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Gディーバス, アレン・Glccn-n50065287Marquis Who's Who, Inclccn-n80120959Paracelsus1493-1541lccn-n50031757Rust, Brian1922-2011lccn-n50029353O'Malley, Charles Donaldhnrnc-california$university$university at los angeles$department of medical historyCaliforniaUniversityUniversity at Los AngelesDepartment of Medical Historylccn-n50051865Pagel, Walter1898-1983othhnrdtelccn-n86066831Merkel, Ingridedtlccn-n80000504Folger Institute of Renaissance and Eighteenth-Century Studieslccn-n80136416Multhauf, Robert P.lccn-n86815518Walton, Michael Thomson1945-edtDebus, Allen G.HistoryBiography‡vDictionariesConference proceedingsDiscographySourcesDictionariesDirectoriesBiographyMedicineScienceScience--PhilosophyScientistsChemistryParacelsus,Science, RenaissanceNatureHuman beingsAlchemyGreat BritainRenaissanceVaudevillePopular musicEnglandFranceEducationMotion picture actors and actressesRadio actors and actressesPagel, Walter,OccultismHermetismEuropeDebus, Allen GHistoriographyIatrophysical schoolChemistry--PhilosophyScience--Study and teachingUniversities and colleges--CurriculaScientists--BiographyHumanitiesSocial sciences--MethodologyMedicine, MedievalAncients and moderns, Quarrel ofPhilosophy, RenaissanceUnited StatesScience--HistoriographyRadio broadcastersSound recording industryChemistsHistorians of scienceCollectors and collectingSound recordings--Collectors and collecting192620091948194919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911993199419951996199719981999200020012002200420062007201120138853117364509.22Q141ocn001056491ocn000613573ocn000877920ocn313229557ocn468185623ocn489753768ocn463011841ocn313601602ocn185568486ocn174600045ocn832992813ocn468173690ocn185780372ocn186236942ocn468143955156921ocn000451839book19680.28Debus, Allen GWorld who's who in science : a biographical dictionary of notable scientists from antiquity to the presentBiographyDirectoriesBiography DictionariesDictionariesA biographical dictionary of notable scientists from antiquity to the present106830ocn003650675book19780.53Debus, Allen GMan and nature in the RenaissanceHistory"Man and Nature in the Renaissance offers an introduction to science and medicine during the earlier phases of the scientific revolution, from the mid-fifteenth century to the mid-seventeenth century. Renaissance science has frequently been approached in terms of the progress of the exact sciences of mathematics and astronomy, to the neglect of the broader intellectual context of the period. Conversely, those authors who have emphasized the latter frequently play down the importance of the technical scientific developments. In this book, Professor Debus amalgamates these approaches: The exact sciences of the period are discussed in detail, but reference is constantly made to religious and philosophical concepts that play little part in the science of our own time. Thus, the renewed interest in mystical texts and the subsequent impact of alchemy, astrology, and natural magic on the development of modern science and medicine are central to the account. Major themes that are followed throughout the book include the effects of humanism, the search for a new method of science, and the dialogue between proponents of the mystical-occult world view and the mathematical-observational approach to nature."--[Résumé de l'éditeur]+-+137847670565123ocn000784811book19650.66Debus, Allen GThe English ParacelsiansHistory57822ocn002006000book19760.70Debus, Allen GThe chemical philosophy : Paracelsian science and medicine in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuriesHistory+-+40267913955154ocn001056491book19740.66Medicine in seventeenth century England; a symposium held at UCLA in honor of C. D. O'MalleyHistoryConference proceedings47411ocn000123328book19700.66Debus, Allen GScience and education in the seventeenth century: the Webster-Ward debateHistory4626ocn000700684book19730.47Rust, BrianThe complete entertainment discography, from the mid-1890s to 1942Discography"The first book to trace the recording careers of the great entertainers: singers, comics, actors and actresses, vocal groups, show-business personalities."--Dust jacket44117ocn000613573book19720.76Debus, Allen GScience, medicine, and society in the Renaissance; essays to honor Walter PagelHistory3819ocn022956879book19910.79Debus, Allen GThe French Paracelsians : the chemical challenge to medical and scientific tradition in early modern FranceHistory+-+24955967053243706ocn015109490book19880.73Hermeticism and the Renaissance : intellectual history and the occult in early modern EuropeHistoryConference proceedings3124ocn001464873book19660.81Debus, Allen GAlchemy and chemistry in the seventeenth century. Papers read by Allen G. Debus and Robert P. Multhauf at a Clark Library seminar, March 12, 1966History2858ocn037606209book19970.73Reading the book of nature : the other side of the Scientific RevolutionHistoryConference proceedingsThe present volume is composed of papers read at a series of sessions centered on the history of Renaissance and early modern science and medicine held in Saint Louis at the Sexteenth Century Studeies Conference, October 24-27, 1996+-+129929594519410ocn017547159book19870.81Debus, Allen GChemistry, alchemy, and the new philosophy, 1550-1700 : studies in the history of science and medicineHistory1881ocn212625861book19670.81Ashmole, EliasTheatrum chemicum Britannicum; containing severall poeticall pieces of our famous English philosophers, who have written the hermetique mysteries in their owne ancient language, faithfully collected into one volume with annotations thereon. A reprint of the London 1652 edition with a new introduction by Allen G. Debus1885ocn004495211book19790.88Fludd, RobertRobert Fludd and his Philosophicall key : being a transcription of the manuscript at Trinity College, CambridgeHistorySources1815ocn017231278book19890.81Rust, BrianThe complete entertainment discography, from 1897 to 1942Discography1479ocn000464130book19680.86Debus, Allen GThe chemical dream of the RenaissanceHistory1197ocn045829391book20010.70Debus, Allen GChemistry and medical debate : van Helmont to BoerhaaveHistory+-+17470863351154ocn036260830book19970.95Theerman, Paul HaroldExperiencing nature : proceedings of a conference in honor of Allen G. DebusHistoryConference proceedingsThis volume, honoring the renowned historian of science, Allen G Debus, explores ideas of science - 'experiences of nature' - from within an historiographical tradition that Debus has done much to define. As his work shows, the sciences do not develop exclusively as a result of a progressive and inexorable logic of discovery. A wide variety of extra-scientific factors, deriving from changing intellectual contexts and differing social millieus, play crucial roles in the overall development of scientific thought+-+9229987425827ocn064592210book20060.70Debus, Allen GThe chemical promise : experiment and mysticism in the chemical philosophy, 1550-1800 : selected essays of Allen G. DebusHistory11ocn482381319mix1.00Walsh, JimPapers from the Jim Walsh collectionPeriodicalsPhotographsArchivesRecords and correspondenceThese papers make up part of the much larger Jim Walsh Collection of approximately 40,000 discs and 500 cylinders recorded during the acoustical era (pre-1926), along with 23 early phonographs. Included in this portion of the collection are documents and other materials that relate to Walsh's career and collecting efforts, particularly correspondence with prominent artists and collectors, research notes, photographs of performers, scripts for Walsh's radio shows, drafts of his columns and articles, clippings, bound journals, advertisements, and ephemera. The papers also hold a wealth of biographical information about Jim Walsh, including a diary, scrapbooks, photographs, and writings11ocn743094293mix2007Debus, Allen GOral history interview with Allen G. DebusBiographyInterviewsAllen G. Debus grew up in Evanston, a suburb to the north of Chicago, where he attended public schools. He earned a BS in chemistry, with almost enough credits for a second major in history. After working at Abbott Laboratories for about five years, Debus decided to seek a Ph.D. in the history of science, at Harvard University under I. Bernard Cohen. He accepted an assistant professorship at University of Chicago and became the first director of the Morris Fishbein Center for the Study of the History of Science and Medicine. Debus wanted to study the place of chemistry in the scientific revolution with materials available to all; to that end he has a large collection of rare books from this time period, a collection he began in the early 1940's. He says that he has about 650 such books, the earliest from 150111ocn865507465mix1.00Debus, Allen GAllen G. Debus papersHistoryConsists of correspondence, teaching materials, lecture and presentation materials, drafts of various writings, administrative and professional materials, research grant applications and reviews and evaluative student materials+-+1378476705+-+1378476705Fri Mar 21 15:31:26 EDT 2014batch22546