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Thu Oct 16 18:01:48 2014 UTClccn-n500605780.00Roz Frans : roman /0.211.00George Graham papers,75097809n 5006057895057Laffite, Jean 1782-1854Lafitte, Jean active 1809-1821Lafitte, Jean Baptistelccn-n79088888Jackson, Andrew1767-1845lccn-no2002028714Laffite, Pierre-1826?lccn-n80017009Remini, Robert V.(Robert Vincent)1921-2013lccn-n85290351Davis, William C.1946-lccn-n78010956Groom, Winston1944-lccn-n84030141Ramsay, Jack C.1922-lccn-n82215810Tallant, Robert1909-1957lccn-n96104069Fox, F. G.(Frank G.)lccn-n86145617Cook, Scottilllccn-n83188308Saxon, Lyle1891-1946Laffite, JeanBiographyPersonal narratives‡vFrenchDramaHistorySourcesArchivesPeriodicalsLaffite, JeanLouisiana--New OrleansNew Orleans, Battle of (Louisiana : 1815)PiratesLouisianaGulf of MexicoPrivateeringJackson, Andrew,TexasLaffite, Pierre,United StatesGeneralsChildren's stories, AmericanVan Pradelles, Cassandra,MarylandWomenRevolution (France : 1789-1799)AmericansFranceChristmas, Annie (Legendary character)Adventure storiesFink, Mike,New Madrid Earthquakes (1811-1812)Mississippi RiverRiver boatsTreasure trovesWomen piratesMan-woman relationshipsLouisiana.--Militia.--Uniformed Battalion of Orleans VolunteersSoldiersWorld WarMauthausen (Concentration camp)Lafitte, JeanCharles--II,--King of England,PrisonersPrisoners of warWar of 1812French dramaLouis--XV,--King of France,Du Barry, Jeanne Bécu,--comtesse,HistorySpanish dramaEmployeesLouis--XIV,--King of France,Jackson, AndrewLettersMiró, Esteban,McDonogh, John,ShipsDrama17821854181418171830183218341836184118441850186418711888190219131917191919261928192919301931193419351937193819401941194319471948194919501951195219551957195819601961196419661970197219751976197819791981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119931994199519961998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201412342160245923.4144F374ocn474277863ocn45966609271ocn034110816book18440.84Ellms, CharlesThe Pirates own book, or, Authentic narratives of the lives, exploits and executions of the most celebrated sea robbers with historical sketches of the Joassamee, Spanish, Ladrone, West India, Malay and Algerine piratesBiography51ocn007297704book19380.66Warren, Harris GaylordDocuments relating to George Graham's proposals to Jean Lafitte for the occupation of the Texas coastHistorySources44ocn760517155book19580.53Laffite, JeanThe journal of Jean Laffite; the privateer-patriot's own story21ocn028417135mix0.47Laffite, JeanJean Lafitte collectionArtificial collection consisting of photocopies of original documents, notes of various researchers, and related brochures and booklets relating to the privateer Jean Laffite21ocn474277863serial0.74Committee of the World Congress of the Defenders of PeacePartisans de la paixPeriodicals11ocn800771442book1951Laffite, JeanRoz Frans : roman11ocn166300964mix1.00Graham, GeorgeGeorge Graham papersThree letters of Jean Laffite written from Galveston, Tex., to Graham explaining Laffite's motives in seizing the port of Galveston and informing Graham that Pierre Laffite would give him verbal information concerning operations of the Spanish (1818). Also included are a commission from President James Monroe appointing Graham as Commissioner of the General Land Office (1823) and a letter of John Q. Adams, Secretary of State, transmitting the commission to Graham (1824)11ocn462065434book19700.94Laffitte, JeanCeux qui viventPersonal narratives French11ocn433907667book18360.97Lafitte, J.-B.-PValérie mariée; ou, Aveugle et jalouse; drame en trois actes11ocn433239724book18360.98Bayard, Jean-François-AlfredMadeline la sabotière, comédie-vaudeville en deux actes11ocn029336740book19600.10Laffite, JeanHo peirates Laphit kai he mache tes Neas Orleanes11ocn433168692book18320.98RougemontJeanne Vaubernier, ou Le cour de Louis XV, comédie en trois actesDrama11ocn496828487mix1.00Parsons, Edward AlexanderParsons, Edward Alexander, collectionHistoryArchivesSourcesThe material in the Edward Alexander Parsons Collection, 1678-1928, 1951, comprises a wide variety of manuscript documents concerning the American South, primarily Louisiana and surrounding areas11ocn040784540book19261.00Herz, Lillian EStory of Jean Laffite told in historical documents. Rosenberg Library has original file of official papers11ocn145794790mixWinterbotham, John MJean Laffite itemsLetters between Winterbotham and Louise Phelps Kellogg of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin about Jean Laffite documents in the custody of the Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas; photostat copies of the three 1818-1819 documents; and two Galveston newsclippings about Laffitte11ocn762789002book18410.98Lafitte, J.-B.-PUna aventura de Carlos II : comedia en un actoDrama11ocn310362992book1817[Message from the President of the United States, communicating information of the proceedings of certain persons who took possession of Amelia Island and Galvezton [sic]]01ocn459666092book1950La Paix. Revue mondiale : Directeur : Jean Laffite ; rédacteur en chef : Claude Morgan. [3e année] N° 21, 16-22 novembre 195001ocn226103871book20030.47Lafitte, JeanBarmīgardīm gul-i nasrīn bichīnīm15381ocn040813487book19990.23Remini, Robert VThe Battle of New OrleansAnd finally, there is Jackson himself - tall, gaunt, shrewd, by turns gentle and furious, declaring, "I will smash them, so help me god!""--BOOK JACKET+-+260033521513008ocn057366449book20050.21Davis, W. CThe pirates Laffite : the treacherous world of the corsairs of the GulfHistoryBiographyJean and Pierre Laffite's lives were intertwined with the most colorful period in New Orleans' history, the era from just after the Louisiana Purchase through the War of 1812. Labeled as corsairs and buccaneers for methods that bordered on piracy, the brothers ran a privateering cooperative that provided contraband goods to a hungry market and made life hell for Spanish merchants on the Gulf. Later they became important members of a syndicate in New Orleans that included lawyers, bankers, merchants, and corrupt U.S. officials. But this allegiance didn't stop them from becoming paid Spanish spies, handing over information about the syndicate's plans and selling out their own associates. In 1820 the Laffites disappeared into the fog of history from which they had emerged, but not before becoming folk heroes in French Louisiana and making their names synonymous with piracy and intrigue on the Gulf.-Dust jacket+-+K85955606511397ocn060671930book20060.21Groom, WinstonPatriotic fire : Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite at the Battle of New OrleansBiographyA chronicle of the January, 1815 Battle of New Orleans describes how the American general, Andrew Jackson, unexpectedly joined forces with raffish French buccaneer, Jean Laffite, to repel an invasion of British troops from the Louisiana city+-+21899555969603ocn044964093file19960.26Ramsay, Jack CJean Laffite prince of piratesHistoryBiography+-+74753162067173ocn000485719book19510.13Tallant, RobertThe pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans :HistoryJuvenile worksA biography of the pirate who became an American patriot during the war of 1812, when he and his pirate gang helped defeat the British during the Battle of New Orleans5511ocn042429261book20030.01Fox, F. GJean Laffite and the big ol' whaleJuvenile worksFictionWhen a huge white whale gets stuck between the banks of the Mississippi River causing the water to stop flowing, Jean Laffite finds a way to get the river moving again+-+04118892855066ocn000739918book19300.28Saxon, LyleLafitte, the pirateHistoryBiographyFictionOriginal manuscript of LAFITTE THE PIRATE by Lyle Saxon. The bound volume also contains a presentation letter, 1932, to Mrs. Franz Blom (later Mrs. Peter G. Denker) and a photograph of Saxon+-+00484373354862ocn011113781book19850.06Dewey, ArianeLaffite, the pirateJuvenile worksFictionPresents sheer myths and some stories based in fact about the controversial pirate who aided the United States in the War of 1812, but returned to his life of piracy thereafter4175ocn000425120book19610.53De Grummond, Jane LucasThe Baratarians and the Battle of New OrleansBiography3823ocn045463518book20010.01Weintraub, AileenJean Lafitte : pirate-hero of the war of 1812HistoryJuvenile worksBiographyExplores the life of the notorious pirate who helped the United States win the battle against Britain in 1815+-+41420487353682ocn052806186book20040.13Scott, Joanna CCassandra, lostHistoryFictionHistorical fictionScott weaves a spellbinging tale based loosely on the true story of one woman's incredible odyssey from a prosperous Maryland farm to that devastation of revolution-era Paris and back again. When her father forbids her from marrying a charming French emigre, Cassandra Owings elopes with Benedict van Pradelles and sails for France. Her head is filled with romantic notions, so she is shocked by the privations she encounters in war-torn France. Since Cassandra's husband hails from an aristocratic family with ties to King Louis and Marie Antoinette, they are in constant fear for their safety. Joining forces with a young Jean Lafitte to smuggle other aristos out of the country, they must eventually flee themselves. Settling in Spanish New Orleans, Cassandra and Benedict build a prosperous life for themselves until their idyllic existence is shattered by the reappearance of Lafitte. Cassandra must choose between the devoted husband she loves and the dashing pirate she desires+-+37946876853533ocn000304712book19490.06Sperry, ArmstrongBlack Falcon, a story of piracy and Old New OrleansJuvenile worksFictionDuring the War of 1812 a young boy joins the forces of the buccaneer Jean Laffite2782ocn052943089book19290.16Le May, AlanPelican coastFiction"Pelican Coast is a tale of old New Orleans, which recreates the romantic old city with both historical truth and the beauty of style that distinguishes Alan LeMay's narratives. Set in 1811, Pelican Coast finds French privateer Jacque Durossac throwing in his lot with legendary pirate Jean Lafitte, known both as 'The Hero of New Orleans' and 'The Terror of the Gulf.'"--from back cover+-+00382903062562ocn810442323book20130.06Miller, BobbiBig River's DaughterJuvenile worksFictionWhen River Fillian's powerful father, a pirate on a Mississippi keeler, disappears after a horrific earthquake in 1811, she must challenge the infamous rivals who hope to claim his territory and find her own place in the new order. Includes historical notes25311ocn765809567book18360.86Ingraham, J. HLafitte the pirate of the GulfBiographyFiction2281ocn007590050book19810.06Gonzalez, Catherine TroxellLafitte, the terror of the GulfHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyTraces the career of Jean Lafitte through his days as a Gulf of Mexico buccaneer to his role as defender of New Orleans and his final disappearance in 1826 under uncertain circumstances1826ocn774715925visu19380.19Quinn, AnthonyThe buccaneerHistoryDramaThe debonair pirate Jean Lafitte, who historically aided General Andrew Jackson against the British during the War of 1812, has been carrying on a discreet love affair with Annette Claiborne, the daughter of governor William Claiborne, who promises to pardon the pirate and his men1791ocn001401262book19570.13Vinton, IrisWe were there with Jean Lafitte at New OrleansHistoryJuvenile worksFiction1603ocn000274627book19020.74Devereux, MaryLafitte of LouisianaFiction1424ocn071230780rcrd20060.14Groom, WinstonPatriotic fire [Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite at the Battle of New Orleans]BiographyA fast-paced, enthralling retelling of one of the greatest battles fought on the North American continent, and of the two men who joined forced to repel the British invasion of New Orleans in January 1815+-+6407865596324+-+2600335215Thu Oct 16 15:49:18 EDT 2014batch26798