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Fri Mar 21 17:04:50 2014 UTClccn-n500501450.00Papers, 1901-19590.590.88The fight against war /12690177n 5005014585167Lief, Alfredリーフ, アルフレッドlccn-n79006848United StatesSupreme Courtlccn-n79018108Brandeis, Louis Dembitz1856-1941lccn-n79018607Firestone Tire and Rubber Companylccn-n85031330Firestone, Harvey Samuel1868-1938lccn-n79054782Holmes, Oliver WendellJr1841-1935lccn-n79134998MassachusettsSupreme Judicial Courtlccn-n86114718Stone, Harlan Fiske1872-1946lccn-n79093121Norris, George W.(George William)1861-1944lccn-n79018424Laski, Harold Joseph1893-1950lccn-n50078465Procter & Gamble CompanyLief, Alfred1901-1971HistoryBiographyTrials, litigation, etcCase studiesUnited StatesConstitutional lawFirestone Tire and Rubber CompanyFirestone, Harvey Samuel,Judicial opinionsBrandeis, Louis Dembitz,Tire industrySocial problemsPsychiatryPolitical scienceMeyer, Adolf,Industrial policyNorris, George W.--(George William),IndustrialistsUnited States.--Supreme CourtMassachusetts.--Supreme Judicial CourtMassachusettsLawProcter & Gamble CompanyEconomicsDissenting opinionsGas industryGas-metersCopyrightDesign protectionPeaceInternational cooperationPacifismCommercial lawTrade regulationLane Bryant Annual AwardsSocial serviceLegislatorsPsychology, PathologicalMental illnessEastman, George,Rubber industry and tradeLief, Alfred,Industrial managementIllinois--ChicagoEvanston HospitalUnited States.--Army.--Chemical CorpsGeorge Eastman HouseSheller Manufacturing CorporationWar19011971192919301931193319361937193919401941194419451948195119521954195819611963196519671968196919701971197319771979198119861988199219961997199920012007736045201678.065HD9161.U54ocn000373004ocn000242921ocn083260560ocn589948539ocn082632294ocn006769566ocn001425071ocn671929843ocn797295340ocn761150416ocn760385619ocn724123103126915ocn000972775book19510.33Lief, AlfredThe Firestone story : a history of the Firestone Tire & Rubber CompanyHistory92621ocn022566726book19290.63Holmes, Oliver WendellThe dissenting opinions of Mr. Justice Holmes : arranged, with introductory notes84116ocn000652098book19360.63Lief, AlfredBrandeis : the personal history of an American ideal67815ocn036263589book19300.66Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe social and economic views of Mr. Justice Brandeis : collected with introductory notes59116ocn001404377book19310.70Holmes, Oliver WendellRepresentative opinions of Mr. Justice Holmes4527ocn000373004book19400.76Stone, Harlan FiskePublic control of businessTrials, litigation, etc4249ocn000456570book19300.56Lief, AlfredDemocracy's Norris; the biography of a lonely crusadeBiography4156ocn000238062book19510.31Lief, AlfredHarvey Firestone : free man of enterpriseBiography2855ocn000490692book19580.59Lief, AlfredIt floats; the story of Procter & Gamble2442ocn001688903book19650.73Lief, AlfredA close-up of closures; history and progress2195ocn001472941book19410.81Brandeis, Louis DembitzThe Brandeis guide to the modern world"Fundamental ideas [of Justice Brandeis] expressed in correspondence, conversations, addresses, judicial opinions, and other writings."--Pref1581ocn000451554book0.73Family business1355ocn001651294book19540.70Lief, AlfredThe Mennen story1334ocn000529528book19610.76Lief, AlfredMetering for America; 125 years of the gas industry and American Meter Company1136ocn003235537book19450.86Gotshal, SylvanThe pirates will get you; a story of the fight for design protection1099ocn000932967book19330.88Einstein, AlbertThe fight against war862ocn004293810book19440.79Lief, AlfredCamillus, the story of an American small business8120ocn083260560file19480.70Meyer, AdolfThe commonsense psychiatry of Dr. Adolf Meyer; fifty-two selected papers"When I first met Dr. Meyer in his Baltimore home and told him of my desire to preserve and present his basic papers, he put a fresh log on the fire, seated himself near by, and folded his hands in his lap. He suggested that the book be an expression of my own needs and urges. Like many others who regard the world as a postgraduate education in life, I had been seeking clarity on the subject of psychiatry. The literature contained many illuminating answers attributed to Adolf Meyer. From the footnotes I turned to the sources. There, distinct from a psychiatry on a basis of psychoanalysis, was his concept of mind and behavior and organs as a biological whole. I looked for a complete statement, for a textbook, or at any rate a full-bodied volume, in which possibly he unfolded his findings; but though he had written close to two hundred papers, there was no such book. "The main thing," the doctor continued, "is that your point of reference should always be life itself and not the imagined cesspool of the unconscious." In this book I have undertaken, as Dr. Meyer put it, "to give the average person a better practical understanding of my material"--as a help to himself and myself and "the many I should like to be helpful to." He has given me the liberty to make such use of it as will "aid in the receptivity of the reader." Fifty-two selections are presented here in a setting meant to portray the evolution of a psychiatrist and of his thinking and work. It is an exposition of American psychiatry and at the same time a picture of a physician in action. The papers have been edited with a view to integration and abridged where necessary to avoid repetition and preserve continuity. As a whole, it may stand as Dr. Meyer's declaration of independence from dogma. I also hope it fulfills his expectation that I would produce "very much what is needed to awaken in others a respec+++-+4110007896731ocn001312941book19670.66Lief, AlfredPeople who care; adventures of the human spirit recaptured in Lane Bryant annual awardsCase studies514ocn005237030book19580.50Lief, AlfredThe moon and stars; the story of Procter & Gamble and its people11ocn053167529mixDryden, George BascombRecords and correspondenceThe majority of the collection is business records from his rubber companies but also includes papers from his other involvements. Letters to wife while in Europe and Africa on safari in 1929. Correspondence with Alfred Lief re: his biography of H.S. Firestone. Correspondence with Harry Kuhn and other members of the Armed Forces Chemical Association. Correspondence re: Eastman House and copies of dedication speech by Merrill C. Meigs and dedication speech for the Dryden Theatre by Thomas J. Hargrave. Letters re: nursing scholarships and his resignation from the board of Evanston Hospital and their resolution regarding his importance to that institution. Copy of "A Historical Survey of the Rubber Industry in Chicago" by H.A. Winkleman+-+4110007896+-+4110007896Fri Mar 21 16:01:42 EDT 2014batch15843