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Fri Mar 21 17:07:32 2014 UTClccn-n500533530.27The book of Khalid /0.620.97al-Maghrib al-Aqṣʹa /17374300Ameen_Rihanin 5005335388221ʿAbd-al-Wahhāb Muṭāwiʿ 1876-1940Al-Rayhani, Amin 1876-1940Ameen Fares Rihani, 1876-1940Amīn al-Rayhānī, 1876-1940Amīn ar-Raiḥānī 1876-1940Amin ar-Reĭkhani, 1876-1940Amîn ar-Rîhânî, 1876-1940Amīn Ibn-Fāris ar-Raiḥānī 1876-1940Amīn Rīhānī, 1876-1940Ar-Reikhani, Amin 1876-1940Ar-Rejchani, Amin 1876-1940Ar-Rihani, Amin 1876-1940Raiḥānī, Amīn al-, 1876-1940Raiḥānī, Amīn Ibn-Fāris /ar- 1876-1940Rayḥānī, Amīn, 1876-1940Rayḥānī, Amīn al-, 1876-1940Rayḥānī, Amīn b. Fāris al-, 1876-1940Rayḥānī, Amīn Farīs, 1876-1940Rayḥānī, Amīn Fāris Al-Rayḥānī, Amīn Fāris al-, 1876-1940Reĭkhani, Amin, 1876-1940Reikhani, Amin ar- 1876-1940Rejchani, Amin /ar 1876-1940Rihani, Ameen.Rihani, Ameen, 1876-1940Rihani, Ameen F., 1876-1940Rihani, Ameen FaresRihani, Ameen Fares, 1876-1940Rīhānī, Amīn, 1876-1940Rīḥānī, Amīn al-, 1876-1940Rīhānī, Amīn ar- 1876-1940Rihani, Amin Fares el-Rīḥānī, Amīn Fāris al-, 1876-1940Rīhānī, Amīn Fāris ar- 1876-1940Rihani, Amine, 1876-1940Rihany Amin Fares el- 1876-1940<<ال>>بجاني، امين بن فارس، الريحاني<<ال>>ريحاني، امين بن فارس<<ال>>ريحاني، امين فارسالريحاني، أمين، 1876-1940الريحاني, أمين فارسالريحاني، أمين فارس، 1876-1940أمين الريحانيأمين الريحاني، 1876-1940أمين ريحانيأمين فارس الريحانيأمين فارس الريحاني، 1876-1940رحاني، امين فارس، 1876-1940ريحاني، أمىن فارس، 1876-1940ريحاني، أمينريحاني، أمين فارسريحاني، امين فارس، 18761940ريحاني، أمين فارس، ‪1940-1876‬lccn-nr2006027951Hajjar, Nijmehedtlccn-n79095627Gibran, Kahlil1883-1931illlccn-n50041358Nuʻaymah, Mīkhāʼīl1889-1988lccn-n85381207İmanquliyeva, Aida Näsir qızılccn-n80128866Ibn SaʻūdKing of Saudi Arabia1880-1953lccn-n82078403Abū al-ʻAlāʼ al-Maʻarrī973-1057lccn-n89602185Rīḥānī, Albirtedtlccn-n84008353ريحاني، أمين البرتlccn-n94106273Oueijan, Naji B.1951-viaf-217420766Funk, Nathan C.Rihani, Ameen Fares1876-1940FictionHistoryConference proceedingsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceRihani, Ameen Fares,Political and social viewsGibran, Kahlil,Nuʻaymah, Mīkhāʼīl,Arabic literatureComparative literature--Western and ArabicArabic literature--European influencesTravelSaudi Arabia--NajdIbn Saʻūd,--King of Saudi Arabia,New York (State)--New YorkArabian PeninsulaAuthors, ArabArab AmericansImmigrantsYemen (Republic)LebanonSaudi ArabiaAmerican literature--Lebanese American authorsKings and rulersArab American literatureProphecies in literatureMysticism in literatureLebanese Americans in literatureAmerican literatureIraqJewish-Arab relationsAmerican literature--Arab American authorsArab countriesArabic literature--American influencesUnited StatesFaysal--I,--King of Iraq,Arabic essaysMoroccoSufi poetry, AmericanMasʻūdī,Ibn Batuta,PhilosophyPolitical scienceTravelersTravelers' writings, ArabicEvolution--Religious aspects--IslamArabic fictionArab American authorsWahhābīyahSpainMuḥammad ibn ʻAbd al-Wahhāb,18761940190019021903190419051910191119121913191619171918192019211922192319241925192619281929193019321933193419351939194019411944194519471948195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196319641965196619671968196919701972197319751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220145769409785953DS247.N4ocn004380006ocn004376231ocn583871667ocn488956154ocn656523830ocn786062907ocn313819282ocn317995576ocn31421377322313ocn740631202book19110.27Rihani, Ameen FaresThe book of KhalidFictionRecounts the experiences of two young men from Lebanon who move to New York in the early twentieth century+-+62354676162079ocn001711572book19280.63Rihani, Ameen FaresMaker of modern ArabiaHistory+-+89038786853241817ocn000485931book19300.70Rihani, Ameen FaresAround the coasts of Arabia1537ocn000328200book19300.73Rihani, Ameen FaresArabian peak and desert; travels in al-Yaman12810ocn000283264book19030.76Abū al-ʻAlāʼ al-MaʻarrīThe quatrains of Abu'l-Ala12710ocn010035604book19280.76Rihani, Ameen FaresIbn Sa'oud of Arabia, his people and his landBiographyFirst published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company576ocn000834920book19730.76Rihani, Ameen FaresThe book of KhalidThe book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. --- Product Description+-+7332638066324417ocn008621266book19800.93Rihani, Ameen Faresal-Aʻmāl al-ʻArabīyah al-kāmilahHistory3712ocn043439946book19100.94Rihani, Ameen Faresal-RīḥānīyātCriticism, interpretation, etc3712ocn009144892book19280.95Rihani, Ameen FaresTārīkh Najd al-ḥadīth wa-mulḥaqātih ... : wa-sīrat ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz ibn ʻAbd al-Raḥmān Āl Fayṣal Āl Saʻūd, malik al-Ḥijāz wa-Najd wa-mulḥaqātihimāHistory353ocn000059077book19670.86Rihani, Ameen FaresThe fate of Palestine; a series of lectures, articles, and documents about the Palestinian problem and ZionismHistory328ocn022213739book19170.93Rihani, Ameen FaresZanbaqat al-ghūr313ocn004380006book19180.93Abū al-ʻAlāʼ al-MaʻarrīThe Luzumiyat of Abuʼl-Ala304ocn013885470book19660.96Rīḥānī, Albirtal-Rīḥānī wa-muʻāṣirūh, rasāʼil al-udabāʼ ilayhi. Jamaʻahā wa-ḥ aqqaqahā wa-qaddama lahā Albirt al-RīḥānīRecords and correspondence294ocn010981130book19800.94Rihani, Ameen FaresShadharāt min ʻahd al-ṣibā294ocn000083062book19210.92Rihani, Ameen FaresA chant of mystics, and other poems297ocn016071121book19340.90Rihani, Ameen FaresFayṣal al-AwwalBiography282ocn013292307book19210.81Rihani, Ameen FaresA chant of mystics : and other poems287ocn029876448book19600.95Rihani, Ameen FaresMulūk al-ʻArab : riḥlah fī al-bilād al-ʻArabīyah, muzayyanah bi-rusūm wa-kharāʼiṭ wa-fahrasat aʻlām2710ocn015743348book19240.88Rihani, Ameen FaresMulūk al-ʻArab, aw, Riḥlah fī al-bilād al-ʻArabīyah11764ocn682882079com20100.47Hajjar, NijmehThe politics and poetics of Ameen Rihani the humanist ideology of an Arab-American intellectual and activistCriticism, interpretation, etc"̀Dr Hajjar's text on Ameen Rihani is the first major work in any language on this leading Arab-American writer, intellectual, political activist and traveller.... [which] brings out Rihani's humanist approaches and his constant endeavours to bridge the gap, be it in the field of cultural misunderstanding or social development, between Western societies and Eastern nations... Hajjar has skillfully placed Rihani in his particular historical context, while succeeding at the same time in demonstrating the relevance of his ideas and cultural vision to contemporary issues and challenges faced by both the West and the Muslim world.' Professor Youssef Choueiri, Islamic Studies, School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, University of Manchester" "̀This study is a real tour de force of the thought and activism of Ameen Rihani, a prominent Arab-American intellectual of the twentieth century, and a pioneer of the modern Arab literary and intellectual renaissance. With her fine scholarship, Dr Hajjar convincingly demonstrates how Rihani's humanist outlook and intellectual activity were very much concerned with engaging both East and West...This is a particularly timely [book] in the light of the current search for global peace and cultural dialogue today. It should contribute positively to a better understanding of the difficulties, fears and hopes of our own times, and provide a shift away from the barren paradigms of "clash of civilizations".' Professor Ahmad Shboul, AM, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, The University of Sydney" "Ameen Rihani (1876-1940) was an influential Arab-American thinker, writer and political activist, and was one of the most prominent humanist intellectuals of the twentieth century. He was born in Freike, Lebanon, and emigrated to the United States at the age of 12. He was recognized in his time as a leading figure in the world of Arab-American literature, a pioneer of the mahjar literary movement (Arabic Lebanese migration literature) and of contemporary Arabic prose poetry. A prolific writer, he published nearly 30 books in English alone. In his writing and political activism, Rihani's prime concern was engagement and mutual respect between the Arab world and the West - a concern which bears striking relevance to global affairs today." "Undertaking a comprehensive reading of Rihani's Arabic and English published works, including his creative writings, essays, correspondence, and historical and travel books, Nijmeh Hajjar examines the dialectical link between Rihani's life experiences in the Arab world, Europe and the USA with his ideas and activism. The book highlights Rihani's progressive secular humanist vision, his concerns about the need for Arab societies to achieve progress, liberal democracy and social justice, and his emphasis upon a mutual respect between the Arab world and the West - particularly the USA, Great Britain and France." "This fascinating illustration of an Arab-America encounter contributes to post- and neo-colonial discourse and provides a balancing counterpoint to the predominant ideological ̀clash of civilisations' paradigms. The Politics and Poetics of Ameen Rihani furthers our understanding of the Arab-Islamic world and its relationship with the West - which remains one of the most important issues of our times."--BOOK JACKET+-+01170339369314ocn679605531com20090.47İmanquliyeva, Aida Näsir qızıGibran, Rihani & Naimy East-West interactions in early twentieth-century Arab literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K272840546801ocn057508970book20040.93Ameen Rihani : bridging East and West : a pioneering call for Arab-American understandingConference proceedings+-+0513736125692ocn013391040book19850.90Naimy, Nadeem NThe Lebanese prophets of New YorkCriticism, interpretation, etc486ocn023523562book19640.95Jabr, JamīlAmīn al-RayhānīCriticism, interpretation, etc461ocn049849893book20020.93Rihani, Ameen FaresHymns of the valleys = (Hutāf-ul ʼawdiya)+-+5571046846432ocn050272438book19830.76Rihani, Ameen FaresIbn Sa'oud of Arabia, his people and his landBiographyFirst published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company353ocn017276431book19680.94Sābā, ʻĪsá MīkhāʼīlAmīn al-Rīḥānī302ocn045466698book19980.90International Conference on Lebanese-American Literary FiguresKahlil Gibran & Ameen Rihani : prophets of Lebanese-American literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings305ocn009695933book19750.94Zakka, Najîb MansûrAmin ar-Rihani : penseur et homme de lettres libanaisCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography291ocn013040926book19840.88Orfalea, GregoryU.S.-Arab relations, the literary dimension283ocn020319842book19870.97Rīḥānī, Amīn AlbirtFaylasūf al-Firaykah : ṣāḥib "al-Madīnah al-ʻuẓmá"Criticism, interpretation, etc273ocn012692426book19750.97Rihani, Ameen Faresal-Maghrib al-Aqṣʹa243ocn014085576book19660.97Ghurayyib, JūrjAdab al-riḥlah : tārīkhuhu wa-aʻlāmuhu, al-Masʻūdī, Ibn Baṭūṭah, al-RayḥānīCriticism, interpretation, etc232ocn010792564book19820.96Rihani, Ameen FaresWaṣīyatī233ocn050748403book20020.96Juḥā, MīshālAmīn al-Rīḥānī, 1876-1940 : nuṣūṣ wa-ārāʼCriticism, interpretation, etcArabic literature; Lebanon; history and criticism; selections; festschriften223ocn044708069book20000.96Rīḥānī, Amīn Albirtal-Yanābīʻ al-mansīyah : makhṭūṭāt Amīn al-Rīḥānī al-InklīzīyahCriticism, interpretation, etcAmīn al-Rīḥānī's English manuscripts; Arabic literature; history and criticism; views on sociology; Islamic philosophy; politics212ocn021883937book19650.96Levin, Z. IFilosof iz FureĭkiCriticism, interpretation, etc202ocn045149956book20000.97Bushrui, Suheil Bal-Adab al-Lubnānī bi-al-Injilīzīyah : maʻa muqaddimah bi-al-tayyārāt al-fikrīyah wa-al-adabīyah al-muʻāṣirah allatī aththarat fī aʻmāl Amīn al-Rīḥānī, wa-Jibrān Khalīl Jibrān, wa-Mīkhāʼīl NuʻaymahCriticism, interpretation, etcLebanese literature; English; history and criticism172ocn061072658book20040.97Dasūqī, Muná Ḥusaynal-Taṭawwur wa-al-iṣlāḥ ʻinda Amīn al-Rīḥānī+-+6235467616+-+6235467616Fri Mar 21 16:03:57 EDT 2014batch36447