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Thu Oct 16 18:02:30 2014 UTClccn-n500827210.00Reinhard Heydrich. 7. März, 1904-4. Juni, 1942. [With plates, includingportraits.]0.260.96Za Heydrichem stín72185701Reinhard_Heydrichn 500827218505544116176Geĭdrikh, Reĭngard 1904-1942Gejdrich, Rejnchard 1904-1942Heydrich.Heydrich, R. 1904-1942Heydrich, R. (Reinhard), 1904-1942Heydrich, Reinhard Eugen Tristan 1904-1942Heydrich, Reinhard Tristan Eugen 1904-1942הידריך, רינהרדהיידריך, ריינהרדlccn-n79112414Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-ParteiSchutzstaffellccn-n2007018280Binet, Laurentlccn-n79142922MacDonald, C. A.lccn-nb2005004402Taylor, Sam1970-trllccn-n82034756Turtledove, Harrylccn-nr2003028221Gerwarth, Robertlccn-no97011138McNally, Kevinlccn-no2005047003Kay, Barnabylccn-n88642196Pierson, Frank R.drtlccn-no96006547Tucci, StanleyHeydrich, Reinhard1904-1942BiographySourcesHistoryDramaHeydrich, Reinhard,CzechoslovakiaWorld War (1939-1945)GermanyNazisUnderground movements, WarAssassinationNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.--SchutzstaffelPolitical scienceHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Eichmann, Adolf,HistoriographyMeetingsGermany--BerlinCanaris, Wilhelm,Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.--Schutzstaffel.--SicherheitsdienstWar criminalsCzech Republic--PragueCzech AmericansOperation Anthropoid (1942)Gabčík, Josef,Kubiš, Jan,Wannsee-KonferenzCzech RepublicHitler, Adolf,Military campaignsHeads of stateNational socialismThrillers (Motion pictures)Historical fictionFilm noirPlanningJews--Government policyUrban warfareCounterinsurgencyGuerrilla warfareAllied ForcesUnternehmen WerwolfCzech fictionLove storiesMP3 (Audio coding standard)Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-ParteiJews--PersecutionsJews--Study and teachingGermansAnti-Nazi movementDramaAmerican fictionSoldiersLove190419421935193619381941194219431944194519471957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201315113222481940.53437DD247.H42ocn247876735ocn072632614268ocn010891239book19350.66Heydrich, ReinhardWandlungen unseres KampfesHistory211ocn192101142visu20010.24Hitler a careerBiographyHow did a provincial rabble-rouser from Austria rise to become Germany's messianic Fuhrer? Why did Germans from all walks of life embrace the fascist Nazi philosophy and willingly follow Hitler into a titanic conflict and utter destruction? This meticulously assembled film dissects the Third Reich with a keen analytical blade, charting Hitler's improbable rise, his mastery of imagery and crowd psychology, and his consummate skill in exploiting the weaknesses in others. Examining the public and private dynamics of Nazism's unhinged dictatorship by making use of an amazing array of never-before-seen film footage from secret archives and private collections, Hitler: A Career uncovers the deeper causes behind the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich1311ocn559436085book19600.23Burgess, AlanSeven men at daybreakStory of the men who parachuted into Czechoslovakia to kill Nazi General Heydrich in 194251ocn026298858book19470.96Andrejs, JaroslavZa Heydrichem stín44ocn560451400book19630.94Ivanov, MiroslavNejen černé uniformy : monology o atentátu na Reinharda HeydrichaAtentát na Heydricha, jeho motivy a důsledky, dosud zcela historiografie neobjasnila. Zvláště zapomínala na stovky drobných a prostých hrdinů, kteří pomáhali útočníkům. Za těmi se vypravil autor. Shromáždil třicet vyprávění a písemných svědectví; dosvědčují odhodlání k boji proti okupantům31ocn249775987book19420.47Tagung der Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft und der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Wirtschaft in Böhmen und Mähren : (Bericht. 1. Reinhard Heydrich zum Gedächtnis)31ocn252250163book19790.93Ivanov, MiroslavAtentát na Reinharda HeydrichaBiography33ocn753215769book19620.47WIGHTON, CharlesHeydrich21ocn560298799book1942Reichssicherheitshauptamt (GERMANY)Reinhard Heydrich. 7. März, 1904-4. Juni, 1942. [With plates, includingportraits.]21ocn559753748book1947DREJS, JanZa Heydrichem stín. (Vydání druhé.) [With illustrations.]21ocn560466842book19420.93Hronek, JiříCerná kniha Heydrichova režimu; dokumenty a zápisy září 1941-leden 1942Sources21ocn560166604book19640.88Hamšík, DušanBomba pro HeydrichaDruhé, v jednotlivostech rozšířené a doplněné vydání knihy, jež vyvolala nejživější pozornost. Opatřena dokumentárním materiálem podrobně popisuje a plně osvětluje nejednu nejasnost v událostech kolem atentátu na Heydricha21ocn560451315book19730.47Ivanov, MiroslavThe assassination of Heydrich, 27 May 194211ocn067877062book1942Heydrich, ReinhardMeine Ehre heisst Treue11ocn658169551book19700.47Wighton, CharlesHeydrich: l'ange du mal11ocn082136182book1971Heydrich, ReinhardUne lettre de Heydrich à Ribbentrop sur Vichy11ocn251754296book19810.53Graber, G. SThe life and times of Reinhard HeydrichBiography11ocn836818538book19410.47GermanyOrganisation und Meldedienst der Reichskriminalpolizei11ocn816335175visu20050.16Alain ResnaisDrama[Disc 1.]Hiroshima mon amour:1959. A French young woman has spent the night with a japanese man, at Hiroshima where she went for the shooting of a film about peace. He reminds her of the first man she loved. It was during World War II, and he was a German soldier. The main themes of this film are memory and oblivion. Written by Yepok While shooting an international movie about peace in Hiroshima, a married French actress (Emmanuelle Riva) has a torrid one night stand with a married Japanese architect (Eiji Okada). They feel a deep passion for each other and she discloses her first love in times of war in the French town of Nevers to him. He falls in love with her and asks her to stay with him in Hiroshima11ocn249833688book19690.35Wiener, Jan GThe assassination of HeydrichStory of the Czech resistance movement's role in the death of SS chief Reinhard Heydrich on May, 27, 1942, the destruction of Lidice and its aftermath141217ocn018833070book19890.26MacDonald, C. AThe killing of SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard HeydrichHistoryBiographyIt has been said that if responsibility for the Nazi camps can be laid at the feet of any one man, that man is Reinhard Heydrich. This book describes "Operation Anthropoid" - the Czech plan to assassinate Heydrich in 1942. Retribution for his violent death included several thousand executions and two villages being razed to the ground. Based on previously untouched archive material and interviews with surviving members of SOE and Czech military intelligence, this is an account of the motives for killing Heydrich, the course of the plan to execute him and how his killers were tracked down+-+4513531585137710ocn759175009book20090.20Binet, LaurentHHhHFictionHistorical fictionImagines the story of two Czechoslovakian partisans responsible for assassinating the "Butcher of Prague" Reinhard Heydrich, traces their escape from the Nazis and recruitment by the British secret service11067ocn181599921book20080.13Turtledove, HarryThe man with the iron heartFictionHistorical fictionWar storiesWhat if V-E Day didn't end World War II in Europe? What if, instead, the Allies had to face a potent, even fanatical, postwar Nazi resistance led by SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the notorious Man with the Iron Heart? How might today's clash of troops versus terrorists have played out in 1945?+-+3989500985102512ocn049390008visu20010.22Pierson, Frank RConspiracyHistoryDramaOn January 20, 1942, 15 German officials attended a conference at Wannsee - on the outskirts of Berlin. The meeting comprised of mid-ranking SS commanders and a variety of government ministers. The meeting was organized by SS Major Adolf Eichmann under the direction of Chief of Security Reinhard Heydrich. It was a polite conference, but under this thin veneer of manners lay an evil intent. By the end of the meeting, the fate of six million lives would be decided and the shape of the world would be altered forever101910ocn710816550book20110.26Gerwarth, RobertHitler's hangman : the life of HeydrichBiography"Reinhard Heydrich is widely recognized as one of the great iconic villains of the twentieth century, an appalling figure even within the context of the Nazi leadership. Chief of the Nazi Criminal Police, the SS Security Service, and the Gestapo, ruthless overlord of Nazi-occupied Bohemia and Moravia, and leading planner of the "Final Solution," Heydrich played a central role in Hitler's Germany. He shouldered a major share of responsibility for some of the worst Nazi atrocities, and up to his assassination in Prague in 1942, he was widely seen as one of the most dangerous men in Nazi Germany. Yet Heydrich has received remarkably modest attention in the extensive literature of the Third Reich. Robert Gerwarth weaves together little-known stories of Heydrich's private life with his deeds as head of the Nazi Reich Security Main Office. Fully exploring Heydrich's progression from privileged middle-class youth to a rapacious mass murderer, Gerwarth sheds new light on the complexity of Heydrich's adult character, his motivations, the incremental steps that led to unimaginable atrocities, and the consequences of his murderous efforts toward re-creating the entire ethnic makeup of Europe"--7855ocn070707786book20070.18Slouka, MarkThe visible worldHistoryFiction"The Visible World is an evocative, powerfully romantic novel about a son's attempt to understand his mother's past, a search that leads him to a tragic love affair and the heroic story of the assassination of a high-ranking Nazi by the Czech resistance. The narrator of The Visible World, the American-born son of Czech immigrants living in New York, grows up in an atmosphere haunted by fragments of a past he cannot understand. At the heart of that past is his mother, Ivana, a spontaneous, passionate woman drifting ever closer to despair. As an adult, the narrator travels to Prague, hoping to learn about a love affair between his then young mother and a member of the resistance named Tomas, an affair whose untimely end, he senses, lay behind Ivana's unhappiness. Ultimately unable to complete his knowledge of the past, he imagines the two lovers as participants in one of the more dramatic (and true) moments of the war, and through the deeply romantic story he tells, creates not only the ending of their story but the beginning of his own. The Visible World is a literary page-turner and an immensely moving novel about the vagaries of love and our need to make sense of life through the telling of stories." ... from publisher's description+-+98910236157774ocn010998731book19850.24Calic, EdouardReinhard Heydrich : the chilling story of the man who masterminded the Nazi death campsBiography5255ocn000247895book19690.35Wiener, Jan GThe assassination of HeydrichStory of the Czech resistance movement's role in the death of SS chief Reinhard Heydrich on May, 27, 1942, the destruction of Lidice and its aftermath5154ocn000948154book19740.35Brissaud, AndréThe Nazi secret serviceBogen beskriver perioden fra Röhm-massakren juli 1934 til det mislykkede Hitlerattentat november 1939 i München med vægt på de mellemliggende grusomheder50215ocn000860135book19600.23Burgess, AlanSeven men at daybreakStory of the men who parachuted into Czechoslovakia to kill Nazi General Heydrich in 19424343ocn006487368book19800.17Barwick, JamesThe Hangman's crusadeFiction3852ocn000855552book19740.31Ivanov, MiroslavTarget : Heydrich3551ocn007574157book19810.31Deschner, GüntherReinhard Heydrich, a biographyBiography3155ocn000721957book19620.39Wighton, CharlesHeydrich, Hitler's most evil henchmanDetailed personal and political biography of one of the chief architects of Nazi policy, from party files, secret records and interviews with some who knew him well including his widow3105ocn043596489visu19980.33Lang, FritzHangmen also die!DramaPursued by the Nazis after his assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, a member of the Czech underground enlists the aid of a young woman who soon finds herself entangled in the revolution's secret operations2424ocn006554727book19800.53Graber, G. SThe life and times of Reinhard HeydrichBiography2063ocn067375430book20060.26Dederichs, Mario RHeydrich : the face of evilBiography+-+61312180361788ocn006865379book19430.82Mann, HeinrichLidice : RomanHistoryFiction1732ocn046703879book20010.06Ramen, FredReinhard Heydrich : hangman of the Third ReichJuvenile worksBiographyExplores the life of this evil man, who rose in the ranks of the German army and was finally executed for his crimes against the Jews+-+74288487351706ocn232337213rcrd20080.10Turtledove, HarryThe man with the iron heartHistoryFictionBrilliant Nazi strategist Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated in 1942. This alternate history imagines his surviving, and plotting an insidious insurgency designed to keep the German battlefront alive long after the supposed end to hostilities. Now the Allies must attempt to suppress urban guerrilla warfare as they hunt for Heydrich+-+2953565596+-+3989500985Thu Oct 16 16:03:28 EDT 2014batch30840