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(Wilhelm), 1886-1954Furtwängler, WilhelmFurtwangler, Wilhelm., 1886-1954Furutovengurā, ... 1886-1954Furutovengurā, Viruherumu 1886-1954フルトヴェングラーlccn-n81032093Wiener Philharmonikerprfitrorcmuslccn-n81018318Berliner Philharmonikercndprfitrorcmuslccn-n79107741Beethoven, Ludwig van1770-1827ctbcmplccn-n79089831Wagner, Richard1813-1883lyrctbcmplccn-n82011030Philharmonia Orchestra (London, England)prfitrmuscmplccn-n50004170Flagstad, Kirsten1895-1962sngprfctbvoclccn-n82032332Schwarzkopf, Elisabethsngprfartvoclccn-n83051547Edelmann, Ottosngprfvoclccn-n50003091Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich1925-2012sngprfctbvoclccn-n84021985Suthaus, LudwigsngprfctbvocFurtwängler, Wilhelm1886-1954Musical settingsDramaBiographyMusicCriticism, interpretation, etcOverturesInterviewsOperasOperasConcertos (Violin)Furtwängler, Wilhelm,Conductors (Music)GermanySymphoniesMusic--Instruction and studySchiller, Friedrich,Operas--ExcerptsConductingSongs (Medium voice) with orchestraViolin with orchestraSong cyclesNational socialism and musicConcertos (Violin with string orchestra)Live sound recordingsConcertos (Violins (2) with string orchestra)Rondos (Violin with orchestra)Don Juan (Legendary character)Tristan (Legendary character)Iseult (Legendary character)Concertos (Violin with string orchestra), ArrangedRückert, Friedrich,Violin and viola with orchestraGermany--BerlinEnglandSongs (Medium voice) with pianoSymphonies (Beethoven, Ludwig van)Symphonies--Analysis, appreciationDenazificationConducting--Study and teachingOrchestral musicBeecham, Thomas,OverturesConcertos (Violins (2))String trio with orchestraConcertos (Violin and piano)Concertos (Piano)Sonatas (Violin and piano)Tristan und Isolde (Wagner, Richard)Suites (Violin with orchestra), ArrangedHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Szpilman, WładysławPoland--WarsawJewish musiciansMotion picture plays, EnglishMusiciansGeissmar, Berta,Valkyries (Norse mythology)Political participation18861954190019191920192219231925192619281929193019311932193319351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133704347357323782.1M1500ocn180757068ocn051070662ocn019236506ocn018430047ocn041228192ocn042576922ocn809793053ocn809793119ocn048647672ocn018336994ocn004230815ocn005735350ocn004925151ocn002380133ocn003596057ocn003798378ocn004511281ocn809793067ocn025030696ocn006406867ocn048238725ocn851204251ocn724902391ocn761618521ocn725455963ocn762129826ocn658850096ocn725003196ocn658988812ocn761961119ocn762005909ocn658328681ocn762846766ocn658940069ocn658872811ocn658757571ocn658385753ocn780683739ocn742816148ocn844242996ocn042242257ocn123897166ocn762737956ocn661779189ocn661781140ocn765575722ocn661621106ocn659142791ocn765183190ocn661550793ocn073565511ocn073565515ocn073565542ocn720173828ocn723852211ocn720178099ocn700632962ocn081045684ocn310829490ocn254087695ocn310819066ocn286913488ocn659109551ocn659143224ocn659242328ocn662090073ocn659143204ocn659142926ocn766696413ocn456409882ocn447197521ocn440961980ocn842358075ocn439001867ocn852485965ocn314051460ocn060140016ocn441721578ocn742911125ocn651587159ocn79738133679867ocn019236506rcrd19500.37Wagner, RichardTristan und IsoldeDramaTristan und Isolde: Handlung in drei Aufzügen42111ocn032938213visu19930.33Knussen, SueThe art of conducting great conductors of the pastBiographyInterviewsFeatures sixteen of the great conductors of this century in rehearsal and performance. Archival footage complements first-hand recollections of these conductors by some of today's most eminent musicians3987ocn002644599book19480.63Furtwängler, WilhelmConcerning music38143ocn820476945rcrd19540.37Wagner, RichardDie WalküreInterviewsDramaThe meeting of Sieglinde and Siegmund3808ocn051070662visu19970.50The art of conducting legendary conductors of a golden eraInterviewsVintage film footage of orchestral performances by some of the great conductors of the world with interviews on their craft by Daniel Barenboim, Bernard Haitink, Yehudi Menuhin ... [et al.]34668ocn840327006rcrd19540.37Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDon GiovanniMusicDramaOperasSchwarzkopf samlingen33433ocn809793053file19000.47Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony no. 9 "Choral"Musical settingsApproaches the Symphony from five different perspectives ; each designed to interact freely and quickly with each of the others3104ocn023974840book19910.76Furtwängler, WilhelmFurtwängler on music : essays and addresses28541ocn007156725book19480.63Furtwängler, WilhelmGespräche über MusikCriticism, interpretation, etc2721ocn180757068book20080.33Young, John BellBeethoven's symphonies : a guided tour"In this book, pianist and critic John Bell Young explores each of the nine symphonies, always looking beneath the surface for what makes the music so compelling. He places them in their historical and cultural context, and he describes how the Russian concept of intonatsiia, a way of perceiving relationships "between the notes," can help deepen our appreciation of these pieces. The accompanying CD contains selections from all of the symphonies, each performance conducted by Wilhelm Furtwangler."--BOOK JACKET+-+841621920626232ocn018430047rcrd19510.50Mahler, GustavLieder eines fahrenden Gesellen Songs of a wayfarer = Chants d'un compagnon errant ; Kindertotenlieder = Chants pour des enfants morts ; Rückert-LiederMusical settingsLieder eines fahrenden Gesellen: Liederzyklus für Singstimme und Klavier / Frühe Lieder für Singstimme und Klavier / Fünf frühe Lieder für Bariton und Klavier. Orchestriert von Luciano Berio / Sechs frühe Lieder für Bariton und Klavier. Orchestriert von Luciano Berio25729ocn031119674rcrd19500.50Beethoven, Ludwig vanFidelio [Complete]OverturesBroadcast on Feb. 22, 1941, NBC Radio, from Metropolitan Opera House, New York City24314ocn002380133rcrd19660.47Wagner, RichardGötterdämmerungSiegfried finds the ring. He is slain by Gunther. Brunhilde returns the ring21542ocn007605846book19540.56Furtwängler, WilhelmTon und Wort. Aufsätze und Vorträge, 1918 bis 1954Criticism, interpretation, etc2004ocn811253605file19880.76Furtwängler, WilhelmSymphony no. 31937ocn041714209rcrd19840.27Hahn, HilaryViolin concertosHahn brings together the familiar long-awaited recording of the famous Sibelius violin concertos with the rarely performed violin concertos by Arnold Schoenberg1935ocn811253654file19900.76Furtwängler, WilhelmSymphony no. 1 in B minor1897ocn048683670visu19540.35Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDon Giovanni an opera in 2 actsThe story of an attempted seduction by Don Giovanni which leads to the death of the Commendatore the father of Donna Anna the target of the seducer. Don Ottavio, fiancé of Donna Anna upon learning of the death of the Commendatore swears to avenge his death1877ocn811254176file19840.73Furtwängler, WilhelmSymphony no. 2 in E minor1847ocn811253417file19910.79Furtwängler, WilhelmPiano concerto in B minor11472ocn024247149book19920.33Shirakawa, Sam HThe devil's music master : the controversial life and career of Wilhelm FurtwänglerBiographyFrom 1922 until his death in 1954, Wilhelm Furtwangler was the foremost cultural music figure of the German-speaking world, conductor of both the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic orchestras. But a cloud still hangs over his reputation, despite his undeniable brilliance as a musician, because of a fatal and tragic decision. Wilhelm Furtwangler remained in Germany when thousands of intellectuals and artists fled after the Nazis seized power in 1933. His decision to stay behind earned him lasting condemnation as a Nazi collaborator--"The Devil's Music Master." Decades after his death, Furtwangler remains for many not only the greatest but also the most controversial musical personality of our time.In The Devil's Music Master, Sam H. Shirakawa forges the first full-length and comprehensive biography of Furtwangler. He surveys Furtwangler's formative years as a difficult but brilliant prodigy, his rise to pre-eminence as Germany's leading conductor, and his development as a musician, composer, and thinker. Shirakawa also reviews the rich recorded legacy Furtwangler documented throughout his forty-year career--such as the legendary Tristan with Kirsten Flagstad and the famous performances of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in 1942 and 1951.Equally important, Shirakawa goes backstage and behind the lines to explore how the Nazis seized control of the arts and how Furtwangler single-handedly tried to prevent evil characters as Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Goring from annihilating Germany's musical life. He shows how Furtwangler, far from being a toady to the Nazis, stood up openly against Hitler and Himmler--at enormous personal risk--to salvage the musical traditions of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Shirakawa also presents moving and overwhelming evidence of Furtwangler's astonishing efforts to save the lives of Jews and other persecuted individuals trapped in Nazi Germany--only to be proscribed at the end of the war and nearly framed as a war criminal.But there was more to Furtwangler than his politics, or even his music, and we come to know this extraordinary man as a reluctant composer, a prolific essayist and diary keeper, a loyal friend, a formidable enemy when crossed, and an incorrigible philanderer. Numerous musical luminaries share their memories of Furtwangler to round out this vivid portrait.Based on dozens of interviews and research in numerous documents, letters, and diaries, many of them previously unpublished, The Devil's Music Master is an in-depth look at the life and times of a unique personality whose fatal flaw lay in his uncompromising belief that music and art must be kept apart from politics, a conviction that transformed him into a tragic figure+-+03501504659094ocn047008784com19940.33Ardoin, JohnThe Furtwängler recordBiographyDiscography+-+26189803053243832ocn054347338visu20030.23Taking sides der Fall FurtwänglerHistoryDramaAfter Hitler took over power in 1933, many Jewish artists were forced to leave Germany. Wilhelm Furtwängler chose to stay. Though never a member of the party, he was a recipient of honors associated with party membership. However, the conductor often used his position and contacts to save hundreds of Jewish musicians from concentration camps. When U.S. Major Steve Arnold is tasked with the pre-trial investigations, his aim is to prove that the conductor's genius contributed to the Nazi propaganda, while Furtwängler insisted he stayed to bring comfort to the German people with his music3553ocn022992368book19900.66Schönzeler, Hans HubertFurtwänglerBiography+-+38687106253242712ocn029877217book19940.56Prieberg, Fred KTrial of strength : Wilhelm Furtwängler in the Third ReichBiography+-+11468000063242422ocn000574275book19460.63Geissmar, BertaTwo worlds of musicCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography2353ocn000604138book19650.63Gillis, DanielFurtwängler recalled2133ocn000105766book19700.73Gillis, DanielFurtwängler and America1822ocn007449403book19800.73Pirie, Peter JFurtwängler and the art of conducting1701ocn056532016book20010.86Harwood, RonaldThe pianist ; &, Taking sidesDrama+-+16376762051377ocn001201610book19410.66Herzfeld, FriedrichWilhelm Furtwängler; Weg und Wesen1273ocn013637742book19860.86Prieberg, Fred KKraftprobe : Wilhelm Furtwängler im Dritten ReichBiography1093ocn646395727book20100.28Aster, MishaThe Reich's orchestra : the Berlin Philharmonic 1933-1945HistoryThis is the first book to expose the relationship between the Nazi Party and the Berlin Philharmonic. At the heart of this story is the iconic conductor, Wilhelm Furtwängler, a figure who has aroused fierce debate and his close friendship with Goebbels+-+48438103751033ocn012527338book19850.84Wessling, Berndt WFurtwängler : eine kritische BiographieBiography931ocn037567713book19970.35Harwood, RonaldTaking sidesDrama842ocn811453097com20060.84Furtwängler, WilhelmThe chamber music La musique de chambreInterviews792ocn004121554book19680.86Höcker, KarlaWilhelm Furtwängler; Dokumente, Berichte und Bilder, Aufzeichnungen772ocn001949804book19540.63Gavoty, BernardWilhelm FurtwänglerBiography771ocn004200058book19550.63Riess, CurtWilhelm Furtwängler; a biography744ocn006357819book19790.84Furtwängler, ElisabethÜber Wilhelm Furtwängler+-+8416219206+-+8416219206Fri Mar 21 15:37:33 EDT 2014batch123406