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Fri Mar 21 17:13:20 2014 UTClccn-n500289370.00A cow, a bee, a cookie, and me /0.070.35The ferocious summer : Adélie penguins and the warming of Antarctica /54277802n 5002893764314Hooper, Meredithフーパー, メレディスlccn-n91063378Coady, Christopherilllccn-n94103252Willey, Beeilllccn-n83134216De Leiris, Luciailllccn-n50005591Scott, Robert Falcon1868-1912lccn-n88013246Biesty, Stephenilllccn-n94112875Bartlett, Alisonilllccn-n83231754Burgess, Markilllccn-n85827431Curless, Allanilllccn-n00050009Heighway-Bury, Robinilllccn-n83173625Kitchen, BertillHooper, MeredithJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksHistoryDiariesPicture booksAntarcticaBritish Antarctic ("Terra Nova") ExpeditionWaterEgyptScott, Robert Falcon,CastlesDiscovery and exploration, BritishPyramidsEarth (Planet)FoodRiversMuseumsExplorersRocksZoologyArtCookiesCivilization, MedievalHooper, MeredithAntiquitiesDogsInventionsCatsSummerDe Leiris, LuciaArt museumsCampbell, Victor,Wilderness survivalMuseum exhibitsPlate tectonicsDiscoveries in geographyAntarctica--Antarctic PeninsulaBakingGrandmothersToy and movable booksEggsPicture books for childrenTravelNebamunTombsGreat BritainClimatic changes--Environmental aspectsClimatic changesEgypt--Thebes (Extinct city)Nature--Effect of human beings onEcologyGlobal warmingAustraliaDogs in artBiscuits1939196819691972197319741975197619821983198519861987198819891990199119921994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082010201120122013201415153141352[E]PZ7.H7687ocn72318052011017ocn040139739book19980.06Hooper, MeredithThe drop in my drink : the story of water on our planetJuvenile worksFollows a single drop of water on its journey through millions of years of the earth's history+-+13612352158955ocn054046682book20040.08Hooper, MeredithStephen Biesty's castlesHistoryJuvenile worksPictorial works"This a book about ten real castles. Each castle is illustrated by a fabulous cross-section that reveals its interior, and is described by a lively text on an important day in its history"--Front jkt. flap. Best-selling author, Stephen Biesty, famous for his "Incredible Cross-Sections" books, has now turned his attention to ten actual castles, as they were on ten historic dates (his 1994 book "Castle" focused on a single, imaginary castle). In his new, never-before-published book, Castles, he presents ten real castles each at a singular historic moment, from the 12th to the 19th century, in Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. A partial list includes, Chateau Gaillard, France, 1198; Krak des Chevaliers, Syria, 1271; Windsor Castle, England, 1344; Castel Sant' Angelo, Italy, 1527; Osaka Castle, Japan, 1614. Each castle is illustrated with fascinating precision over a double-page spread, followed by a lively and informative two-page account of the history of the castle in its time. The combination of illustration and text brings both history and architecture to life. This may be the best-ever book about castles+-+968552740683313ocn041961260book20000.01Hooper, MeredithDogs' NightJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksOn their annual Dogs' Night, all the dogs depicted in an art gallery leave their paintings to play, but four of them create a sensation by going back into the wrong paintings. Includes information about the real paintings shown+-+59736861258166ocn034694060book19960.06Hooper, MeredithThe pebble in my pocket : a history of our EarthHistoryJuvenile worksThe history of a pebble is followed from its time in a volcano to the primordial forests; from there it is stepped on by dinosaurs, dragged by glaciers and picked up by cavepeople+-+740713521579011ocn707255699book20100.17Hooper, MeredithThe longest winter : Scott's other heroesDiariesPresents the story of Captain Robert Scott's Eastern Party, renamed the Northern Party in official documents, and their incredible survival of an Antarctic winter+-+57128973063247847ocn045637017book20010.06Hooper, MeredithWho built the pyramid?HistoryJuvenile worksPictorial worksDescribes the different roles people played in building the pyramid from the water carrier to the King of Egypt, and discover why each claims to have built the pyramid+-+K1325181257236ocn042863337book20000.01Hooper, MeredithRiver storyJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksFollows a river from its source as a mountain stream formed from melting snow, as it rushes over rocks and through valleys to the busy city, and finally to its end, where it joins the sea+-+974251812560612ocn002654940book19720.06Hooper, MeredithEveryday inventionsJuvenile worksPresents the history of thirty-three inventions such as the zipper, typewriter, and barbed wire that have had great impact on the world5889ocn062479113book20060.06Hooper, MeredithCelebrity catJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksPicture booksDuring their evening at an art gallery, all the cats are outraged to find so few paintings with cats. A young artist, Felissima Cat, decides to repaint some masterpieces to make them better. However, after much thought and travel, she realizes why there are so few paintings with cats+-+65472509364751ocn053476972book20040.06Hooper, MeredithIsland that moved : how shifting forces shape our EarthJuvenile worksFollows an imaginary island on a journey through millions of years to introduce the science of plate tectonics+-+87330552154582ocn044039605book20000.06Hooper, MeredithAntarctic adventure : exploring the frozen SouthJuvenile worksPresents a brief account of the triumphs and tragedies of the explorers of the Antarctic+-+K8311943254304ocn011879653book19850.07Hooper, MeredithSeven eggsJuvenile worksFictionPresents seven different eggs whose contents are revealed when the reader lifts the flaps on which they are drawn+-+85955999253244141ocn035192328book1997Hooper, MeredithA cow, a bee, a cookie, and meJuvenile worksFictionA young boy's grandmother explains how nature provides the different ingredients they need to make some cookies. Includes recipe+-+92150980253531ocn039844349book19980.01Hooper, MeredithTom's rabbit : a surprise on the way to AntarcticaJuvenile worksFictionIn 1910 on a voyage to Antarctica aboard the ship Terra Nova, Tom searches for a warm place for his rabbit and returns after Christmas dinner to find a surprise. Based on the diary of Tom Crean+-+85252774252703ocn173508911book20080.06Hooper, MeredithAn Egyptian tomb : [the tomb of Nebamun]HistoryJuvenile worksExplores the mysteries of the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Nebamun through the recently conserved paintings of his tomb-chapel+-+K9282590062551ocn060611938book20050.06Hooper, MeredithHoney cookiesJuvenile worksFor young Ben, nothing is better than his grandmother's honey biscuits. But what exactly goes into making this special treat? Grandma decides it's a good time for Ben to find out. When he learns how to make honey biscuits, he doesn't just find out how to bake biscuits, he also discovers where all the ingredients in the recipe come from and whose help he really needs. Alison Bartlett's warm, vibrant illustrations accentuate Meredith Hooper's simple, lively text. Including an easy recipe for honey biscuits, this is a perfect introduction to food and cooking for very young readers+-+59482509362549ocn124026493book20070.21Hooper, MeredithThe ferocious summer : Palmer's penguins and the warming of AntarcticaThe Antarctic Peninsula is for all of us an early warning system. This brilliant book tells the story of Antarctic warming and of how scientists are piecing together the jigsaw of causes and impacts, here in particular through a study of the changing lives and habits of a group of Adelie penguins. To write this book Meredith Hooper worked with key scientists in bases, on ice breakers and in research vessels. Her story is very precisely located in time and space, focusing on the work and ideas of individual scientists and on the local animals. In it she memorably brings an outsiders non-specialist awareness to the crucial understanding of what is happening, now, to the planet we share+-+03553119362198ocn057751269book19980.06Hooper, MeredithTom Crean's rabbit : a true story from Scott's last voyageJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksIt s very cold in Antarctica, and the Terra Nova is crowded with both men and animals. Tom the sailor is looking for a quiet and cozy place for his pet rabbit to have her babies. From high in the rigging to down in the hold, the crewman takes readers all through the ship while he searches for a spot where his rabbit can make her nest. Based on the diaries of men who sailed to the South Pole on board the Terra Nova in 1910 with Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Tom Crean's Rabbit introduces the historic voyage to young readers. Kitchen's stunning illustrations capture the magnificence of the Antarctic landscape and notes in the back of the book provide more information about the expedition and detail the adventures of the book's hero+-+78482509362073ocn174138630book20080.35Hooper, MeredithThe ferocious summer : Adélie penguins and the warming of Antarctica"The Ferocious Summer is writer Meredith Hooper's firsthand account of climate change on Antarctica. For one summer, Hooper lived and worked with scientists observing the summer population of Adélie penguins nesting at Palmer Station, an American research base. These researchers endured long hours in the cold sampling the food intake of the penguins - a touchy undertaking that involves coaxing undigested meals from the birds - to analyze data and uncover some bleak facts about the effects of climate change. ... Based on daily diaries, acute personal observations and interviews with Antarctica's international community of researchers, The Ferocious Summer is an absorbing and alarming report from the frontlines of global warming"--Bk. jkt+-+14180180062066ocn224432643book19970.06Hooper, MeredithHoney biscuitsJuvenile worksFiction'Honey Biscuits' gives a wonderful glimpse into how the natural world provides us with some of the foodstuffs found in every kitchen. The book operates on different levels - a story, a recipe and an information book. A perfect book for sharing+-+69952509363245801ocn044046947book20000.01Hooper, MeredithAntarctic journal : the hidden worlds of Antarctica's animalsJuvenile worksDiscusses the amazing wildlife of Antarctica from silky seals to playful penguins+-+7336277425652ocn221779289book19960.06Hooper, MeredithJourney to AntarcticaThis is the story of the author's trip to the Antarctic with the research and supply vessel RSV Aurora Australis - Casey Station - Safety equipment - Clothing - Transport over ice - Wildlife - Weddell seals - Emperor penguins - Davis Station401ocn507357651com20050.29Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young peopleBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+483231232511ocn794630190file2008Gordon-Brown, SusanHooper, MeredithBust, to right, wearing striped shirt, smiling11ocn682280461book19950.06Clark, C. M. HThe Ashton Scholastic history of AustraliaHistoryJuvenile works+-+1361235215+-+1361235215Fri Mar 21 15:53:15 EDT 2014batch25436