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Fri Mar 21 17:05:20 2014 UTClccn-n500437720.10Borgese, Elisabeth Mann: Political Science, Oceanography0.461.00Epithalamion commemorating the marriage of Giuseppe Antonio Borgese and Elisabeth Mann at Princeton, New Jersey, November 23, 1939129903Elisabeth_Mann-Borgesen 5004377278937Borgese, ElisabethBorgese, Elisabeth M.Borgese, Elisabeth M., 1918-2002Borgese, Elisabeth M. (Elisabeth Mann)Borgese, Elisabeth Mann.Borgese, Elisabeth Mann- 1918-2002Borgese, Elisabeth V., 1918-2002Borgese, Elisabeth Veronika, 1918-2002Borgese-Mann, ElisabethBorgese-Mann, Elisabeth, 1918-2002Borgeze, Èlizabet Mann.Mann-Borgese, ElisabethMann-Borgese, Elisabeth, 1918-2002Mann-Borgeze, Èlizabet.Mann, Elisabeth BorgeseMann, Elisabeth Borgese-, 1918-2002Mann, Elisabeth Veronika, 1918-2002Mann, Elisabeth Veronika 1918-2002 Frueherer NameБоргезе, Элизабет Манн, 1918-2002Манн-Боргезе, Элизабет, 1918-2002ボージューザ, エリザベス・マンlccn-n79018872International Ocean Institutelccn-n50063320Club of Romelccn-n84114854Wolfrum, Rüdigeredtlccn-n78079757Ehlers, Peter1943-edtlccn-n50029916Ginsburg, Norton Sydneylccn-n80050501Center for the Study of Democratic Institutionsprflccn-n2005039823Krieger, David1942-edtlccn-n2002058849Adizes, Ichak1937-edtlccn-n50054865Calder, Ritchie1906-1982lccn-n80070785Salmi, Mario1889-1980Borgese, Elisabeth MannConference proceedingsPeriodicalsHistoryForecastsMarine resources conservation--Law and legislationLaw of the seaOcean--Social aspectsInternational Ocean InstituteClub of RomeMarine pollution--Law and legislationEuropeMarine biologyOceanOcean bottom--Law and legislationMarine resourcesOcean engineeringOceanographyMarine resources--Government policyAquacultureIndividualismCollectivismWomenMiniature painting--ReproductionIllumination of books and manuscriptsMiniature paintingItalyOceanography--ResearchManagement--Employee participationOcean miningMineral resources in submerged landsTwenty-first centuryHuman-animal communicationAnimal intelligenceEnergy policyPower (Mechanics)Italian fictionBorgese, Elisabeth MannMann, Thomas,FamiliesMann familyMaritime lawAuthors, GermanGermanyEcologistsOceanographersNovelists, GermanMiniature painting, ItalianShort storiesTwentieth centuryMarine ecologyBorgese, Giuseppe Antonio,Marine resources conservationHutchins, Robert Maynard,International organization191820021939194919541955195719581959196019611963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620102011201212500243485333.9164JX4408ocn001094889ocn048320812ocn001174626ocn006634657ocn469755729ocn300945996ocn469998567ocn647015029ocn464618155ocn652272501ocn456095686ocn853078546ocn000499580ocn565078031ocn651298005ocn844369046ocn439761602ocn177266247ocn720404643ocn723418911ocn072373622ocn722712800ocn722717604ocn724069748ocn312639637ocn459867569ocn444304522ocn800421962ocn800421218ocn256578220167313ocn047011429file19980.35Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe oceanic circle"This book's title is taken from Mohandas Gandhi's comparison of the social order to the ever-widening circles that result when a stone is dropped in the ocean. This human order encompasses the individual, the village, the nation, the region, and the global community. Just such an order is now emerging in the context of ocean governance, generated by the United Nations' 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea and the subsequent conventions, agreements and programmes following the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. ... Such an order is needed to solve the most urgent problems of over-fishing and stock depletion; pollution from oceanic, atmospheric and land-based sources; climate and sea-level changes; and biodiversity conservation."--Publisher's description+-+1375635374114412ocn057061270file20020.39Ehlers, PeterMarine issues from a scientific, political and legal perspectiveConference proceedingsThe purpose of the papers in this volume is to enhance awareness of the European public, governments, the private sector and academia about the importance of responsible ocean and coastal management based on ocean science+-+259266695411137ocn001008283book19750.25Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe drama of the oceans9597ocn000588883book19720.53Borgese, Elisabeth MannPacem in maribus7617ocn004659410serial0.63Ocean yearbookPeriodicals7355ocn001094889book19750.50Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe tides of change : peace, pollution, and potential of the oceans6897ocn004496759book19770.24Borgese, Elisabeth MannSeafarm : the story of aquacultureDiscusses the importance of the food and energy resources available in the sea and surveys aquaculture techniques currently used in various parts of the world5637ocn000260764book19630.53Borgese, Elisabeth MannAscent of woman4994ocn024379761book19920.28Ocean frontiers : explorations by oceanographers on five continentsChronicles the major research projects of twelve oceanographic institutions on five continents as they struggle to penetrate the secrets of the seas and oceans4527ocn001174626book19750.66Adizes, IchakSelf-management : new dimensions to democracyConference proceedings+-+97571892354353ocn010996128book19850.29Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe mines of Neptune : minerals and metals from the sea3533ocn010168966book19830.63Calder, RitchieThe Future of a troubled worldForecasts3502ocn012263281book19680.37Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe language barrier: beasts and men3337ocn000499580book19540.56Salmi, MarioItalian miniaturesHistory3206ocn000028084book19680.79Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe ocean regime; a suggested statute for the peaceful uses of the high seas and the sea-bed beyond the limits of national jurisdiction2547ocn002542578book19760.79Coference on Energy Policies and the International System, Center for the Study of Democratic InstitutionsEnergy technology and global policy : a selection of contributing papers to the Conference on Energy Policies and the International SystemConference proceedings2044ocn001426696book19600.59Borgese, Elisabeth MannTo whom it may concern1908ocn014764936book19860.79Borgese, Elisabeth MannThe future of the oceans : a report to the Club of Rome+-+7577722335969ocn033317590book19950.88Borgese, Elisabeth MannOcean governance and the United Nations643ocn009281442book19810.66Vitzthum, WolfgangDie Plünderung der Meere : ein gemeinsames Erbe wird zerstückelt842ocn047946980book20010.66Holzer, KerstinElisabeth Mann Borgese : ein LebensportraitBiography312ocn611106351book20010.79Breloer, HeinrichUnterwegs zur Familie Mann : Begegnungen, Gespräche, InterviewsBiographyInterviews142ocn809799235book20120.84Elisabeth Mann Borgese und das Drama der MeereExhibition catalogs131ocn030548124book19930.97Borgese, Elisabeth MannElisabeth Mann Borgese, die Meer-Frau : Gespräch mit Amadou Seitz in der Reihe "Zeugen des Jahrhunderts"Biography41ocn004820606book19391.00Auden, W. HEpithalamion commemorating the marriage of Giuseppe Antonio Borgese and Elisabeth Mann at Princeton, New Jersey, November 23, 193911ocn052246436mix1.00Nef, John UPapersContains correspondence; manuscripts of books, articles, and lectures; memoranda; minutes; proofs of books, drawings, and photographs. Material relates to the Departments of History and Economics, the founding and administration of the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago, and professional organizations and conferences. Also includes transcripts of lectures by Artur Schnabel and Marc Chagall sponsored by the Committee on Social Thought. Correspondents include Saul Alinsky, William Benton, Elizabeth Borgese, Albert Camus, Marc Chagall, Malcolm Cowley, T.S. Eliot, Robert Hutchins, Julian Huxley, Jacques Maritain, Robert Redfield, Artur Schnabel, Leo Szilard, Arnold Toynbee, Thornton Wilder, and others11ocn062317167mix1.00Borgese, Giuseppe AntonioGiuseppe Antonio Borgese collectionRecords and correspondenceConsists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, postcards, and clippings of Giuseppe Antonio Borgese and Elizabeth Mann Borgese11ocn756000521art19980.10Borgese, Elisabeth Mann: Political Science, OceanographyBiographyDirectories11ocn052248001mix1.00Borgese, Elisabeth MannPapersContains correspondence, reports, minutes, and information files relating to Elisabeth Mann Borgese's tenure as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Council of the World Movement for World Federal Government (1948-1950). Includes correspondence with constituent, subsidiary, affiliated, and observer status federation organizations. Material relates to financing and promoting the movement. Correspondents include Stringfellow Barr, Lord Boyd-Orr, Henry Usborne, and others. Also contains Giuseppe Borgese's files as Co-Chairman of the Commission Constitutionelle Mondiale. Includes correspondence, reports and manuscripts by Robert Hutchins, Quincy Wright, Giuseppe Borgese, and others11ocn229204691mix0.47Borgese, Elisabeth MannElisabeth Mann Borgese fondsArchivesThe collection consists of records pertaining mainly to the professional activities of Elisabeth Mann Borgese with some personal content, focussing on the major organizations and undertakings with which she was affiliated from the beginning of her North American career in the 1940s. The collection includes correspondence, publications and drafts, administrative records, conference materials, and photographs among other material11ocn026211926rcrd1.00Borgese, Elisabeth MannBy requestInterviewsMs. Borgese, writer, musician, youngest daughter of author Thomas Mann, and dir. of the Center's study of a world constitution, is interviewed about her life and work. Highlights include discussions about her childhood, her involvement in forming a world constitution, and her more recent research on animal intelligence. Begins with a biographical sketch11ocn052247398mix1.00Eby, KermitPapersCorrespondence, articles, reprints, memoranda, and scrapbooks including material on the Friends Goodwill Mission to the Orient and the U.S. Commission for the Reorganization of Japanese Education. Includes speeches given at the Congress of Industrial Organizations relating in part to Philip Murray and James Carey. Correspondence reflects Eby's association with labor and political leaders, including William Benton, Elisabeth Borgese, Paul H. Douglas, Milton Eisenhower, Arthur Goldberg, A.J. Muste, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Reuther brothers, Willard Uphaus, and Henry Wallace. Also contains correspondence and memoranda relating to the University of Chicago11ocn298348557book19390.47Auden, W. HEpithalamion for Giuseppe Antonio Borgese and Elizabeth Mann (Nov. 23, 1939)12ocn177442080mix1.00Shenstone, MollyMolly Shenstone collection on Thomas MannPhotographsConsists of assorted material collected by Molly Shenstone that relates to Thomas Mann11ocn696214157mix0.47Borgese, Elisabeth MannSpeeches and articlesConference proceedingsThe Elisabeth Mann Borgese collection contains speeches and articles by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Borgese was a senior fellow of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, and spoke at the 1974 Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College11ocn708419028mix1.00McAllister, Frances BFrances B. McAllister PapersArchivesThe collection also includes Pacem in Maribus I-VI, Pacem in Terris I-IV, press releases, publicity, reorganization and relocation proposals,and other materials relating to CSDI programs and administration. Also, bulletins and reports, correspondence, Friends' correspondence, documents and records, Planning Council correspondence and event materials11ocn052250099mix1.00Committee to Frame a World ConstitutionRecordsContains general administrative and budgetary files, memoranda, correspondence, manuscripts, minutes of meetings, a complete run of Common Cause, lectures by committee members, original proposals and plans relating to the Committee's founding, and manuscripts by people involved with the World Movement for World Federal Government. Correspondence reflects the relationship between the Committee and other organizations advocating a world government. Correspondents include Stringfellow Barr, Norman Cousins, Alan Cranston, Albert Guérard, Richard McKeon, Thomas Mann, Milton Mayer, Lewis Mumford, John U. Nef, and more11ocn011482755rcrd19650.47Borgese, Elisabeth Mann"My dog is not an intellectual"Elisabeth Mann Borgese, youngest daughter of Thomas Mann, reminisces about her famous father and their early family life, talks about her work on a world constitution based on democratic principles, and describes her experiments in testing the intelligence and learning capacity of animals+-+2592666954+-+2592666954Fri Mar 21 15:34:32 EDT 2014batch29405