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Fri Mar 21 17:04:41 2014 UTClccn-n500700680.10Wright Air Development Center : Air Research and Development Command, United States Air Force0.821.00Technical report AFFDL-TR-133661982n 50070068104108United States. Air Force. Air Research and Development Command. Wright Air Development DivisionUnited States. Air Research and Development Command. Wright Air Development DivisionUnited States. Department of the Air Force. Wright Air Development DivisionUnited States. Dept. of the Air Force. Wright Air Development DivisionUnited States Wright Air Development DivisionWADDWADD AbkuerzungWright Air Development DivisionWright Air Development Division United StatescontainsVIAFID/141315730United States. Air Force. Air Research and Development CommandcontainsVIAFID/263687122United States. Air Force. Systems Command. Aeronautical Systems DivisioncontainsVIAFID/136634315United States. Department of the Air ForcecontainsVIAFID/154259158Wright Air Development Centerlccn-n84802424Meyer, Herbert A.(Herbert Albert)1905-edtlccn-n84802425University of FloridaStatistical Laboratorylccn-n85816268Wright Air Development Centernc-wadcWADClccn-n89643395Anderko, Kurtlccn-n79085112Illinois Institute of Technologylccn-n89643393Hansen, Max1901-nc-arman research foundationArman Research Foundationlccn-n96095596Elliott, Rodney air development center u sWright Air Development Center (U.S.)United StatesWright Air Development DivisionConference proceedingsBibliographyPeriodicalsHandbooks, manuals, etcMonte Carlo methodAlloysUnited StatesAeronautics--ResearchPhase diagramsEngineering--ResearchJointsLubrication and lubricantsTextile fibersSpace vehicles--Propulsion systemsAviation medicineProbabilitiesClosed respiratory systems (Space environment)BiotechnologyUnited States.--Air ForceFatigueMusclesMolybdenum alloysSilaneThermal analysisUnited States.--Wright Air Development DivisionAirplanes--NoiseMetals--Effect of high temperatures onTextile fibers--TestingMineral oilsTantalum alloysHeat resistant alloysTungsten alloysSiliconesAerodynamicsSampling (Statistics)Structural dynamicsAeronautics, Military--ResearchTextile fibers--AnalysisAeronautics, MilitaryFibersGas-lubricated bearingsTextile fibers, SyntheticBinary systems (Metallurgy)Flight--ResearchEmployees--RecruitingLabor supplyOhio--Wright-Patterson Air Force BaseMathematical statisticsAerodynamic heating1951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196519681969197619871658362408519QA2734195ocn010948663book19560.76University of FloridaSymposium on Monte Carlo methods, held at the University of Florida, conducted by the Statistical Laboratory, sponsored by Wright Air Development Center of the Air Research and Development Command, March 16 and 17, 1954Conference proceedings365ocn049487275serial0.95United StatesWADD technical report291ocn220291530book19650.73Hansen, MaxConstitution of binary alloys. First- supplement231ocn018034632serial0.95WADC technical note181ocn009606823book19570.98Emanuel, IrvinLinear distance changes over body joint151ocn014590546book19570.96Robinette, Joan CA selected bibliography concerning physiological factors in aero-medical research and developmentBibliography152ocn006725902book19610.96Air Force-Navy-Industry Propulsion Systems Lubricants ConferenceProceedings of the Air Force-Navy-Industry Propulsion Systems Lubricants Conference, November 15, 16, 17, 1960Conference proceedings132ocn002097680book19600.86Mileaf, HarryHandbook of fibrous materialsHandbooks, manuals, etcContents: Aging properties; Design data, basic; Friction, abrasion, wear; Impact loading; Porosity and air permeability; Sewability; Sunlight and weather resistance, Temperature properties; Chemical resistance; Radiation properties; Aerodynamic heating111ocn021696025serial0.93Index of specifications and related publications used by U.S. Air Force military index111ocn015621999book19610.97Muckler, Frederick AThe design of operator controls: a selected bibliographyBibliographyThe purpose of this report is to present a bibliographic survey of research on critical variables in the design of operator controls. Major emphasis in selecting articles was placed on the problems of (1) types of manual operator controls, (2) selecting operator controls, (3) physical dimensions of operator controls, (4) inadvertent control operation and control coding, (5) environmental factors and personal equipment, and (6) layout of controls. Where pertinent, material has been added in the areas of (1) skilled operator movement characteristics and (2) display-control relationships. Of prime interest was the physical characteristics of operator controls111ocn009608166book19570.98Hunsicker, Paul AlfredA study of muscle forces and fatigue111ocn017314613book19600.98Closed Circuit Respiratory Systems SymposiumClosed circuit respiratory systems symposiumConference proceedings103ocn704338228com19600.92Passmore, E. MBeryllium joining WADC sponsored program102ocn693195323com19600.84Refractory metal constitution diagrams102ocn017483822book19610.96Borsky, Paul NCommunity reactions to Air Force noise. Parts I and II101ocn057182898book19610.96Trop, Donald CEffect of metals on the thermal and oxidative stability of lubricants at elevated temperatures"Silicone, silane, and mineral oil lubraicating fluids were studied at 700 degrees F under inert and oxidizing atmospheres while in the presence of various individual metals. Physical and chemical changes in the fluids and metals were noted. Fluids studied were two (2) methyl chlorophenyl silicones, a methyl phenyl silicone, a hydrogentaed mineral oil and a silane. Metals used included magnesium, titanium, aluminum, silver, copper brass, bronze, monel steel, stainless steel, copper-beryllium steel, vanadium tool steel, chrome plated steel, cast iron and chrome-molybdenum steel. The siland fluid was the least affected fluid and was alsothe most compatible fluid with metals"--P. iii102ocn001768717serial1.00United StatesTechnical report AFFDL-TR-Periodicals102ocn704337509com19600.84Coplan, Myron JA possible application of organic fibers in high temperature environment102ocn704337465com19560.92Chalk, Charles RFlight test of an autopilot installation as a lateral gust alleviator in a PT-26 airplane102ocn693233274com19600.93Oxidation of tungsten and tungsten based alloys71ocn002653732book19540.27United StatesWright Air Development Center, Air Research and Development Command, United States Air Force11ocn070055920book19601.00Alloy, SeymourAn analysis of the labor market affecting the Wright Air Development Division colloge recruitment program11ocn032170838book19570.10Wright Air Development Center : Air Research and Development Command, United States Air Force11ocn707738497book0.47United StatesWright Air Development Division : at any given instantFri Mar 21 15:33:33 EDT 2014batch18120