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Thu Feb 12 22:10:56 2015 UTClccn-n500188250.30Food for thought, thought for food /0.680.94Loquitur /39397012Richard_Hamilton_(artist)n 5001882554262Hamilton, Richard 1922-Hamilton, Richard WilliamHamilton, Richard William 1922-2011Richard Hamiltonlccn-n80046785Tate Galleryedtlccn-n80057220Duchamp, Marcel1887-1968ivespkautlccn-n84050035Todoli, Vicentautedtlccn-n80037028Oldenburg, Claes1929-lccn-n79021281Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n86026887Förg, Günther1952-2013lccn-n87937711Acconci, Vito1940-lccn-no97014670Wearing, Gillian1963-lccn-n93103961Wilson, Fred1954-lccn-n86807314Wall, Jeff1946-Hamilton, Richard1922-2011Exhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsFictionPsychological fictionPictorial worksHistoryIllustrationsInterviewsMuseums in artArtists and museumsGlass painting and stainingLichtenstein, Roy,Women in artModernism (Art)Prints, BritishArtistic collaborationDuchamp, Marcel,Obsessive-compulsive disorderTravelMen--Conduct of lifeArt museumsRestaurantsSpainCooking, SpanishHamilton, Richard,Great BritainPop artPortrait photographyBacon, Francis,IrelandPaintersArt archivesBride stripped bare by her bachelors, even (Duchamp, Marcel)DadaismAssemblage (Art)PrintsFranceSurrealismPainting, EnglishUlysses (Joyce, James)Sisler, MaryLithography, BritishEtching, BritishPainting, BritishHamilton, RichardArt, ModernHamiltonFigurative art1922201119501951195519591960196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148757428787709.24N6797.H3ocn000694542ocn002933197ocn019672479ocn063305261ocn050432791ocn899103222ocn008897125ocn490451275ocn052062851ocn704513066ocn244068809ocn314155446ocn310788234ocn614954342ocn312587119ocn312562868ocn312136326ocn613043153ocn315351503ocn468729971ocn691863553ocn691863577ocn691863573ocn691863570ocn762787899ocn762788021ocn691863537ocn762787408ocn762788184ocn762581283ocn042216109ocn767163261ocn658382159ocn661947766ocn799661133ocn797902409ocn439109104ocn780961886ocn814259551ocn801300143ocn450372216ocn455857219ocn800119709ocn799191064ocn552318517ocn463075529ocn072054160ocn721864114ocn723127767ocn804204929ocn713671746ocn780961886ocn840075319ocn076708826ocn814259551ocn69138373236521ocn001986003book19600.31Duchamp, MarcelThe bride stripped bare by her bachelors, evenFictionPsychological fictionThe Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, commonly referred to as "the Green Box," is a green-flocked, self-hinged cardboard box containing one color plate and 93 facsimile reproductions of notes, drawings, and photographs of the painting of the same name. The current book is an attempt to transfer those facsimile handwritten notes and loose pages into a typeset and bound version2723ocn243470874book20080.67Lichtenstein, RoyLichtenstein : girlsExhibition catalogs+-+62749655852424ocn416140101book20100.74Hamilton, RichardRichard HamiltonCriticism, interpretation, etcStill little-known in the United States, Richard Hamilton is a key figure in 20th century art. An original member of the legendary Independent Group in London in the 1950s, Hamilton organized or participated in groundbreaking exhibitions associated with the group+-+463865717532420711ocn000954790book19660.82Arts Council of Great BritainThe almost complete works of Marcel Duchamp; [catalogue of an exhibition] at the Tate Gallery 18 June-31 July 1966Exhibition catalogs1747ocn276334947book20080.30Food for thought, thought for foodHistoryPictorial worksExplores the relationship between the cuisine of elBulli and the world of art, from the starting point of Ferran Adria's participation in Documenta 12. Compiles debates, texts and round tables between artists, chefs, gallerists and curators - including: Adrian Searle, Heston Blumenthal, Anya Gallaccio, Peter Kubelka, Antoni Miralda, Carsten Höller, Massimiliano Gioni, Massimo de Carlo, Jerry Saltz, Bill Buford, Davide Paolini and Bice Curiger--slip cover+-+93190414931654ocn053295818book20030.74Todoli, VicentCollaborations : relations-confrontations : Dieter Roth, Richard HamiltonCatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+25210283383241515ocn864790198book20140.77Hamilton, RichardRichard HamiltonCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsOne of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) is widely regarded as a founding figure of pop art, who continued to experiment and innovate over a career of 60 years. This publication presents the first retrospective to encompass the full scope of Hamilton's work, from his early exhibition designs of the 1950s to his final paintings of 2011, exploring his relationship to design, painting, photography and television, as well as his engagement and collaborations with other artists1385ocn011756066book19830.77Field, Richard SRichard Hamilton, image and process : studies, stage, and final proofs from the graphic works 1952-82Exhibition catalogs1382ocn011458307book19840.82McHale, JohnThe Expendable ikon : works by John Mc Hale : May 12-July 8, 1984, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New YorkExhibition catalogs1142ocn001401281book19650.94Bunting, BasilLoquitur10410ocn000694542book19720.82Hamilton, RichardPolaroid portraitsAnalyse : Richard Hamilton se met en scène sous le nom de différents artistes : André Thomkins, Timm Ulrichs, Braco Dimitrijevic, Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, Rafael Bartolozzi, Carl Frederik Reutersward, Edward Kienholz, K P Brehmer, Carolee Schneemann, Valerio Adami, Stefan Werwerka, Takis, Allan Kaprow, Robert Watts, Anthony Caro, Günter Brus, Mark Lancaster, Hannah Wilke, Richard Smith, John Piper, Stephen Buckley, Robert Filliou, Robert Rauschenberg, Stuart Brisley, Gustav Metzger, James Coleman, Nigel Henderson, Kenneth Martin, Jan Dibbets, Dieter Rams, Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney955ocn015932358book19640.85Duchamp, MarcelNot seen and/or less seen of/by Marcel Duchamp/Rrose Selavy, 1904-64. Mary Sisler collection. Exhibition January 14 - February 13, 1965Exhibition catalogs651ocn002933197book19760.67Hamilton, RichardThe bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even : a typographic version643ocn045076715book20000.82Mellor, DavidThe Barry Joule archive : works on paper attributed to Francis BaconExhibition catalogs+-+2939018236535ocn019672479book19880.77Hamilton, RichardRichard HamiltonExhibition catalogs437ocn231965975book20010.63Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton : Druckgraphik und Multiples 1939 - 2002 : [anlässlich der Ausstellung Richard Hamilton - Druckgraphik und Multiples 1939 - 2002, Kunstmuseum Winterthur, 31. August - 24. November 2002 ; Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Frühjahr 2004]CatalogsExhibition catalogscatalogue raisonné424ocn038851699book19970.39Beuys, JosephJoseph Beuys, Block Beuys : der Block Beuys im Hessischen Landesmuseum DarmstadtCatalogsInterviewsA guide to the seven rooms of Beuys' installations in the permanent collection of the Hessisches Landesmusum, Darmstadt, with color photos by Claudio Abate4114ocn899103222book19820.50Hamilton, RichardCollected words, 1953-1982+-+6658245505324403ocn018737086book19870.80Latham, JohnJohn Latham : early works, 1954-1972Exhibition catalogs3414ocn310788234book19700.67Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton [catalogue of an exhibition at] the Tate Gallery, 12 March - 19 April 1970Exhibition catalogs5301ocn009312361book19820.50Hamilton, RichardCollected words, 1953-19824991ocn041313693book19990.60McShine, KynastonThe museum as muse : artists reflectExhibition catalogs"Te Museum as Muse: Artsts Reflect surveys te ways n wc artsts, mostly of te present century, ave addressed te museum, commented on ts nature, confronted ts concepts and functons, drawn from ts metods, and examned ts relatonsp to te art t contans. Ts lvely, nvolvng, and ntellectually provocatve presentaton encompasses a tremendous varety of artworks, large and small, ntmate and expansve, n medums bot famlar and surprsng: pantngs, sculptures, potograps, drawngs, prnts, vdeos, and nstallatons. Fully llustrated wt te works of an nternatonal cross secton of more tan sxty artsts, ts volume makes a substantal and lastng contrbuton to our understandng of te ntertwnng, contnually metamorposng relatonsp between artsts and museums."--BOOK JACKET. "Publsed by Te Museum of Modern Art, New York, n 1999 on te occason of te major exbton Te Museum as Muse: Artsts Reflect, ts book features an ntroductory essay by Kynaston McSne, Senor Curator n te Department of Pantng and Sculpture at Te Museum of Modern Art and drector of te exbton. In te ensung plate secton, sort entres by several autors on te art and artsts accompany 233 full-color and black-and-wte llustratons representng a wde dversty of works of art. Among tem are potograps of people, art, spaces, and events taken nsde museums, by suc artsts as Henr Carter-Bresson, Ellott Erwtt, Eve Arnold, Garry Wnogrand, and Tomas Strut. Personal museums and cabnets of curostes, large and n mnature, ave been created by Carles Wllson Peale, Marcel Ducamp, Josep Cornell, Claes Oldenburg, Fluxus, and Mark Don: oters ave focused on fantastc mages of te destructon or transformaton of museums, suc as te panter Hubert Robert (te frst curator of te Louvre), Edward Rusca, Komar and Melamd, and Crsto."--BOOK JACKET. "Ts wealt of materal s followed by an antology of manfestos, statements, and medtatons wrtten by artsts n ts century; bograpes and exbton stores of te artsts; and a bblograpy of general and monograpc publcatons."--Jacket+-+52461456354064ocn027432639book19920.54Hamilton, RichardRichard HamiltonExhibition catalogs29911ocn000096439book19700.67Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton [catalogue of an exhibition at] the Tate Gallery, 12 March - 19 April 1970Exhibition catalogs2493ocn000821120book19700.74Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton2441ocn060127755book20040.74Faces in the crowd : picturing modern life from Manet to today = volti nella folla : immagini dell vita moderna da Manet a oggiCatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+64159712332291ocn037784249book19970.80Gilmour, PatHockney to Hodgkin : British master prints 1960-1980Exhibition catalogs+-+12059494353241993ocn055085381book20020.87Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton : prints and multiples 1939-2002 : catalogue raisonnéCatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+94225388481722ocn076932055book20060.67Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton : painting by numbersExhibition catalogsSubjects were chose to demonstrate that there are many ways in which a computer, and the vrious graphics applications now avialbable, can allow as wide a range of results are there are artists wishing to use them.--Foreword+-+08112455051652ocn820276079book20120.85Riopelle, ChristopherRichard Hamilton : the late worksCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsThe authors examine Hamilton's long relationship with the National Gallery and how he shaped his final artistic statement for it: a computer-generated image over-painted by hand depicting Poussin, Courbet and Titian contemplating a reclining female nude and reflecting on art, beauty and desire1582ocn000762833book19730.80Hamilton, RichardThe prints of Richard HamiltonExhibition catalogs1366ocn025069563book19900.85Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton : exteriors, interiors, objects, peopleExhibition catalogsRez.: 2. Ex.: Han 881/22 Zs:1990,51313ocn773208223book20110.87Wilson, AndrewRichard Hamilton : Swingeing London 67 (f)Criticism, interpretation, etcOm Richard Hamiltons pop art-maleri "Swingeing London 67 (f)" (1968-69), som forestiller Mick Jagger fra Rolling Stones og kunsthandler Robert Fraser+-+11253819361272ocn024705080book19910.60Hamilton, RichardRichard HamiltonExhibition catalogs+-+51891029453241206ocn005057163book19780.80Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton graphics : [catalogue of the exhibition] July 21 to September 4, 1978 organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery with the assistance of the British Council and the Canada CouncilExhibition catalogs1191ocn646305608book20100.82Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton : modern moral mattersExhibition catalogsRichard Hamilton has always been ahead of his time through use of material from popular culture and new technologies, often posing questions about how the media captures political events. This book brings together the famous 'protest' paintings as well as new political works that reveal the artist's incisive thinking+-+4602510138842ocn004126818book19770.85Hamilton, RichardRichard Hamilton Studies - Studien 1937-1977. : Kunsthalle Bielefeld 2. April bis 7. Mai 1978 ; Kunsthalle Tübingen 20. Mai bis 11 Juni 1978 ; Kunstverein Göttingen 17. Juni bis 23. Juli 1978Exhibition catalogs762ocn014692671book19770.63Hamilton, RichardCollaborations of Ch. RothamExhibition catalogsPublished as the catalogue of a travelling exhibition, 1976 and 1977742ocn000410113book19720.80Hamilton, RichardPrints, multiples, and drawings. [Catalog of an exhibition at] Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester, Whitwork Park, Manchester, 22 January-19 February 1972Exhibition catalogs724ocn048977091book20010.82Hamilton, RichardImaging James Joyce's UlyssesIllustrationsExhibition catalogs+-+6274965585+-+6274965585Fri Feb 13 10:44:11 EST 2015batch36673