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Fri Mar 21 17:12:55 2014 UTClccn-n500048860.28The Oxford classical dictionary,0.440.88Livy, Book XXX /47377454Howard_Hayes_Scullardn 5000488640458Hayes Scullard, Howard 1903-1983Scullard, H. H.Scullard, H. H. 1903-1983Scullard, H. H. (Howard Hayes), 1903-Scullard, H. H. (Howard Hayes), 1903-1983Scullard, Howard H.Scullard, Howard H. 1903-1983Scullard, Howard HayesScullard, Howard Hayes, 1903-Scullard, Howard Hayes, 1903-1983lccn-n50020025Hammond, N. G. L.(Nicholas Geoffrey Lemprière)1907-2001edtlccn-n80089958Heyden, A. A. M. van deredtlccn-n50005015ScipioAfricanusapproximately 236 B.C.-183 B.C.lccn-n50056217Cary, M.(Max)1881-1958lccn-n87903170Stobart, J. C.(John Clarke)1878-1933lccn-n85319316Maguinness, W. S.(William Stuart)edtlccn-no2005110157Marsh, Frank Burr1880-1940clblccn-n79015690Livylccn-n86808009Butler, Harold Edgeworth1878-1951edtlccn-n90669686Rathbone, DominicScullard, H. H.(Howard Hayes)1903-1983HistoryPictorial worksMapsBiographyMilitary historyDictionariesRome (Empire)CivilizationClassical dictionariesClassical geographyPolitical scienceGreat BritainRomansCivilization, ClassicalGreeceEurope--EtruriaScipio,--Africanus,ItalyAntiquitiesEtruscansExtinct citiesCivilization--Etruscan influencesConsuls, RomanGeneralsFestivalsElephantsMilitary history, AncientManners and customsGamesRites and ceremoniesPunic War, 2nd (218-201 B.C.)EnglandItaly--RomeHannibal,Ab urbe condita (Livy)Art, ClassicalPhilosophy, AncientClassical literatureLatin literatureCivilization, AncientLatin languageInternational relations190319831907192719301934193519361939194119471949195019511952195319541955195719591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921994199519971998199920002001200220032004200620072008201020112012201319770111771937DG254ocn000102949ocn000405207ocn001062633ocn001133869ocn002055200ocn001541355ocn301503660ocn004168660ocn001541279ocn797222398ocn185346407ocn1855599073110117ocn000139311book19540.47Scullard, H. HFrom the Gracchi to Nero: a history of Rome from 133 B.C. to A.D. 68HistoryThis narrative covers the period from 133 BC to 69 AD, exploring the decline and fall of the Republic, and the establishment of the Pax Romana under the early Principate+-+82707506952424117ocn001402812book19340.53Scullard, H. HA history of the Roman world from 753 to 146 B.C.History"The book is an accessible introduction to these centuries of change; it will also be useful as context for those studying later developments in Roman history."--BOOK JACKET+-+2950580695231546ocn000102949book19700.28Hammond, N. G. LThe Oxford classical dictionaryHistoryDictionaries152618ocn004720505book19790.28Scullard, H. HRoman Britain : outpost of the EmpireHistory+-+8059275505138834ocn000408310book19630.47Scullard, H. HThe Etruscan cities and RomeHistory"In The Etruscan Cities and Rome, H. H. Scullard examines the cities of Etruria, the dominant power on the Italian peninsula just prior to the ascendancy of Rome. Though eventually conquered by the Romans, the Etruscans exerted enormous influence on Roman political and social institutions. Scullard describes the mysterious origins of these people, their years of conquest and expansion, and their encounters with Greeks, Romans, Celts, and others. Generously illustrated, the book admirably captures the distinct qualities of Etruria's various urban centers - from the southern cities, where art and handicrafts flourished, to the metal-working northern cities, to the outlying Etruscan areas of Latium and Campania."--BOOK JACKET+-+072513653513217ocn003128104map19590.32Heyden, A. A. M. van derAtlas of the classical worldMapsPictorial works116533ocn002014252book19510.47Cary, MA history of Rome down to the reign of ConstantineHistoryTraces the history of Roman civilization from the Stone Age to the fourth century A.D., covering social, intellectual, religious, political, and military developments and illuminating recent scholastic and archaeological research+-+2583278885324108418ocn000065430book19690.47Scullard, H. HScipio Africanus : soldier and politicianMilitary historyBiography88737ocn001062601book19510.66Scullard, H. HRoman politics, 220-150 B.C87823ocn002285744book19610.33Stobart, J. CThe grandeur that was RomeHistoryAt head of title: J.C. Stobart. Printed in Great Britain. "This book is a continuation of the Glory that was Greece."--Pref87416ocn007642615book19810.50Scullard, H. HFestivals and ceremonies of the Roman Republic78712ocn001108784book19740.53Scullard, H. HThe elephant in the Greek and Roman worldZoologie - Kunstobjekte/-geräte - Mosaik/Bodenverzierung60414ocn000405207book19620.39Scullard, H. HShorter atlas of the classical worldHistoryMapsPictorial works39833ocn001062633book19390.56Marsh, Frank BurrA history of the Roman world from 146 to 30 B.CHistory1594ocn002055200book19610.31Stobart, J. CThe grandeur that was Rome; a survey of Roman culture and civilizationHistory15615ocn002636351book19300.73Scullard, H. HScipio Africanus in the second Punic war10822ocn001541355book19390.73LivyLivy, book XXXHistory"This book is an excerpt from my Second Edition of Books XXI-XXIII., from which it differs only in the modification that has been made in the preliminary matter, in order to adapt it to the single book. The text is that of Madvig's Edition of 1880, but there is a table giving the different readings that appeared in Madvig's text of 1886"--P. [5]6523ocn046473682book19590.39Heyden, A. A. M. van derAtlas of the classical worldMapsPictorial works627ocn046199375book19810.37Scullard, H. HRömische Feste : Kalender und Kult446ocn060460968book19390.88LivyLivy, Book XXXHistory+-+8421448036+-+2583278885324+-+2583278885324Fri Mar 21 16:10:00 EDT 2014batch23979