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Fri Mar 21 17:14:20 2014 UTClccn-n500006940.50Patrick Pearse and the politics of redemption the mind of the Easter Rising, 1916 /0.680.93Patrick Pearse and the lost republican ideal /72206367Patrick_Pearsen 5000069436406Mac Piarais, Pádraic.Mac Piarais, Pádraic, 1879-1916Mac Piarais, Pádraig, 1879-1916Mac Piarais, Phádraig 1879-1916MacPiarais, PadraicMacPiarais, Pádraic 1879-1916MacPiarais, Pádraig 1879-1916MacPiarais, Phádraig 1879-1916Pearse, P. H. 1879-1916Pearse, PadraicPearse Pádraic H. 1879-1916Pearse, Pádraig.Pearse, Pádraig 1879-1916Pearse, Pádraig H. 1879-1916Pearse, Padriac.Pearse, Patrick.Pearse, Patrick, 1879-1916Pearse, Patrick H. 1879-1916Pearse, Patrick Henry.Pearse, Patrick Henry, 1879-1916Piarais Pádraic Mac 1879-1916lccn-n92071476Moran, Seán Farrell1951-lccn-n81117227Edwards, Ruth Dudleylccn-n83060988Porter, Raymond J.lccn-n79011102MacDonagh, Thomas1878-1916lccn-n79073588Ryan, Desmondedtlccn-n79089355Plunkett, Joseph Mary1887-1916lccn-n79097657Ó Buachalla, Séamasedtlccn-n97091449Ferko, Franklccn-n79017063Lattimore, Richmond1906-1984trllccn-n80072645Mayerson, Charlotte1927-Pearse, Padraic1879-1916Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryPoetryRecords and correspondenceMusical settingsFictionBiographyIrelandPearse, Padraic,Easter Rising (Ireland : 1916)RevolutionariesPolitical scienceLiteratureEnglish poetry--Irish authorsIrish questionStabat Mater dolorosa (Music)EuripidesGall, Sally MChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices), UnaccompaniedMayerson, Charlotte,English poetryIntellectual lifeRevolutionary poetry, EnglishIrish poetryNationalismPrivate schoolsManners and customsSinn FeinInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Irish fictionAuthors, IrishFolkloreScottish Gaelic literatureIreland--DublinEducationBelgiumEducation--PhilosophyShort stories, IrishSongs (Medium voice) with pianoSpeeches, addresses, etc., IrishCivilizationWar of Independence (Ireland : 1919-1921)Short stories, English--Irish authorsIreland--ConnemaraParnell, Charles Stewart,Home ruleRevolutionary poetry, English--Irish authorsIrish literatureEnglish literature--Irish authorsFolk songs, IrishRepublicanismSongs, IrishSchoolsSpeeches, addresses, etcEducatorsPsychologySovereignty187919161898190019021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192619281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919451946194719481949195019521954195619581959196019621963196419651966196719681969197019721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198419861988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148359392811828.91209PR6031.E2ocn006513494ocn024997678ocn006902300ocn682356486ocn060359249ocn866687125ocn056930407ocn072120740ocn87091173042047ocn001488847book19160.70Pearse, PadraicCollected works of Padraic H. Pearse; plays, stories, poemsFiction+-+K9159239052599ocn002139740book19160.76Colum, PadraicPoems of the Irish revolutionary brotherhood, Thomas MacDonagh, P.H. Pearse (Padraic MacPiarais), Joseph Mary Plunkett, Sir Roger CasementPoetry1625ocn005264314book19630.73Ryan, DesmondThe 1916 poetsHistoryPoetry1528ocn000738614book19680.59Pearse, PadraicShort stories of Padraic PearseFictionFive stories demonstrating Pearse's deep compassion for the Irish people of his time+-+783379803514119ocn001662639book19170.73Pearse, PadraicPlays, stories, poems12314ocn002872924book19170.76Pearse, PadraicPolitical writings and speeches882ocn811456754com20110.76Ferko, FrankStabat MaterMusical settings879ocn004546257book18980.81Pearse, PadraicThree lectures on Gaelic topicsCriticism, interpretation, etc753ocn004925169book19180.90Pearse, PadraicThe singer : and other plays759ocn002003004book19170.81Pearse, PadraicThe story of a successBiography724ocn030624071book19930.86Pearse, PadraicSelected poems = Rogha dántaPoetry673ocn003085101rcrd19590.70Mac Liammóir, MicheálMichael MacLiammoir in revolutionary speeches and poems of IrelandHistoryPoetry674ocn004246563score19560.66Rorem, NedLullaby of the woman of the mountain : songMusical settings644ocn001322398book19670.81Pearse, PadraicThe best of Pearse553ocn001850768book19180.93Pearse, PadraicPoems542ocn002500511book19180.84Pearse, PadraicCollected works of Padraic H. Pearse : Songs of the Irish rebels, and Specimans from an Irish anthology502ocn003540305book19760.81Pearse, PadraicThe murder machine and other essays472ocn004271005book19210.70Regan, John XWhat made Ireland Sinn Fein; the chief political content of Pearse, the Gael of Gaels; something of MacNeill, Ireland's historian, Griffith, Ireland's statistician, and The O'Rahilly, a leader of the volunteers; the result of a year's (1919) study in Ireland of Sinn FeinHistory445ocn012232455book19160.84Pearse, PadraicThe sovereign people4314ocn062522205book19070.92Pearse, PadraicÍosagán agus sgéalta eile12555ocn047011240file19840.50Moran, Seán FarrellPatrick Pearse and the politics of redemption the mind of the Easter Rising, 1916HistoryBiographyPatrick Pearse's role in the development of Irish nationalism remains controversial. Previous historical analysis has tended to view him as either a saint-like father of his country or a disturbing failure whose success was limited to the glorification of violence in Irish nationalism. In each case, historians have not been able to clarify adequately how Pearse, an unlikely revolutionary, came to play the pivotal role in the Easter Rising of 1916. Here Sean Farrell Moran analyzes Pearse within the context of contemporary Irish politics and culture to explain how he became the spokesman of the violent forces within the nationalist movement. Examining Pearse's psycho-social development, his speeches, poetry, and political writings, and his careers as an important Irish journalist, educator, and artist, Moran reveals that Pearse was unprepared for adulthood. Pearse sought to resolve this psychological need in a resolute act that would redeem himself; in the process, he became increasingly preoccupied with violence and death. In his personal search for psychological resolution, Pearse spoke to his time. His quest coincided with the failure of Irish artists, politicians, and republicans to win national independence. This failure led many Irish nationalists to embrace violence as the sole means for personal and national redemption. Pearse articulated his vision of redemptive violence in mythic terms - promising eternal victory - and helped to mobilize republicans for a doomed insurrection. Pearse's achievement has had a lasting impact on the course of subsequent Irish politics and continues to provide both motivation and justification to Irish republicans. At the same time, Pearse brought to Irish politics concerns that were not limited to Ireland. He was deeply concerned that modernity, in an English form, was a threat to Irish values and culture. By embracing the myth of redemptive violence over the dictates of reason and pragmatism, Patrick Pearse vocalized the Irish rejection of modernity at a critical moment in European history. Moran's book represents a major reevaluation of Pearse, the Easter Rising, and Irish republicanism. It is also an important work in European and British intellectual history, with implications for the study of political violence and terrorism+-+90225786356409ocn002959545book19770.53Edwards, Ruth DudleyPatrick Pearse : the triumph of failureHistoryBiography+-+29837016255593ocn000763428book19730.56Porter, Raymond JP.H. PearseCriticism, interpretation, etc2274ocn059837706book19790.81Pearse, PadraicThe letters of P.H. PearseRecords and correspondence1805ocn613433715book20100.81Augusteijn, JoostPatrick Pearse : the making of a revolutionaryHistoryBiography'An important contribution to our knowledge of Ireland's most complex revolutionary. By providing a rounded portrait of Patrick Pearse's life, and setting his ideas within the broader context of his times, Augusteijn offers a compelling account of Pearse's journey from cultural nationalism to republican violence.' - Fearghal McGarry, Queen's University Belfast 'A welcome and much-needed reassessment of the life of Patrick Pearse. Drawing on many previously unknown sources, Augustejin describes a figure who is more complex, and ultimately more human, than the popular image of Pearse allows. This book will surely become essential reading for anyone interested in Pearse and his times.' - Brian Crowley, Curator of the Pearse Museum, Dublin+-+86239758751602ocn045142687rcrd20000.73Ferko, FrankStabat MaterMusical settings1034ocn001709153book19000.81Le Roux, Louis NPatrick H. PearseHistoryBiography1022ocn055503565book20040.84Sisson, ElainePearse's patriots : St Enda's and the cult of boyhoodHistory+-+00783640361004ocn286441724book20090.92The life and after-life of P.H. Pearse = Pádraic Mac Piarais : saol agus oidhreacht+-+7665801625881ocn006790939book19790.86Pearse, PadraicThe literary writings of Patrick Pearse : writings in English = Na scríbhinní liteartha le Pádraig Mac Piarais : scríbhinní i nGaeilge853ocn025131607book19910.93Murphy, Brian PPatrick Pearse and the lost republican idealHistoryBiography834ocn003823322book19190.84Ryan, DesmondThe man called Pearse722ocn002959622book19340.79Ryan, DesmondRemembering Sion, a chronicle of storm and quietHistory712ocn007249753book19800.76Pearse, PadraicA significant Irish educationalist : the educational writings of P.H. PearseHistory622ocn000429924book19660.79McCay, HedleyPadraic Pearse; a new biographyHistoryBiography561ocn166261314com20070.81Ferko, FrankStabat MaterMusical settings513ocn004465410book19780.88Carty, XavierIn bloody protest : the tragedy of Patrick PearseHistoryBiography465ocn008462061book19160.79Pearse, PadraicCollected works of Padraic H. PearseFiction383ocn318100383book20090.86Pearse, PadraicShort storiesFiction+-+7574081546352ocn390869715book20090.73Horgan, John JParnell to Pearse; some recollections and reflectionsThis title is a valuable insight into the fascinating and complex transitional period between the decline of 19th century constitutional nationalism and the emergence of the modern Irish state+-+9474081546324+-+7833798035+-+7833798035Fri Mar 21 15:16:49 EDT 2014batch33937