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Fri Mar 21 17:06:39 2014 UTClccn-n500072780.33Handwörterbuch der mathematischen Wirtschaftswissenschaften0.581.00Nobel Laureate John Harsanyi : from Budapest to Berkeley, 1920-2000 /14832231Reinhard_Seltenn 5000727842818Selten, R.Selten, R., 1930-Selten, R. (Reinhard)Зельтен, Рейнхардlccn-n81029411Gigerenzer, Gerdedtlccn-n81149264Harsanyi, John C.hnrlccn-n79113519Albers, Wulfedtlccn-no96004384Marschak, Thomas A.lccn-n2003109498Cassar, Alessandra1970-lccn-n83040023Tietz, Reinhardedtlccn-n92092707Friedman, Daniel1947-lccn-n79145552Universität BielefeldZentrum für Interdisziplinäre Forschunglccn-n96081916Strobel, Martinlccn-n2001092378Schreckenberg, MichaeledtSelten, ReinhardConference proceedingsInterviewsDecision makingReasoningGame theoryEquilibrium (Economics)Experimental economicsCooperationEconomics--MethodologyEconomics, MathematicalEconomics--ResearchEconomics--Simulation methodsPrices--Mathematical modelsPricingCompetitionSocial interactionOligopoliesTraffic accidents--Psychological aspectsTraffic accidents--Mathematical modelsHuman behavior--Mathematical modelsTraffic safety--Mathematical modelsEconomicsSelten, ReinhardEconomics--Psychological aspectsNash, John F.,MathematiciansSocial sciences--MethodologyOperations researchEnvironmental sciencesEngineeringEngineering mathematicsStatisticsMathematicsAwardsUniversität GrazAustria--GrazUniversities and colleges--AwardsEconomistsUniversities and colleges--FacultyGame theory--Economic aspectsCongresses and conventionsUniversity of California, Berkeley.--Department of EconomicsCaliforniaWalter A. Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley)Popper, Karl R.--(Karl Raimund),Harsanyi, John CStrategic planning19301961196219631964196519671968196919701973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020115519238593153.43BF448ocn468793945ocn489734829ocn489711102ocn489734629ocn797897549ocn797578774ocn797813622ocn802818009ocn797612571ocn444467906ocn845256790ocn845287614ocn797876264ocn468683095ocn753179490ocn444459134ocn076565528ocn723186662ocn470148679ocn820345125202716ocn049569412file20010.37Dahlem workshop on Bounded rationality (#the #adaptive toolbox) :Bounded rationality the adaptive toolboxConference proceedingsHow do people, animals, and institutions make decisions in a complex and uncertain world? Rational choice theory answers this question from the perspective of an omniscient and omnipotent superintelligence that decides by optimizing. In contrast, this book promotes the concept of the "adaptive toolbox," a repertoire of fast and frugal heuristics for real people with limited time, knowledge, and resources. It views bounded rationality neither as optimality under constraints nor as the study of people's reasoning fallacies. The strategies in the adaptive toolbox dispense with optimization and, for the most part, with calculations of probabilities and utilities. The book extends the concept of bounded rationality from cognitive tools to emotions; it analyzes social norms, imitation, and other cultural tools as rational strategies; and it shows how smart strategies can exploit the structures of environments. It brings together experts from cognitive science, economics, evolutionary biology, and anthropology to create an interdisciplinary basis for understanding the adaptive toolbox+-+496725717546322ocn017263922book19840.73Harsanyi, John CA general theory of equilibrium selection in games+-+938730717532433015ocn000902435book19740.79Marschak, Thomas AGeneral equilibrium with price-making firmsGeneral equilibrium with a monopolistic sector: equilibria of traditional type; A new approach to monopolistic and other noncooperative equilibria: the theory of "convolution"; Oligopolistic economies as games of limited information: description of equilibria; Oligopolistic economies as games limited information: existence of equilibria21112ocn017297340book19870.84Selten, ReinhardModels of strategic rationality+-+481172275421115ocn052963228book20040.66Friedman, DanielEconomics lab : an intensive course in experimental economicsConference proceedingsThis textbook sketches the history of experimental economics before moving on to describe how to set up an economics experiment and to survey selected applications and the latest methods+-+07597806951979ocn018163454book19880.86Tietz, ReinhardBounded rational behavior in experimental games and markets : proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Experimental Economics, Bielefeld, West Germany, September 21-25, 1986Conference proceedingsThe book reports on recent experimental research on expectations and decision making in bargaining, markets, auctions, or coalition formation situations. The investi- gated topics deliver building stones for a bounded rational theory as an approach to explain behavior and interpersonal interactions in economic and social relationships17411ocn025163451book19920.84Selten, ReinhardRational interaction : essays in honor of John C. HarsanyiThe unifying theme of the 23 contributions to this book is the social interaction of rational individuals. The work of John C. Harsanyi on game theory, social choice, and the philosophy of science finds an echo in these essays. Contributions by well known game theorists and economists present a great variety of stimulating theoretical investigations. Part I contains six papers on non-cooperative game theory written by Maschler, Owen, Myerson, Peleg, Rosenmüller, Hart and Mas-Collel. Part II with three contributions by Kalei, Samet, van Damme, d'Aspremont, and Gérard-Varet is devoted to the use of non-cooperative game theory in the analysis of problems of mechanism design. Basic questions of non-cooperative game theory are discussed in three essays by Güth, Hardin, and Sugden in Part III. Applied game models are discussed in three papers by Friedman, Selten, and Shubik in Part IV. Problems of social choice are investigated in Part V which deals with utilitarianism and related topics in five contributions by Hammond, Binmore, Arrow, Roemer, and Broome. Finally, Part VI contains three papers: an interdisciplinary comparison of physics and economics by Samuelson, a methodological essay by Brock, and an appraisal of the work of John C. Harsanyi+-+92150059081709ocn003478941book19700.86Selten, ReinhardPreispolitik der Mehrproduktenunternehmung in der statischen Theorie1418ocn035331306book19960.84Understanding strategic interaction : essays in honor of Reinhard SeltenStrategic interaction occurs whenever it depends on others what one finally obtains: on markets, in firms, in politics etc. Game theorists analyse such interaction normatively, using numerous different methods. The rationalistic approach assumes perfect rationality whereas behavioral theories take into account cognitive limitations of human decision makers. In the animal kingdom one usually refers to evolutionary forces when explaining social interaction. The volume contains innovative contributions, surveys of previous work and two interviews which shed new light on these important topics of the research agenda. The contributions come from highly regarded researchers from all over the world who like to express in this way their intellectual inspiration by the Nobel-laureate Reinhard Selten1177ocn040076630book19990.81Selten, ReinhardGame theory and economic behaviour : selected essays+-+67233430361066ocn055995225book20040.88Schreckenberg, MichaelHuman behaviour and traffic networksConference proceedingsHow do people behave in different traffic situations? Are there general laws for mathematical modelling of decision dynamics? The answers, given at the first international workshop on "Human Behaviour in Traffic Networks", are presented in this volume. In 13 articles, well-known experts report about their current work on experiments and modelling in this area. The topics range from psychological behaviour in traffic situations, traffic simulations of various aspects and market analysis to experiments with human participants used in experimental economics. The articles filled with many illustrations are aimed at interested students as well as experts in this field+-+0577675908643ocn044098022book19640.39Shubik, MartinSpieltheorie und Sozialwissenschaften554ocn005666415book19790.73Albers, WulfEntscheidungen in kleinen Gruppen543ocn049899039visu19930.56Game theory applicationsInterviewsDr. John F. Nash Jr., Professor of Mathematics and 1994 Nobel Prize winner, Economics, in conversation with Professor Dr. Reinhard Selten, Director Laboratory for Experimental Economics and 1994 Nobel Prize winner, Economics. Discussion includes non-corporate modeling, game theory and economic modeling514ocn490494656book19790.33Beckmann, Martin JHandwörterbuch der mathematischen Wirtschaftswissenschaften4216ocn468793945book19910.81Selten, ReinhardGame equilibrium models+-+7277905908379ocn851369365book19910.47Selten, ReinhardGame equilibrium modelsThe four volumes of Game Equilibrium Models present applications of non-cooperative game theory. Problems of strategic interaction arising in biology, economics, political science and the social sciences in general are treated in 42 papers on a wide variety of subjects. Internationally known authors with backgrounds in various disciplines have contributed original research. The reader finds innovative modelling combined with advanced methods of analysis. The four volumes are the outcome of a research year at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Bielefeld. The close interaction of an international interdisciplinary group of researchers has produced an unusual collection of remarkable results of great interest for everybody who wants to be informed on the scope, potential, and future direction of work in applied game theory. Volume IV Social and Political Interaction contains game equilibrium models focussing on social and political interaction within communities or states or between states, i.e. national and international social and political interaction. Specific aspects of those interactions are modelled as non-cooperative games and their equilibria are analysed+-+5377905908366ocn006377738book19790.50Handwörterbuch der mathematischen Wirtschaftswissenschaften356ocn833552255book19990.47Selten, ReinhardGame theory and economic behaviour : selected essays+-+6723343036348ocn769639392book19910.37Selten, ReinhardGame equilibrium models+-+107790590891ocn680623628com20100.66Sadrieh, AbdolkarimThe Selten School of Behavioral Economics a collection of essays in honor of Reinhard SeltenReinhard Selten, to date the only German Nobel Prize laureate in economics, celebrates his 80th birthday in 2010. While his contributions to game theory are well-known, the behavioral side of his scientific work has received less public exposure, even though he has been committed to experimental research during his entire career, publishing more experimental than theoretical papers in top-tier journals. This Festschrift is dedicated to Reinhard Selten's exceptional influence on behavioral and experimental economics. In this collection of academic highlight papers, a number of his students are71ocn064738064book19960.47Ehrenpromotion des Herrn Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Reinhard Selten der Universität Bonn zum Doktor der Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften21ocn048150775book20001.00Harsanyi, John CNobel Laureate John Harsanyi : from Budapest to Berkeley, 1920-2000InterviewsChildhood in pre-WWII Budapest; studies in leather chemistry, pharmacy, sociology; German invasion, 1944, escape from Communist Hungary to Austria; Australia, 1950-1961: studies in economics, teaching at U. of Queensland, Wayne State University, Yale; Institute of Behavioral Science, Stanford, 1965-1966; professor at UC Berkeley, 1964-1990; reflections on arms control theory, game theory, utilitarian theory; work with Karl Popper, Reinhard Selten, John Nash, and other economists; Nobel Prize award and ceremony, 199411ocn035185614book19951.00Oh, Jeong HunThree essays on equilibrium selection in games+-+4967257175+-+4967257175Fri Mar 21 15:34:54 EDT 2014batch28021