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Fri Mar 21 17:10:37 2014 UTClccn-n500482380.47Introductory lectures on aesthetics /0.680.98Buzānkīt, qimmat al-mithāliyah fi Injiltarā32067668Bernard_Bosanquet_(philosopher)n 5004823883314Bosanquet, B., 1848-1923בוזנקט, ברנרד, 1848-1923ボサンケーボサンケ, バアナアドボザンケ, バーナードlccn-n80067612Bosanquet, Helen Dendy1860-1925auiedtlccn-n79145390Lotze, Hermann1817-1881lccn-n79021767Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich1770-1831lccn-n87896571Schäffle, A.(Albert)1831-1903lccn-n84016084Peake, Arthur S.(Arthur Samuel)1865-1929lccn-n97874148Bonavia, Ferruccio1877-1950np-platoPlatolccn-n96067222Sweet, Williamedtlccn-n85114025Muirhead, John H.(John Henry)1855-1940edtlccn-n82216349Inwood, M. J.1944-edtBosanquet, Bernard1848-1923HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceBiographyAestheticsLogicPolitical scienceState, TheBosanquet, Bernard,IndividualityValuesPhilosophySocial ethicsSociologyGermanyPhilosophy, ModernEthicsPhilosophy, GermanMusic--Instruction and studyCivilizationTheologyMetaphysicsRepublic (Plato)Thought and thinkingIntellectRealityReasoningKnowledge, Theory ofGreat BritainSocial policyPhilosophersWebb, Beatrice,SocialistsWebb, Sidney,EnglandEducation, GreekJudgment (Logic)Political science--PhilosophyState, The--PhilosophyPolitical obligationBradley, F. H.--(Francis Herbert),WillsGreen, Thomas Hill,Education--PhilosophyEducationReligious thoughtPhilosophy, EnglishMatterDespotismHumanismIdealism, BritishCaird, Edward,Ritchie, David George,Plato184819231878188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281930193119321933193419351936193719391943194419461947194819491950195119521954195519561957195819601961196319641965196619671968197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198319851986198719891990199119921993199519961999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014204042751522160B1618.B53ocn000258739ocn000227715ocn002117913ocn000520017ocn001540525ocn000487267ocn001900259ocn019657335ocn004073882ocn020952530ocn002061800ocn000960981ocn002865573ocn000693850ocn001410178ocn005697618ocn567810795ocn262627394ocn010027607ocn048072006ocn0654741692096105ocn060733887book18990.66Bosanquet, BernardThe philosophical theory of the stateHistory+-+00136854361867115ocn001122889book18920.59Bosanquet, BernardA history of aestheticHistory"Aesthetic theory is a branch of philosophy, and exists for the sake of knowledge and not as a guide to practice. The present work is, therefore, primarily addressed to those who may find a philosophical interest in understanding the place and value of beauty in the system of human life, as conceived by leading thinkers in different periods of the world's history. I have regarded my task, however, as the history of aesthetic, and not as the history of asstheticians. My aim has therefore been to exhibit philosophic opinion as only the clear and crystallized form of the aesthetic consciousness or sense of beauty, which is itself determined by conditions that lie deep in the life of successive ages. I have desired, in fact, so far as possible, to write the history of the aesthetic consciousness"--Pref. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2005 APA, all rights reserved)+-+469094269687663ocn000834575book18950.66Bosanquet, BernardThe essentials of logic, being ten lectures on judgment and inference82927ocn000587130book19150.63Bosanquet, BernardThree lectures on aesthetic79262ocn000276578book18880.73Bosanquet, BernardLogic; or, The morphology of knowledge"The conception of Logical Science, which has been my guide in the present work, is that of an unprejudiced study of the forms of knowledge in their development, their inter-connection, and their comparative value as embodiments of truth. If an attempt founded on such a conception appears to err by over-ambitiousness, I can only plead that an honest effort in the right direction does not depend for its value solely on its intrinsic success. It is at any rate a heavy wager laid by the author on his judgment of the true aim and future of his science, and may attain results as a suggestion which it misses as an achievement." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)+-+962446759632475830ocn000780714book19270.63Bosanquet, BernardScience and philosophy and other essaysFirst published in 1927, Science and Philosophy: And Other Essays is a collection of individual papers written by Bernard Bosanquet during his highly industrious philosophical life. The collection was put together by Bosanquet's wife after the death of the writer and remains mostly unaltered with just a few papers added and the order of entries improved. The papers here displayed consist of various contributions Bosanquet made to Mind, the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, the International Journal of Ethics and other periodicals, as well as work f65913ocn000273576book19130.63Bosanquet, BernardThe value and destiny of the individual; the Gifford lectures for 1912 delivered in Edinburgh University64629ocn000547436book19170.63Bosanquet, BernardSocial and international ideals, being studies in patriotism56235ocn001421692book19210.66Bosanquet, BernardThe meeting of extremes in contemporary philosophy54933ocn001953136book19180.66Bosanquet, BernardSome suggestions in ethics54410ocn001574301book19150.63Peake, Arthur SGermany in the nineteenth centuryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc52529ocn001162290book19120.63Bosanquet, BernardThe principle of individuality and value; the Gifford lectures for 1911, delivered in Edinburgh University49139ocn000966823book18850.70Bosanquet, BernardKnowledge and reality+-+786464269646316ocn000258739book18840.73Lotze, HermannMetaphysic, in three books, ontology, cosmology, and psychology46347ocn000501967book18950.73Bosanquet, BernardA companion to Plato's Republic for English readersCriticism, interpretation, etc41222ocn001028432book19200.73Bosanquet, BernardImplication and linear inference39620ocn000227715book18840.76Lotze, HermannLogic, in three books, of thought, of investigation, and of knowledge38419ocn001106085book19230.76Bosanquet, BernardThree chapters on the nature of mind36026ocn004355722book19000.70Bosanquet, BernardThe education of the young in the Republic of Plato3548ocn028869857book19930.47Hegel, Georg Wilhelm FriedrichIntroductory lectures on aestheticsNo philosopher has held a higher opinion of art than Hegel, yet nor was any so profoundly pessimistic about its prospects - despite living in the German golden age of Goethe, Mozart and Schiller. For if the artists of classical Greece could find the perfect fusion of content and form, modernity faced complicating - and ultimately disabling - questions. Christianity, with its code of unworldliness, had compromised the immediacy of man's relationship with reality, and ironic detachment had alienated him from his deepest feelings. Hegel's Introductory Lectures on Aesthetics were delivered in Berlin in the 1820s and stand today as a passionately argued work that challenged the ability of art to respond to the modern world+-+K0888959653121ocn018351362book19870.76McBriar, A. MAn Edwardian mixed doubles : the Bosanquets versus the Webbs : a study in British social policy, 1890-1929History+-+86665734653243075ocn001326971book19350.76Bosanquet, BernardBernard Bosanquet and his friends : letters illustrating the sources and the development of his philosophical opinionsRecords and correspondenceFirst published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company2203ocn061755432book20070.88Bernard Bosanquet and the legacy of British idealism"In Bernard Bosanquet and the Legacy of British Idealism, William Sweet and other leading scholars examine Bosanquet's contribution to some of philosophy's central questions. They provide a solid introduction to British idealism and the idealist movement as a whole, and bring the scholarship on Bosanquet fully up-to-date."--BOOK JACKET+-+K6343575352196ocn060734351com19190.81Hoernlé, Reinhold Friedrich AlfredBernard Bosanquet's philosophy of the state1455ocn003646400book19240.84Bosanquet, Helen DendyBernard Bosanquet, a short account of his lifeBiography1012ocn014588810book19870.81O'Sullivan, NoëlThe problem of political obligation982ocn001097668book19540.90Huang, Chia-chʻengLe néo-hegelianisme en Angleterre: la philosophie de Bernard Bosanquet, 1848-1923935ocn003402300book19540.88Houang, FrançoisDe l'humanisme à l'absolutisme; l'évolution de la pensée religieuse du néo-hegelien anglais Bernard Bosanquet852ocn004898714book19630.92Le Chevalier, CharlesÉthique et idéalisme: le courant néo-hegélien en Angleterre; Bernard Bosanquet et ses amis844ocn007710094book19360.93Pfannenstill, BertilBernard bosanquet's philosophy of the state; a historical and systematical study5910ocn004905630book19200.96Gamertsfelder, Walter SylvesterThought, existence and reality as viewed by F.H. Bradley and Bernard Bosanquet351ocn060801410book20050.76Unpublished manuscripts in British idealism : political philosophy, theology and social thoughtHistorySources+-+1986628936272ocn004861460book19640.88Mind, matter and purpose. The symposia read at the joint session of the Aristotelian society and the Mind association at the University of Briston, July 13th-16th, 1928Conference proceedings272ocn259717034book20070.56Anderson, JohnLectures on political theory 1941-45History"These lectures of the 1940s present Anderson's criticisms of the political thought of the British Idealists, T.H Green (1836-1882) and Bernard Bosanquest (1848-1923), and his assessment of socialist political thought as this was expressed in the writings of Marx, Engels and Lenin."--Introduction+-+1633435746324262ocn014957606book19240.95Bradley, A. CBernard Bosanquet, 1848-1923. [From the Proceedings of the British Academy, vol. XI]261ocn023905922book19890.76Moser, ClaudiaDie Erkenntnis- und Realitätsproblematik bei Francis Herbert Bradley und Bernard Bosanquet246ocn017898776book19160.95Carroll, Marion Delia (Crane)The principles of absolutism in the metaphysics of Bernard Bosanquet232ocn052320770book20020.92Collingwood and Bosanquet211ocn035999085book19960.59Bosanquet, Helen DendyBernard Bosanquet133ocn023512497book19720.98Muḥammad, ʻAlī ʻAbd al-MuʻṭīBuzānkīt, qimmat al-mithāliyah fi Injiltarā+-+K088895965+-+K088895965Fri Mar 21 15:51:16 EDT 2014batch43257