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Fri Mar 21 17:12:41 2014 UTClccn-n500445090.06Edward Bok : young editor /0.470.97The winning plan : selected by the jury of the American Peace Award offered by Edward W. Bok for "the best practical plan by which the United States may cooperate with other nations to achieve and preserve the peace of the world" is hereby submitted to the vote of the American people64814383Edward_Bokn 5004450979670Bok, ÉduardBok, Ėduard, 1863-1930Bok, EdwardBok, Edward, 1863-1930Bok, Edward W. 1863-1930Bok, Edward W. (Edward William), 1863-1930Бок, Эдуардlccn-n50018810Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell1788-1879lccn-no96040653Woodward, Helen1882-lccn-nr92016966Curtis, Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar1850-1933lccn-n78074517Steinberg, Salme Harju1940-np-knapp, louisaKnapp, Louisaedtlccn-n79103792Kipling, Rudyard1865-1936lccn-n87837498McClure, S. S.(Samuel Sidney)1857-1949lccn-n2007048993Jasspon, Miriamlccn-n96038799Colt Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n90698914Lape, Esther EverettedtBok, Edward William1863-1930BiographyRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsPeriodicalsJuvenile worksHistoryArchivesBok, Edward William,Women's periodicalsUnited StatesJournalistsPeriodical editorsDutch AmericansWomen--SuffrageFeminismHale, Sarah Josepha Buell,Curtis, Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar,Publishers and publishingKipling, Rudyard,PeaceAmerican Peace AwardEditorsBusiness ethicsYoung menSocial ethicsSuccessBeecher, Henry Ward,Women's periodicals, AmericanGardensFlorida--Lake WalesBok Tower Gardens (Lake Wales, Fla.)Bell towersCarillonsRobinson, Edwin Arlington,Hecht, Ben,American literatureEuropean literatureLiterature, ModernEnglish literaturePlots (Drama, novel, etc.)Woolf, Virginia,AuthorsHome economicsBusinessBoysPovertyWorld War (1914-1918)Beauty, PersonalFashionArt patronageDutchChurch attendanceAmerican periodicalsSex role in mass mediaWomen--Press coverageHousekeepingPeace--Awards1863193018691885188718891890189118921893189418951896189818991900190119021904190519091910191119121914191519161918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321934193619371939194019421946194819501954195719601961196319651966196719691971197219731977197819791981198219891991199319941995199920002001200220032004200520062007200920102011201220138289317552640.5AP2ocn002896794ocn001515893ocn003511024ocn006449485ocn023755775ocn531780705ocn798295386ocn798523308ocn798445557ocn798561775ocn186700619ocn459341999ocn798635849ocn798561774ocn80121177550229ocn000237144book19200.37Bok, Edward WilliamThe Americanization of Edward Bok the autobiography of a Dutch boy fifty years afterHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsThe Americanization of Edward Bok is an autobiography, told in the third person, that shares the life of a little Dutch boy unceremoniously set down in America unable to make himself understood or even to know what persons were saying; his education extremely limited, practically negligible; and yet, by some curious decree of fate, he was destined to write, for a period of years, to the largest body of readers ever addressed by an American editor?the circulation of the magazine he edited running into figures previously unheard of in periodical literature. He made no pretense to style or even t+-+382869022632450110ocn000675300book19230.53Bok, Edward WilliamA man from MaineBiography4945ocn005216569serial0.17The Ladies' home journalPeriodicals2704ocn001446640book19240.79Lape, Esther EverettWays to peace; twenty plans selected from the most representative of those submitted to the American peace award for the best practicable plan by which the United States may co-operate with other nations to achieve and preserve the peace of the world1787ocn000408146book19260.76Bok, Edward WilliamDollars only1747ocn000500334book18870.84Bok, Edward WilliamBeecher memorial : contemporaneous tributes to the memory of Henry Ward Beecher1444ocn001591694book19290.35Bok, Edward WilliamAmerica's Taj Mahal, the Singing tower of Florida10410ocn001126680book18950.84Bok, Edward WilliamSuccessward : a young man's book for young men+-+9938033096324913ocn014057906book19090.95Bok, Edward WilliamReal opponents to the suffrage movement ... are the women themselves whose peculiar field of work lies outside of politicsConsists of an interview with Edward W. Bok, editor of The Ladies' Home Journal, about his views on the question of woman suffrage713ocn001807253book19100.92Oppenheim, JamesWild oats565ocn001839944book19220.81Bok, Edward WilliamTwo persons; an incident and an epilogue398ocn003195819book18940.90Bok, Edward WilliamThe young man in business322ocn001817871book19150.73Bok, Edward WilliamWhy I believe in poverty as the richest experience that can come to a boy291ocn000327541book18940.84Burdette, Robert JBefore he is twenty; five perplexing phases of the boy question considered282ocn004866135book19240.53Bok, Edward WilliamThe boy who followed Ben Franklin253ocn004577081book19260.76Bok, Edward WilliamYou; a personal message244ocn657129633com19210.53Bok, Edward WilliamA Dutch boy fifty years after212ocn016135768book19180.96Bok, Edward WilliamTom the letter that his father shipped him when he left his mother for "somewhere in France"142ocn007424534book18960.47Bok, Edward WilliamYoung man and the church113ocn039493857book19240.97Bok, Edward WilliamThe winning plan : selected by the jury of the American Peace Award offered by Edward W. Bok for "the best practical plan by which the United States may cooperate with other nations to achieve and preserve the peace of the world" is hereby submitted to the vote of the American peopleArchives226073ocn540898358book19200.37Bok, Edward WilliamThe Americanization of Edward Bok the autobiography of a Dutch boy fifty years afterHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsAutobiography of an influential publisher and editor+-+38286902263246271ocn000627274book19600.37Woodward, HelenThe lady persuadersHistory5358ocn000332771book19250.53Bok, Edward WilliamTwice thirty : some short and simple annals of the roadBiography5201ocn004493145book19790.56Steinberg, Salme HarjuReformer in the marketplace : Edward W. Bok and the Ladies' home journalBiography2181ocn000469859book19670.06Myers, Elisabeth PEdward Bok : young editorJuvenile worksBiographyConcentrates on the childhood of Edward Bok who became the editor of Ladies Home Journal and the first to obtain a magazine circulation of one million copies a month1541ocn000249092book19210.53Bok, Edward WilliamA Dutch boy fifty years after1442ocn001401801book19280.53Bok, Edward WilliamPerhaps I am1001ocn000011624book19690.06Treadway, Ruby PeeplesGo to it, you Dutchman; the story of Edward BokJuvenile worksA biography of the Dutch immigrant whose determination to make America "just a bit better" helped him rise from poverty to become the influential and crusading editor of the Ladies' Home Journal931ocn000325634book19260.37Bok, Edward WilliamAmerica, give me a chance!873ocn001591925book19540.81Bok, Edward WilliamKak Eduard Bok stal AmerikantsemBiography865ocn047980742book19950.86Krabbendam, HansThe model man : a life of Edward William Bok, 1863-1930Biography461ocn832278955book20130.53Treister, KennethBok Tower Gardens : America's Taj Mahal431ocn644688875com20010.50Twentieth-Century literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of twentieth-century writers of all genres, nations, and cultures. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, interviews, radio and television transcripts, pamphlets, and scholarly papers+-+8610912325272ocn023682271book19300.96Edward W. Bok, October 9, 1863-January 9, 1930261ocn000982332book19210.53Bok, Edward WilliamEdward Bok, an autobiography171ocn003110162book19240.53Bok, Edward WilliamWie Edward Bok Amerikaner wurde : eines holländischen Knaben Lebensrückblick nach fünfzig JahrenBiography152ocn014096442book19240.32Bok, Edward WilliamThe life and work of Edward Bok; the autobiography of a Dutch boy fifty years after153ocn011560564book19820.81Hummel, Michael DThe attitudes of Edward Bok and the Ladies' home journal toward woman's role in society, 1889-1919History81ocn051888803book20020.19Smith, MargaretThe Edward Bok legacy : a history of Bok Tower gardens : the first fifty yearsHistory71ocn183430609book20060.10Bok, Edward WilliamGuang rong yu meng xiang : wo de ren sheng, wo de Meiguo mengBiography+-+3828690226324+-+3828690226324Fri Mar 21 16:06:33 EDT 2014batch27560