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Fri Mar 21 17:10:58 2014 UTClccn-n500445620.10Kerner, Prof. R(obert) J(oseph) : University of California, Berkeley, Calif0.631.00Photographs from the Robert J. Kerner papers44377515n 5004456279723Kerner, Robert J.Kerner, Robert J. 1887-1956Kerner, Robert Joseph, 1887-1956lccn-n50080603LeopoldIIHoly Roman Emperor1747-1792lccn-n50029037Howard, Harry N.(Harry Nicholas)1902-1987lccn-n86011981Harper, Samuel N.(Samuel Northrup)1882-1943lccn-n50034580Golder, Frank Alfred1877-1929lccn-no99065096Petrunkevitch, Alexander1875-1964nc-russian economic instituteRussian Economic Institutelccn-n80086389Masaryk, T. G.(Tomáš Garrigue)1850-1937lccn-nr89001382Taylor, Griffithviaf-203407054Graham, Malbone W.lccn-n50006744Schmitt, Bernadotte E.Kerner, Robert Joseph1887-1956HistoryBibliographyPolitical scienceSoviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCivilizationEconomic historyYugoslaviaConstitutional historyCzech Republic--BohemiaLeopold--II,--Holy Roman Emperor,Balkan PeninsulaEastern question (Balkan)Balkan Entente, 1934-1941Civilization, ModernSlavic literatureSlavsSlavic languagesKings and rulersEastern question (Far East)East AsiaChinaJapanConférence balkaniqueYugoslavsTurkeySocial sciences--Study and teachingEducationEconomicsWorld War (1939-1945)Masaryk, T. G.--(Tomáš Garrigue),International relationsRussiaColoniesWorld War (1914-1918)North America--Northwest Coast of North AmericaUnited StatesWar--CausesKerner, Robert Joseph,AmericaDiscovery and exploration, RussianArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageBeer, George Louis,Monroe, W. 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It covers the source material on Russian-American relations to 1869 in American libraries, discusses the attitude of the Russian government towards the Indians, Russian claims to Alaska, the Russian American Company, Russian relations with America and with Great Britain and the treaties of 1824 and 1825, and the 1867 purchase of Alaska11ocn831381453visu1.00Kerner, Robert JosephPhotographs from the Robert J. Kerner papersPhotographsPortraitsPictorial works11ocn052250100mix1.00Harper, Samuel NPapersHistoryContains correspondence, reports, lectures, notes, translations, interviews, diaries, official documents, broadsides, circulars, calling cards, engagement and address books, postcards, press releases, Tsarist émigré publications, a manuscript of The Russia I Believe In, and photographs. Includes material relating to Harper's interest in modern Russian politics and institutions, such as accounts of the Revolution and early Bolshevik government. Also includes interviews with Leo Tolstoy, Aleksandr Dmitrievich Protopopov, Petr Stolypin, Petr B. Struve, Alesksandr I. Guchkov, and Feliks Dzerzhinskii. Correspondents include Boris Bakhmetev, Allen J. Carter, Charles R. Crane, Richard T. Crane, Frederick Dixon, Loy Henderson, J. Edgar Hoover, W. Chain Huntington, Michael Karpovich, Robert J. Kerner, Jerome Landfield, John R. Mott, Bernard Pares, Leo Pasvolsky, DeWitt Poole, Walter S. Roger, Edgar Sisson, Pitirim A. Sorokin, and Roger H. William. Contains the Harper-Jameson study on the authenticity of the Sisson documents regarding an alleged German-Bolshevik consipiracy as well as material relating to Harper's work as special assistant of the Russian Division of the State Department11ocn157000984art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenKerner, Prof. R(obert) J(oseph) : University of California, Berkeley, Calif11ocn122370175mix1.00Fisher, Raymond HenryPapers pertaining to Robert J. KernerPhotocopies of letters about Kerner from and to Fisher, 1972-1988 (correspondents include John A. Harrison, Robert F. Byrnes, and Gay Satsuma). Photocopy of article by Fisher, "Kerner, Bering, and the Amur: a refutation"; paper by Gay Satsuma, "Scholarly Entrepreneur: Robert J. Kerner and Russian eastward expansion."11ocn663716943book19971.00Kotkin, StephenRobert Kerner and the Northeast Asia seminar11ocn079449082mix1.00United StatesU.S. American Commission to Negotiate Peace recordsMemoranda; reports; articles; abstracts; agreements; petitions; notebooks; pamphlets; documents from the study group, U.S. Inquiry; maps; and other records. Subjects include cultural, geographical, legal, political, racial, and religious aspects of countries and areas with which the commission was concerned. Individuals represented include Henryk Arctowski, George Louis Beer, Clive Day, Ronald B. Dixon, Sidney Bradshaw Fay, Charles Homer Haskins, Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck, Dorothy Kenyon, Robert Joseph Kerner, Paul Monroe, W.S. Monroe, Samuel Eliot Morison, Wallace Notestein, and Preston W. Slosson11ocn702204972mix1.00The Inquiry papersCorrespondence, organizational records, reports containing historical and statistical material, maps, and other papers of The Inquiry, a group of experts assembled at the request of President Wilson to collect and collate data in preparation for a peace conference following World War I+-+9260962835324+-+9260962835324Fri Mar 21 15:33:33 EDT 2014batch20170