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Fri Mar 21 17:04:14 2014 UTClccn-n500320740.08The troubles : Ireland's ordeal 1966-1996 and the search for peace /0.290.88Disillusioned decades : Ireland 1966-87 /110625655Tim_Pat_Coogann 5003207467427Coogan, Tim P. 1935-Coogan, Tim PatCoogan, Timothy Patric.Coogan, Timothy PatrickCoogan, Timothy Patrick, 1935-lccn-n80063026Irish Republican Armylccn-n50026853Collins, Michael1890-1922lccn-n80082592De Valera, Éamon1882-1975lccn-no99004232Morrison, George1922-lccn-n79055409Moore, Thomas1779-1852lccn-n79006533Shaw, Bernard1856-1950lccn-n80010451O'Connor, Frank1903-1966nc-abbey theatreAbbey Theatrelccn-n79022811Synge, J. M.(John Millington)1871-1909lccn-n79055617Behan, BrendanCoogan, Tim Pat1935-HistoryBiographyPictorial worksSourcesMilitary historyIrelandNorthern IrelandPolitical scienceCivil War (Ireland : 1922-1923)Irish Republican ArmyViolenceRevolutionariesCollins, Michael,Peace movementsPolitical violenceCivilizationDe Valera, Éamon,PresidentsEmigration and immigrationEaster Rising (Ireland : 1916)Irish--MigrationsIrish--Foreign countriesFamine (Ireland : 1845-1852)HistoriographySocial historyFamines--HistoriographyWar of Independence (Ireland : 1919-1921)Authors, IrishPolitical prisonersPrisonsTravelIrish literatureWilde, Oscar,English literature--Irish authorsBehan, BrendanKavanagh, Patrick,Intellectual lifeDramatists, IrishO'Connor, Frank,Ireland--DublinMoore, Thomas,English drama--Irish authorsAbbey TheatreSynge, J. M.--(John Millington),Moore, George,Ireland--GalwayYeats, W. B.--(William Butler),Russell, George William,Swift, Jonathan,O'Casey, Sean,TheaterJoyce, James,Shaw, Bernard,Poets, IrishNational characteristics, Irish19351966197019711972197519761977198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201220131276842332BDA963ocn047635368ocn036399748ocn802026458ocn498749141ocn039672794199337ocn029232914book19700.27Coogan, Tim PatThe IRA : a historyHistoryExplains the historical background of the Irish struggles and the growth of the IRA and its place in modern history+-+1169477685125519ocn034918114book19950.08Coogan, Tim PatThe troubles : Ireland's ordeal 1966-1996 and the search for peaceHistoryIn light of the recent movement toward all-party talks - notwithstanding the IRA's resumption of terrorist bombing attacks in England - Tim Pat Coogan offers a balanced and reflective assessment of the complex conflicts in contemporary Northern Ireland. An authoritative observer of the nationalist cause with strong political contacts on both sides of the border, Coogan sets the historical context for the resurgence of centuries-old tensions that led to the civil protest and pogroms of the late 1960s. He examines the introduction of British forces to the streets of Derry and Belfast and the reaction to their presence - at first welcomed as protection from Loyalist attack, they were soon resented by nationalists and many became victims of the Republican forces' outrage. Coogan insightfully probes the spread of IRA violence across the Irish Sea to key locations in Britain and the responses of the British government, its troops, and various Unionist organizations+-+1745345206104669ocn000109476book19700.39Coogan, Tim PatThe I.R.AHistoryMilitary historyDescribes the origins, growth and recent activities of the Irish Republican Army, a group of fiery nationalists organized after the Easter Rebellion of 1916+-+000680155596415ocn000400376book19660.37Coogan, Tim PatIreland since the risingHistoryIreland has passed through her period of revolution and the turbulent aftermath, and her long hard climb to economic prosperity is nearing success. She has reached a watershed in her development wherein the emphasis is no longer on political or constitutional transformation but on economic and social change. Her wounds have healed, or nearly so. She is now able to see herself for what she is: a small nation with much to be proud of, particularly in the field of international affairs; a nation not afraid to face up to its problems. - Introduction87019ocn054696690book20010.25Coogan, Tim PatIreland in the twentieth centuryHistoryThis history of Ireland in the 20th century, written by Tim Pat Coogan, covers the 1916 Rebellion, the Sinn Fein movement, the IRA, the Anglo-Irish war and the Civil War as well as the partitioning of the country+-+024814859682918ocn047886987book20000.25Coogan, Tim PatWherever green is worn : the story of the Irish diasporaHistory"In the classic song Galway Bay, Bing Crosby summed up the passionate, bittersweet and sometimes conflict-filled relationship between the Irish spread across the globe and their homeland. Today, the population of Ireland is five million, but seventy million people worldwide can call themselves Irish. Though Tim Pat Coogan never strayed far from his birthplace in County Dublin, he was drawn to the outposts of Ireland that existed beyond his country's shores. "As I grew older and travelled," he wrote, "my imagination was seized by the extent of the Irish population in the world outside Ireland and the variety of conditions in which it lived.""--BOOK JACKET+-+95448776856664ocn026868525book19920.24Coogan, Tim PatThe man who made Ireland : the life and death of Michael CollinsHistoryBiographyArmy and became its first Commander in-Chief, who ingeniously smashed the British Army's intelligence network in Dublin and who became known as "the man they couldn't catch." The Man Who Made Ireland takes in the full sweep of Irish history as it was lived by all the major protagonists of Collins' lifetime until his assassination in 1922, towards the end of the Irish Civil War. If we hope to understand today's tragedies, and avert others like them, it is essential to6028ocn040434271book19980.22Coogan, Tim PatThe Irish civil warHistoryPictorial worksProvides an illustrated chronicle of the war that shaped contemporary Ireland, from the division of the Irish Parliament in 1921 to the aftermath of the fighting in 1924+-+K70734520659611ocn031206145book19930.32Coogan, Tim PatEamon de Valera : the man who was IrelandBiographyIn the days of Ireland's fight for freedom from British rule, when he was an outlaw in his own land, he made a triumphal tour of the United States, and throughout his long rule he would frequently tap a vast reservoir of American support. Yet after a half century in power (the longest reign of any twentieth-century leader), de Valera was probably as much reviled as he was revered. Many see him as the architect of Ireland's perennially perilous economy (the worst in Western Europe). He also helped create a church-state monolith that still overshadows the nation today. De Valera's personality and policies bequeathed to the Irish people their current struggles over women's rights, relations with Northern Ireland, and the high tide of emigration that continues to drain the country of many of its best and brightest citizens+-+754174515554413ocn794922793book20120.24Coogan, Tim PatThe famine plot : England's role in Ireland's greatest tragedyHistory"A bold new history of the great famine that holds the British government accountable."--Jacket48217ocn025965883book19900.35Coogan, Tim PatMichael Collins : a biographyHistoryBiographyFrom the Publisher: When the Irish nationalist Michael Collins signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921, he observed to Lord Birkenhead that he may have signed his own death warrant. In August 1922 that prophecy came true when Collins was ambushed, shot and killed by a compatriot, but his vision and legacy lived on. Tim Pat Coogan's biography presents the life of a man whose idealistic vigor and determination were matched by his political realism and organizational abilities. This is the classic biography of the man who created modern Ireland+-+66604776854156ocn034998256book19900.23Coogan, Tim PatMichael Collins : the man who made IrelandHistoryBiographyAn early leader of the Irish Republican Army, Collins negotiated and signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty that eventually led to the creation of the Republic of Ireland+-+10253452063794ocn047356362book20010.25Coogan, Tim Pat1916 : the Easter risingHistory+-+075408958532111ocn033335655book19950.28Coogan, Tim PatThe troubles : Ireland's ordeal, 1966-1995, and the search for peaceHistoryThis history of Ireland, written by one of Ireland's most controversial journalists, studies the period from 1968 to the present day. Tim Coogan is also the author of The I.R.A. and two biographies - Michael Collins and De Valera+-+174534520631712ocn007413711book19800.37Coogan, Tim PatOn the blanket : the H Block storyHistory+-+386047768529212ocn029223962book19930.47Coogan, Tim PatDe Valera : long fellow, long shadowHistoryBiography+-+95130444553242725ocn034703264book19960.37Collins, MichaelThe path to freedomHistoryBiographySourcesPublished to coincide with the upcoming film biography starring Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, and Stephen Rea, The Path to Freedom contains the only published work of the Irish hero who was, for a time, the most wanted man in the British Empire: "the man they couldn't catch." In 1921, the thirty-year-old Collins negotiated with the British and signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty, eventually leading to the creation of the Republic of Ireland+-+59153452061921ocn054491057visu0.20Kultur International FilmsIrish writersHistoryBiographyThis documentary gives brief biographies of some of Ireland's most celebrated writers, while visually touring locations that influenced and inspired them1685ocn001975465book19750.50Coogan, Tim PatThe Irish : a personal view1644ocn016756427book19870.88Coogan, Tim PatDisillusioned decades : Ireland 1966-87History1112ocn231883970book20080.47Coogan, Tim PatA memoirHistoryBiographyTim Pat Coogan has not only reported the news; he has been the news. His memoir is long-awaited and reveals both the public and private lives of one of Ireland's most influential journalists+-+6566032475+-+1745345206+-+1745345206Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch22617