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Fri Mar 21 17:10:03 2014 UTClccn-n500064560.06Who comes to King's Mountain? /0.211.00Patricia Beatty papers,38157864n 5000645642000Beatty, John L.lccn-n79099398Beatty, Patricia1922-1991lccn-n79082005Johnson, Oliver A.comedtlccn-n82033017Gorsline, Douglas W.1913-1985illlccn-n79081709ElizabethIQueen of England1533-1603lccn-n85088560Holland, Henry RichEarl of1590-1649lccn-n82253655Warwick, Robert RichEarl of1587-1658lccn-n50046699RupertPrince, Count Palatine1619-1682lccn-n2002049066Reisbord, Johnlccn-n00022262Choudhury, Mita1958-lccn-n79054933NapoleonIEmperor of the French1769-1821Beatty, John Louis1922-1975HistoryFictionJuvenile worksSourcesCivilizationGreat BritainLiteratureUnited StatesAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)King's Mountain, Battle of (South Carolina : 1780)South CarolinaCivilization, WesternEnglandTheaterIrish wolfhoundDogsElizabeth--I,--Queen of England,IrelandWizardsScotlandDonkeysHolland, Henry Rich,--Earl of,Warwick, Robert Rich,--Earl of,PiratesAdventure storiesRupert,--Prince, Count Palatine,Napoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,Political scienceFranceEuropeBeatty, Patricia,AuthorsChildren's booksBeatty, John Louis,192219751943194719531954195819591961196219631964196519661967196819691971197219731974197519771982198519871991199520012003200446053688[FIC]PZ7.B380543ocn000791874ocn001492198ocn000127025ocn002583372ocn007588820ocn001207736ocn757925004ocn778922020ocn640032220ocn662422041ocn50225901795512ocn000791874book19580.37Beatty, John LouisHeritage of Western civilization; select readingsHistorySources61928ocn002583372book19580.47Beatty, John LouisHeritage of western civilizationHistorySources+-+25139568653245422ocn001324508book19750.06Beatty, John LouisWho comes to King's Mountain?HistoryJuvenile worksFictionLiving in the South Carolina hills in 1780, a young Scottish boy, whose own family is divided between Loyalist and rebel, must decide for himself which side he will follow3072ocn000858870book19740.06Beatty, John LouisMaster RosalindHistoryJuvenile worksFictionA young girl disguises herself as a boy to play feminine roles in the theater of Shakespearean England2691ocn001429589book19630.06Beatty, John LouisAt the Seven StarsHistoryJuvenile worksFiction2633ocn000679852book19720.06Beatty, John LouisHoldfastHistoryJuvenile worksFictionAn Irish orphan, separated from her wolfhound when they are captured and taken to England in the reign of Elizabeth I, yearns for her dog and native land2601ocn000200389book19710.06Beatty, John LouisKing's knight's pawnHistoryJuvenile worksFictionFourteen-year-old Christopher witnesses the beheading of Charles the First and flees to Ireland where he becomes involved in the events that lead to the Roundhead Massacre of the Irish and their Cavalier defenders at Drogheda2602ocn000297285book19670.06Beatty, John LouisThe Queen's wizardHistoryJuvenile worksFiction2151ocn000275618book19650.16Beatty, John LouisCampion TowersHistoryJuvenile worksFiction2101ocn001917840book19660.06Beatty, John LouisThe royal dirkHistoryJuvenile worksFictionA young 18th century Scotsman has many adventures, including escorting Bonnie Prince Charlie to safety1941ocn000582441book19660.06Beatty, John LouisA donkey for the kingFictionJesse, a mute, homeless, young shepherd of the Holy Land, joins a traveling circus where he is placed in charge of a performing donkey, Belshazzar. During their travels the donkey is sold, and the story tells of how they come together again in Bethlehem during the first Christmas, when the donkey played an important role in the life of the Holy Family1665ocn002701899book19650.81Beatty, John LouisWarwick and Holland1551ocn000005539book19690.06Beatty, John LouisPirate royalFictionAfter being unjustly accused of theft, imprisoned, and sold as a bondservant, a seventeenth-century English youth joins a band of pirates. Several years later he gains both pardon and praise from the King of England for his service to Henry Morgan, the famous buccaneer1511ocn000436508book19680.06Beatty, John LouisWitch dogJuvenile worksFictionDuring the English Civil War, Prince Rupert led the King's cavalry, accompanied by his great white poodle, known to the Roundheads as the witch dog and Rupert's luck62ocn001803627book19530.96Beatty, John LouisNapoleon and the governance of non-French subject peoplesHistory43ocn838581760book19660.47Heritage of Western civilization : select readingsHistorySources31ocn052737429book20030.47Heritage of Western civilizationHistorySources+-+927698586532ocn024599712book19470.92Beatty, John LouisThe imperium of Napoleon I22ocn635347182book19710.47Heritage of Western Civilization21ocn838581658book19660.47Heritage of Western civilization : select readings11ocn082366337art20010.10John L. Beatty11ocn041305299book1.00Beatty, PatriciaPatricia Beatty papersThis collection consists of notes, proofs, manuscripts, and other material regarding the written works of Patricia Beatty, an award-winning author of children's books including Lupita Manana and Charley Skedaddle. Several of the books were written jointly with her husband, John L. Beatty+-+2513956865324+-+2513956865324Fri Mar 21 15:49:04 EDT 2014batch12979