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Thu Oct 16 18:02:33 2014 UTClccn-n500832910.22Great artists of the Italian Renaissance0.480.90Beato Angelico : catalogo completo /88038345Fra_Angelicon 50083291116718Angelico 1387-1455 Beato,Angelico 1387-1455 da Fiesole,Angelico 1387-1455 Fra,Angelico 1387-1455 FrateAngelico 1395-1455 fra,Angelico 1400?-1455Angelico 1400 ?-1455 dominicainAngelico approximately 1400-1455 beato,Angelico approximately 1400-1455 fra,Angelico, beat, ca. 1400-1455Angélico BeatoAngelico Beato 1387-1455Angelico Beato 1400?-1455Angelico, beato, approximately 1400-1455Angelico ca. 1387-1455 fra,Angelico ca. 1400-1455 beat,Angelico ca. 1400-1455 fra,Angelico da Fiesole 1387-1455Angelico da Fiesole, BeatoAngelico dominicain 1400 ?-1455Angelico fraAngelico, Fra, 1387-1455Angelico, Fra 1387-1455) (bł. ;Angelico, fra, 1395-1455Angelico, Fra 1400?-1455Angelico fra' c. 1400-1455 O.P.,Angelico, fra, ca. 1387-1455Angelico, fra, ca. 1400-1455Angelico, Fra GiovanniAngelico, Fra Giovanni da FiesoleAngelico, Fra Giovanni da Fiesole ca 1400-1455Angelico Frate 1387-1455Angélico FrayAngélico Fray, BeatoAngelico, Guido di Piero da MugelloAnjilike approximately 1400-1455 Fola,Anjilike, Fola, approximately 1400-1455Beato Angelico.Beato Angelico 1387-1455Beato Angelico 1395-1455Beato Angelico 1400?-1455Beato Angelico c. 1400-1455 O.P.,Beato Angelico ca 1400-1455Beato Angelico da FiesoleBeato Angelico, O.P., c. 1400-1455Da Fiesole, Giovanni.Da Fiesole, Giovanni 1387-1455Da Fiesole, Giovanni A. 1387-1455Da Fiesole, Giovanni, approximately 1400-1455Da Fiesole, Giovanni called Fra AngelicoDa Mugello, Guido 1387-1455DaFiesole, Giovanni 1387-1455DaFiesole, Giovanni A. 1387-1455DaMugello, Guido 1387-1455Di Pietro GuidoDi Pietro GuidolinoDiPietro, Guido 1387-1455Fiesole, Angelico da.Fiesole, Fra Giovanni /Angelico/ da, ca 1400-1455Fiesole, Giovanni Angelico da 1387-1455Fiesole, Giovanni da.Fiesole, Giovanni da 1387-1455Fiesole, Giovanni da, 1387-1455 called Fra Angelico,Fiesole, Giovanni da, approximately 1400-1455Fiesole, Giovanni da, ca. 1400-1455Fiesole, Giovanni da, called Fra AngelicoFiesole, Giovanni da, called Fra Angelico, 1387-1455fra AngelicoFra Angelico 1387-1455Fra Angelico 1395-1455Fra Angelico 1400 ?-1455Fra Angelico ca. 1400-1455Fra Beato AFra Beato AngelicoFra Giovanni.Fra Giovanni Angelico ca. 1400-1455Fra Giovanni Angelico da FiesoleFra Giovanni da FiesoleFra Giovanni Da Fiesole AngelicoFra Giovanni da Fiesole ca 1400-1455Frate Angelico 1387-1455Giovanni 1387-1455 AngelicoGiovanni 1387-1455 Angelico da FiesoleGiovanni 1387-1455 da FiesoleGiovanni 1387-1455 da Fiesole, Fra,Giovanni AngelicoGiovanni Angelico 1387-1455Giovanni Angelico 1387-1455 da FiesoleGiovanni Angelico approximately 1400-1455 da Fiesole,Giovanni Angelico approximately 1400-1455 fra,Giovanni Angelico BeatoGiovanni Angelico, called Fra AngelicoGiovanni Angelico da Fiesole 1387-1455Giovanni Angelico, da Fiesole, approximately 1400-1455Giovanni Angelico, fra, approximately 1400-1455Giovanni approximately 1400-1455 da Fiesole,Giovanni ca. 1400-1455 da Fiesole,Giovanni da FiesoleGiovanni da Fiesole 1387-1455Giovanni da Fiesole 1395-1455Giovanni da Fiesole 1400 ?-1455 dominicainGiovanni, da Fiesole, approximately 1400-1455Giovanni da Fiesole c. 1400-1455 O.P.,Giovanni, da Fiesole, ca. 1400-1455Giovanni da Fiesole, called Fra AngelicoGiovanni da Fiesole, dit Fra AngelicoGiovanni da Fiesole dominicain 1400 ?-1455Giovanni, da Fiesole, Fra, 1387-1455Giovanni da Fiesole, O.P., c. 1400-1455Giovanni da Fisole 1395-1455Giovanni, fra.Guido 1387-1455 da MugelloGuido 1387-1455 di PietroGuido approximately 1400-1455 da Vicchio,Guido approximately 1400-1455 di Piero,Guido approximately 1400-1455 di Pietro,Guido da Mugello 1387-1455Guido, da Vicchio.Guido, da Vicchio, approximately 1400-1455Guido da Vicchio c. 1400-1455 O.P.,Guido da Vicchio, O.P., c. 1400-1455Guido, di PieroGuido, di Piero, approximately 1400-1455Guido di Piero da MugelloGuido di Pietro.Guido di Pietro 1387-1455Guido di Pietro 1395-1455Guido, di Pietro, approximately 1400-1455Guido di Pietro c. 1400-1455 O.P.,Guido di Pietro, O.P., c. 1400-1455Guido di Pietro Trosini 1395-1455Il Beato.Ivan iz Fiesola blaženiJan Fra Angeliko.Jean 1387-1455 de Fiésole,Jean, de Fiésole, 1387-1455Johann 1387-1455 von FiesoleJohann von Fiesole 1387-1455Mugello, Guido da 1387-1455Piero, Guido di.Piero, Guido di, approximately 1400-1455Piero, Guido di, ca. 1400-1455Pietro, Guido di.Pietro, Guido di, approximately 1400-1455Pietro, Guido di, ca. 1400-1455Trosini, Guido di Pietro, 1395-1455Vicchio, Guido da.Vicchio, Guido da, approximately 1400-1455Vicchio, Guido da, ca. 1400-1455アンジェリコ, フラフラ・アンジェリコlccn-n79061238Museo di San Marcolccn-n50023189Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamSir1913-1994edtlccn-n92038879Hood, William1940-lccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n79034934Argan, Giulio Carloanndtelccn-n79063273Dominicansviaf-10364327Emmons, Jamestrllccn-nr98028985Beissel, Stephan1841-1915lccn-n84012710Signorelli, Luca1441?-1523lccn-n93055129Cappella della Madonna di San Brizio (Duomo di Orvieto)Angelicofraapproximately 1400-1455Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsArtExhibition catalogsIllustrationsMeditationsPrayersAngelico,--fra,ItalyPaintersPainting, RenaissanceSpirituality in artChristian art and symbolismMuseo di San MarcoSymbolism in artMural painting and decoration, RenaissanceDominicansInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Monasticism and religious orders in artItaly--OrvietoJudgment Day in artCappella della Madonna di San Brizio (Duomo di Orvieto)Signorelli, Luca,Italy--FlorenceJesus ChristEnd of the world (Signorelli, Luca)Human figure in artArt, RenaissanceRaphael,Michelangelo Buonarroti,Piero,--della Francesca,Mural painting and decoration, Italian--Conservation and restorationMural painting and decoration, Renaissance--Conservation and restorationBible.--New TestamentArt, ItalianBotticelli, Sandro,Leonardo,--da Vinci,Mural painting and decoration, ItalianBellini, Giovanni,Art, High RenaissanceGhiberti, Lorenzo,Art, Early RenaissanceDonatello,Brunelleschi, Filippo,Lippi, Filippo,Lippi, Filippino,Masaccio,Titian,Antonello,--da Messina,Giorgione,Mantegna, Andrea,Robbia, Luca della,Art, GothicGiotto,Van Dyck, Anthony,Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da,Strozzi, Bernardo,13871455143314501600181018171841184318441845185018511853185418551857185918611865187718781879188018811882188418851886188718901892189518971898190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191619171920192119231924192519261927192819291930193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013242638761733759.5ND623.F5ocn075762495ocn312178967ocn299148493ocn018449511ocn314678749ocn074601240ocn699759787ocn720980433ocn311643327ocn174810979ocn444441794ocn797483028ocn441723805ocn444750406ocn440760936ocn799213653ocn852659836ocn441262300ocn444099812ocn443914683ocn247878624ocn245692854ocn256210559ocn886391716ocn313965623ocn718779885ocn760887465ocn718993519ocn724311688ocn711943437ocn722408968ocn881032004ocn881031474ocn1855633747428ocn061253922book20050.47Kanter, Laurence BFra AngelicoExhibition catalogs"In commemoration of the five hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the death of Fra Angelico (about 1395-1455), one of the foremost artists of the Italian Renaissance, The Metropolitan Museum of Art set out to reexamine his career and to establish a more historically accurate profile of the innovative, extraordinarily gifted "angelic friar,' in order to dispel the myths and legends that have eclipsed the details of his life. New documentary research and standards for attributions, developed over the last three decades, provided the impetus for this reappraisal - only the second major exhibition of Fra Angelico's art ever held, and the first since 1955. Comprising about seventy-five paintings, drawings, and manuscript illuminations ascribed to Angelico and spanning the period from 1410 to 1455, as well as about forty works by his collaborators, this presentation includes several newly discovered paintings and a number of new proposals for reconstructions of important, dispersed altarpieces. Additionally, drawings by the master are analyzed in terms of their original function and in the context of discussion of the artist's workshop, its identifiable members, and their respective contribution to its artistic output." "In essays and related entries, the first seven sections of the catalogue follow the course of Angelico's career. The study opens with his earliest, largely undocumented, activity as a painter (in the 1410s), before he joined the Dominican order, emphasizing those works that reflect his artistic, intellectual, and spiritual milieu. In dealing with the paintings of the 1420s, many of which will be unfamiliar to the general public and are the subject of widespread disagreement among scholars regarding dating and attribution, the authors attempt to establish their chronology within the master's oeuvre."--BOOK JACKET+-+65966655857127ocn035990404book19960.47Spike, John TFra AngelicoCatalogsCalled "Angelico" for his inimitable depictions of paradise, this artist (1400?-1455) and Dominican friar succeeded Masaccio as the foremost painter of the early Renaissance in Italy. Fra Angelico's painting has been beloved for centuries since as an emblem of the flowering genius of quattrocento Florence. In his engaging new appraisal, John Spike reveals the unexpectedly innovative qualities of Angelico's art, including his use of linear and geometric perspective (even+-+27785743255707ocn172979956book19740.37AngelicoFra AngelicoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs+-+65839396255193ocn031012633book19950.63Didi-Huberman, GeorgesFra Angelico : dissemblance & figurationCriticism, interpretation, etcA Florentine painter who took Dominican vows, Fra Angelico (1400-1455) approached his work as a largely theological project. For him, the problems of representing the unrepresentable, of portraying the divine and the spiritual, mitigated the more secular breakthroughs in imitative technique. Didi-Huberman explores Fra Angelico's solutions to these problems - his use of color to signal approaching visibility, of marble to recall Christ's tomb, of paint drippings to simulate (or stimulate) holy anointing. He shows how the painter employed emptiness, visual transformation, and displacement to give form to the mystery of faith. In the work of Fra Angelico, an alternate strain of Renaissance painting emerges to challenge rather than reinforce verisimilitude. Didi-Huberman traces this disruptive impulse through theological writings and iconographic evidence and identifies a widespread tradition in Renaissance art that ranges from Giotto's break with Byzantine image-making well into the sixteenth century. He reveals how the techniques that served this ultimately religious impulse may have anticipated the more abstract characteristics of modern art, such as color fields, paint spatterings, and the absence of color. Part of Didi-Huberman's large-scale rethinking of art theory and history, and the first of his books to appear in English translation, Fra Angelico is a fitting introduction to one of the most original and celebrated writers in the world of art history and criticism+-+58639617754322ocn032429296book19950.35Hood, WilliamFra Angelico : San Marco, FlorenceCriticism, interpretation, etcArtOm den italienske dominikanermunk Fra Angelico (ca. 1400-1455) og hans udsmykning af San Marco-klosteret i Firenze+-+78486125353846ocn036095463book19960.63Morachiello, PaoloFra Angelico : the San Marco frescoesCriticism, interpretation, etcArtDominikanermunken Fra Angelicos fresker fra omkring 1440 i San Marcoklosteret i Firenze+-+347287550534913ocn020672906book19810.27Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamFra Angelico32212ocn011533164book19810.50Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamAngelicoBiography2425ocn002134854book19450.37Ward, MaisieThe splendor of the RosaryMeditationsPrayers2285ocn040188331book19980.26Bartz, GabrieleGuido di Piero, known as Fra Angelico, ca. 1395-1455Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+71975547383241923ocn812540710file19980.77Martin, PhilipPiano concerto no. 2 Beato Angelico ; Harp concerto1885ocn001847604book19230.63Hausenstein, WilhelmFra Angelico1363ocn048053584book19990.86Fra Angelico and the Chapel of Nicholas VCriticism, interpretation, etc1317ocn023232895book19900.86Didi-Huberman, GeorgesFra Angelico : dissemblance et figurationCriticism, interpretation, etc1219ocn001675563book19400.70AngelicoBeato Angelico, gli affreschi di San Marco a Firenze1152ocn002032675book19440.77AngelicoIl beato Angelico a San Marco1089ocn008976629book19810.74Hertz, AnselmFra AngelicoBiography882ocn002848125score19670.84Hovhaness, AlanFra Angelico863ocn001650875book19410.50Bazin, GermainFra Angelico854ocn040546580book19980.90Bonsanti, GiorgioBeato Angelico : catalogo completoCatalogs10764ocn794003736file20070.37Beissel, StephanFra AngelicoBiographyAnnotation The painter Fra Angelico (c.1395-1455) was among the first to use the techniques of perspective proposed by Leon Battista Alberti. His depiction of movement, as well as his use of colour and facial expressions to highlight grace and emotion, place him am+-+169104403610578ocn000270318book19550.35Argan, Giulio CarloFra AngelicoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography9843ocn025747370book19930.47Hood, WilliamFra Angelico at San MarcoCriticism, interpretation, etcFra Angelico's fresco paintings at the Dominican priory of San Marco are among the best-loved works of Italian art, yet they have been oddly neglected by art historians. In this beautiful book, William Hood analyzes the newly cleaned frescoes at San Marco, setting them against the background of fifteenth-century Florentine artistic, political, cultural, and religious history. Hood discusses the ideals, daily rituals, and pictorial traditions of the Dominican order - especially the reformed or Observant branch to which Fra Angelico belonged. He presents new material on traditions of religious art, altarpiece design and imagery, and the decoration of chapter rooms and cloisters. Hood compares Fra Angelico's work at San Marco to earlier Dominican altarpieces and to his other altarpieces for Dominican buildings in Siena, Pisa, Prato, and Florence, pointing out both the traditional elements and the startling novelty of the San Marco altarpiece. Similarly, by comparing San Marco to other Florentine fresco cycles, he illuminates the originality of the cloister and chapter-house of San Marco. Hood's discussion of San Marco follows an itinerary through the church and adjoining convent buildings, beginning with the high altarpiece and ending with the corridor paintings - especially the exquisite Annunciation in the corridor of the north dormitory. Throughout, he analyzes Angelico's use of color, his technique in fresco and tempera, the way he solved specific visual problems, and how his paintings affected fifteenth-century viewers. This beautiful book will be an important addition to our understanding of fifteenth-century art and of artistic and cultural practices+-+79820555858335ocn001133555book19740.37AngelicoFra AngelicoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs+-+65839396256687ocn046538533book20010.63Gilbert, CreightonHow Fra Angelico and Signorelli saw the end of the worldCriticism, interpretation, etc"How Fra Angelico and Signorelli Saw the End of the World examines every element in the Cappella Nuova's architecture and complex decoration, which not only represents the coming of the Antichrist, the end of the world, and the Last Judgment but also, on a high dado, features portraits of Dante and other poets, scenes from their texts, and sinuous grotesque ornament. Although Dante's likeness has long been recognized, Creighton Gilbert is the first scholar to establish that his great epic, The Divine Comedy, exerted a profound influence on the Chapel's iconographic program."--BOOK JACKET+-+85967562756186ocn000265831book19520.53AngelicoFra AngelicoCatalogs4413ocn013703331book19860.47Guillaud, JacquelineFra Angelico : the light of the soul : painting panels and frescoes from the Convent of San Marco, FlorenceCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrations4147ocn006014444book19790.29AngelicoFra AngelicoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyIllustrations3286ocn003493457book19410.50Bazin, GermainFra Angelico3167ocn028980395book19920.23AngelicoFra AngelicoCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+60327396253059ocn001740791book19000.59Mason, JamesFra Angelico2691ocn056521874visu20040.22Kloss, WilliamGreat artists of the Italian RenaissanceThirty-six lectures of thirty minutes each by William Kloss, independent art historian with Smithsonian Associates, the Smithsonian Institution. These lectures cover the art historical periods known as the Early Renaissance and the High Renaissance, which extended from about 1400 to about 1520. No era of artistic achievement is as renowned as the Renaissance, and no country holds a higher place in that period than Italy. The supreme works created in Florence, Rome, Venice, and other Italian cities by such masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian have never been equaled and have established a canon of beauty that pervades Western culture to this day. In this artist-centered survey, many works are explored in considerable depth, while also examining hundreds of different paintings and sculptures by scores of different artists26318ocn001065865book18800.66Phillimore, Catherine MaryFra AngelicoBiography26111ocn002711437book19000.63Douglas, R. LangtonFra Angelico2593ocn051289920book20030.79James, Sara NairSignorelli and Fra Angelico at Orvieto : liturgy, poetry, and a vision of the end-timeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+68635190252582ocn129828652visu20070.23The great masters of the Italian RenaissanceBiographyPresents the life and works of the great artists of the Italian Renaissance2494ocn001683458book19540.37AngelicoFra AngelicoExhibition catalogs2113ocn001277546book19110.70Schottmüller, FridaFra Angelico da Fiesole; des meisters Gemälde in 327 Abbildungen1844ocn001827939book19240.66Schottmüller, FridaFra Angelico da Fiesole; des meisters gemälde in 359 abbildungen1843ocn001171524book19700.79AngelicoL'opera completa dell'AngelicoCatalogs+-+6596665585+-+6596665585Thu Oct 16 16:05:09 EDT 2014batch58904