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Fri Mar 21 17:04:06 2014 UTClccn-n500045240.00The Black brothers : a novel in pictures /0.150.93Homage to John Clare : a poetical and critical correspondence /110893780n 5000452440107Neumeyer, PeterNeumeyer Peter 1929-....lccn-n97087314Binder, Hannes1947-illlccn-no95040207Tetzner, Lisa1894-1963lccn-n79071184Gorey, Edward1925-2000illlccn-n94116315Buchholz, Quintlccn-n80019612Williams, Garthilllccn-n97852569Carpenter, Jackcomlccn-no00015608Stewart, Arvis L.illlccn-n87879188Weller, Donilllccn-no2010006720Young Scott Bookspbllccn-n79096802Clare, John1793-1864Neumeyer, Peter F.1929-Juvenile worksFictionHistoryPictorial worksRecords and correspondencePoetryIllustrationsManuscriptsSchloss (Kafka, Franz)Chimney sweepsFriendshipItaly--MilanTeenage boysArtistsCharlotte's web (White, E. B.)Wounds and injuriesUnited StatesEarth (Planet)Neumeyer, Peter F.,Gorey, Edward,Authors, AmericanShort storyShort storiesWit and humor, JuvenileHumorous storiesBrothers and sistersLightFishesFamily vacationsButterfliesPetsMetamorphosisMusicalsTeasingWormsPoeticsClare, John,PoetsIllustrated children's booksIllustration of booksPoetryNightDayNursery rhymesNonsense versesChildren's poetryFolk songs, EnglishBallads, EnglishLyric poetryNarrative poetryManuscriptsCollectiblesLiterature192919631964196519661967196919701971197319741975197619791980198219831984198519871988198919901991199419951996199719981999200020022003200420062011631771127833.912PT2621.A26ocn000004097ocn263672463ocn721349392ocn696503296ocn441121188ocn44080370016596ocn000004097book19690.31Neumeyer, Peter FTwentieth century interpretations of The castle; a collection of critical essays15043ocn054529689book2002Tetzner, LisaThe Black brothers : a novel in picturesHistoryJuvenile worksFictionIn the middle of the 19th century, poor farmers from Ticino sold their children across the Swiss-Italian border to work as "living broomsticks" in the chimneys of Milan. Thirteen-year-old Giorgio's father had no choice but to sell his son; now Giorgio survives with the help of his friend Alfredo and their secret society, the Black Brothers+-+29507978468383ocn040632727book19970.06Buchholz, QuintThe collector of momentsJuvenile worksFictionWhen Max, an artist, departs for a long journey, the boy who is his friend and neighbor visits his apartment and discovers an exhibition of pictures created just for him+-+05706892856445ocn027034462book19940.07Neumeyer, Peter FThe annotated Charlotte's web""Probably the most exciting article ever published [in The Horn Book]," announced that magazine's publicity release when, in 1982, Peter Neumeyer wrote his two-part series on the evolution of E. B. White's Charlotte's Web from manuscript to finished book." "Charlotte's Web may be America's best-loved children's book today, seamless in plot, poignant in its delineation of characters who will live in American children's literature forever, and written with a seeming ease and fluency that make the reading as engrossing as it is effortless." "In fact, E. B. White labored tirelessly over eight manuscript drafts, researched thoroughly the habits of spiders, and meditated on the habits of pigs. En route, he corresponded with editors, filmmakers, and friends, as well as fulfilling his role as a distinguished writer for The New Yorker." "The Annotated Charlotte's Web picks up these threads, opens the door to the creator's workshop, and allows the reader to glance over the shoulder of one of the most exacting and fastidious American writers, watching as he forms his masterpiece." "The Annotated Charlotte's Web sheds light on the book's origins, its allusions, its deliberate construction, as well as on the life of its sometimes elusive author. It sets the novel in the context of other books of its type." "Included are information from White's eight manuscript drafts, cross-references to other writings by E. B. White, letters between White and his editors, documents from the critical reception of Charlotte's Web, and general literary-cultural commentary tying the book to its traditions." "For over forty years, this great American novel has thrived without annotation. Now, however, these selected insights can bring us closer to the book's author, enrich our reading of the book, and shed a measure of light on the artistic process itself."--BOOK JACKET+-+68361991552789ocn052644621book19690.06Neumeyer, Peter FDonald and the--Juvenile worksFictionPictorial worksDonald's new pet undergoes a surprising change of appearance+-+71839456352215ocn052644623book19700.08Neumeyer, Peter FDonald has a difficultyJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksDonald encounters a difficulty as a splinter enters the calf of his leg+-+90839456351939ocn000111558book19700.07Neumeyer, Peter FWhy we have day and nightJuvenile worksFictionIllustrationsManuscriptsWhen the lights go out for no apparent reason, a big brother tries to explain the sudden darkness using Father's flashlight, an orange, and an unpredictable bug+-+51330491251763ocn707842419book20110.27Gorey, EdwardFloating worlds : the letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F. NeumeyerRecords and correspondenceThis collection offers insight into the collaboration between author and illustrator. It documents Neumeyer's and Gorey's differences of opinion about what story qualities are important to include in a book that appeals to children. The art design of this book, by Patrice Morris of Pomegranate Communications, is gorgeous. Color reproductions of illustrated envelopes, handwritten letters, and personal photographs are elegantly presented amid the text of letters. This work is strongly recommended for scholars interested in the relationship between authors and illustrators, in philosophy about appropriateness of story and image in children's books, and in Jorge Luis Borges and unreality in literature. It is also recommended for collectors of art books, primary source researchers, and anyone with interest in books by Gorey and Neumeyer+-+42940491253241671ocn000934507book19740.50Carpenter, JackElements of fiction; introduction to the short story1551ocn000140559book19710.06Neumeyer, Peter FThe faithful fishJuvenile worksFictionThe Simpson children decide that the ugly sculpin fish they keep catching wants to be friends1122ocn017764199book19880.06Neumeyer, Peter FThe phantom of the OperaJuvenile worksFictionUnder the Paris Opera House lives a disfigured musical genius who uses music to win the love of a beautiful opera singer853ocn005353205book19790.93Neumeyer, Peter FHomage to John Clare : a poetical and critical correspondencePoetry571ocn011653657book19840.29Image & maker [v. 1] : an annual dedicated to the consideration of book illustration191ocn024893984book19730.06Poems191ocn011010895book19730.06Neumeyer, Peter FRhymes181ocn007069380book19730.06Neumeyer, Peter FMore poems161ocn019731950book19730.24Thorpe, BeeBallads151ocn011596597book19730.25Lyric poetry144ocn629687720book19840.47Image & maker : an annual dedicated to the consideration of book illustration132ocn005020099book19730.35Neumeyer, Peter FNarrative poetry22ocn067237308book19700.07Neumeyer, Peter FWhy we have day and nightJuvenile worksFictionIllustrationsManuscriptsItem is the hand drawn, photo-ready print master for the book "Why we have day and night."11ocn062869601visu19690.47Neumeyer, Peter FDonald and the+-+2950797846+-+2950797846Fri Mar 21 15:30:19 EDT 2014batch16541