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Thu Oct 16 17:50:50 2014 UTClccn-n500823750.00Kōkan no shakaigaku : jī shī hōmanzu no shakai kōdōron0.581.00Philosophische Aspekte der Wechselwirkung in der Soziologie : Darstellung des Problems anhand der Theorie von George Caspar Homans /108374417George_C._Homansn 50082375115847Homans, Georg C. 1910-1989Homans, Georg Caspar 1910-1989Homans, George C.Homans, George C. 1910-1989ホーマンズ, G. Cホーマンズ, ジョージ・Clccn-n80015395Parsons, Talcott1902-1979lccn-n86828299Fararo, Thomas J.lccn-n81097162Merton, Robert King1910-2003auiedtlccn-n88002034Curtis, Charles P.(Charles Pelham)1891-1959lccn-nr91009878Kunkel, John H.1932-edtlccn-no2002049638Turk, Hermancomedtlccn-n87892292Simpson, Richard L.edtviaf-50577765Hamblin, Robert Lee1928-lccn-n79018804Pareto, Vilfredo1848-1923lccn-n79091271Schneider, David Murray1918-Homans, George Caspar1910-1989HistoryCase studiesBiographySocial interactionHomans, George Caspar,Social psychologySmall groupsParsons, Talcott,Social sciencesEnglandVillage communitiesPeasantsAgricultureManners and customsGreat BritainSociology--PhilosophySocial systemsAction theorySociologyConsanguinityTrattato di sociologia generale (Pareto, Vilfredo)Structures élémentaires de la parenté (Lévi-Strauss, Claude)Psychology, IndustrialJob satisfactionUnited StatesSociologistsPareto, Vilfredo,VillagesKinshipSocial historyAnniversariesMassachusettsConstitution (Frigate)CommerceSocial history--MedievalExchange theory (Sociology)Skinner, B. F.--(Burrhus Frederic),Social groupsHarvard University.--Society of FellowsMarriageEthnologyAnthropology--MethodologyEthnology--MethodologyGroup identityInterpersonal relationsSocial exchangeCross-cousin marriageMotivation (Psychology)Church work with older peopleQuine, W. V.--(Willard Van Orman)Fuller, R. Buckminster--(Richard Buckminster),Simon, Herbert A.--(Herbert Alexander),Professions19101989193019311932193419411942194819501951195219551957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919811982198319841985198619871988198919911992199319941995199719981999200020012004200520062007200920102011201312057106551301.15HM291ocn185560314ocn468353000203891ocn000254975book19500.50Homans, George CasparThe human groupSkildring af menneskers indbyrdes forhold og adfærd på baggrund af fem sociale gruppe-inddelinger+-+1720555106183661ocn000255778book19580.56Homans, George CasparSocial behavior: its elementary forms. Under the general editorship of Robert K. Merton153348ocn000399066book19410.56Homans, George CasparEnglish villagers of the thirteenth centuryHistory77641ocn000329761book19620.63Homans, George CasparSentiments & activities; essays in social science76820ocn000266649book19670.59Homans, George CasparThe nature of social science+-+807901106573120ocn028907573book19340.59Homans, George CasparAn introduction to Pareto, his sociology42310ocn002188910book19760.74Behavioral theory in sociology : essays in honor of George C. Homans30814ocn001961129book19550.79Homans, George CasparMarriage, authority, and final causes; a study of unilateral cross-cousin marriage2715ocn014214956book19870.84Homans, George CasparCertainties and doubts : collected papers, 1962-198526425ocn074106177book19600.47Homans, George CasparTheorie der sozialen Gruppe1456ocn000475604book19300.39Homans, George CasparMassachusetts on the sea, 1630-1930History11511ocn299609147book19680.37Homans, George CasparElementarformen sozialen Verhaltens = Social behavior, its elementary forms958ocn250289244book19690.47Homans, George CasparWas ist Sozialwissenschaft?573ocn017202731book19880.95Homans, George CasparThe witch Hazel : poems of a lifetime377ocn813640031book19300.39Homans, George CasparShe hui ke xue de ben zhi242ocn018885229book19480.96Homans, George CasparThe Society of Fellows2411ocn246490447book19840.66Homans, George CasparComing to my senses : the autobiography of a sociologistBiography2010ocn018917552book19630.47Homans, George CasparEl grupo humano196ocn489724016book19580.63Zaleznik, AbrahamThe motivation, productivity, and satisfaction of workers; a prediction studyCase studies175ocn799293834book19750.74Homans, George CasparLe forme elementari del comportamento sociale12246ocn070769432file20010.53Fararo, Thomas JSocial action systems foundation and synthesis in sociological theory+-+47182402753244844ocn010458189book19840.66Homans, George CasparComing to my senses : the autobiography of a sociologistBiography4104ocn000219280book19710.66Turk, HermanInstitutions and social exchange; the sociologies of Talcott Parsons & George C. Homans1261ocn063125883book20060.90George C. Homans : history, theory, and method+-+3646609406652ocn019130402book19860.77Boger, Horst WolfgangDer empirische Gehalt der Austauschtheorie von George Caspar Homans41ocn223389173book19620.63Needham, RodneyStructure and sentiment : a test case in social anthropology42ocn085900569book19860.47Hoffman, Jacobus RetiefDie verhouding tussen pastor en bejaarde langtermynpasi?ent beskou vanuit G.C. Homans se ruilteoretiese raamwerk21ocn002839186book19761.00Dick, AntonPhilosophische Aspekte der Wechselwirkung in der Soziologie : Darstellung des Problems anhand der Theorie von George Caspar Homans21ocn000775383book19640.92Turk, HermanResearch and commentary on the theorems and perspectives of George C. Homans21ocn676546308book20050.47Kōkan no shakaigaku : G C hōmanzu no shakai kōdō ron11ocn054478001art1999Homans, George Caspar11ocn232006502mix1.00Radcliffe College Archives sound recordings collectionMusicComposite collection of audiotapes, wire and other sound recordings of Radcliffe College events, including lectures, seminars, and student, alumnae and Bunting Institute concerts. The tapes also include interviews with Bunting Institute fellows11ocn077066047rcrd19981.00Harvard UniversityHarvard University Society of Fellows 'Conversations'InterviewsInterviews with some of the earliest members of the Society of Fellows with an introduction by James Grier Miller. Interviews concern the life stories of the early fellows11ocn079262255book19680.92Sahl, Robert JHoman's interaction-sentiment hypothesis and introversion, extroversion and anxiety11ocn076976740book1.00Homans, George CasparPapers of George Caspar HomansContains correspondence, speeches, manuscripts of publications and lectures, course materials, appointment books, sermons, poems, and other papers. Papers relate to Homans' teaching activities and scholarship while he served as professor of sociology at Harvard University. Some papers deal with his terms as visiting professor at several universities in England. The subject content of the materials focuses on issues in the fields of English social history, industrial sociology, social psychology, kinship, and the dynamics of small groups. Related publications and reference material available in repository. For information on component parts of the collection, see Harvard Archives LOCATION below11ocn169976750book2005Hashimoto, ShigeruKōkan no shakaigaku : jī shī hōmanzu no shakai kōdōron11ocn640020713book19680.92Skidmore, WilliamThe relationships of models of man to sociological explanation in three sociological theories, by William L. Skidmore11ocn269599079mix1.00Barnard, Chester IPapersManuscripts, letters, and notes relating to Barnard's writings and lectures on management subjects. There are six folders of material by or about Lawrence J. Henderson of Harvard. Correspondents include Adelbert Ames, Jr., James B. Conant, William E. Hocking, George C. Homans, Robert K. Merton, Talcott Parsons, and others01ocn122575920mixHenderson, Lawrence JosephIncludes notes, letters, manuscripts and published papers which were found in a file cabinet at the Fatigue Lab. A good portion of the collection documents arrangements for various committee meetings and personal gatherings and thus is a rich resource in documenting Henderson's influence in various disciplines at Harvard. There is especially valuable material on Pareto and on Chester Bernard01ocn122561166mixRadcliffe College sound recordingsMusicComposite collection of audio tapes, wire and other sound recordings of Radcliffe College events, lectures, seminars, and student, alumnae and Bunting Institute concerts. The tapes also include interviews with Bunting Institute fellows+-+1720555106+-+1720555106Thu Oct 16 15:12:22 EDT 2014batch25809