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Fri Mar 21 17:13:23 2014 UTClccn-n500040810.31Essays0.641.00John Florio : the man who was Shakespeare /49375066John_Florion 5000408139672Florio.Florio, Giovanni.Florio, Giovanni, 1553?-1625Florio, Giovanni, ca 1553-1625Florio, Iohn.Florio, Iohn, 1553?-1625Florio, JeanFlorio Jean 1553?-1625Florio, John, ca.1553-1625フローリオ, ジョンlccn-n79068499Montaigne, Michel de1533-1592lccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n50080987Cartier, Jacques1491-1557lccn-n50014251Yates, Frances Amelialccn-n83056036Stewart, J. I. M.(John Innes Mackintosh)1906-1994edtlccn-n79043630Gide, André1869-1951edtlccn-n83216713Bussy, Dorothytrllccn-n50036877Acheson, Arthur1864-1930lccn-n50071259Southampton, Henry WriothesleyEarl of1573-1624lccn-n84134431Torriano, GiovanniFlorio, John1553?-1625DictionariesConversation and phrase booksBiographyRecords and correspondenceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSoftwareFrench essaysMontaigne, Michel de,Italian languagePhilosophyFlorio, John,Indians of North AmericaCanadaNorth America--New FranceDiscovery and exploration, FrenchAmericaDiscoveries in geographyEnglish languageShakespeare, William,Essais (Montaigne, Michel de)EnglandCivilization--Italian influencesGreat BritainItaliansLanguage and cultureRenaissanceContemporariesSouthampton, Henry Wriothesley,--Earl of,CivilizationItalian language--GrammarProverbs, ItalianFalstaff, John, Sir (Fictitious character)ItalyTrechmann, E. J.--(Emil Julius),ProverbsDecamerone (Boccaccio, Giovanni)FriendshipDramatists, English--Early modernDramatists, English--Homes and hauntsEngland--LondonIntellectual lifeHomesAlmanacs, EnglishFranceFrench literatureEssaysWeather forecastingSurrealismPhilosophy, FrenchAnatomy of melancholy (Burton, Robert)Essays (Bacon, Francis)Timber (Jonson, Ben)Art appreciationMontaigne, Michel deItaly--TuscanyItalian language--Dialects155316251578158015851590159115981603161116131620162316261632164916591684168816901697183618801885188618891891189218931894189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908191019161919192019211922192519271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194619471948194919511953195419551956195919611964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751977198019811986198719891991199319992001200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149540263787844.31PQ1642.E5ocn000419858ocn000831883ocn001582147ocn000374449ocn006715518ocn000631625ocn001499561ocn004552657ocn000911480ocn000058262ocn859423212ocn612515264105540ocn003736426book18890.56Montaigne, Michel deThe essayes of MontaigneCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondence91110ocn000419858book19660.47Cartier, JacquesNavigations to Newe Fraunce70348ocn000653976book18850.76Montaigne, Michel deThe essayes of Michael, lord of Montaigne5258ocn000831883book19390.53Montaigne, Michel deThe living thoughts of Montaigne"André Gide has selected and arranged the essence of Montaigne's thought from the essays translated by John Florio, 1606."42045ocn001582147book16130.31Montaigne, Michel deEssaysSoftwareBiographyTranslates selections from sixteenth-century French writer Michel de Montaigne's "Essays," a collection that presents Montaigne's philosophical opinions on a wide variety of subjects, including books, relationships, cruelty, and smells28524ocn012282490book16590.90Florio, JohnVocabolario italiano & inglese A dictionary Italian & EnglishDictionaries25820ocn003953230book15910.81Florio, JohnSecond frutes, 1591. A facimile reproductionConversation and phrase books+-+977766573520912ocn000219158book19680.81Florio, JohnQueen Anna's new world of words, 1611Dictionaries1686ocn006715518book15800.79Cartier, JacquesA shorte and briefe narration of the two nauigations and discoueries to the northweast partes called Newe Fraunce first translated out of French into Italian, by that famous learned man Gio: Bapt: Ramutius, and now turned into English by Iohn Florio; worthy the reading of all venturers, trauellers, and discouerersHistory1615ocn000374449book19640.59Montaigne, Michel deSelected essays of Montaigne, in the translation of John Florio1563ocn000152285book19690.70Florio, JohnFlorios second frvtesConversation and phrase books1223ocn000027023book19690.70Florio, JohnFirste fruitesConversation and phrase books1206ocn041929224book19310.79Montaigne, Michel deMontaigne's essays11720ocn003184041book15980.70Florio, JohnA worlde of wordes, or, Most copious and exact dictionarie in Italian and EnglishDictionaries1156ocn606540298file15910.76Perpetuall and naturall prognostications of the change of weather Gathered out of diuers ancient and late writers, and placed in order for the common good of all men. Newly translated out of Italian into English by I.F1088ocn606485932file15910.76Florio, JohnFlorios second frutes to be gathered of twelue trees, of diuers but delightsome tastes to the tongues of Italians and Englishmen. To which is annexed his Gardine of recreation yeelding six thousand Italian prouerbsConversation and phrase books1049ocn216419107com15980.70Florio, JohnA vvorlde of wordes, or Most copious, and exact dictionarie in Italian and English, collected by Iohn FlorioDictionaries1048ocn216892141com16110.70Florio, JohnQueen Anna's nevv vvorld of words, or dictionarie of the Italian and English tongues, collected, and newly much augmented by Iohn Florio, reader of the Italian vnto the Soueraigne Maiestie of Anna, crowned Queene of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. And one of the gentlemen of hir Royall Priuie Chamber. Whereunto are added certaine necessarie rules and short obseruations for the Italian tongueDictionaries1047ocn606497401file15780.73Florio, JohnFlorio his firste fruites which yeelde familiar speech, merie prouerbes, wittie sentences, and golden sayings. Also a perfect induction to the Italian, and English tongues, as in the table appeareth. The like heretofore, neuer by any man publishedConversation and phrase books1009ocn001499561book19300.39Montaigne, Michel deThe selected essays of Montaigne6819ocn000308184book19340.63Yates, Frances AmeliaJohn Florio; the life of an Italian in Shakespeare's EnglandHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+092526670538912ocn000140402book19200.70Acheson, ArthurShakespeare's lost years in London 1586-1592, giving new light on the pre-sonnet period; showing the inception of relations between Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton and displaying John Florio as Sir John FalstaffCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography2494ocn060667978book20050.63Wyatt, MichaelThe Italian encounter with Tudor England a cultural politics of translationHistory"This original and interdisciplinary study maintains that questions of language are at the center of the circulation of ideas in the early modern period. Wyatt first examines the agency of this shifting community of immigrant Italians in the transmission of Italy's cultural patrimony and its impact on the nascent English nation; Part Two turns to the exemplary career of John Florio, the Italo-Englishman who worked as a language teacher, lexicographer, and translator in Elizabethan and Jacobean England."--BOOK JACKET+-+71439367051603ocn001979354book19530.90Wright, Herbert GThe first English translation of the Decameron, 1620998ocn004277622book19210.88Chambrun, Clara LongworthGiovanni Florio, un apôtre de la renaissance en Angleterre à l'époque de ShakespeareCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography422ocn000573326book19690.95Franzero, Carlo MariaJohn Florio a Londra ai tempi di Shakespeare383ocn010750580book19030.88Dieckow, FritzJohn Florio's englische Übersetzung der Essais Montaigne's und Lord Bacon's, Ben Jonson's und Robert Burton's Verhältnis zu Montaigne374ocn858004741book20130.76Hamlin, William MMontaigne's English journey : reading the essays in Shakespeare's dayHistory'Montaigne's English Journey' provides a vivid account of the way in which English readers made sense of Montaigne's 'Essays' during the seventeenth century and how it influenced their own writing131ocn062318801book20050.90Rotundo, DomenicoLe origini italiane di Shakespeare, J. Florio e la rosacroce : scienza ed esoterismo nella Calabria del Seicento122ocn013186800book19550.98Paladino, SantiUn italiano autore delle opere Shakespeariane (Saggio) Segnalazione d'onore al Concorso Nazionale Gastaldi 1954101ocn669928121file19200.56Acheson, ArthurShakespeare's lost years in London giving new light on the pre-Sonnet period, showing the inception of relations between Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton, and displaying John Florio as Sir John FalstaffBiography81ocn034589721book19470.97Policardi, SilvioJohn Florio e le relazioni culturali anglo-italiane agli albori del XVII secolo61ocn767578725book20110.92Cuneo, AnneUn monde de mots : John Florio, traducteur, lexicographe, pédagogue, homme de lettres : un récitFiction31ocn751858343book20091.00Tassinari, LambertoJohn Florio : the man who was ShakespeareHistoryBiography32ocn038700638book19910.47Boutcher, Warren VincentFlorio's Montaigne : translation and pragmatic humanism in the sixteenth centuryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn010380595book19811.00A Florilegium for John Florio : 198121ocn825137059book20120.47Yates, Frances AmeliaJon furorio : Sheikusupia jidai no ingurando ni okeru ichi itariajin no shogai11ocn224524063book19660.47O'Connor D. JGiovanni Florio e il suo contributo alla lessicografia Italo-Inglese11ocn059823102book19490.47White, James CharlesThe proverbs of Florio : with special reference to Elizabethan literatureQuotations11ocn317741088art15911.00Shakespeare, WilliamPhaëton to his friend Florio : [Sonnet]+-+9777665735+-+9777665735Fri Mar 21 16:00:26 EDT 2014batch32800