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Fri Mar 21 17:03:47 2014 UTClccn-n500392380.00Thomas H. Johnson papers,0.351.00Richard Volney Chase papers,107031549n 5003923874457Johnson, T. H. (Thomas Herbert)Johnson, Thomas H.Johnson, Thomas H. 1902-1985Johnson, Thomas H. (Thomas Herbert)Yüeh-han-hsün, Tʻang-ma-ssu H.ジョンスン, トーマス・Hlccn-n79054166Dickinson, Emily1830-1886lccn-n50033202Miller, Perry1905-1963edtlccn-n50014429Wish, Harvey1909-lccn-n79096730United StatesPublic Health Servicelccn-n79106200Spiller, Robert Ernest1896-1988edtlccn-n80026717Thorp, Willard1899-1990edtlccn-n50051945Canby, Henry Seidel1878-1961edtlccn-n85062964Ludwig, Richard M.1920-edtlccn-n79084179Edwards, Jonathan1703-1758hnrlccn-n50009259Taylor, Edward1642-1729Johnson, Thomas HerbertBibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryDictionariesSourcesRecords and correspondenceBiographyPoetryAmerican literatureAmerican poetryPoetryDickinson, Emily,American poetry--Women authorsPoets, AmericanUnited StatesCorrespondence (Dickinson, Emily)PuritansAmerican literature--Colonial periodAmerican literature--Puritan authorsNew EnglandWomen poets, AmericanCongregational churchesTheologyCivilizationEdwards, Jonathan,Johnson, Thomas HerbertTwentieth centuryWomen poetsAmerican poetry--Colonial periodAuthors, AmericanViereck, Peter,Van Doren, Mark,CriticsBingham, Millicent Todd,Tate, Allen,Briggs, Le Baron Russell,Huff, Robert,Dos Passos, John,Blackmur, R. P.--(Richard P.),Neihardt, John Gneisenau,Rahv, Philip,Voyages around the worldFiedler, Leslie ABarzun, Jacques,Maxwell, William,Dartmouth CollegeFletcher, John Gould,Cozzens, James Gould,MonumentsGogarty, Oliver St. John,English literatureFowler, Gene,Westminster AbbeyHillyer, Robert,Mason, Daniel Gregory,Nathan, Robert LouisVermont--ReadsboroCopeland, Charles Townsend,190219851931193219341935193719381939194019421943194419461947194819491951195319551957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197419751976197719791980198219841985198619901991199219941996199719982001200320052007200917674121598811.4PS1541ocn000923698ocn000269464ocn002659278ocn001157548ocn000270595ocn000654966ocn000108800ocn001012005ocn004057998ocn002659436ocn185622412ocn185622419ocn185622424ocn186818556ocn185622404ocn186650610ocn440834629ocn225962523259246ocn000923698book19460.28Spiller, Robert ErnestLiterary history of the United StatesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography259114ocn000420826book19660.24Johnson, Thomas HerbertThe Oxford companion to American historyHistoryDictionariesConsists of short, alphabetically arranged articles on people, events, places, social, political, and labor movements, commerce, education, law, the arts, and science240825ocn000710853book19380.37Miller, PerryThe PuritansHistorySources212118ocn000710824book19610.24Dickinson, EmilyFinal harvest : Emily Dickinson's poemsA Complete cross-section of her work is reflected in this selection from Emily Dickinson's poetry+-+7069361685197847ocn000272066book19550.35Johnson, Thomas HerbertEmily Dickinson: an interpretive biographyBiographyMr. Johnson puts the outline of his aims in the form of two questions: "What was Emily Dickinson like?" and "As a poet, what was she trying to do?" He has answered both as fully as they can be answered. --Robert Hillyer104624ocn001157548book19390.53Taylor, EdwardThe poetical works of Edward Taylor103469ocn038557156book19420.24Dickinson, EmilyThe complete poems of Emily DickinsonWhile it is today universally acknowledged that Dickinson was a poet of the highest order, the startling originality of her poems doomed her work to obscurity in her own lifetime. Early posthumous publication efforts -- including the 1924 Complete Poems edited by the poet's niece and published by Little, Brown -- did not fully and fairly represent Dickinson's bold experiments in prosody, her tragic vision, or the range of her intellectual and emotional explorations. Not until the publication of Harvard University Press's 1955 The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, comprising three hardcover volumes edited by Thomas H. Johnson, were readers able to understand and appreciate Dickinson's entire oeuvre+-+18693616856646ocn001685197book19350.56Edwards, Jonathan...Representative selections : with introduction, bibliography, and notesHistory50817ocn000082112book19400.73Johnson, Thomas HerbertThe printed writings of Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758; a bibliographyBibliography+-+K36835151643628ocn028646534book19580.47Dickinson, EmilyLettersRecords and correspondence+-+827170921532441039ocn019911572book19510.32Dickinson, EmilyThe poems of Emily DickinsonCriticism, interpretation, etc"Ralph Franklin, the foremost scholar of Dickinson's manuscripts, has prepared an authoritative one-volume edition of all extant poems of Emily Dickinson - 1,789 poems in all, the largest number ever assembled. This reading edition derives from his three-volume work, The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Variorum Edition (1998), which contains approximately 2,500 sources for the poems. In this one-volume edition, Franklin offers a single reading of each poem - usually the latest version of the entire poem - rendered with Dickinson's spelling, punctuation and capitalization intact."--Jacket3175ocn000654966book19420.66Johnson, Thomas HerbertMen of tomorrow; nine leaders discuss the problems of American youth3014ocn001513803book19440.70Johnson, Thomas HerbertReturn to freedom, the affairs of our time and their impact upon youth29815ocn012081566book19580.33Dickinson, EmilySelected lettersRecords and correspondence+-+75250792151823ocn000404769book19490.63Johnson, Thomas HerbertIn defense of democracy1433ocn045879879book20010.27The Puritans : a sourcebook of their writings : two volumes bound as oneHistorySources+-+665169139512111ocn025272834book19350.53Edwards, JonathanJonathan Edwards : representative selectionsHistory739ocn215363105book19600.28Dickinson, EmilyComplete poems.PoetryA one-volume edition featuring a chronological arrangement of her poems+-+5913566205324481ocn001444010book19470.56Johnson, Thomas HerbertA man's reach; some choices facing youth today3910ocn005863248book19430.66Taylor, EdwardThe poetical works102ocn153451673book19630.39Dickinson, EmilyPoems : including variant readings critically compared with all known manuscripts11ocn489376165mix1.00Chase, Richard VolneyRichard Volney Chase papersLetters, manuscripts, notes, proofs, course materials, and printed matter11ocn031421816mix1.00Anderson, Charles RobertsCharles Roberts Anderson papersRecords and correspondenceApproximately half the items are concerned with Anderson's efforts to have a plaque erected in honor of Henry James in Poets' Corner at Westminster Abbey. Includes correspondence and clippings dealing with sponsors and participants; the ceremony at Westminster Abbey; administration and finances of the effort. Sponsors included many prominent American and British academics and creative writers. Also includes a reminiscence of Dr. Anderson's association with Dr. Jay B. Hubbell. The other half of the collection consists of correspondence and a few clippings relating to Anderson's publication of EMILY DICKINSON'S POETRY: STAIRWAY OF SURPRISE. Correspondents include Millicent Todd Bingham, Thomas H. Johnson, Thomas J. Wilson and editors of various publishers who rejected Anderson's manuscript as well as the publisher who accepted the book11ocn191701827mixJohnson, Thomas HerbertThomas H. Johnson papersDiariesThe collection also includes two diaries, one of four months duration, when Thomas was fourteen, speaking mostly of the reading he was doing, life at school, and farm life. The other is a 1921-1922 diary, when he was teaching in the Readsboro, Vermont, schools for a few months, and ending when he was teaching in the Boston area. The diary is filled with lots of self-examination, his hopes and fears for his future, his reaction to teaching in a small rural school, including descriptions of some of his students, and ending with his arrival at Williams College and his being turned down for a fraternity11ocn849527643mix1.00Hillyer, RobertRobert Hillyer PapersPapers of the American author, poet, educator. General, literary, and family correspondence; writings (essays, poems, poetry, reviews, speeches, manuscripts, galley proofs); memorabilia (photographs, clippings, genealogies, daguerreotypes. family Bibles, miniatures, hymnals). Notable correspondents include William Rose Benét, Millicent Todd Bingham, Ben Lucien Burman, Frederick Chamberlin, James Gould Cozzens, Max Eastman, Kimball Flaccus, Horace Gregory, Ralph Hodgson, Robert Huff, Amy Lowell, Archibald MacLeish, Marianne Moore, James B. Munn, Robert Nathan, John Neihardt, Louise Townsend Nicholl, Bliss Perry, Lizette Reese, Lennox Robinson, Paul Rosenfeld, Mark Schorer, Walter Magnes Teller, Mark Van Doren, and Edward Weeks01ocn122588245mixHillyer, RobertArchivesWritings include holograph and typescript drafts of essays, poems, poetry readings, reviews, and speeches, as well as a notebook of Hillyer's early poems. Also included are book manuscripts, galleys and plate proofs01ocn086159457mixChase, Richard VolneyLetters, manuscripts, notes, proofs, course materials, and printed matter+-+7069361685+-+7069361685Fri Mar 21 16:09:28 EDT 2014batch26149