative thinker and innovator, one of the minds behind the late eighteenth-century industrial revolution, and one of the first, if not the first, to perceive the living world (including humans) as part of a unified evolutionary scenario. The contributions here provide contextual understandings of Erasmus Darwin's thought, as well as studies of particular works and accounts of the later reception of his writings."--BOOK JACKET+-+76218190251873ocn014724808book19300.86Pearson, HeskethDoctor DarwinBiography1873ocn000791182book19730.84Hassler, Donald MThe comedian as the letter D: Erasmus Darwin's comic materialismHumor+-+4800629754+-+8887229036+-+8887229036Fri Mar 21 15:19:58 EDT 2014batch44952