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Thu Feb 12 22:02:12 2015 UTClccn-n500430710.25Contemporary Black biography. profiles from the international Black community /0.660.97EKB, his published prose & poetry, 1948-1986 : a checklist /113673788Kamau_Brathwaiten 5004307178241Brathwaite, E. Kamau.Brathwaite, E. Kamau 1930-Brathwaite, E. Kamau (Edward Kamau), 1930-Brathwaite EdwardBrathwaite, Edward 1930-Brathwaite, Edward K.Brathwaite, Edward K. 1930-Brathwaite, Edward Kamau.Brathwaite, Edward Kamau 1930-Brathwaite, Edward Lawson 1930-Brathwaite KamauBrathwaite, Kamau 1930-Brathwaite, Lawson Edward 1930-Kamau Brathwaite, EdwardKamau Brathwaite, Edward 1930-lccn-n79149058Walcott, Derekspkdtelccn-nr88011464Brathwaite, Doris Monicaautlccn-n79006870Eliot, T. S.(Thomas Stearns)1888-1965lccn-n2003028981Pollard, Charles W.1963-autlccn-n84225049Mackey, Nathaniel1947-lccn-n99053040Williams, Emily Allenautlccn-nr89005096Philip, Marlene Nourbese1947-lccn-n82071099Hejinian, Lynlccn-n99028832Naylor, Paul1957-autlccn-n79138773Howe, SusanBrathwaite, Kamau1930-PoetryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyDiariesBibliographyConference proceedingsInterviewsFolkloreCaribbean AreaBarbadosLiteratureSlaveryJamaicaWest IndiesEnglish-speaking countriesModernism (Literature)Social historyCaribbean poetry (English)Brathwaite, Kamau,Intellectual lifeWest Indian poetry (English)Manners and customsWest Indian literatureEnglish poetryInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),PostcolonialismPostcolonialism in literatureWalcott, DerekWest Indian literature (English)Caribbean literature (English)African American poetsImperialismRacismAmerican poetryMarriageCancer--PatientsAuthors' spousesAuthors, JamaicanLiterature and historyExperimental poetry, AmericanCommonwealth poetry (English)Popular culturePoetryPoeticsCivilization--African influencesEnglish language--StylePoetry, ModernBlacks--Race identityCivilizationCaribbean literatureSlaves--Social conditionsCanadaIdentity (Psychology) in literatureWest Indians--Intellectual lifeCaribbean literature--Colonial influenceAuthors, CaribbeanPoets, English19301956196319641967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201312932252691811PR9230.9.B68ocn728247994ocn000273000ocn000059515ocn000240306ocn003205417ocn000367860ocn001941894ocn000801322ocn055149284ocn008640533ocn002988945ocn014645226ocn014645230ocn003370782ocn248450059ocn469861854ocn634625721ocn463695881ocn442989787ocn17494293111726ocn728247994file20090.50Brathwaite, KamauElegguasPoetryThis Collection is a Stunning follow-up to Kamau Brathwaite's Born to Slow Horses (Wesleyan, 2005), winner of the Griffin International Poetry Prize. Elegguas--a play on "elegy" and "Eleggua," the Yoruba deity of the threshold, doorway, and crossroad--is a collection of poems for the departed. Modernist and postmodernist in inspiration, Elegguas draws together traditions of speaking with the dead, from Rilke's Duino Elegies to the Jamaican kumina practice of bringing down spirits of the dead to briefly inhabit the bodies of the faithful, so that the ancestors may provide spiritual assistance and advice to those here on earth. The book is also profoundly political, including elegies for assassinated revolutionaries+-+289410463567323ocn000240306book19710.60Brathwaite, KamauThe development of Creole society in Jamaica, 1770-1820HistoryThis study looks in depth at a colonial plantation during 50 critical years of slavery in the Caribbean. It argues that the people who settled, lived and worked in Jamaica contributed to the formation of a society that developed its own distinctive character - creole society+-+046728112461437ocn000801322book19670.56Brathwaite, KamauThe arrivants; a new world trilogyPoetry+-+585666446553415ocn000273000book19680.54Brathwaite, KamauMasksPoetry52036ocn032853198book19760.63Brathwaite, KamauBlack + bluesPoetryKamau Brathwaite, who won the 1994 Neustadt International Prize for Literature, has revised his celebrated 1979 Casa de las Americas collection, Black + Blues, for its first edition by a U.S. publisher. A rich and beautiful collection, Black + Blues is cast in three parts - "Fragments," "Drought," and "Flowers."+-+286867663550212ocn000059515book19690.50Brathwaite, KamauIslandsPoetryThe third part of Edward Brathwaite's trilogy of poems about the Negro's encounter with the New World interweaves the past and present of his Caribbean homeland--its natural beauty, its violent history, the values that sustain its people--into a vigorous and distinctive poetic statement. The author is a native of Barbados.--From publisher description45312ocn003205417book19770.63Brathwaite, KamauMother poemPoetry44813ocn027897380book19920.63Brathwaite, KamauMiddle passagesAnd so MiddlePassages includes poems for those modern heroes who are the pegs by which the mountain must be climbed again: Maroon resistance, the poets Nicolas Guillen, the Cuban revolutionary, and Mikey Smith, stoned to death on Stony Hill; the great musicians (Ellington, Bessie Smith); and Third World leaders Kwame Nkrumah, Walter Rodney and Nelson Mandela+-+278767663542417ocn000367860book19670.60Brathwaite, KamauRights of passagePoetry3767ocn001941894book19750.67Brathwaite, KamauOther exilesPoetry3657ocn055149284book20050.54Brathwaite, KamauBorn to slow horsesPoetry+-+509210463534013ocn028709497book19860.80Brathwaite, KamauRootsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+59901572953387ocn008640533book19820.70Brathwaite, KamauSun poemPoetry3124ocn044426964book20010.56Brathwaite, KamauAncestors : a reinvention of Mother poem, Sun poem, and X/selfPoetry"Ancestors startlingly reinvents one of the most important long poems of our hemisphere. Here in a single volume is Kamau Brathwaite's long unavailable, landmark trilogy - Mother Poem, Sun Poem, and X/Self (1977, 1982, and 1987) - now completely revised and expanded by the author." "With its "Video Sycorax" typographic inventions and linguistic play, Ancestors liberates both the language and the new-Caliban vision of the poet. In its fresh and more experimental form the trilogy embodies the recapture (what the poet has called the "intercovery") of Brathwaite's African/Caribbean ancestry as a possession of power and renewal, even as it plumbs the deep tonalities of enslavement, oppression, and colonial dispossession."--Jacket+-+13996766352887ocn014692195book19870.77Brathwaite, KamauX/selfPoetry28217ocn008094578book19700.82Brathwaite, KamauThe folk culture of the slaves in JamaicaHistoryFolklore24314ocn013125328book19840.77Brathwaite, KamauHistory of the voice : the development of nation language in Anglophone Caribbean poetryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography+-+40069765453241903ocn077573854book20070.70Brathwaite, KamauDS (2) : dreamstoriesPoetry+-+98416766351858ocn000117946book19690.70Bold, Alan NormanAlan Bold, Edward Brathwaite, Edwin Morgan1784ocn173264035book20070.87Paul, AnnieCaribbean culture : soundings on Kamau BrathwaiteHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings+-+55065911243412ocn053896606book20040.80Pollard, Charles WNew World modernisms : T.S. Eliot, Derek Walcott, and Kamau BrathwaiteCriticism, interpretation, etc"New World Modernisms makes a contribution that is both substantial and significant to scholarship in two spheres: Anglophone Caribbean literature in the larger context of postcolonial theory, and modernism. A stimulating and provocative book." - Laurence Breiner, Professor of English, Boston University, author of An Introduction to West Indian Poetry"+-+62277486352592ocn027936656book19930.80Brathwaite, KamauThe Zea Mexican diary, 7 Sept 1926-7 Sept 1986BiographyDiaries+-+15918644753242522ocn041185159book19990.87Naylor, PaulPoetic investigations : singing the holes in historyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+22116656352293ocn038831909book19980.82Bobb, JuneBeating a restless drum : the poetics of Kamau Brathwaite and Derek WalcottHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJune Bobb explores the different ways the Anglophone Caribbean's most important poets engage in rewriting history and re-conceiving a visionary world in which it becomes possible to reconnect the fragments of a past destroyed or denied by the Caribbean's confrontation with the institutions of slavery and colonization. In exploring common links as well as differences between Brathwaite and Walcott, and looking at their engagement with the mythology of the Caribbean's African experience, the author of this study identifies their contribution to the development of modern Caribbean poetics. Making a contribution to several areas of historical and literary scholarship, the author identifies a specifically Caribbean tradition out of which the poets have emerged+-+04408901352133ocn054374584book20040.77Williams, Emily AllenThe critical response to Kamau BrathwaiteCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+62042402751612ocn034189865book19950.85The Art of Kamau BrathwaiteCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+17456690361412ocn046952390book20010.92For the geography of a soul : emerging perspectives on Kamau BrathwaiteCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7054890135932ocn041977361book19990.89Williams, Emily AllenPoetic negotiation of identity in the works of Brathwaite, Harris, Senior, and Dabydeen : tropical paradise lost and regainedCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+2684298225932ocn037560752book19880.94Brathwaite, Doris MonicaA descriptive and chronological bibliography (1950-1982) of the work of Edward Kamau BrathwaiteHistoryBibliography811ocn041513424book19990.92Brathwaite, KamauConversations with Nathaniel MackeyHistoryBiographyPoetryInterviews782ocn310154878book20090.94Otto, MelanieA Creole experiment : utopian space in Kamau Brathwaite's video-style worksCriticism, interpretation, etc"Kamau Brathwaite's writing covers a whole range of creative expressions. The most distinctive, known as "Sycorax video style," involves an experiment with different font sizes and layouts that not only challenges the limits of the text, but also reveals a sustained engagement with the political reality of contemporary West Indian life. Brathwaite's "creole cosmos" expresses both a global "collision of cultures" and a utopian vision for which the Caribbean is presented as a model. In this sense, Brathwaite's work engages the current debates about the global dimension of creoleness and creolization while critiquing them at the same time. In A Creole Experiment, Melanie Otto examines the utopian aspect of Brathwaite's major "video-style" works while employing the concepts of Heimat (homeland) and "concrete utopia," which were developed by philosopher Ernst Bloch in The Principle of Hope. She also focuses on Brathwaite's interrogation and reinterpretation of the conventions of magical realism. Unlike mainstream Latin American magical realism, Brathwaite's work is radical in both form and content, developing a distinctly creole aesthetic. In addition, Otto notes that Brathwaite's vision of a "creole cosmos" does not refer to an ideal place. Instead, it reveals the tangibility of an often dismal day-to-day existence. In this well-researched, engaging study, Otto convincingly argues that Braithwaite seeks to deliver ways of connecting the act of writing with a sense of place and with the lived reality of the Caribbean, in order to create and recreate that reality."--Publisher's website+-+3810677406324642ocn049391789book20010.82Best, CurwenRoots to popular culture : Barbadian aesthetics : Kamau Brathwaite to hardcore stylesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5567428885324622ocn302189354book20090.92Best, CurwenKamau Brathwaite and Christopher Okigbo : art, politics, and the music of ritualCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+0162664858401ocn864562222book20130.80Torres-Saillant, SilvioCaribbean poetics : toward an aesthetic of West Indian literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc"Caribbean Poetics studies the literatures written in European languages in the West Indies as a regionally unified corpus with its own identity. Torres-Saillant examines recurring thematic motifs and formal devices that Caribbean literary artists have drawn from in the last six decades, isolating their engagement with language, religion, and history as primary components of their cultural discourse. Arguing that West Indian literary texts contain clues to their own explication, the study substantiates the aesthetic autonomy of the region's literary tradition by means of individualized readings of the works of three of its principal figures from three different linguistic blocs: Pedro Mir from the Dominican Republic, Kamau Brathwaite from Barbados, and Rene Depestre from Haiti. The book places Caribbean literature in the larger context of comparative poetics by discussing the historical, political, and cultural forces that mediate its interaction with other literary systems."--BOOK JACKET+-+9256870936392ocn017344886book19860.97Brathwaite, Doris MonicaEKB, his published prose & poetry, 1948-1986 : a checklistHistoryBibliography361ocn527366333book20030.25Contemporary Black biography. profiles from the international Black communityBiographyBiographical profiles of important and influential persons of African heritage who form the international black community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields providing coverage of names found in today's headlines as well as selected individuals from earlier in this century whose influence continues to have an impact on contemporary life+-+3788112325152ocn691180449book20100.94Rohlehr, GordonAncestories : readings of Kamau Brathwaite's AncestorsCriticism, interpretation, etc151ocn025673488book19880.67Brathwaite, KamauThe arrivants : a new world trilogy = Die Ankömmlinge : eine neue Welt-Trilogie122ocn056417721book20040.47Witalec, JanetPoetry CriticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyAnnotation+-+5909212325101ocn030456383book19940.92Brathwaite, Kamau"The poet and his place in Barbadian culture"Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+2894104635+-+2894104635Fri Feb 13 10:39:02 EST 2015batch36434