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Fri Mar 21 17:08:53 2014 UTClccn-n500466990.12The winter prince /0.740.93Prince Roberts declaration to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, October 11, 1642 declaring his resolution to leave the Kings army here in England, and with all expedition to go for Holland, having seriously considered of the present differences betwixt His Majesty and his two houses of Parliament : also the proceedings of the Lord Willoughby of Parham and Sir William Balfoure, who have joyned their forces with His Excellency : with the proceedings of both armies neer Shrewsbury, from the 8 of October to the 13266222116n 5004669981838Kupert Prince 1619-1682Palts, Rupert van de, 1619-1682Robbert, Prins, 1619-1682Robert Palatine, Prince 1619-1682Robert Prince 1619-1682Robert, Prince, Count Palatine, 1619-1682Robert, prince palatinRobert Prins 1619-1682Rupert of the Rhine 1619-1682Rupert of the Rhine, Prince, Duke of Cumberland, 1619-1682Rupert Palatine, Prince 1619-1682Rupert Pfalz, Prince 1619-1682Rupert Pfalz, Prinz 1619-1682Rupert Prince 1619-1682Rupert, principe, conte palatino, 1619-1682Rupert the Cavalier 1619-1682Rupert van de Palts 1619-1682Rupert, von der Pfalz, 1619-1682Rupert, von der Pfalz, principe, 1619-1682Rupertus Comes Palatinus Rehni 1619-1682Rupertus Pfalz, Prinz 1619-1682Rupprecht der Kavalier, Pfalzgraf Bei RheinRupprecht Pfalz, Prinz 1619-1682Ruprecht der Cavalier 1619-1682Ruprecht der Kavalier 1619-1682Ruprecht, Pfalzgraf, 1619-1682Ruprecht, prince palatinRuprecht, principe, conte palatino, 1619-1682Ruprecht, prins van de Palts, 1619-1682Ruprecht van de Palts 1619-1682Ruprecht von der PfalzRuprecht von der Pfalz 1619-1682lccn-n79132433CharlesIKing of England1600-1649lccn-n84233086Essex, Robert DevereuxEarl of1591-1646lccn-n85013746MauricePrince1620-1652dtelccn-n79132434England and WalesSovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)lccn-n79144652Newcastle, William CavendishDuke of1592-1676lccn-n85010422Manchester, Edward MontaguEarl of1602-1671lccn-n85010333Fairfax, Ferdinando FairfaxBaron1584-1648lccn-n85010334Leven, Alexander LeslieEarl of1580?-1661lccn-n50036273Albemarle, George MonckDuke of1608-1670lccn-n85013518Stamford, Henry GreyEarl of1599?-1673RupertPrince, Count Palatine1619-1682HistorySourcesMilitary historyRecords and correspondenceNaval historyGreat BritainRupert,--Prince, Count Palatine,Civil War (Great Britain : 1642-1649)Charles--I,--King of England,RoyalistsPrincesCourts and courtiersCzech Republic--BohemiaPuritan Revolution (Great Britain : 1642-1660)Balfour, William,--Sir,Schooneveld, Battle of (1673)Ephelia,Northampton, Spencer Compton,--Earl of,Henrietta Maria,--Queen, consort of Charles I, King of England,Newcastle, William Cavendish,--Duke of,Saye and Sele, William Fiennes,--Viscount,Commissions of arrayEngland--BristolEngland--WorcesterMilitary leadershipEngravingMezzotint engravingWilloughby of Parham, Francis Willoughby,--Baron,Church and stateAnglo-Dutch War (1664-1667)Dutch War (1672-1678)Arlington, Henry Bennet,--Earl of,Favi, Giacomo Maria,Grandison, William Villiers,--Viscount,England and Wales.--Privy CouncilSandys, Edwin,Essex, Robert Devereux,--Earl of,IrelandMaurice,--Prince,England--YorkshireFairfax, Thomas Fairfax,--Baron,Langdale, Marmaduke Langdale,--Baron,Declaratie van Prins Robbert (Rupert, Prince, Count Palatine)ProclamationsKings and rulers--CorrespondenceCharles--II,--King of England,Elizabeth,--Queen, consort of Frederick I, King of Bohemia,Karl Ludwig,--Elector Palatine,Frederick--I,--King of Bohemia,Kings and rulersEnglandEuropePeaceMedicineFerrous sulfate--Therapeutic use1619168216321635164016411642164316441645164616481649165016511660166216661667166816701673167416781680168216831685172017241755175917611765176917871815181818191829184918541857186818801890189518991900190219061907190819101913193319341935193619371938194119431950195219531956196019611962196319641967196819691974197619771978197919841985198819941996199819992000200120032005200720082011286105321244949.204AC6ocn248100092ocn257692601ocn838330000ocn258551023ocn2575210902515ocn008762093book16420.93RupertPrince Roberts declaration to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, October 11, 1642 declaring his resolution to leave the Kings army here in England, and with all expedition to go for Holland, having seriously considered of the present differences betwixt His Majesty and his two houses of Parliament : also the proceedings of the Lord Willoughby of Parham and Sir William Balfoure, who have joyned their forces with His Excellency : with the proceedings of both armies neer Shrewsbury, from the 8 of October to the 13HistorySources1936ocn012012509book16620.90Evelyn, JohnSculptura, or, The history, and art of chalcography and engraving in copper with an ample enumeration of the most renowned masters and their works : to which is annexed a new manner of engraving, or mezzo tinto, communicated by His Highness Prince Rupert to the authour of this treatiseHistory1913ocn276293930file17870.84Bromley, GeorgeA collection of original royal lettersRecords and correspondence1845ocn000247223book19690.84RupertThe Rupert and Monck letter book, 1666: together with supporting documentsNaval historySources1786ocn013037583book16410.88RupertPrince Robert his speech to the Earle of Essex the morning before hee marched forth with his forces and his excellences answer thereunto : also the manner of his marching out with his forces from Northampton on Munday Sept. 19 and the numer thereof : likewise the manner of the disarming of the papists and ill-affected persons in Lincolnshire, by the Earl of Lincoln and gentry of the county, and causing them to subscribe for money and horse for the King and Parliament with the like proceedings in YorkshireHistory17511ocn016016801book16730.90RupertHis Highness Prince Rupert's letter to the Earl of Arlington, His Majesties principal secretary of state from on board the Soveraign now under sail, June 5, about seven leagues off Lastoff, at nine in the morning, the wind at e.n.eHistory1644ocn012434424book16420.90An Extract of severall letters, vvhich came by the last post, or otherwise, from all parts of the kingdome, since the fifth of November to this present November the twelfth likewise, a copy of Prince Roberts warrants from His Majesties army in the countryes about for a contribution of mony and cloth towards the maintenance of his armyHistory1604ocn011904478book16730.88RupertHis Highness Prince Rupert's letter to the Earl of Arlington, His Majesties principal secretary of state from on board the Royal Charles off the Osterbank, the XXIXth of May, 1673, distant from East Capel Seven Leagues, at one of the clock afternoon, the wind s.s.wRecords and correspondence1606ocn012128671book16420.90RupertA speech spoken by His Excellence Prince Rupert to his sacred Majesty, and the Lords of his Privie Councell at his returne from Redding to Oxford wherein is freely delivered his opinion concerning the present warre : with his advise for the erecting of forts and garrison townes in this Kingdom and calling in the old English regiments out of HollandHistory1605ocn012141926book16430.90A Chaleng sent from Prince Rupert and the Lord Grandison to Sir Wjlljam Belford at Windsor, Janvary the eighteene, 1643 by a trumpeter not aboue 14 yeares of age : wherein is declared how Prince Rvpert and the Lord Grandison doth dare the said Sir William, to meete them at any place whatsoever to fight a single dvell, or else to bring his troope of horse, to end the contreversie : likewise, Sir William his answer to the said chalengHistory1564ocn013274503book16450.90Essex, Robert DevereuxA copy of a letter from the Earle of Essex, by order of the pretended Houses of Parliament, to Prince Rupert with His Highnesse answer thereuntoHistorySources1563ocn012293695book16420.90B. HTrue but sad and dolefull nevves from Shrevvesbvry expressed in two several letters : whereof the one was written to a gentleman of the inner-temple : the other to a friend in London relating at large the severall passages of the late skirmish at or near Worcester between a party of each army, viz : under the command of Prince Robert on the one side and of Colonell Sands on the other : confirmed by a letter sent from Prince Robert to His Maiestie, Septemb. 24 with divers other circumstances of severall passages at that time : with cornents mottoes Octob. 10, 16421538ocn012200466book16430.90England and WalesThe proceedings in the late treaty of peace together with severall letters of his Majesty to the Queen and of Prince Rupert to the Earle of Northampton : which were intercepted and brought to the Parliament : with a declaration of the Lords and Commons upon those proceedings and lettersHistory15212ocn220378603file16420.86RupertPrince Rvpert his declarationHistorySources1513ocn013660405book16730.90RupertA brief relation of His Majesties, and the French Kings forces under my command, with the Dutch the 11th of August, 1673, near the TexelHistory1515ocn012293615book16420.90RupertPrince Roberts message to my Lord of Essex with an answer to his desires touching the construction of the lawes and certaine other points to the great satisfaction of all people : wherein is declared his wicked resolutions mask'd under the pretention of loyalty unto his Uncle, Our Kings Majesty : together with his desire of a pitch-field in Dunsmore-Heath with the true relation of his wicked and tyrannicall proceedings where hee goes : also the true relation of a challenge hee gave unto his excellencie & c together with the entertainment hee and his brother, Prince Mavrice, found in Shrewsbury by the trained bands and other pieus people there inhabiting : also the wonderfull mercy of God shewed towards His Excellencie in delivering his honour from a fatall conspiracy pretended against his person at Worcester1503ocn009818654book16450.92Essex, Robert DevereuxA letter from the Earl of Essex to His Highnesse Prince Rupert concerning the putting to death of souldiers come out of Ireland taken prisoners : with His Highnesse answer thereuntoHistory1413ocn012282120book16420.90Fourteen articles of peace propounded to the king and Parliament by the gentry and commonalty of the county of York : being subscribed to by these knights and gentlemen whose names are here specified in the name of all the gentry and commonalty of the said county : wherein is contained their resolution to maintain the peace of that county against all those that shall endeavour to disturb it : also the copie of a letter sent from Prince Robert to His MajestyHistory1285ocn011875418book16420.90RupertPrince Rupert, his reply to a pamphlet entituled The Parliaments vindication in answer to Prince Ruperts declarationHistorySources1223ocn019728867book16440.88Dudley, GamalielA true copie of Colonel Sr. Gamaliel Dudley's letter to His Highnesse Prince Rupert from Newark 4. March. 1644 being an exact relation of Sr. Marm. Langdale's march northward, as also the great victory obtained by him over Lord Fairfax neare Pontefract 1. Martii, 1644HistoryMilitary history4604ocn123374434book20070.20Spencer, Charles SpencerPrince Rupert : the last cavalierHistoryBiography"In this thoroughly researched account, Prince Rupert is revealed as more than just a great general and dashing cavalier. He was a scientist and classical scholar, a true renaissance prince. From his dramatic childhood escape through the snows of Bohemia to his later life as a respected older statesman, this is the first comprehensive biography of the greatest cavalier of them all."--from Amazon+-+35619324753723ocn001199070book19740.66Petrie, CharlesKing Charles, Prince Rupert, and the Civil War : from original lettersHistory3032ocn071312886book20070.12Sawyer, CherylThe winter princeHistoryFictionWhen war breaks out between King Charles I and the English Parliament, both Mary Villiers, the Duchess of Richmond, and her husband, James Stuart, are determined to support their monarch and his wife, Queen Henrietta-Maria. But Mary finds her efforts to help restore peace between the King and parliament complicated by the queen's nephew, Prince Rupert of Bohemia. Not only does Rupert believe war is the only way to bring parliament to heel, his flirtatious manner with Mary soon has the king's enemies whispering about a scandalous affaIR+-+29957760953035ocn003060892book19520.47Fergusson, BernardRupert of the Rhine28011ocn012205821book16430.92England and WalesHis Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects, in answer to a declaration of the Lords and Commons upon the proceedings of the late treaty of peace and severall intercepted letters, of His Majesty to the Queene, and of Prince Rupert to the Earle of Northampton Oxford, 3. Iune 1643HistorySources2756ocn000386478book19340.66Wilkinson, ClennellPrince Rupert, the CavalierHistoryBiography26910ocn000888528book19370.47Irwin, MargaretThe stranger prince; the story of Rupert of the RhineFictionA bibliographical novel of Rupert, son of Elizabeth of Bohemia, who for a substantial part of his life lived like a pauper rather that a prince2562ocn002893889book19760.59Morrah, PatrickPrince Rupert of the RhineHistoryBiography2219ocn011885147book16440.84Vines, RichardMagnalia dei ab aquilone set forth in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons at St. Margarets Westminster upon Thursday Iuly 18, 1644, being the day of publike thanksgiving for the great victory obtained against Prince Rupert and the Earle of Newcastles forces neere YorkeHistorySermons21111ocn002991872book18990.76Scott, EvaRupert, prince Palatine2086ocn012258221book16430.86Fiennes, NathanielAn extraordinary deliverance from a cruell plot, and bloudy massacre contrived by the malignants in Bristoll for the delivering up the said city to Prince Rupert and his forces but discovered by Gods goodnesse two houres before it should have beene acted, the chiefe conspirators taken and imprisoned in the castle : fully and exactly related in a letter from Colonell Fines commander in chiefe there to the Right Honorable the Lord Say : and three letters more, read at a conference of the Lords and Commons on Tuesday, March 14, 1642History2078ocn013413843book16420.93T. BObservations vpon Prince Rvperts white dog called BoyHumorAnecdotes2066ocn012281730book16420.86Bath, Henry BourchierA declaration made by the Right Honourable the Earle of Bath one of His Majesties commissioners of array to the whole country of Devonshire with their answer thereunto annexed also the manner how the said Earle of Bath endeavoured to put the commission of array in execution at Southmoulton in Devonshire and how his men were driven out of the town by the inhabitants thereof : whereunto is added a true relation of the great battle between Prince Robert and the Parliaments forces at Worcester : with their happy victory over his cavaliersHistoryMilitary history1976ocn030804096book19940.56Kitson, FrankPrince Rupert : portrait of a soldierHistoryBiographyThe story of Prince Rupert of the Rhine is the romantic and colourful story of an extraordinary military commander. His father was the Winter King of Bohemia, who had lost his kingdom at the beginning of the Thirty Years War; Rupert spent his early years as a prince without a home. It is said that by the age of eight he was already showing a remarkable understanding of techniques of warfare. At fourteen he had taken part in his first campaign, and at twenty-two he was commanding the King's cavalry in the Civil War. In this book, Frank Kitson provides an illuminating account of his exploits, from a military perspective. Kitson discusses Rupert's boyhood study of fortifications; the early campaigns; his military studies while in captivity; and he describes the Civil War in detail, analysing Rupert's strategies and battle procedures+-+55500294553241953ocn002343854book19760.50Thomson, George MalcolmWarrior prince : Prince Rupert of the RhineHistoryBiography1865ocn001153506book18490.79Warburton, EliotMemoirs of Prince Rupert, and the cavaliers. Including their private correspondence, now first published from the original manuscriptsHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence1868ocn007764423book16420.88Andrewes, RA perfect declaration of the barbarous and cruell practises committed by Prince Robert, the Cavalliers, and others in His Majesties army, from the time of the Kings going from his Parliament untill this present day ... together with the new oaths and blasphemous speeches they doe daily invent ... : also, a justification of Prince Robert his cruelties ...HistoryPamphlets1847ocn012988638book16410.84Downing, CalybuteA discoverie of the false grounds the Bavarian party have layd to settle their owne faction and shake the peace of the empire considered in the case of the deteinure of the Prince Elector Palatine his dignities and dominions : with a discourse upon the interest of England in that causeHistory18210ocn012193922book16420.86Baltimore, George CalvertThe answer to Tom-Tell-Troth the practise of princes and the lamentations of the kirkeHistory1796ocn015585564book16830.90Historical memoires of the life and death of that wise and valiant prince, Rupert, Prince Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Cumberland &c. containing a brief but impartial account of his great and martial atchievements during the time of the civil wars, together with his several ingagements in the wars between His Majesty and the States-General of the United ProvincesHistory+-+2995776095Fri Mar 21 15:55:44 EDT 2014batch46544