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Fri Mar 21 17:07:18 2014 UTClccn-n500785330.28Twenty years after0.630.96Breviario dei politici secondo il cardinale Mazzarino /17254063Cardinal_Mazarinn 50078533112181Jules, Cardinal MazarinJules MazarinMasarini, Iulius 1602-1661Masarinus, Iulius.Mazarein, Iulles 1602-1661Mazarin, Cardinal.Mazarin, Cardinal 1602-1661Mazarin, Cardinal JulesMazarin, cardinal (Jules), 1602-1661Mazarin, Giulio, 1602-1661Mazarin, JulesMazarin, Jules, CardinalMazarin, Jules, Cardinal, 1602-1661Mazarin, Juliusz.Mazarin, Julles 1602-1661Mazarin Kardinal 1602-1661Mazarin, ..., M., 1602-1661Mazarine, JulioMazarine, Julio, 1602-1661Mazarini Cardinalis 1602-1661Mazarini, Džulio 1602-1661Mazarini, Giulio.Mazarini, Giulio, 1602-1661Mazarini, Giulio Raimondo, 1602-1661Mazarino, Cardenal 1602-1661Mazarino, JulioMazarino, Julio, 1602-1661Mazarinus Cardinalis 1602-1661Mazarinus, Julius, 1602-1661Mazaryn, Julius.Mazaryn, Julius 1602-1661Mazerino, Julio 1602-1661Mazzarini, GiulioMazzarini, Giulio, 1602-1661Mazzarini, Giulio RaimondoMazzarini, Juliusz.Mazzarino, cardinalMazzarino, Giulio.Mazzarino, Giulio 1602-1661Mazzarino, Giulio, card., 1602-1661Mazzarino, Giulio R. 1602-1661Mazzarino, Giulio Raimondo.Mazzarino, Giulio Raimondo, 1602-1661Mazzarino, Gulio Raimondo.Mazzarino, Jules 1602-1661viaf-12314392Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessisduc de1585-1642dtelccn-n84156977Treasure, G. 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history1602166116021607161116121615161616211622162516271632163416361638164116421643164416451646164716481649165016511652165316541655165616571658165916601661166216631664166516661667166816691671167216731674167516771678168116821684168516861687168816891690169116921693169416951696169816991700170117021703170417051707170817091710171217131714171517161717171817201721172217231724172717291730173317341736174017421744174517481750175117531754175517591762176517671768177617771779178617881790179117921796180118041806181818251826183618391842184318441845184618501852185318541856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671869187018721873187518761878187918801881188218831884188518861887188918901891189218931894189618971899190019011902190319041905190619071908191019111912191319141921192219231924192819291932193319341935193919401944194619471952195419551956195919611962196319651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122865026663862074HB151ocn833268727ocn833000516ocn257560241ocn245899321ocn249831362ocn257772622ocn833401876ocn247494527ocn832246542ocn246095346ocn187147227ocn187147176ocn187147170ocn187147451ocn187147263ocn187147185ocn187147384ocn187147194ocn187147447ocn187147392ocn797859905ocn800850223ocn801015799ocn457556377ocn801323868ocn801212157ocn761338567ocn800997189ocn797722648ocn797297161ocn255788839ocn248822758ocn466739896ocn466778564ocn466739912ocn467123891ocn466739900ocn466739903ocn466739911ocn466739916ocn311878770ocn311567380ocn846560346ocn846565041ocn846565043ocn846560347ocn312247362ocn312247566ocn312131120ocn033307472ocn033307430ocn033299586ocn367544004ocn033299578ocn847571153ocn847573593ocn457736810ocn693484986ocn847571289ocn847573575ocn847573603ocn847573617ocn847573492ocn801389125ocn801389657ocn801372559ocn468028444ocn822756362ocn822756286ocn420898984ocn7241243091934ocn065346297file17440.84An apology for the conduct of the present administration as to foreign affairs generally, but particularly with regard to France : illustrating the views of that ambitious crown on all Flanders, from authentic proofs, and shewing that His Majesty's commanding the confederate army in person, is the only way of being really at the head of the confederacy, and of humbling that haughty hereditary enemy : in a letter to a noble lord in the oppositionHistory1606ocn012318635book16910.88Mazarin, JulesCardinal Mazarin's letters to Lewis XIV, the present King of France, on his love to the Cardinal's niece together with his secret negotiation with Don Lewis D'Haro, chief minister to the King of SpainHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence15622ocn001140569book18360.81Mazarin, JulesLettres du cardinal Mazarin à la reine, à la princesse palatine, etc., écrites pendant sa retraite hors de France, en 1651 et 1652HistorySources15417ocn007039013book18720.92Mazarin, JulesLettres du cardinal Mazarin pendant son ministèreHistorySources15016ocn038269053book19840.70Mazarin, JulesBréviaire des politiciensHistoryCaricatures and cartoonsHumor1296ocn065324659com16490.86Lettre du Mazarin escrite a l'agent de ses affaires à Rome pour son retourHumor1215ocn065326852com16490.90Lettre du cardinal Mazarin escrite au serenissime archiduc Leopold ensemble celle de Monsieur de la Tour, gouuerneur d'Arras, escrite à Monseigneur le prince de ContyAnecdotes1195ocn065327871com16490.92Testament solemnel du cardinal Mazarin par luy fait au temps des baricades et trouué depuis sa sortie de Paris en son cabinet, datté du 29 aoust 1648 : auec l'aduertissement de la vente de ses biens, &c., suiuant l'arrest de la Cour du mois precedantHumor1184ocn065320722file16490.92Sommaire de la doctrine curieuse du cardinal Mazarin par luy declaree en une lettre qu'il escrit à un sien confident, pour se purger de l'arrest du Parlement & des faicts dont il est accusé : ensemble la response à icelle par laquelle il est dissuadé de se representer au Parlement1157ocn024195534book19910.93Naudé, GabrielConsidérations politiques sur la Fronde : la correspondance entre Gabriel Naudé et le cardinal MazarinHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence794ocn606709204file16560.66Cromwell, OliverHis Highnesse letter to his Eminency Cardinall MazarinHistory788ocn004175846book18590.81Retz, Jean François Paul de Gondi deMémoires du cardinal de Retz adressés à madame de CaumartinHistorySources716ocn023537293book18360.93Mazarin, JulesLettres du Cardinal Mazarin à la reine, à la Princesse Palatine, etc.History462ocn048907801book20000.79Garcia, JoëlleLes représentations gravées du Cardinal Mazarin au XVIIe sièclePortraits411ocn420247668book19680.86Dethan, GeorgesMazarin et ses amis, étude sur la jeunesse du Cardinal d'après ses papiers conservés aux archives du Quai d'Orsay, suivie d'un choix de lettres inédites401ocn832935694file16630.76Mazarin, JulesThe last will and testament of the late renowned Cardinal Mazarini, deceased February 27, 1660 together with some historical remarques of his lifeThe translation of the will and the authorship of the Remarques have been ascribed to James Howell. Cf. Vann, W.H. Notes on the writings of James Howell, 1924, p. 63-644024ocn043072818book16900.79Mazarin, JulesLettres du cardinal Mazarin où l'on voit le secret de la négociation de la paix des Pirenées : et la relation des conférences qu'il a eues pour ce sujet, avec D. Louis de Haro, ministre d'EtatHistorySources393ocn607023273file16520.66The declaration of the Cardinal Mazarini touching his departure out of France, justifying himself from all those things laid to his charge by the princes and Parliament: with the Princes and Parliaments message to the King of France, touching his return to Paris, and their declaration of submission to his Majesty. Also, a perfect narrative of the last great and terrible fight between the English fleet under Sir George Ascue, and the Dutch navy under Admiral de Witte, and the losse on both sides impartially related, and the recruiting of the English fleet with 500 fresh men. Likewise, great nuor nrw b598 and nrw b598/upd and fishermen gone Northwards, and their taking of divers English fishermen, and barks comming from IselandHistoryNaval history337ocn001669042book18610.90Mazarin, JulesInventaire de tous les meubles du Cardinal Mazarin : dressé en 1653, et publié d'après l'original, conservé dans les archives de CondéCatalogs2811ocn010017784book19810.96Mazarin, JulesBreviario dei politici secondo il cardinale MazzarinoHumor145010ocn045732880com19950.37Treasure, G. R. RMazarin the crisis of absolutism in FranceHistoryBiography'A superbly written and engrossing study of one of the major political leaders of 17th-century Europe. Treasure gives the reader a vivid picture of the times of Mazarin, as well as an insight into his life.' A. Lloyd Moote, USC+-+966716069513216ocn456408870com20080.50Sonnino, PaulMazarin's quest the Congress of Westphalia and the coming of the FrondeHistoryBiographyIn a provocative study, Paul Sonnino examines the diplomatic negotiations that took place in Westphalia from 1643 to 1648, which brought an end to the agonising civil and religious conflict of the Thirty Years' War+-+773685921510753ocn050899842com19980.39Treasure, G. R. RRichelieu and MazarinHistoryBiographyRichelieu and Mazarin compares these two striking, but very different, statesmen and evaluates their careers and achievements in the light of modern research+-+490806069565013ocn001847291book19030.56Hassall, ArthurMazarinHistory5954ocn000445414book19690.59Church, William FarrThe impact of absolutism in France : national experience under Richelieu, Mazarin, and Louis XIV51521ocn000497429book18860.66Perkins, James BreckFrance under Mazarin, with a review of the administration of RichelieuHistory4821ocn003148259book19770.56Dethan, GeorgesThe young MazarinBiography4293ocn016465513book19880.66Bonney, RichardSociety and government in France under Richelieu and Mazarin, 1624-6131835ocn012259584book16870.86Courtilz de Sandras, GatienThe memoirs of the Count de Rochefort containing an account of what past most memorable, under the ministry of Cardinal Richelieu and Cardinal Mazarin, with many particular passages of the reign of Lewis the GreatHistoryFiction2904ocn039605934book19960.79Croxton, DerekPeacemaking in early modern Europe : Cardinal Mazarin and the Congress of Westphalia, 1643-1648HistoryThe Congress of Westphalia has always been famous for two things: as the first modern multilateral peace conference, and for lasting more than five years. Most observers blame the failure to conclude a truce during the peace talks as the crucial reason for the length of the negotiations; statesmen on all sides, but especially Cardinal Mazarin, are held to have prolonged the conference deliberately in the hope of exploiting military success to make greater territorial gains in the peace treaty. Recently, a contrary view has sprung up that identifies Mazarin as an internationalist, almost a pacifist. In this assessment, the French military effort was incompetent, and French gains in the peace treaty minimal. The dissertation resolves these conflicting views by a close study of Mazarin's negotiating policy, his military strategy, and their effect on one another. It concludes that Mazarin cannot be considered an internationalist, far less a pacifist, because he adopted a tough negotiating stance and an effective military policy. At the same time, the military campaigns cannot be blamed for the length of the negotiations, for Mazarin never increased his demands once he had made them formally. In fact, almost all French demands were resolved in the first six months of 1646. Why, then, did the war continue for another two and a half years? The answer is that France was dependent on its allies, particularly Sweden. French policy was a delicate balancing act aimed at achieving maximum gains while offending as few of the many participating states as possible. Unsuccessful with regard to the Dutch, who deserted de facto in 1647, Mazarin was more cautious with regard to the Swedes. By remaining engaged in the German conflict in spite of his desire to turn France's full might against Spain, Mazarin assured France of substantial territorial gains in the Empire+-+42656402062843ocn022735398book19900.79Goubert, PierreMazarinHistoryBiography2735ocn052239820book20030.81Sturdy, D. JRichelieu and Mazarin : a study in statesmanshipBiographyDrawing on recent research, David Sturdy presents a concise and comparative analysis of the private and public careers of Richelieu and Mazarin. Several chapters are devoted to such central themes as the international government of France and the conduct of foreign policy, while others deal with the political strategies of the two men, the relations between the ministers and the crown, and the patronage which they exercised. The study concludes with an assessment of the historical significance of Richelieu and Mazarin+-+74480288852367ocn231883510book18930.28Dumas, AlexandreTwenty years afterHistoryComic books, strips, etcFictionAdventure storiesHistorical fictionTwenty years after was serialized in the magazine Le Siecle from January to August 1845: The year is now 1648, twenty years since the close of the last story. Louis XIII has died, as has Cardinal Richelieu, and while the crown of France may sit upon the head of Anne of Austria as Regent for the young Louis XIV, the real power resides with the Cardinal Mazarin, her secret husband. D'Artagnan is now a lieutenant of musketeers, and his three friends have retired to private life. Athos turned out to be a nobleman, the Comte de la Fere, and has retired to his home with his son, Raoul de Bragelonne. Aramis, whose real name is D'Herblay, has followed his intention of shedding the musketeer's cassock for the priest's robes, and Porthos has married a wealthy woman, who left him her fortune upon her death. But trouble is stirring in both France and England+-+217280446521413ocn005761708book18500.93Moreau, CBibliographie des mazarinadesBibliography2095ocn000847943book19670.84Jansen, PauleLe Cardinal Mazarin et le mouvement janséniste français, 1653-1659, d'après les documents inédits conservés dans les Archives du Ministère des affaires étrangères2063ocn001084839book19670.81Grand-Mesnil, Marie-NoëleMazarin, la Fronde et la presse, 1647-1649History2057ocn065327927com16590.84Retz, Jean François Paul de Gondi deFrance no friend to England, or, The resentments of the French upon the success of the English as it is expressed in a most humble and important remonstrance to the King of France upon the surrendring of the maritime ports of Flanders into the hands of the English : wherein much of the private transactions between Cardinal Mazarin and the late Protector Oliver are discoveredHistory18910ocn000585462book19350.73Bailly, AugusteMazarinHistory1864ocn000270354book19680.86Dethan, GeorgesMazarin et ses amis, étude sur la jeunesse du Cardinal d'après ses papiers conservés aux archives du Quai d'Orsay, suivie d'un choix de lettres inédites1684ocn000621120book19720.86Guth, PaulMazarinHistoryBiography+-+4908060695Fri Mar 21 15:51:46 EDT 2014batch86508