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Fri Mar 21 17:05:00 2014 UTClccn-n500051440.23The piano man's daughter /0.420.95Timothy Findley : the writer and his recent work /110405550Timothy_Findleyn 5000514440712Findley, TimothyFindley, Timothy IrvingFindley, Timothy Irving, 1930-2002Findli, TimotiФиндли, Тимотиフィンドリー, ティモシーlccn-n50002976Ondaatje, Michael1943-lccn-n79102766Atwood, Margaret1939-lccn-n79003358Jung, C. G.(Carl Gustav)1875-1961lccn-n97072740Goldman, Marlene1963-lccn-n81131640Kogawa, Joylccn-nr91010641King, Thomas1943-np-noah$biblical figureNoah(Biblical figure)lccn-n50000855Windsor, Wallis WarfieldDuchess of1896-1986lccn-n50000854Windsor, EdwardDuke of1894-1972lccn-n85150062Brydon, DianaFindley, TimothyFictionDomestic fictionPsychological fictionReligious fictionDramaBiographyPolitical fictionSuspense fictionHistoryDiariesCanadaFindley, TimothyCanadian fictionOntarioOndaatje, Michael,Atwood, Margaret,Jung, C. G.--(Carl Gustav),Kogawa, JoyKing, Thomas,Jungian psychologyImmortalismPsychotherapist and patientWorld War (1914-1918)Noah's arkDelugeMentally ill womenMothers and sonsApocalypse in literatureOntario--StratfordNoah--(Biblical figure)ActorsHistory of Biblical eventsBible.--GenesisWindsor, Wallis Warfield,--Duchess of,Windsor, Edward,--Duke of,Stratford Festival (Ontario)TheaterNobilityKings and rulersGreat BritainLiteraturePsychiatristsOntario--TorontoManners and customsDetective and mystery storiesMunro, Alice,Authors, CanadianDomestic fictionPsychological fictionWorld War (1939-1945)California--Los Angeles--HollywoodMotion picture industryCanadian dramaPound, Ezra,Canadian literatureSymbionese Liberation ArmyHearst, Patricia,Short stories, CanadianNovelists, CanadianPsychiatric hospital patients19302002194319671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013148342661029813.54PR9199.3.F52ocn411227663ocn411228262ocn411227511ocn410928471ocn411227977ocn411227128ocn411228378ocn411227387ocn220336957ocn220337315ocn219925624ocn220336806ocn422104022ocn454817621ocn056962668128244ocn041977320book19990.24Findley, TimothyPilgrim : a novelFictionPsychological fictionA man who can foresee tragedies hangs himself after the sinking of the Titanic, but his heart resumes beating. The famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung, treats him and discovers a man who has lived for centuries, having fought in the Siege of Troy and modelled for da Vinci's Mona Lisa, a man unable to die+-+K246465155107967ocn003609148book19770.31Findley, TimothyThe warsHistoryFictionRobert Ross, a sensitive nineteen-year-old Canadian officer, went to war -- the War to End All Wars. He found himself in the nightmare world of trench warfare, of mud and smoke, of chlorine gas and rotting corpses. In this world gone mad, Robert Ross performed a last desperate act to declare his commitment to life in the midst of death+-+5665055965324101056ocn008171609book19800.28Findley, TimothyFamous last words : a novelHistoryFictionPolitical fictionSuspense fictionDonation+-+205457620532494230ocn034826425book19950.23Findley, TimothyThe piano man's daughterHistoryFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionA three-generation Canadian family drama. Ede Kilworth falls in love with Tom Wyatt, a piano salesman. After he dies and she gives birth to Lily, Tom's eldest brother appears, having made a fortune in the family piano business. They marry, but their life is spoiled by Lily's madness. The story is told by Lily's illegitimate son, seeking his father+-+125852260586741ocn011754780book19840.28Findley, TimothyNot wanted on the voyageFictionReligious fictionThis is thee story of the great flood and the first time the world ended. The interesting characters include the tyrranical Noah, his indomitable wife and many others+-+015825596532475942ocn017258656book19860.28Findley, TimothyThe telling of lies : a mysteryFiction+-+815845596532466723ocn047996568book20010.27Findley, TimothySpadework : a novelFictionSuspense fictionLives and loves are altered forever after telephones lines are severed by the accidental slice of a gardener's spade and calls are unable to be completed+-+872946515560325ocn029667699book19930.25Findley, TimothyHeadhunterFictionPsychological fictionFormer librarian Lila Kemp, an occasional spiritualist, inadvertently lets Kurtz out of page 92 of the Heart of Darkness and he becomes a demented psychiatrist in a mental hospital in Toronto. The novel is at once psychological thriller, science fiction and morality play49451ocn005135797book19670.47Findley, TimothyThe last of the crazy peopleFictionDomestic fiction+-+346697596532448725ocn020932966book19880.35Findley, TimothyStonesFiction+-+175558038537324ocn000005402book19690.63Findley, TimothyThe butterfly plagueFiction"It is 1938. A great star is planning a stunning comeback, while another is bent on self-destruction. And, as dark clouds hang ominously over Europe, hordes of Monarch butterflies swarm beautifully but menacingly over Hollywood." -- Back cover+-+957697596532431823ocn011141162book19840.47Findley, TimothyDinner along the AmazonFiction+-+667697596532422114ocn038288875book19960.59Findley, TimothyDust to dust : stories+-+600539155522010ocn004932570book19770.76Findley, TimothyCan you see me yet? : A playDrama+-+246677433521913ocn028024654book19930.79Findley, TimothyThe stillborn lover"The abrupt recall of a highly regarded Canadian ambassador from his post, the mysterious death of a Russian youth found brutally murdered in a Moscow hotel room, and the ambitions of an Ottawa diplomat - The Stillborn Lover explores the darker side of loyalty and commitment, when the stakes are high and diplomatic careers hang by the thread." "Kept isolated in a "safe-house" and subjected to interrogations by two special police agents, Harry Raymond, his ailing wife and adult daughter are forced to unravel the past, and with the past comes revelations that set off loyalty struggles, emotional confusion and misplaced trust." "The Stillborn Lover, Mr. Findley's first play in over twenty years, marks his exciting literary return to the stage. Combining an eye for the subtle with well-crafted dialogue, The Stillborn Lover brings to the forefront his unique, dramatic vision in an alluring tale of mystery, diplomacy and love."--BOOK JACKET+-+030318674520812ocn035939233book19430.53Findley, TimothyYou went away : a novella20311ocn034471590book19900.79Findley, TimothyThe trials of Ezra PoundDramaThe Trials of Ezra Pound is a stark portrayal of Ezra Pound at the end of his public life. Based upon the preliminary hearings of the trials held in Washington, D.C. in late 1945 and early 1946, Timothy Findley reveals what the original transcripts do not - Pound's emotionally charged interpretation of the events and his self-destruction. By letting Pound pace impatiently between time and place, Findley conducts a rare dramatic dance in The Trials of Ezra Pound - he takes the trial beyond one courtroom and into the realm of all humanity and it is here, in the light of Ezra Pound's harsh contradictions, that Findley asks the reader not to judge, but how to judge1932ocn002474013book19760.37Payne, LeslieThe life and death of the SLA1365ocn044112719book20000.59Findley, TimothyElizabeth RexDrama+-+93431867451294ocn005906912book19790.56The Newcomers : inhabiting a new landFiction9622ocn191819021com20050.53Goldman, MarleneRewriting apocalypse in Canadian fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc"Traditional apocalyptic narratives highlight the drama of a chosen elect. Contemporary Canadian fiction, however, typically portrays the apocalypse from the perspective of marginalized individuals barred from paradise, creating a distinctly anti-apocalyptic discourse. Rewriting Apocalypse in Canadian Fiction is the first book to explore the literary, psychological, political, and cultural repercussions of the apocalypse in the fiction of Timothy Findley, Michael Ondaatje, Margaret Atwood, Thomas King, and Joy Kogawa, Marlene Goldman traces the history of the apocalyptic literary tradition and its key motifs in close readings of these Canadian works, which challenge rather than embrace apocalypse's key features."--BOOK JACKET+-+09547082253244523ocn039391150book19980.63Brydon, DianaTimothy FindleyCriticism, interpretation, etc"Along with Margaret Atwood, Timothy Findley (b. 1930) is one of Canada's most popular and important writers. A consummate stylist and entertainer, he seems driven to return to a set of private obsessions that electrically connect with the most decisive events of the twentieth century. While some wish to claim him as an untiring advocate of free speech or as Canada's most ardent antiwar writer, others argue that his work is best defined by its reverence for animals and the sanctity of the natural world." "In this comprehensive study of Findley's eight novels, novella, three story collections, three plays, and memoir, Diana Brydon argues that Findley's fiction engages with the legacy of modernism as both a social and artistic movement that reached an impasse in the holocaust, which for Findley encompasses the Nazi concentration camps and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For Findley, the holocaust becomes an organizing image for horror and a call to remembrance, for the demarcating lines of memory and forgetting. Such horrific events recall and resituate the repressed histories of violence on which the new world of the Americas was built by European immigrants often fleeing violence yet trailing it in their wake." "Brydon's clearly written yet sophisticated study draws on a range of approaches, from the historical to the postcolonial, in assessing Timothy Findley's accomplishment."--Jacket+-+61116205352467ocn023215203book19900.59Findley, TimothyInside memory : pages from a writer's workbookCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography1612ocn018590199book19880.86York, Lorraine MaryThe other side of dailiness : photography in the works of Alice Munro, Timothy Findley, Michael Ondaatje, and Margaret LaurenceCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+57557750061484ocn040538458book19980.66Findley, TimothyFrom Stone Orchard : a collection of memoriesBiographyExpanded versions of columns originally publishing in Harrowsmith magazine1453ocn027896069book19910.70York, Lorraine MaryFront lines : the fiction of Timothy FindleyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+46567750061282ocn030072083book19940.66Roberts, CarolTimothy Findley : stories from a lifeBiography1262ocn032925695book19960.76Cooke, JohnThe influence of painting on five Canadian writers : Alice Munro, Hugh Hood, Timothy Findley, Margaret Atwood, and Michael OndaatjeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcArt+-+83833982251253ocn027265399book19910.79Pennee, DonnaMoral metafiction : counterdiscourse in the novels of Timothy FindleyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+33867750061212ocn040754316book19980.76Bailey, Anne ElizabethTimothy Findley and the aesthetics of fascismCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+11387743351191ocn020097348book19900.84Roberts, CarolTimothy Findley : an annotated bibliographyBibliography+-+97667750061154ocn055990003book20030.56Findley, TimothyJourneyman : travels of a writerBiographyDiaries1082ocn039664501book19980.81Paying attention : critical essays on Timothy FindleyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9218775006345ocn036138011visu19910.53Timothy Findley anatomy of a writerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyInterviewsTimothy Findley acts out for the camera his multiple roles and selves314ocn018378991book19870.93Spence, AlexTimothy Findley : a checklist : works by and about the authorBibliography251ocn058422025book20050.76Krause, DagmarTimothy Findley's novels between ethics and postmodernismCriticism, interpretation, etcTimothy Findley (1930-2002) is one of the most important contemporary Canadian writers. His novels have been classified as postmodern, exhibiting characteristic features such as parody, historiographic metafiction, and hybrid genres. This classification of Findley as a postmodern writer, however, largely neglects the fact that Findley is deeply committed to the exploration of certain ethical and political themes. Recurring topics in his work are, for instance, fascism, environmental concerns, and the problem of responsibility. Sparked off by the fascinating question of how postmodernism and ethics can be reconciled at all, and inspired by the so-called ethical turn in the literary theory of the 1990s, this study supplies a closer look at Findley's ethics with regard to its postmodern potential. A detailed analysis of five of his novels (The Wars, Famous Last Words, Not Wanted on the Voyage, The Telling of Lies and Headhunter) explores the ethical dimension of Findleys work and its consequences for his categorization as a postmodern writer141ocn086075390book20060.56Haeming, AnneCultivation as colonization : the spatial basis of human creation in the works of Timothy Findley and J.M. CoetzeeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8150098838324112ocn049602526book20010.95Olos, AnaTimothy Findley : the writer and his recent workCriticism, interpretation, etc101ocn046617139book20010.84Findley, TimothyLe verger de pierres : un bouquet de souvenirs : récitL'auteur restaure une maison du 19e siècle sise dans la campagne ontarienne. Un récit poétique et d'atmosphère, d'intérêt moindre que d'autres oeuvres de l'auteur (##Pilgrim##, ##Guerres##, etc.) en dépit de son caractère autobiographique. A mettre en parallèle avec les ##Lettres de Gourgounel## (qui ont l'Ardèche pour cadre). [SDM]81ocn048443604book19970.94Findley, TimothyA nation of one+-+K246465155+-+K246465155Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch40245