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Thu Feb 12 22:02:08 2015 UTClccn-n500406310.06Proud knight, fair lady : the twelve laïs of Marie de France /0.650.94Lays of France. (Founded on the Lays of Marie.)10197671075823De France, MarieFrança, María deFrance, Marie deFrance, Marie de ca. 12. JhFrancia, María deMaria active 12th century de FranciaMaría ca. 12. Jh de FranciaMaria ca. 12. Jh z FrancjiMaria de FrançaMaría de FranciaMaria di FranciaMaria di Francia 1100-taletMaria z FrancjiMarie 1100-talet de FranceMarie 12. gs de FranceMarie 12th cent de FranceMarie ca. 12. Jh de CompiègneMarie ca. 12. Jh de FranceMarie de CompiégneMarie de FranceMarie, de France, 1100-taletMarie de France 1154-1189Marie, de France, 12. gs.Marie de France 12th centMarie de France, ca. 1130-ca. 1200Marie-FranceSebileau, FrançoiseМария 12. gs ФранцузскаяМария, Французская, 12. gs.マリ・ド・フランスlccn-no2005048168Whalen, Logan E.autlccn-n77013626Bloch, R. Howardiveautlccn-nr91044677Warnke, Karlothautedtcrelccn-n84055828Mason, Eugenetrledtlccn-n84111820Burgess, Glyn S.(Glyn Sheridan)auttrllccn-n85387808Rychner, Jeanothedtlccn-n79122347Hrotsvithaapproximately 935-approximately 975lccn-n83222469Sorel, Agnèsapproximately 1422-1450lccn-n83176384Mechthildof Magdeburgapproximately 1212-approximately 1282lccn-n81119710Hanning, Robert W.auitrlMariede Franceactive 12th centuryCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryHistoryLegendsRomancesIllustrationsGlossaries, vocabularies, etcFictionLaysFables, FrenchLais (Marie, de France)French poetryFranceWomen--Middle AgesFrench literatureGardensWomen and literatureMarie,--de France,Fables, EnglishPurgatoryCourtly love in literatureChivalry in literatureLove in literatureFairy talesIreland--Saint Patrick's PurgatoryRhetoric, MedievalNarration (Rhetoric)TechniqueManuscripts, MedievalEngland--LondonMythology, CelticTales, MedievalWomenPsychology in literatureLanguage and languagesArchitecture and literatureFrench language--VocabularyFrench languageRomancesFablesIllustration of booksMemory in literatureMemorials in literatureAuthors and publishersChildren's stories, FrenchMechthild,--of Magdeburg,Sorel, Agnès,TalesCourtly lovePoetryLove poetry, FrenchLove poetryAdulteryHrotsvitha,Christine,--de Pisan,Aesop's fablesTwelfth centuryEnglish literature1100118917781781181618191820182118321842184818501862186318671869187218741876188318851886188718881889189218941895189818991900190119021903190419071909191019111912191319161917191819201921192219231924192519261929193019321933193419351936193719381940194119421944194519461947194819491950195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014226554771629841.1PQ1494.L3ocn003869125ocn016140239ocn011238960ocn000337813ocn002849341ocn026053781ocn001096034ocn002280036ocn022327804ocn003018428ocn461919944ocn468089756ocn765885077ocn661399324ocn798390230ocn802909542ocn816528361ocn852209510ocn470912798ocn724200290ocn722384003ocn722510689ocn742690646ocn725547294ocn4618643402851259ocn002849341book19110.67MarieFrench mediaeval romances from the lays of Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionA fantastic collection of romantic tales translated from the original 12th century Anglo-Norman, originally known as the Lais of Marie de France+-+0627058077324125266ocn016140239book18980.70MarieFablesIllustrationsLes fables de Marie de France, moins connues que ses lais, sont ici proposées dans une mise en français contemporain par la traductrice de Tchekhov et de Synge.--[Memento]+-+K181257535917157ocn001431142book18850.74MarieLaisPoetryVertaling in verzen van de door de 12e-eeuwse Bretonse dichteres uit de mond van troubadours opgetekende, berijmde vertalingen van ridderliefde+-+116944803632459616ocn003869125book19780.54MarieThe lais of Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryA collection of Breton tales of courtly love from the 12th century, originally set in poetic form+-+340299596546710ocn011238960book19800.67MarieThe fables of Marie de France : an English translation41427ocn000337813book19580.74MarieLe lai de LanvalRomances40442ocn002975204book18850.82MarieDie Lais der Marie de France38218ocn008673511book19110.56MarieLays of Marie de France, and other French legendsPoetry+-+62868913952659ocn026053781book19920.82MarieSaint Patrick's purgatory : a poemLegendsPoetry21133ocn001466559book18940.85MarieEspurgatoire Seint PatrizLegendsPoetry+-+44016831543242033ocn011090867book19840.90Graelent ; and, Guingamor : two Breton laysPoetry17221ocn006316076book19380.89MarieDas Buch vom Espurgatoire S. Patrice der Marie de France und seine QuelleLegendsPoetry16630ocn043908581book19250.80MarieVier altfranzösische Lais. (Chievrefeuil, Austic, Bisclavret, GuingamorGlossaries, vocabularies, etc15413ocn003824809book19000.82MarieGuingamor, Lanval, Tyolet, Bisclaveret+-+53080324363241181ocn033011388book19890.06Lewis, NaomiProud knight, fair lady : the twelve laïs of Marie de FranceA prose retelling of the narrative poems, composed in the twelfth century by Marie of France, dealing with courtly love, chivalric adventure, and the struggle between good and evil1167ocn001228864book19620.82MarieÄsop1154ocn070836778book20060.89MarieThe life of Saint AudreyCriticism, interpretation, etc"Written by a woman in an age when women rarely wrote and signed by one who calls herself Marie in an epilogue strikingly similar to that of the Fables of Marie de France, the Vie seinte Audree is a late 12th or early 13th-century Anglo Norman text."--Provided by publisher+-+08017913251125ocn071492240file15480.70MarieThe treaty[se of Syr Lamwell.]1079ocn003620183book18720.94O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William EdgarLays of France. (Founded on the Lays of Marie.)Poetry9910ocn026500568book19260.82MarieAus dem Esope der Marie de France; eine auswahl von dreissig stücken15445ocn727741168file20030.54Bloch, R. HowardThe anonymous Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book offers a fundamental reconception of the person generally assumed to be the first woman writer in French, the author known as Marie de France. The Anonymous Marie de France is the first work to consider all of the writing ascribed to Marie, including her famous Lais, her 103 animal fables, and the earliest vernacular Saint Patrick's Purgatory." "Evidence about Marie de France's life is so meager that we know next to nothing about her - not where she was born and to what rank, who her parents were, whether she was married or single, where she lived and might have traveled, nor whether she dwelled in cloister or at court. In the face of this great writer's near anonymity, scholars have assumed her to be a simple, naive, and modest Christian figure. Bloch's claim, in contrast, is that Marie is among the most self-conscious, sophisticated, complicated, and disturbing figures of her time - the Joyce of the twelfth century. At a moment of great historical turning, the so-called Renaissance of the twelfth century, Marie was both a disrupter of prevailing cultural values and a founder of new ones. Her works, Bloch argues, reveal an author obsessed by writing, by memory, and by translation, and acutely aware not only of her role in the preservation of cultural memory, but of the transforming psychological, social, and political effects of writing within an oral tradition."--Jacket+-+031405177512706ocn503447208file20070.54Whalen, Logan EMarie de France and the poetics of memoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+44506786359209ocn016684025book19820.54MarieThe lais of Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryA collection of Breton tales of courtly love from the 12th century, originally set in poetic form+-+41299959659178ocn000565250book19130.50Kemp-Welch, AliceOf six mediaeval women; to which is added A note on mediaeval gardensHistoryBiography6824ocn742349177file20110.47Whalen, Logan EA companion to Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K2675795545873ocn000724414book19740.54Mickel, Emanuel JMarie de FranceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc5555ocn828767134file20100.67MarieThe lays of Marie de France"This edition includes Edward Gallagher's prose translations of The Lays of Marie de France ; a general introduction; a map; commentaries on the lays; two anonymous Breton lays The Lay of Melion and The Lay of Tyolet ; a glossary of proper names; a glossary of specialized terms; and an appendix of selected texts in the Old French, including Marie's Prologue, Guigemar, Bisclavret, and Yonec"--Provided by publisher+-+633693851643111ocn000058484book19240.67MarieFrench mediaeval romances from the lays of Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionA fantastic collection of romantic tales translated from the original 12th century Anglo-Norman, originally known as the Lais of Marie de France+-+06270580773243666ocn748334019book20120.70Kinoshita, SharonMarie de France : a critical companionCriticism, interpretation, etc"Marie de France is the author of some of the most important and influential works of the French Middle Ages: the Lais, her best-known work, the Ysopë (a translation from the Aesopic tradition), and the Espurgatoire seint Patriz (St Patrick's Purgatory). Taking Marie less as a biographical subject than as author of these three texts, this Companion rethinks standard questions of interpretation through a variety of perspectives that highlight both the unity of Marie's oeuvre and the distinctiveness of the individual works attributed to her name."--p. [4] of cover3254ocn009255857book19800.26MarieMedieval fablesIlluminated medieval illustrations for the fables of Aesop, Phaedrus, Bidpai and Marie de France._2554ocn004029805book19770.82Burgess, Glyn SMarie de France : an analytical bibliographyBibliography2052ocn026160607book19920.77In quest of Marie de France, a twelfth-century poetCriticism, interpretation, etc2013ocn000980232book19740.89Rothschild, Judith RiceNarrative technique in the Lais of Marie de France; themes and variationsHistory1924ocn866992753file18630.90Joly, AristideMarie de France et les fables au moyen-age1724ocn003967271book19770.87McClelland, DeniseLe vocabulaire des Lais de Marie de France1695ocn000780453book19680.85Baum, RichardRecherches sur les œuvres attribuées à Marie de France1633ocn029756779book19950.87Boland, Margaret MunroeArchitectural structure in the Lais of Marie de FranceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc1222ocn051615034book20030.94Gertz, Sunhee KimEchoes and reflections : memory and memorials in Ovid and Marie de FranceCriticism, interpretation, etc1191ocn031287018book19940.70MarieFablesIllustrationsPresents selected fables from around the world illustrated with artwork from the National Art Library of London+-+K1812575351192ocn052860196book20030.82The reception and transmission of the works of Marie De France, 1774-1974HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+0440198225+-+0627058077324+-+0627058077324Fri Feb 13 10:54:43 EST 2015batch48800