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Fri Mar 21 17:10:26 2014 UTClccn-n500012110.00Responses to survey on the impact of immigration on U.S. physics,0.650.90Neutron data for water shielding32067794Herman_Feshbachn 5000121136906Fešbach, G.Fešbah, G.Fešbah, German.FeshbachFeshbach, H.Feshbach, H. (Herman)Фешбах, Г. (Герман)lccn-n50005835Morse, Philip M.(Philip McCord)1903-1985lccn-n83827844Shalit, Amos de-1926-1969edtlccn-n78019978Shimony, Abneredtlccn-n82077210Tisza, Laszlo1907-2009dtelccn-n85801639Hove, L. van(Léon)edtlccn-n79127118Weisskopf, Victor Frederick1908-2002lccn-n79082160American Academy of Arts and Scienceslccn-n78092885Oleson, Alexandra1939-edtlccn-n86005717Matsui, Tetsuoedtlccn-n83827333Ingard, K. 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Topics in the theory of nuclear reactions / Herman Feshbach188ocn637012771book19530.47Morse, Philip MMethods of theoretical physics, part I : chapters 1 to 8+-+3168895255324188ocn498829994book19740.35Shalit, Amos de-Theoretical nuclear physics185ocn795025689com19490.90Feshbach, HermanNeutron data for water shielding167ocn637012841book19530.47Morse, Philip MMethods of theoretical physics153ocn311574671book19920.47Shalit, Amos de-Theoretical nuclear physics+-+0502056295324111ocn221918459book19660.47Preludes in theoretical physics, in honor ofV. F. Weisskopf11ocn083892500mix1999Frauenfelder, HansResponses to survey on the impact of immigration on U.S. physicsIncludes copies of overheads used in his presentation, and copies of correspondence relating to a survey of senior-level physicists regarding the impact of immigration on the state of U.S. physics that Frauenfelder presented at the Centennial American Physical Society Conference. Some of those surveyed included: Harold Agnew, Hans Bethe, N. Bloembergen, Ed Creutz, Bryce DeWitt, Freeman Dyson, Ugo Fano, Herman Feshbach, Marvin Goldberger, Charles Kittel, Leon Lederman, Wolfgang Panofsky, Norman Ramsey, Louis Rosen, Robert Sachs, Charles Slichter, Edward Teller, Charles Townes, Victor Weisskopf, John Archibald Wheeler01ocn122657303mixMorse, Philip MPapersHistoryCollection includes biographical information, writings, subject files, and information documenting Morse's association with MIT. The MIT materials chart the progress of computation at the Institute through minutes, notes, and reports from various committees, and a position paper on the Computation Center. General administrative materials document the Operations Research Center and the establishment of a time-sharing arrangement at the Computation Center. The subject files form the largest part of the collection and are primarily concerned with Morse's promotion of operations research outside MIT through consulting projects for the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development and NATO. Morse's writings are documented through notes, calculations, graphs, and tables as well as correspondence, manuscript drafts, and reprints; course information and notes are also included. Biographical materials include notes for Morse's autobiography; other biographical information; bibliographies; and awards, honors, and congratulatory letters01ocn122357294mixSakharov, AndreĭArchivesSourcesRecords and correspondenceIncludes personal materials, manuscripts and typed versions of scientific works, Ph. D. thesis, manuscripts of all political writings, Memoirs, Moscow, and Beyond, and other books, interviews, statements, political as well as personal correspondence, KGB files on Sakharov and his family, legal documents, documents issued by Human Rights Committee in Russia in 1971-1972. Also includes books from personal library, TV interviews, films on Sakharov, family photos, radio interviews and other materials. Correspondents: Herman Feshbach, Sydney Drell, Philip Handler, Edward Teller, Edward Kline, Edward Kuznetsov, Nathan Scharansky, Sergei Kovalev, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others+-+0502056295324+-+0502056295324Fri Mar 21 15:25:06 EDT 2014batch18235