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Thu Feb 12 22:02:22 2015 UTClccn-n500051030.33Deutsche Bank in Asia0.590.94Energy map of the world /130112035n 5000510340672Deutsche Bank (1870-1945)Deutsche Bank, A.G.Deutsche Bank AG.Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft.Doĭche BankDojce BankFrancfort-sur-le-Main (Allemagne)Norddeutsche BankcontainsVIAFID/133890863Bayerische CreditbankcontainsVIAFID/268921794Berliner Disconto BankcontainsVIAFID/133890859Deutsche Bank und Disconto-GesellschaftcontainsVIAFID/148615418Disconto BankcontainsVIAFID/135067213Hessische BankcontainsVIAFID/295212013Norddeutsche BankcontainsVIAFID/152642064Rheinisch-Westfälische BankcontainsVIAFID/294883300Süddeutsche BankcontainsVIAFID/167815411Südwestbank (Germany)lccn-n85300203James, Harold1956-autlccn-n2004100246WetFeet (Firm)lccn-nr98015179Deutsche Guggenheim Berlinlccn-n81139150Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaftlccn-n50054276Berlin (Germany : West)Senatnc-dresdner bankDresdner Banklccn-n2002090251Kobrak, Christopherautlccn-n95015740Borgman, Hans Paul1961-lccn-n2005015026Heier, Haukeautlccn-n87839280Simpson, ChristopherDeutsche BankExhibition catalogsMapsConference proceedingsTrials, litigation, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsHistoryCatalogsPeriodicalsGermanyWorld War (1939-1945)EconomicsJewsPolitical participationVocational guidanceBanks and banking--Vocational guidanceSecurities industry--Vocational guidanceInvestment banking--Vocational guidanceDeutsche BankUnited StatesAsiaBanks and bankingWorld mapsPetroleum industry and tradeGas industryLiquefied natural gas industryEconomic policyBusiness and politicsNational socialism--Economic aspectsPersonnel managementKnowledge managementPetroleumNatural gasJewish propertyBanks and banking, ForeignPetroleum pipelinesConfiscationsBanks and banking--Corrupt practicesInstallations (Art)Natural gas pipelinesDerivative securities--TaxationTax administration and procedureHedge fundsTax evasionDerivative securitiesFinancial leverageInvestment banking--Corrupt practicesBarclays PLCOil fieldsArt, GermanArt, ModernArtPetroleum refineriesNatural gas--StoragePetroleum shipping terminalsGas fieldsMicrobial ecologyPower resourcesMicroorganisms--Physiology1906191419221925192619271928192919381939194419461947195419561957195819601961196219641965196619671968196919701971197219731975197619771978197919801981198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149175368523709.2QR97.A1ocn470209566ocn490584564ocn491356477ocn847569777ocn492927660ocn416604205ocn780286365ocn890380105ocn439755314ocn468620972ocn7985776321643ocn006330235book19780.82Dahlem Workshop on Strategy of Life in Extreme EnvironmentsStrategies of microbial life in extreme environments : report of the Dahlem Workshop on Strategy of Life in Extreme Environments, Berlin, 1978, November 20-24Conference proceedings15811ocn060713052map20010.94Petroleum Economist LtdEnergy map of the worldPeriodicalsMapsShows LNG export plants, oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas fields, major refining centers and major import/export terminals. Includes inset maps of the Persion Gulf region, the Caspian and Black Sea area, and the European gas pipeline system1466ocn231886337book20060.80Deutsche Guggenheim BerlinCai Guo-Qiang : Head on : Deutsche Bank CollectionExhibition catalogs+-+67136202281132ocn005933779book19790.87Dahlem Workshop on Light-induced Charge Separation at Interfaces in Biological and Chemical SystemsLight-induced charge separation in biology and chemistry : report of the Dahlem Workshop on Light-induced Charge Separation at Interfaces in Biological and Chemical Systems, Berlin 1978, October 16-20Conference proceedings1121ocn641458755book20100.77Wangechi MutuWangechi Mutu, artist of the year 2010 : my dirty little heavenExhibition catalogs+-+46527202281005ocn508145054book20090.92Knoebel, ImiImi Knoebel : ich nicht : neue Werke = New works : Enduros, Sammlung Deutsche Bank = Deutsche Bank collectionExhibition catalogs"This publication presents the multifaceted oeuvre of Imi Knoebel, whose groundbreaking work with fundamental issues of form and color seem more current than ever. The catalogue opens up new perspectives of selected phases, themes, and genres in Knoebel's oeuvre. In chronological order, the book examines Knoebel's time at the academy and his relationship to American art, as well as his exploration of photography, printmaking, serial works, and color; selected recent works are also included. The book focuses on the artist's works on paper, however, many recent paintings, dating from 2005 to 2009, are featured at the end of the catalogue, they provide some insight into the artist's future tendencies. Below the headline ICH NICHT (Not I), Knoebel gives a decisive answer to Barnett Newman's question, Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue?"--Publisher's website+-+3550720228961ocn006580983book19790.94Dahlem Workshop on the Role of Intercellular Signals, Navigation, Encounter, OutcomeThe role of intercellular signals, navigation, encounter, outcome : report of the Dahlem Workshop on the Role of Intercellular Signals, Navigation, Encounter, Outcome. Berlin 1979, March 12-15Conference proceedings802ocn055530528book20040.85Yanagi, MiwaMiwa YanagiExhibition catalogs+-+7509620228661ocn506069406file19280.92United StatesBefore the Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany, organized under the agreement of August 10, 1922, between the United States and Germany United States of America on behalf of the First National Bank of Chicago, claimant, v. Germany and the Deutsche Bank, impleaded : reply memorandum brief of the United StatesTrials, litigation, etc641ocn857663160book20130.87Artist of the yearCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsExhibition catalogs601ocn724304168book20110.94Barrada, YtoRiffsExhibition catalogs+-+9675820228536ocn035549063book19950.60Auf Papier : Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts aus der Deutschen BankExhibition catalogs472ocn050259218book20010.92Moore, PhilipAutostrade to the superhighway : the future of the global debt marketsHistory424ocn034558069book19960.92Global treasury to the year 2000 : how to transform your treasury department into a strategic business partner411ocn018105546book19870.93Schrecken und Hoffnung : Künstler sehen Frieden und Krieg : eine gemeinsame Ausstellung der Deutschen Bank AG, der AEG Aktiengesellschaft, der Mannesmann AG, der Ruhrgas AG, der Zanders Feinpapiere AG und dem Ministerium für Kultur der UdSSR, Moskau : Hamburger Kunsthalle, 1.10.1987-15.11.1987, Münchner Stadtmuseum, 10.12.1987-31.1.1988, Staatliche Gemäldegalerie, Moskau, 15.3.1988-28.4.1988, Staatliche Eremitage Leningrad, 20.5.1988-29.6.1988Exhibition catalogs373ocn053057744book20020.82Man in the middle : Sammlung Deutsche BankExhibition catalogs+-+K962910848362ocn034186099book19940.60Grigoteit, ArianeZeitgenössische Kunst in der Deutschen Bank, TrianonCatalogs341ocn877852763book20140.93Man, VictorArtist of the year : Victor Man : SzindbádExhibition catalogs333ocn030967691book19930.94Bauhaus-Künstler : Malerei und Grafik aus den Beständen der Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar und der Deutschen BankExhibition catalogs332ocn039548608book19960.90Fünfmaldrei : Arbeiten auf Papier von 15 Künstlern Ankäufe aus Spendenmitteln der Deutschen BankExhibition catalogs18826ocn051037064file20010.47James, HaroldThe Deutsche Bank and the Nazi economic war against the Jews the expropriation of Jewish-owned propertyHistory"This book examines the role of the Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest financial institution, in the expropriation of Jewish-owned enterprises during the Nazi dictatorship, both in the existing territories of Germany and in the area seized by the German army during World War II. The author uses new and previously unavailable materials, many from the bank's own archives, to examine policies that led to the eventual genocide of European Jews. How far did the realization of the vicious and destructive Nazi ideology depend on the acquiescence, the complicity, and the cupidity of existing economic institutions and individuals?+-+63676566053249387ocn503301139file20050.35Deutsche Bank in the U.S+-+23712573063249295ocn503301159file20080.33Deutsche Bank in Asia3414ocn053971731book20040.80James, HaroldThe Nazi dictatorship and the Deutsche BankHistory"This book examines the role of Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest commercial bank, in the Nazi dictatorship and asks how the bank changed and accommodated during a transition from democracy and a market economy to dictatorship and a planned economy. The book sets out the background of the world Depression and the German banking crisis of 1931 and looks at the restructuring of German banking. It offers new material on the bank's expansion in central and eastern Europe and summarizes recent research on the bank's controversial role in gold transactions and in the financing of the construction of Auschwitz. The book also examines the role played by particular personalities in the bank's development, notably Emil Georg von Stauss and Hermann Abs."--Jacket+-+19238367053112ocn053455617file20040.35Heier, HaukeDeutsche Bank leveraging human capital with the knowledge management system HRBaseCase studies2903ocn047690105book20020.85War crimes of the Deutsche Bank and the Dresdner Bank : Office of Military Government (U.S.) reportsHistory+-+42596469352845ocn123539578book20070.77Kobrak, ChristopherBanking on global markets : Deutsche Bank and the United States, 1870 to the presentHistory"Banking on Global Markets uses the story of the U.S. business and political dealings of Germany's largest bank to illuminate important developments in the ongoing globalization of major financial institutions. Throughout its nearly 140-year-long history, Deutsche Bank served as one of Germany's principal vehicles for forging economic and other links with the rest of the world."--BOOK JACKET+-+70781367052412ocn894220793file20140.80United StatesAbuse of structured financial products : misusing basket options to avoid taxes and leverage limits : hearing before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, second session, July 22, 20141231ocn032750600book19950.80The Deutsche Bank, 1870-1995History873ocn000952553book19700.87Seidenzahl, Fritz100 Jahre Deutsche Bank. 1870-1970History801ocn041674972book19990.85Steinberg, JonathanThe Deutsche Bank and its gold transactions during the Second World WarHistory671ocn017506886book19870.56Pfeiffer, HermannusDas Imperium der Deutschen Bank661ocn506069640file19260.93United StatesBefore the Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany, organized under the agreement of August 10, 1922, between the United States and Germany, United States of America, on behalf of the First National Bank of Chicago v. Germany and Deutsche Bank, impleaded brief of the United States of America : dealing with the liability of the government of Germany for pre-war bank balances carried in the branches of German banks in the name of an American depositorTrials, litigation, etcClaims651ocn506023515file19250.92Deutsche BankLeopold Zimmermann et al., plaintiffs, against Thomas W. Miller et al., defendants brief on behalf of defendant Deutsche BankTrials, litigation, etc561ocn743193339book20110.92Deutsche BankArt works : Deutsche Bank collection, group head office, Frankfurt : passion to performExhibition catalogs+-+4222720228515ocn237604538book20020.67Veiel, AndresBlack Box BRD : Alfred Herrhausen, die Deutsche Bank, die RAF und Wolfgang GramsWolfgang Grams was an RAF terrorist who was killed in a police shoot out in 1993. He was thought to be part of the 1989 murder of high placed banker Alfred Herrhausen. This documentary talks to people close to the men about their lives and how they ended up as they did451ocn004917024book19570.47Schmidt, Ernst WilhelmMänner der Deutschen Bank und der Disconto-Gesellschaft433ocn070779220book20060.47Nolmans, ErikJosef Ackermann und die Deutsche Bank : Anatomie eines AufstiegsBiographySchilderung des Werdegangs und des Wirkens des Vorsitzenden des Vorstands der Deutschen Bank und deren Umbau zu einer Investmentbank423ocn065166574book20060.54Platthaus, AndreasAlfred Herrhausen : eine deutsche KarriereBiography422ocn000780271book19470.94Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone)Dresdner and Deutsche banks : special report of the Military Governor, U.S. Zone, June 1947+-+6713620228+-+6713620228Fri Feb 13 10:21:57 EST 2015batch31672