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Fri Mar 21 17:10:56 2014 UTClccn-n500828380.33Boswell in Holland, 1763-1764, including his correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zélide)0.660.93Madame de Charrière : les premiers romans /46755588Isabelle_de_Charrièren 50082838116291Abbé de la Tour 1740-1805 PseudonymBelle de Zuylen 1740-1805 PseudonymC*** de Z*** 1740-1805C***, Frau vonCharrière, 1740-1805, Madame deCharrière, Belle deCharrière, Belle de, 1740-1805Charrière, ... de, Mme, 1740-1805Charrière, I. de (Isabelle)Charrière, Isabella A. de, 1740-1805Charrière, Isabella-Agneta-Elisabeth de 1740-1805Charrière, Isabella Agneta van Tuyll de, d. 1805Charrière, Isabella deCharrière, Isabella de 1740-1805Charrière, Isabelle-Agnès de 1740-1805Charrière, Isabelle-Agnés-Elisabeth de 1740-1805Charrière, Isabelle-Agnès-Elisabeth van T. de 1740-1805Charrière, Isabelle-Agnès-Élisabeth van Tuyll de, 1740-1805Charrière, Isabelle Agnès Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken van Zuylen deCharrière, Isabelle-Agnès-Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken van Zuylen de, 1740-1805Charrière, Isabelle Agneta Emilie van Tuyll deCharriere, Isabelle DeCharrière, Isabelle de, 1740-1805Charrière, Madame de.Charrière, Madame de, 1740-1805Charrière, Madame de (Isabelle), 1740-1805Charrière-van Tuyll van Serooskerken, Isabella Agneta Elisabeth de, 1740-1805De Charrière, IsabelleDe Charrière, Isabelle, 1740-1805De Zuylen, BelleDe Zuylen, Belle, 1740-1805La Tour, Abbé deLa Tour, ... de 1740-1805LaTour, ... de 1740-1805Madame de Charrière.Mme de Charrière.Serooskerken van Zuylen de Charrière, Isabelle-Agnès-Elisabeth van Tuyll van, 1740-1805Tuyll, Belle deTuyll, Belle de, 1740-1805Tuyll, Isabella A. van, 1740-1805Tuyll van Serooskerken, Isabella-Agneta-Elisabeth van 1740-1805Tuyll van Serooskerken, Isabelle Agnes Elisabeth van, 1740-1805Tuyll van Serooskerken van Zuylen de Charrière, Isabelle-Agnès-Elisabeth van, 1740-1805Van Serooskerken Van Zuylen, Isabelle Van TuyllVan Serooskerken Van Zuylen, Isabelle Van Tuyll 1740-1805Van Tuyll, Isabella A., 1740-1805Van Tuyll, IsabelleVan Tuyll, Isabelle 1740-1805Van Tuyll Van Serooskerken Van Zuylen, IsabelleVan Tuyll Van Serooskerken Van Zuylen, Isabelle 1740-1805Van Tuyll van Serooskerken van Zuylen, Isabelle Agnès ElisabethVan Zuylen, BelleVan Zuylen, Belle, 1740-1805ZelideZélide, 1740-1805Zélide 1740-1805 PseudonymZuylen, Belle de.Zuylen, Belle de, 1740-1805Zuylen, Belle vanZuylen, Belle van, 1740-1805Zuylen de Charrière, Isabelle-Agnès-Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken van, 1740-1805lccn-n79018795Boswell, James1740-1795crplccn-n80009683Constant, Benjamin1767-1830rcplccn-n86870849Scott, Geoffrey1885-1929edtlccn-n78081871Candaux, Jean-Danieledtlccn-n85007046Stewart, Philip1940-lccn-n82126682Stewart, Joan Hindelccn-n78089038StaëlMadame de(Anne-Louise-Germaine)1766-1817lccn-n78081235Sand, George1804-1876lccn-n50003452West, Anthony1914-1987lccn-nr90007760Constant de Rebecque, David-Louis-Constant de1722-1785Charrière, Isabelle de1740-1805Records and correspondenceFictionDomestic fictionBiographyBibliographyHistoryDiariesCharrière, Isabelle de,TravelNetherlandsBoswell, James,BiographersScotlandWomen and literatureConstant, Benjamin,FranceAuthors, FrenchNovelists, SwissEnglandMarried womenFrench-speaking countriesSand, George,Novelists, FrenchStaël,--Madame de--(Anne-Louise-Germaine),French fictionRiccoboni, Marie Jeanne de Heurles Laboras de Mezières,Domestic fictionAuthors, ScottishWomen as literary charactersFeminism and literatureAuthors, SwissConstant de Rebecque, David-Louis-Constant de,Grafigny,--Mme de--(Françoise d'Issembourg d'Happoncourt),Reason in literatureEnlightenmentFrench fiction--Women authorsWomen--Intellectual lifeCivilization, ModernRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Revolutionary literature, FrenchEthics in literatureDuty in literatureEpistolary fiction, FrenchDidactic literature, FrenchEthicsSex role in literatureSex roleEducation in literaturePolitics and literaturePolitical and social viewsSwitzerlandMarriage in literatureWomen authors, FrenchManners and customsCottin,--Madame--(Sophie),Epinay, Louise Florence Pétronille Tardieu d'Esclavelles,--marquise d',Short stories, French17401805176317641771177417831784178517861787178817891790179117921793179417951796179717981799180118061807180818091814181918221833184418451853185418571892189719061907190819091920192519261927192819291931193219331934193719381940194219431944195019521954195519561959196019611962196319641965196619671969197019711973197419751977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200420052006200720082009201020112012201312219446949928.2PQ1963.C55ocn658598406ocn844186300ocn658598389ocn658598374ocn658598364ocn658598381ocn658598393ocn798976678ocn801375151ocn801374739ocn799865183ocn798975559ocn799862407ocn801181409ocn466553031ocn720518220ocn461639332ocn466767976ocn658598374ocn470189320158013ocn000356794book19520.33Boswell, JamesBoswell in Holland, 1763-1764, including his correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zélide)DiariesRecords and correspondence3372ocn028548085book19930.63Charrière, Isabelle deLetters of Mistress Henley published by her friendFictionDomestic fiction+-+81227082353028ocn001559671book19520.59Boswell, JamesBoswell in Holland, 1763-1764, including the correspondence with Belle de Zuylen (Zélide)BiographyRecords and correspondenceBelle van Zuylen Isabelle de Charrière2573ocn028548097book19930.73Charrière, Isabelle deLettres de Mistriss Henley publiées par son amieFictionDomestic fiction+-+00227082351322ocn123968975book20070.92Charrière, Isabelle deThree women : a novel by the Abbé de la Tour"In the aftermath of the French Revolution, three women who have fled France - the straitlaced aristocrat Emilie, her lighthearted maid Josephine, and the worldly Constance - try to make new lives for themselves in Altendorf, Germany. Their experiences, difficulties, and choices address the philosophical question, Are moral theories adequate guides to good conduct?" "In her introduction to this late-eighteenth-century novel by Charriere, Emma Rooksby discusses the sentimental tradition, Enlightenment ideas, epistolary fiction, Charriere's career, and the difficult situation of women and women writers in postrevolutionary France." "Isabelle de Charriere, born in 1740 to a Dutch aristocratic family, wrote several novels critical of rigid social."--BOOK JACKET+-+86947082351313ocn000311160book19250.76Charrière, Isabelle deFour tales by Zélide [pseud.]1262ocn727703342book20120.39Charrière, Isabelle deThe nobleman and other romances" The only available English translation of writings by an Enlightenment-era Dutch aristocrat, writer, composer-and woman. Born Dutch, noble, and free-spirited, Isabelle de Charrière (also known as Belle de Zuylen) was an enlightened woman whose writings-not unlike Jane Austen's-tackled the intricacies of high society, particularly in matters of love. Published when she was only twenty- two, "The Nobleman" is a Persuasion-like tale whose heroine challenges her stodgy father in order to marry a man of unassuming ancestry. But Charrière did not confine herself to simple marriage plots and country courtships. Another story, "Eagonlette and Suggestina," is a thinly veiled critique of Marie Antoinette, cleverly disguised as a fairy tale. The nobleman and other romances will delight fans of Jane Austen and Enlightenment-era French literature. "--Provided by publisher1095ocn008174429book19790.79Charrière, Isabelle deCaliste, ou, Lettres écrites de LausanneRecords and correspondence1064ocn019930587book19880.92Charrière, Isabelle deIsabelle de Charrière, une aristocrate révolutionnaire : écrits, 1788-1794HistoryPortrait d'Isabelle de Charrière, par ses écrits et par les commentaires qu'en donne l'éditeur1047ocn745148904file17990.79Charrière, Isabelle deLetters written from Lausanne. Translated from the French.1033ocn040140908book19980.92Charrière, Isabelle deSainte AnneFiction1012ocn123968971book20070.84Charrière, Isabelle deTrois femmes : nouvelle de l'abbé de la Tour"In the aftermath of the French Revolution, three women who have fled France - the straitlaced aristocrat Emilie, her lighthearted maid Josephine, and the worldly Constance - try to make new lives for themselves in Altendorf, Germany. Their experiences, difficulties, and choices address the philosophical question, Are moral theories adequate guides to good conduct?" "In her introduction to this late-eighteenth-century novel by Charriere, Emma Rooksby discusses the sentimental tradition, Enlightenment ideas, epistolary fiction, Charriere's career, and the difficult situation of women and women writers in postrevolulionary France."--BOOK JACKET+-+0594708235991ocn002549167book19250.59Scott, GeoffreyThe portrait of ZélideBiographyLife of Isabelle de Charriere, writer and friend of Benjamin Constant944ocn029826205book19930.84Charrière, Isabelle deLettres trouvées dans des portefeuilles d'émigrés 1793HistoryFiction9010ocn025256173book17840.81Charrière, Isabelle deLettres neuchâteloises"La publication des "lettres neuchâteloises, en 1784, fit scandale. Voilà un petit chef-d'oeuvre qui entrelace subtilement un roman d'amour de la bonne société et les mésaventures d'une fille du peuple venue se brûler à la ville798ocn830981829file17880.88Charrière, Isabelle deLettres écrites de LausanneFiction796ocn009312033book19820.79Charrière, Isabelle deRomans746ocn830976162file17880.86Charrière, Isabelle deCaliste, ou, Suite des lettres écrites de LausannePart of the Microfiche ed. of the French literature portion of the Edition Corvey, a collection of rare books held at the Castle Corvey Library, located in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany6911ocn039324683book17980.81Charrière, Isabelle deTrois femmes6610ocn000888701book19710.73Charrière, Isabelle deLettres neuchâteloises. Suivi de Trois femmes78918ocn000730241book19250.59Scott, GeoffreyThe portrait of ZélideBiographyLife of Isabelle de Charriere, writer and friend of Benjamin Constant+-+54683403365482ocn000488318book19730.37West, AnthonyMortal woundsBiography2781ocn031815362book19950.86Allison, Jenene JRevealing difference : the fiction of Isabelle de CharrièreCriticism, interpretation, etcIn fact, her originality extends far beyond this scale. Charriere's novels not only work with literary conventions, they work on these conventions. For example, the figure of the heroine, plotted according to a standard plot line, serves at a more complex level to undermine the image of woman embedded in the heroine. Most telling are heroines plotted in the context of the French Revolution; they reflect the repressive image of woman that would emerge from the combination of republican ideology with the growing emphasis on maternalism. Surprisingly modern in this regard, these novels confirm recent interpretations of the gendering of the social sphere after the Revolution2462ocn041320107book20000.76Charrière, Isabelle deThere are no letters like yours : the correspondence of Isabelle de Charrière and Constant d'HermenchesRecords and correspondence"Although the two rarely saw each other, their epistolary friendship became one of great depth and scope. Their correspondence touches on a wide range of subjects; James Boswell's courtship of Isabelle, her opinions of English high society, the new smallpox inoculation, and visits by royalty. It includes firsthand accounts of the French conquest of Corsica and of Voltaire's social activism. Readers acquainted with Charriere's novels will see in these letters the same finely observed detail, epistolary style, and moral and intellectual awareness."--BOOK JACKET+-+09626785352364ocn354854373book20100.84Bostic, HeidiThe fiction of enlightenment : women of reason in the French eighteenth centuryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book argues that women authors of the French eighteenth century claimed reason and contributed to Enlightenment. It begins by framing the Enlightenment as fiction, in two senses: first, what passes under the name of Enlightenment in much current critical discourse is a fiction, or a caricatured construct; second, works of fiction can illuminate Enlightenment. The book offers fresh readings of texts by the three most prominent women among eighteenth-century writers in French: Francoise de Graffigny, Marie Jeanne Riccoboni, and Isabelle de Charrière. These authors challenged the widely held idea that women's reason was inferior to men's. Literary forms--novels, stories, plays, essays, and letters--allowed these authors to approach the question of reason in particularly nuanced ways. Faithful to the eighteenth century, this project is also relevant to the twenty-first."--BOOK JACKET+-+89258692351922ocn006586795book19800.84Courtney, C. PA preliminary bibliography of Isabelle de Charriere (Belle de Zuylen)Bibliography1874ocn029359183book19820.86Courtney, C. PIsabelle de Charrière (Belle de Zuylen) : a biographyBibliography1842ocn006091365book0.86Charrière, Isabelle deŒuvres complètesRecords and correspondenceVoir la correspondance d'Isabelle de Charrière (volumes 1 à 6)1692ocn008437374book19810.88Deguise, AlixTrois femmes : le monde de Madame de CharrièreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1493ocn029845191book19910.86Jaeger, Kathleen MMale and female roles in the eighteenth century : the challenge to replacement and displacement in the novels of Isabelle de CharrièreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1462ocn032106379book19940.88Trousson, RaymondIsabelle de Charrière : un destin de femme au XVIIIe siècleBiography1442ocn036208290book19960.92Charrière, Isabelle deCorrespondance (1787-1805)Records and correspondenceFerveur, déceptions, réconciliations, complicité rythment cette correspondance au ton à la fois familier et brillant, décousu et provoquant qui révèle les facettes de la personnalité de Benjamin Constant et d'Isabelle de Charrière et qui laisse aussi entrevoir l'esprit d'une époque, indissolublement liée aux tourments politiques1182ocn039223876book19980.92Letzter, JacquelineIntellectual tacking : questions of education in the works of Isabelle de CharrièreCriticism, interpretation, etc1172ocn002154218book19590.63Farnum, DorothyThe Dutch divinity; a biography of Madame de Charrière, 1740-1805Enfance et éducation de Constant, la rencontre à Paris, le séjour en Angleterre, puis à Colombier; Constant à la Cour de Brunswick jusqu'à son retour définitif en Suisse et à sa rencontre avec Mme de Staël11311ocn015606884book19060.90Godet, PhilippeMadame de Charrière et ses amis d'après de nombreux documents inédits (1740-1805) avec portraits, vues, autographes, etcBiographyContient des renseignements sur le séjour d'Isabelle de Charrière à Colombier entre 1771 et 1805 et sur la vie littéraire du canton de Neuchâtel pendant cette période1112ocn030974370book19950.88Karmarkar, Medha NirodyMadame de Charrière et la révolution des idéesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1052ocn076794008book20060.86Cazenobe, ColetteAu malheur des dames : le roman féminin au XVIIIe siècleCriticism, interpretation, etcS'interroge sur le roman de femme, et jusqu'à quel point un roman authentiquement féminin et qui se fait l'écho du malheur des dames peut-il être qualifié de féministe. Elle étudie les oeuvres de quatre romancières (Mme Riccoboni, Mme d'Epinay, Mme de Charrière et Mme Cottin) qui forment un ensemble suffisamment homogène et étalé dans le temps pour permetttre d'y discerner des évolutions1042ocn017613431book19870.93Minier, SigynMadame de Charrière : les premiers romansCriticism, interpretation, etc951ocn063190011book20060.92Belle de Zuylen/Isabelle de Charrière : education, creation, receptionCriticism, interpretation, etcRecense les contributions des conférenciers lors du congrès international organisé à l'Unverisité d'Utrech en avril 2005 qui commémore le bicentenaire de la mort d'Isabelle de Charrrière+-+5344657954324941ocn000113366book19700.70Charrière, Isabelle deFour talesFiction+-+8122708235+-+8122708235Fri Mar 21 15:22:03 EDT 2014batch43279