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Fri Mar 21 17:15:08 2014 UTClccn-n500042700.35Ungerechtigkeit : die sozialen Ursachen von Unterordnung und Widerstand /0.551.00Barrington Moore and the dialectics of revolution; an essay review85174773Barrington_Moore,_Jr.n 5000427039859Moore, BarringtonMoore, Barrington, Jr.Moore, Barrington, Jr., 1913-2005Moore, Barrington jun. 1913-2005ムーア, バリントン, Jrlccn-n80120511Marcuse, Herbert1898-1979othtrllccn-n50013738Wolff, Robert Paullccn-n79093286Wolff, Kurt H.1912-edtlccn-n81125282Smith, Dennis1945-viaf-46759054Clinquart, Pierrelccn-n50074802Schmidt, Alfredlccn-n83239121Averell Harriman Institute for Advanced Study of the Soviet Unionviaf-166050580Adda, Renétrllccn-n50004657Müller, Gert H.lccn-n80146650Weibel, Luc1943-....trlMoore, Barrington1913-2005HistoryCross-cultural studiesSocial historyPolitical scienceRevolutionsSoviet UnionCommunismSocial classesAsiaEconomic historyUnited StatesSocial justiceTolerationGermanyRadicalismWorking classPhilosophyIndustries--Social aspectsLaborPower (Social sciences)Marcuse, Herbert,PersecutionPurity (Ethics)CapitalismChinaEqualityAuthoritarianismPrivacyEnglandSocial ethicsBusiness ethicsSociologyMoore, Barrington,Social problemsSocialismAnderson, PerryFranceGreat BritainDictatorshipDemocracyRussiaIndiaManners and customsKoreaEconomicsFreedom of speechSociology--PhilosophySuffering--PhilosophyPolitical and social viewsDespotismPhelps, William Lyon,Luce, Henry Robinson,19132005191419421944195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601962196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199319951996199819992000200120022003200520062007200820102011201214580110584309HN15ocn001850449ocn001919179ocn797940792ocn301634286ocn797940777ocn651979681ocn047653021ocn185896689248494ocn000256006book19660.47Moore, BarringtonSocial origins of dictatorship and democracy : lord and peasant in the making of the modern worldSocial Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy is a comparative survey of some of what Moore considers the major/most indicative world economies as they evolved out of pre-modern political systems into industrialism. As the title suggests, Moore is not ultimately concerned with explaining economic development so much as exploring why modes of development produced different political forms that managed the transition to industrialism and modernization. Why did one society modernize into a "relatively free," democratic society (by which Moore means England) while others metamorphosed into fascist or communist states? His core thesis is that in each country, the relationship between the landlord class and the peasants was a primary influence on the ultimate form of government the society arrived at upon arrival in its modern age+-+8825052535160966ocn000374271book19650.56Wolff, Robert PaulA critique of pure tolerance138554ocn000504528book19500.59Moore, BarringtonSoviet politics: the dilemma of power; the role of ideas in social change125821ocn003927969book19780.50Moore, BarringtonInjustice : the social bases of obedience and revoltHistory+-+8832978885105415ocn001850449book19670.53Wolff, Kurt HThe Critical spirit; essays in honor of Herbert Marcuse104922ocn000406924book19540.56Moore, BarringtonTerror and progress--USSR : some sources of change and stability in the Soviet dictatorshipHistory98723ocn000409764book19690.50Moore, BarringtonReflections on the causes of human misery : and upon certain proposals to eliminate them97910ocn042643496book20000.47Moore, BarringtonMoral purity and persecution in historyHistory"Moore takes up tools of historical comparison to investigate why groups of people kill and torture each other. His answer is arrestingly simple: people persecute those whom they perceive as polluting due to their "impure" religious, political, or economic ideas." "Moore's provocative conclusion is that monotheism - with its monopoly on virtue and failure to provide supernatural scapegoats - is responsible for some of the most virulent forms of intolerance and is a major cause of human nastiness and suffering. Moore does not say that the monotheist tradition was the primary source of Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism, violent Hindu fundamentalism or ethnic cleansing in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, but he does identify it as an indispensable cause because it justified, encouraged, and spread vindictive persecution throughout the world."--Jacket+-+857495641568211ocn007355676book19580.59Moore, BarringtonPolitical power and social theory ; six studies60511ocn015718603book19810.66Moore, BarringtonAuthority and inequality under capitalism and socialism55513ocn010184406book19830.66Moore, BarringtonPrivacy : studies in social and cultural historyHistoryCross-cultural studies3427ocn037955568book19980.76Moore, BarringtonMoral aspects of economic growth, and other essaysHistoryBarrington Moore, Jr., one of the most distinguished thinkers in critical theory and historical sociology, has long been concerned with the prospects for freedom and decency in industrial society. The product of decades of reflection on issues of authority, inequality, and injustice, this volume analyzes fluctuating moral beliefs and behavior in political and economic affairs at different points in history, from the early Middle Ages in England to the prospects for liberalism under twentieth-century Soviet socialism. The social sources of antisocial behavior; principles of social inequality; and the origins, enemies, and possibilities of rational discussion in public affairs - these are among the topics Moore considers as he seeks to uncover the historical causes of some accepted forms of morality and to assess their social consequences+-+712889653527116ocn001355831book19600.70Moore, BarringtonPolitical power and social theory; seven studies1399ocn028208355book19690.50Moore, BarringtonLes origines sociales de la dictature et de la démocratie12414ocn263543459book19690.37Moore, BarringtonSoziale Ursprünge von Diktatur und Demokratie die Rolle der Grundbesitzer und Bauern bei der Entstehung der modernen Welt998ocn064159667book19820.35Moore, BarringtonUngerechtigkeit : die sozialen Ursachen von Unterordnung und Widerstand9614ocn042642367book19660.50Moore, BarringtonZur Geschichte der politischen Gewalt. Drei Studien6216ocn005540453book19720.35Moore, BarringtonLos orígines sociales de la dictadura y la democracia : el señor y el campesino en la formación del mundo moderno484ocn015992077book19520.90Moore, BarringtonThe strengths and weaknesses of the Soviet system4610ocn028477664book19540.66Moore, BarringtonTerreur et progrès en U.R.S.S. Etude sur les variations et la stabilité de la dictature soviétique1713ocn008866601book19830.84Smith, DennisBarrington Moore, Jr., a critical appraisal1473ocn009498600book19830.76Smith, DennisBarrington Moore : violence, morality, and political change171ocn021791560book19750.66Johnson, RichardPeculiarities of the English route : Barrington Moore, Perry Anderson and English social developmentHistory31ocn028165180book19660.96Spitz, DavidPure tolerance : a critique of criticisms, a reply to Wolff, Moore and Marcuse31ocn237344862book20060.66Hong, Kyung-WanMenschliches Leiden und soziale Ungerechtigkeit : Der Ansatz von Barrington Moore Jr. in seiner Relevanz für den koreanischen Kontext11ocn702153767mix1.00Keller, Albert GallowayAlbert Galloway Keller papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, writings, student and teaching files, and miscellanea documenting the personal life and professional career of Albert G. Keller, a sociologist, author, and student and colleague of William Graham Sumner. Keller frequently corresponded with individuals on the subject of Sumner, and Yale University figures such as Arthur T. Hadley, James Rowland Angell, and Charles Seymour often felt Keller's displeasure over the University's treatment of the Sumner legacy. He also corresponded with colleagues and former students, Sumner biographers, and family members. Files relating to the William Graham Sumner Club, which he helped found, are also included. Drafts of several published and unpublished writings and many student gradebooks detail his literary and teaching activities11ocn803488860book20110.92Wojakowski, Łukasz PiotrPaństwo i zmiana społeczna w teoriach amerykańskiej socjologii historycznejHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn063934767mix1.00National Forestry Program CommitteeNational Forestry Program Committee recordsCorrespondence, publicity materials, and publications concerning forestry conservation legislation11ocn047972790book19681.00Rothman, StanleyBarrington Moore and the dialectics of revolution; an essay review+-+8574956415+-+8574956415Fri Mar 21 15:44:54 EDT 2014batch25614