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Fri Mar 21 17:15:28 2014 UTClccn-n500436900.13A commonwealth of thieves [the improbable birth of Australia] /0.430.96The voyage of Governor Philip to Botany bay; with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson & Norfolk island; comp. from authentic papers ... To which are added, the journals of Lieuts Shortland, Watts, Ball, & Capt. Marshall ... with fifty five copper plates, the maps and charts taken from actual surveys, & the plans & views drawn73911137Arthur_Phillipn 5004369078856Philipp, ArthurPhilipp, Arthur 1738-1814lccn-n80034891Keneally, Thomaslccn-n86091658Dark, Eleanor1901-lccn-n83182209Great BritainRoyal NavyFleet, Firstlccn-n79006861Great BritainRoyal Navylccn-n50011381Stockdale, John1749?-1814edtlccn-n83038548King, Philip Gidley1758-1808lccn-n81065482Frost, Alan1943-lccn-n2010014382Hunter, John1737-1821lccn-n50083301Eldershaw, M. Barnardlccn-n79018795Boswell, James1740-1795Phillip, Arthur1738-1814HistorySourcesNaval historyBiographyMapsPhillip, Arthur,New South WalesAustraliaGovernorsPrisonersPenal coloniesConvict shipsFrontier and pioneer lifeNew South Wales--SydneyAustralia--Norfolk IslandGreat BritainDiscoveries in geographyNatural historyExilesGreat Britain.--Royal Navy.--Fleet, FirstGreat Britain.--Royal NavyBryant, Mary,ThievesWomen prisonersBoswell, James,Great Britain.--Royal MarinesClark, Ralph,PortugalBrazilBoundariesUruguayUruguay--Colonia del SacramentoSailorsPortugal.--ArmadaTravelVoyages and travelsAboriginal AustraliansGrose, Francis,PioneersArmed Forces--OfficersAdmiralsNew South Wales--Sydney RegionBennelong,University of New South WalesPresidentsPenal transportationEthnicityAssimilation (Sociology)Social structureSocial evolutionTribesRacismNew South Wales--Port JacksonSirius (Ship)Aboriginal Australians, Treatment of17381814178117891790179117921793179417951798179918021807181018111812181418201886188818891890189418991900190919111916191819231925193019321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948195019531954195619571958195919601962196319641965196619671968196919701972197319751977197819791980198219831984198519861987198819891990199219931994199519971998199920002001200220042005200620072008200920102011201220137412347647994.402DU172ocn797790446Governors45967ocn001515730book17890.66Phillip, ArthurThe voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay; with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson & Norfolk IslandHistoryMapsSourcesSpine title: The voyage to Botany Bay Facsimile reproduction from a copy held in the State Library of South Australia+-+453357899613314ocn000040262book17930.76Hunter, JohnAn historical journal of the transactions at Port Jackson, and Norfolk Island Including the journals of governors Phillip and King ... With an abridged account of the new discoveries in the South Seas. By Iohn Hunter ... To which is prefixed a life of the authorHistorySources1317ocn000205585book19680.35Phillip, ArthurThe voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany BayHistory1138ocn005116912book17930.56Hunter, JohnAn historical journal of the transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk island : with the discoveries which have been made in New South Wales and in the Southern ocean, since the publication of Phillip's voyage, compiled from the official papers ; including the journals of Governors Phillip and King, and of Lieut. Ball ; and the voyages from the first sailing of the Sirius in 1787, to the return of that ship's company to England in 1792.HistoryNaval historyBiographySources10815ocn003381595book17910.66Phillip, ArthurExtracts of letters from Arthur Phillip, Esq., Governor of New South Wales, to Lord Sydney; to which is annexed a Description of Norfolk IslandHistorySources762ocn220185305book19370.79Rutter, OwenThe First Fleet : the record of the foundation of Australia from its conception to the settlement at Sydney CoveHistorySources449ocn023623140book17910.81Phillip, ArthurVoyage du gouverneur Phillip a Botany-Bay, avec une description de l'établissement des colonies du port Jackson et de l'ile Norfolk; faite sur des papiers authentiques, obtenus des divers départemens, auxquels on a ajouté les journaux des lieutenans Shortland, Watts, Ball, et du capitaine Marshall, avec un récit de leurs nouvelles découvertes214ocn008576218book17910.53Phillip, ArthurArthur Phillips Reise nach der Botany-Bay : nebst auszügen aus den Tagebüchern der neuesten Brittischen Entdecker in der Südsee207ocn065638001book19230.33Phillip, ArthurGründung der Strafkolonie SydneyHistory173ocn122699594book19680.66Hunter, JohnAn historical journal of events at Sydney and at sea, 1787-1792, with further accounts by Governor Arthur Phillip, Lieutenant P. G. King, and Lieutenant H. L. BallHistorySources142ocn008606738book17930.59Meyer, Friedrich Albrecht AntonSystematisch-summarische Uebersicht der neuesten zoologischen Entdeckungen in Neuholland und Afrika. Nebst zwey andern zoologischen Abhandlungen112ocn220138314book17900.47Phillip, ArthurThe Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay : with an account of the establishment ... of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island ; compiled from authentic papers ... to which are added journals of Lieuts. Shortland, Watts, Ball & Capt. Marshall, with an account of their new discoveriesHistory111ocn225421846book20070.27Phillip, ArthurThe voyage of Governor Philip to Botany Bay : first published in 1789, reprinted, with amendments, in 1790. Now reprinted with 7 charts and 48 plates including 31 fine coloured plates from the deluxe edition reproduced at enlarged scale. Edition Renard, Melbourne, 2007History105ocn312495667book17900.47Phillip, ArthurGouverneur Phillip's Reise nach Neu-Süd-Wallis : mit Nachrichten von den Kolonien in Port Jackson und auf Norfolk-EilandHistory101ocn036067466book0.39Officer, just arrived in the Borrowsdale TransportAn authentick narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay As performed by Commodore Phillips, and the squadron under his command, with a particular discription of Jackson's Bay, and Lord Howe's Island; also the customs of the natives, and some suitable admonitions to restrain vice, and to prevent others forfeiting their freedom and the happiness of continuing in Old England. By an officer, just arrived in the Borowsdale Transport91ocn220145012book17920.47Phillip, ArthurCopies and extracts of letters from Governor Phillip, giving an account of the nature and fertility of the land in and adjoining to any settlement in New South Wales ... : to which are prefixed Copies and extracts of letters from the Office of Secretary of State for the Home Department ... relative to the transporting of convicts to New South WalesHistorySources94ocn719411269com17910.84Phillip, ArthurExtracts of letters to Lord Sydney. To which is annexed a description of Norfolk Island, by P.G. King, and an account to expences incurred in transporting convicts to New South Wales81ocn016337704book17890.96Phillip, ArthurThe voyage of Governor Philip to Botany bay; with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson & Norfolk island; comp. from authentic papers ... To which are added, the journals of Lieuts Shortland, Watts, Ball, & Capt. Marshall ... with fifty five copper plates, the maps and charts taken from actual surveys, & the plans & views drawn82ocn156735422book17910.47Phillip, ArthurExtracts of letters, &c.-- and accounts, relative to the settlements in New South Wales85ocn030683128book17920.47Phillip, ArthurCopies and extracts of letters180817ocn065207155book20050.20Keneally, ThomasA commonwealth of thieves : the improbable birth of AustraliaHistoryBiographyFictionDrawing on historical documents and journals, with the authority of a historian and the narrative grace of a novelist, Keneally recounts the founding of the first penal colony in Australia in 1788. At the center of the story is Arthur Phillips, an ambitious captain in the Royal Navy assigned the formidable task of organizing the expedition to Australia and establishing a colony comprised mainly of unskilled and malcontent criminals and petty thieves, many determined to overcome their pasts and begin anew. Keneally re-creates the grueling overseas voyage, a hellish journey that claimed many lives. As governor, Phillips took on the challenges of dealing with unruly convicts, disgruntled officers, a bewildered, sometimes hostile native population, as well as such serious matters as food shortages and disease. In the end Phillips emerges as a governor driven by a yearning for recognition and advancement, yet possessed of a social conscience rare for his time.--From publisher description+-+K40960038593131ocn001437605book19410.37Dark, EleanorThe timeless landHistoryFictionBook one of a triology Maps on endpapers2763ocn016811498book19870.59Frost, AlanArthur Phillip, 1738-1814 : his voyagingHistoryNaval historyBiography2151ocn057382389book20050.39Walker, MikeA long way homeHistoryBiography"A Long Way Home tells the incredible and heart rending story of Mary and of the two extraordinary men whose lives became entangled with hers; the naval spy and brilliant seaman, Captain Arthur Phillip, who founded the first colony in Australia, and James Boswell, rake and biographer, who, at the end of a misspent life, found a cause worth fighting for."--BOOK JACKET+-+81984552951726ocn009380809book18990.73Becke, LouisAdmiral Phillip; the founding of New South Wales1684ocn008551672book19380.50Eldershaw, M. BarnardPhillip of Australia; an account of the settlement at Sydney Cove 1788-92History1595ocn077008934rcrd20060.13Keneally, ThomasA commonwealth of thieves [the improbable birth of Australia]HistoryBiographyA history of the European settlement of Australia tells the story of Captain Arthur Phillip, who was empowered to govern a colony comprised primarily of unskilled criminals and petty thieves, disgruntled military men, and a sometimes hostile native population+-+K6475655961451ocn015107476book19870.56Moore, JohnThe First Fleet marines, 1786-1792HistoryMilitary history1392ocn013945464book19840.79McIntyre, Kenneth GordonThe Rebello transcripts : Governor Phillip's Portuguese preludeHistoryBiography1122ocn083342879com17900.70The voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson & Norfolk Island; compiled from authentic papers ... to which are added, the journals of Lieuts. Shortland, Watts, Ball, & Capt. Marshall; ... embellished with fifty five copper plates1096ocn007537107book19620.53Chapman, Frederick RevansGovernor Phillip in retirementBiography1076ocn439699182book20090.21Parker, DerekArthur Phillip : Australia's first governorHistoryBiographyCovers Phillip's whole life, but has a particular focus on his selection of the role of Governor, the preparation of the first fleet, the journey from England, the establishment of the colony and Phillip's governorship+-+74485767463241052ocn642722868com17890.73The voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson & Norfolk Island ; compiled from authentic papers ... embellished with fifty five copper plates1044ocn012954350book19800.70Barton, G. BHistory of New South Wales from the recordsHistory931ocn181836649com17900.79The voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay with an account of the establishment of the colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island: compiled from authentic papers ... to which are added, the journals of Lieuts. Shortland, Watts, Ball, & Capt. Marshall ... Embellished with copper plates902ocn854537637book20130.17Pembroke, MichaelArthur Phillip : sailor, mercenary, governor, spyHistoryBiographyAs a captain in the Georgian navy Arthur Phillip's integrity, intelligence and persistence made him perfectly suited to the role that history and circumstance presented to him in 1788, but landing the First Fleet at Botany Bay was only one of many achievements in a captivating life892ocn048930830book20010.20Smith, KeithBennelong : the coming in of the Eora, Syndney Cove 1788-1792Biography802ocn005278074book19370.76Mackaness, GeorgeAdmiral Arthur Phillip, founder of New South Wales, 1738-1814History742ocn016501361book19350.66Milford, G[erald] D[ouglas]Governor Phillip and the early settlement of New South WalesHistory681ocn861413439com20070.53They Have Come to Stay Sydney and New South Wales, 1788 to 1824HistoryEducational filmsInternet videosTo Bennelong and the other Gadigals gathered on the beach, the ships appeared to be apparitions. Were they carrying spirit persons, or human beings? Indigenous Australians met the British for the first time on January 26, 1788. Bennelong was conscripted as a negotiator, and though differences between the two groups were immense, apprehension quickly turned to curiosity. This documentary describes Bennelong's unlikely bond with Governor Arthur Phillip and the eventual deterioration of good will as the newcomers spread out across the land. Phillip founded the settlement of Sydney, Bennelong visited London, and Gadigals died of chicken pox in the thousands. With historians Marcia Langton (Yiman/Bidjara Nation) and Inga Clendinnen, Gadigal elder Allen Madden, Bill Allen (Wiradjuri Nation), and others+-+4533578996+-+4533578996Fri Mar 21 16:06:33 EDT 2014batch34683