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Fri Mar 21 17:13:30 2014 UTClccn-n500401930.14Evergreen gallant0.470.94Mémoires du vicomte de Turenne, depuis duc de Bouillon, 1565-1586, suivis de trente-trois lettres du roi de Navarre (Henry IV) et d'autres documents inédits,59094245n 5004019375396Arrigo IV, 1553-1610Arrigo IV, King of France, 1553-1610Arrigo IV, rei de França, 1553-1610Borbone, Enrico di, 1553-1610Bourbon, Henri, 1553-1610Enric III, rei de Navarra, 1553-1610Enric IV, Rei de FrançaEnric IV, Rei de França i de Navarra, 1533-1610Enrique IV, King of France, 1553-1610Enrique IV, rei de França, 1553-1610Enrique IV roi de Navarre 1553-1610Genrikh, Velikiĭ, 1553-1610Heinrich III. Navarra, König 1553-1610Heinrich IV. Frankreich, König 1553-1610Heinrich IV, koning van Frankrijk, 1553-1610Heinrich Navarra, König 1553-1610Hendrik IV, 1553-1610Henri 4, roi de FranceHenri de Bourbon roi de France 1553-1610Henri, de Bourbon, roi de Navarre, 1553-1610Henri de NavarreHenri, de Navarre, 1553-1610Henri III. Navarre, Roi 1553-1610Henri III, roi de NavarreHenri III roi de Navarre 1553-1610Henri IVHenri IV. France, Roi 1553-1610Henri IV, King of France, 1553-1610Henri IV, roi de FranceHenri IV, roi de France, 1553-1610Henri IV (roi de France ; 1553-1610). [m]Henri le Grand 1553-1610Henricus IIII (Galliæ & Navarræ Rex Christianissimus).Henricus IV. Francia, Rex 1553-1610Henricus IV. Gallia, Rex 1553-1610Henricus IV. Navarra, Rex 1553-1610Henricus IV roi de France 1553-1610Henricus Magnus 1553-1610Henrik av Navarra, 1553-1610Henrik III, kung av Navarra, 1553-1610Henry 4sei, 1553-1610, Furansu KokuoHenry 4セイ, 1553-1610, フランス コクオウHenry de Bourbon roi de France 1553-1610Henry III, rei de Navarra, 1553-1610Henry IV, 1553-1610Henry IV. France, King 1553-1610Henry IV. France, Roi 1553-1610Henry IV, King of FranceHenry IV, King of France, 1553-1610Henry IV, King of Navarre, 1553-1610Henry IV. le Grand, roi de France, 1553-1610Henry IV, rei de França, 1553-1610Henry IV roi de France 1553-1610Henry, le Grand, 1553-1610Henry of NavarreHenry, of Navarre, 1553-1610Henry, roi de Navarre, 1553-1610Henry the Great, 1553-1610Henryk III z Nawarry.Henryk IV Bourbon.Jindřich IV, King of France, 1553-1610Jindřich Navarrský, 1553-1610Navarre, Henri de, 1553-1610Navarre, Henri III deVranckrijck en Navarre, van, Coninck, 1553-1610lccn-n50043680MargueriteQueen, consort of Henry IV, King of France1553-1615lccn-n50012951Sully, Maximilien de Béthuneduc de1559-1641lccn-n79056484Mann, Heinrich1871-1950lccn-n79042162Dumas, Alexandre1802-1870lccn-n80126267Voltaire1694-1778lccn-n99038561Harris, Joanne1964-lccn-n79006404Francelccn-no90018520L'Écluse des Loges, Pierre Mathurin de1716-approximately 1783edtlccn-n98067707Finley-Croswhite, S. Annettelccn-n79045766Pearson, Hesketh1887-1964HenryIVKing of France1553-1610HistorySourcesBiographyChurch historyRecords and correspondenceFranceHenry--IV,--King of France,Religion and politicsMonarchyAssassinationKings and rulersActressesNunsAbbesses, ChristianImpersonationUrban policyBuddhism and politicsSaint Bartholomew's Day (Massacre of, France : 1572)HuguenotsMarguerite,--Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France,Wars of the Huguenots (France : 1562-1598)Henry--IV,--King of France,International relationsGreat BritainChurch and stateReligionAbbeysSully, Maximilien de Béthune,--duc de,JesuitsQueensPopish Plot (1678)Customs administration--Law and legislationEurope--Navarre (Kingdom)CommerceCatholic ChurchStatesmenEdit de Nantes (France)Dueling--Law and legislationStatus offendersFrench fictionPolitical scienceMoritz,--Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel,EuropeBoissise, Jean-Robert de Thumery,--sieur de,Sainte Ligue (1576-1593)EnglandFrench languageGerman prose literatureGerman literatureSpanish languageRomansLettersReligious lifeFrench literature--Women authorsJames--I,--King of England,15531610156115671569157015721573157415751576157715781579158015811583158415851586158715881589159015911592159315941595159615971598159916001601160216031604160516061607160816091610161116121613161416151616161716181619162016211622162316241625162616271628162916301631163216331634163516361637163816391640164116421643164416451646164816491650165116521653165416551656165816591660166116621663166416651666166716681671167216731674167616771678167916801681168316841685168616871688168916901691169216931694169516961698169917001702170417051706171117121713171717201722172317241725172617271728172917301731173217331734173517361737173817391740174117421743174417451746174717491750175117521753175417551756175717581759176017611762176317641765176617671768176917701771177317741775177617771778177917801781178217831784178517861787178817891790179117921793179517961797179818011802180318051806180718081809181018121814181518161817181818191820182118221823182418251826182718281829183018311832183318341835183618371838183918401842184318441845184618471848185018511852185318541855185618571858185918601861186218631864186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220135903243867132944DC122.8ocn258203820ocn257880317ocn410687140ocn831405821ocn248216587ocn833116565ocn257950029ocn257494260ocn404683355ocn257723768ocn460939827ocn466028250ocn464998517ocn467028865ocn461193276ocn466010355ocn465973885ocn465971376ocn461193651ocn466026749ocn690524790ocn690523871ocn767184631ocn690524809ocn690524038ocn838581537ocn467408798ocn245894082ocn467417689ocn800734518ocn800741376ocn843421151ocn419546963ocn461713993ocn842442529ocn417255023ocn420078529Kings and rulers1594ocn013413764book16790.90An Answer to the reflections on the five Jesuits speeches, or, General rules of Christian charity together with the speech of Henry IV, King of France, in behalf of the JesuitsHistory14814ocn003850665book18430.88HenryRecueil des lettres missives de Henri IVHistorySources1287ocn001910965book19680.84HenryLettres de Henri IV concernant les relations du Saint-Siège et de la France, 1595-1609HistorySources1194ocn065322061file15930.90Navarre (Kingdom)Tableau des marchandises et denrees desquelles le roy de Nauarre permet le commerce libre pour estre conduites à Paris & autres villes de l'vnion tant par eaüe que par terre, à la charge de payer les taxes & impositions declarees en iceluy, selon la reduction de la moitié, faite sur le pied du precedent tableau, suyua[n]t le traité de la tréue generale resoluë à La Villette le dernier iour de iuillet, mil cinq cens quatre vingts & treze1185ocn002022313book19010.94Bouillon, Henri de la Tour-d'AuvergneMémoires du vicomte de Turenne, depuis duc de Bouillon, 1565-1586, suivis de trente-trois lettres du roi de Navarre (Henry IV) et d'autres documents inéditsHistory1154ocn012405390book16810.93FranceA speech of King Henry, IV of France to his parliament wherein he rebukes them for opposing the Jesuits, and shews his disbelief of their plots and attempts against his person, after the attempts of Chastel and Barriers had miscarried, and those traitors executed, and some time before that of Ravilliac took effect : with other passages on that occasion, communicated in a letter to Rome by a Jesuit and now rendred out of the ItalianHistory1122ocn606475852file16120.84FranceArticles made and published by the king of France, touching the re-establishment and re-appeale of the Iesuits to their liberties in France with a sentence or decree made and published against them, by the court of Parliament in Paris, the 23. day of December last past, 1611HistoryChurch history825ocn606491887file16090.76FranceAn edict or statute lately set foorth by the French King, concerning the prohibition and punishment of single and priuate combats Published there in the Parlament, Iune 27. 1609. And first printed at Poictiers by Iohn of Marness the Kings printer, 1609. with his Maiesties priuilege or licence. Newly translated out of French814ocn830976952file17860.90Conti, Louise-Marguerite de LorraineLes amours du Grand AlcandrePart of the Microfiche ed. of the French literature portion of the Edition Corvey, a collection of rare books held at the Castle Corvey Library, located in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany8014ocn006172719book18400.84HenryCorrespondance inédite de Henri IV, roi de France et de Navarre, avec Maurice-le-Savant, landgrave de HesseHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence793ocn606519085file15890.73Navarre (Kingdom)A letter written by the king of Nauarr, to the three estates of Fraunce containing a most liuely description of the discommodities and dangers of ciuill warre: and a very forcible perswasion to obedience, vnitie, and peace. Together with a breefe declaration vpon the matters happened in Fraunce sithence the 23. day of December. 1588. Translated out of French, by G.RHistorySources764ocn606522984file15850.76Navarre (Kingdom)A letter written by the King of Nauarre vnto the French King concerning his innocencie against the sclaunders of his aduersaries. Truely translated out of French. Anno 1585743ocn606523063file15860.76Navarre (Kingdom)Three letters written by the King of Nauarre first Prince of the bloud and chiefe peere of France to the states of the cleargie, noblitie and third estate of France. More: a letter from the sayd King to the Gouernors and communaltie of the towne of Paris. All faithfully translated out of the FrenchHistorySources704ocn005383657book18860.92Laffleur de Kermaingant, Pierre PaulL'ambassade de France en Angleterre sous Henri IV. Mission de Jean de Thumery, sieur de Boissise (1598-1602)666ocn002358092book19280.90HenryLettres d'Amour et de Guerre du Roi Henri IVHistoryRecords and correspondence646ocn010510021book19410.81HenryŒuvres de Henri IV; lettres et haranguesHistorySources551ocn299810781book19840.81Garrisson, JanineHenry IVHistoryBiography4910ocn012045060book18720.92HenryLettres inédites du roi Henri IV au chancelier de Bellièvre du 8 février 1581 au 23 septembre 1601 : publiées d'Après les manuscrits de la Bibliothèque nationaleHistorySources486ocn008400158book17330.76HenryLettres d'Henry IV. roi de France, et de messieurs de Villeroy, et de Puisieux, a Mr. Antoine Le Fevre de la Boderie, ambassadeur de France en Angleterre : Depuis 1606, jusqu'en 1611History481ocn417164992book19970.86FranceL'edit de NantesHistoryL'intégral du texte de l'édit de Nantes assorti de commentaires et de notes17678ocn052041115book20040.16Harris, JoanneHoly foolsHistoryFictionHistorical fictionWith her internationally bestselling novels Chocolat, Blackberry Wine, Five Quarters of the Orange, and Coastliners, Joanne Harris has woven intoxicating spells that celebrate the sensuous while exposing the passion, secrets, and folly beneath the surface of rustic village life. In Holy Fools, her most ambitious and accomplished novel to date, she transports us back to a time of intrigue and turmoil, of deception and masquerade. In the year 1605, a young widow, pregnant and alone, seeks sanctuary at the small Abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-mer on the island of Noirs Moustiers off the Brittany coast. After the birth of her daughter, she takes up the veil, and a new name, Soeur Auguste. But the peace she has found in remote isolation is shattered five years later by the events that follow the death of her kind benefactress, the Reverend Mother. When a new abbess -- the daughter of a corrupt noble family elevated by the murder of King Henri IV -- arrives at Sainte Marie-de-la-mer, she does not arrive alone. With her is her personal confessor and spiritual guide, Pere Colombin, a man Soeur Auguste knows all too well. For the newcomer is Guy LeMerle, a charlatan and seducer now masquerading as a priest, and the one man she fears more than any other. Soeur Auguste has a secret. Once she was l'Ailee, "The Winged One," star performer of a troupe led by LeMerle, before betrayal forced her to change her identity. But now the past has found her. Before long, thanks' to LeMerle, suspicion and debauchery are breeding like a plague within the convent's walls -- fueled by dark rumors of witchcraft, part of the false priest's brilliantly orchestrated scheme of revenge. To protect herself and ber beloved child, l'Ailee will have to perform one last act of dazzling daring more audacious than any she has previously attempted+-+376400515517153ocn048138355com19990.39Finley-Croswhite, S. AnnetteHenry IV and the towns the pursuit of legitimacy in French urban society, 1589-1610History"This book is the first serious study of Henry IV's relationship with the towns of France and offers an in-depth analysis of a crucial aspect of his craft of kingship. Set in the context of the later Wars of Religion, it examines Henry's achievement in reforging an alliance with the towns by comparing his relationship with Catholic League, royalist and Protestant towns."--Jacket+-+62657167051136149ocn000030173book18450.50Dumas, AlexandreMarguerite de ValoisHistoryFictionDime novelsHistorical fictionDuring religious wars in France, Marguerite de Valois, a Catholic, marries Henry de Navarre, a Protestant and the future king+-+357468545711235ocn000401382book19630.28Pearson, HeskethHenry of Navarre, the King who dared9712ocn559360695com20020.50Sutherland, N. MHenry IV of France and the politics of religion 1572-1596HistoryChurch historySutherland (retired, history, U. of London, Royal Holloway, UK) has written an impressively complete account of the complex history of religious issues during the reign of Henry IV of France. The chapters, which are organized around political events and issues, detail the intrigue and conflict between Catholic and Protestant in France before and after Henry is made king. In painstaking detail, the volumes discuss the Huguenots, the Catholic League, the role of the popes, the Civil War, Henry's conversion and the problems that resulted, and his rule of absolutism. The ceremony of Henry's conversion and Henry's relationship with Rome receive special attention. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (, RolandThe assassination of Henry IV; the tyrannicide problem and the consolidation of the French absolute monarchy in the early seventeenth centuryHistoryChurch history7705ocn000498712book19370.35Mann, HeinrichYoung Henry of NavarreHistoryFiction+-+01278106253247637ocn180773053com20010.63Love, Ronald SBlood and religion the conscience of Henri IV, 1553-1593HistoryBiographyIn Blood and religion Ronald Love explores the symbiosis of religion and politics in the early career of Henri IV of France, examining the king's strong religious beliefs--imbibed in early youth from his mother, Jeanne d'Albret, queen of Navarre--and the profound effect they had not only on his private conscience but on his political and military decisions as Huguenot leader and French monarch. Fundamental aspects of Henri's developing character, his motivations and leadership, and the contemporary conditions under which he laboured are scrutinized from his birth in 1553 to the opening years of his reign. Love places these matters in context against the broader background of endemic civil war, contemporary religious culture, and the many responsibilities imposed upon Henri by his royal rank and political role. Blood and religion concludes with a close analysis of Henri's conversion to Catholicism in July 1593, including the king's crisis of conscience as he struggled to secure his crown and preserve his soul. Love's fresh interpretations of the influence of religion on Henri IV's political and military choices challenge much of modern scholarship on this important French monarch and cast new light on the motivations and worldview of sixteenth-century sovereigns in an age when religion and politics were inseparable+-+59767082257633ocn000187558book19710.33Seward, DesmondThe first Bourbon: Henri IV, King of France and Navarre74027ocn001813694book18930.59Willert, P. FHenry of Navarre and the Huguenots in FranceHistoryBiography+-+79725137967316ocn010162491book19840.39Buisseret, DavidHenry IVHistoryBiographyBibliography71736ocn003486339book19350.59Mann, HeinrichDie Jugend des Königs Henri Quatre. RomanFictionSchon früh lernt Henri von Navarra, 1589-1610 König Henri IV. von Frankreich, am Hofe Katharinas von Medici die Missgunst der Menschen, die Intrigen der Höflinge und die Streitigkeiten der Religionen kennen. Unter dem Einfluss jahrelanger Gefangenschaft am katholischen Hof und intensiven Gesprächen mit Michel de Montaigne entwickelt sich Henri zu einem Menschen , der sein Handeln unter die Maxime stellt. äDie Gewalt ist stark. Stärker ist die Güteä7172ocn000106340book19700.59Lee, MauriceJames I and Henri IV; an essay in English foreign policy, 1603-1610History71323ocn000491872book18860.59Baird, Henry MartynThe Huguenots and Henry of NavarreHistory6706ocn000750135book19630.14Plaidy, JeanEvergreen gallantFictionStory of Henri of Navarre+-+09887645256674ocn000090977book19690.39Russell of Liverpool, Edward Frederick Langley RussellHenry of Navarre; Henry IV of FranceHenry IV began his reign (1589-1610) hated by the Holy League, the powerful Catholic party. If he abjured his Protestantism, he stood to alienate his lifelong allies in England, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as at home. The skill with which he resolved this dilemma and set the foundation of France's great power under the Bourbons is the subject of this story65433ocn000542177book19360.63Mann, HeinrichDie vollendung des Königs Henri Quatre. RomanFictionHistorisk roman om Henri IV, konge af Frankrig (1553-1610)5971ocn705382617com20100.33De Waele, MichelReconcilier les francais Henri IV et la fin des troubles de religionHistoryChurch history5778ocn000735965book19390.39Mann, HeinrichHenry, king of FranceHistoryFictionHenry of Navarre, now King of France, faces war, religious revivals, political intrigues, and other challenges during the sixteenth century+-+637881062532455812ocn181833234com17450.76L'Ecluse des Loges, Pierre-Mathurin deMémoires de Maximilien de Bethune Duc de Sully, principal ministre de Henry le Grand, mis en ordre, avec des remarques. Par M.L.D.L.D.LHistoryBiography+-+6265716705Fri Mar 21 15:15:52 EDT 2014batch138247