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Fri Mar 21 17:13:55 2014 UTClccn-n500820990.47Changing childhood : a history of the Halsey family to 2009 /0.670.88British sociology seen from without and within /61583835A._H._Halseyn 50082099115584Halsey, A. H.Halsey, Albert Henry.Halsey, Albert Henry, 1923-ハルゼー, A. Hlccn-n84081781Karabel, Jeromeauiedtlccn-n80015771Trow, Martin A.1926-2007lccn-n79104744Heath, A. F.(Anthony Francis)edtlccn-no97067608Ridge, J. M.(John Michael)lccn-n82013611Floud, J. E.(Jean E.)edtlccn-n50036410Dennis, Normanlccn-n99035492Webb, Josephinelccn-n50040923Martin, F. M.othlccn-n80039688Butler, David1924-lccn-n82099505Fulton, OliverHalsey, A. H.HistoryCase studiesConference proceedingsBiographyGreat BritainEducational sociologySocial historyEconomic historyPolitical scienceCollege teachingSocial classesNature and nurtureSocial changeEducation and stateEducation--Economic aspectsSocial structureUniversities and colleges--FacultyHuman beings--Effect of environment onHereditySociologyEducational equalizationDiscrimination in educationEducationEducation--Aims and objectivesSocial serviceEnglandSocialismEducation, Higher--Social aspectsEducation, Higher--Aims and objectivesHuman geneticsCooperative societiesSociology--ResearchSocial problemsStudents--Social conditionsEconomic policySocial work educationSocial policySociologistsHalsey, A. HSocial scientistsEducation, SecondaryCollege teachersAbilityChester, Daniel Norman,--SirEducational anthropologyEducation, HigherManners and customsUniversities and collegesEducational planningEuropeFamilies19231956195719581961196219631964196519661967196819691971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199119921993199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720092011201210395134519303.40941LC191ocn000188342ocn000447250ocn002404801ocn000746632ocn002742653ocn025379906ocn000746633ocn010630163ocn462135679ocn490068366ocn185795666ocn185825294ocn185710674ocn468299211ocn048308252ocn441268347ocn438405488ocn863502525128837ocn004076248book19780.73Halsey, A. HChange in British society : based on the Reith lecturesHistoryCase studiesIn this lucidly argued book, A.H. Halsey offers a provocative analysis of the direction which British society has taken this century. He points to changes involving class and status, social and geographical mobility, standards of living, and the family, and explains how these changes have been affected by economic growth, liberal and Marxist theories, and the power of the state. This new and fully revised edition covers the whole of the twentieth century, including Margaret Thatcher's period as Prime Minister, and the premiership of John Major. It incorporates a wide range of issues which have arisen in the past few years: changes in education, the fortunes of political parties, the tightening of immigration control, the decline of the manufacturing industry, and the challenge which the 1990s poses to the nuclear family. Professor Halsey considers the implications of these recent events, and asks what their effects have been on liberty, equality, social cohesion, and conflict+-+718743746532497867ocn000188342book19610.59Halsey, A. HEducation, economy, and society; a reader in the sociology of educationAbout the interaction between education, society and economic policies in the Western world85411ocn003341177book19770.53Heredity & environment79719ocn003043927book19770.59Power and ideology in education+-+348675046570716ocn000193824book19710.63Halsey, A. HThe British academics63220ocn000447250book19720.59Halsey, A. HTrends in British society since 1900; a guide to the changing social structure of Britain48616ocn005410424book19790.70Halsey, A. HOrigins and destinations : family, class, and education in modern Britain47420ocn021153525book19880.63Halsey, A. HBritish social trends since 1900 : a guide to the changing social structure of BritainHistory43115ocn036998589book19970.59Education : culture, economy, and societyEducation aims to establish the social study of education at the centre of political and sociological debate about post industrial societies. It looks at major changes which have taken place in the late 20th century and at educational policy+-+823632346542221ocn053871844book20040.79Halsey, A. HA history of sociology in Britain : science, literature, and societyHistoryWritten by one of the world's leading scholars in the field, this text presents a critical history of sociology in Britain, a vivid and authoritative picture of the neglect, expansion, fragmentation and explosion of the discipline during the past century+-+85111744653529ocn017675933book19880.79Dennis, NormanEnglish ethical socialism : Thomas More to R.H. TawneyHistoryOm etisk-socialistiske bevægelser i England med speciel vægt på flg. personer: Thomas More, William Cobbett, L.T. Hobhouse, George Orwell, T.H. Marshall og Richard Henry Tawney31013ocn024667349book19920.79Halsey, A. HDecline of donnish dominion : the British academic professions in the twentieth centuryHistory+-+582427346532430910ocn041419551book19990.66Halsey, A. HTwentieth-century British social trendsHistory+-+549672888532430328ocn000884173book19560.66Floud, J. ESocial class and educational opportunityData drawn from investigations in the South West Educational Division of Hertfordshire and Middlesbrough, Yorkshire2118ocn014144070book19650.81Ostergaard, GeoffreyPower in co-operatives : a study of the internal politics of British retail societies2083ocn025632168book19920.86Social research and social reform : essays in honour of A.H. Halsey+-+89032734652077ocn004065743book19780.84Chester, Daniel NormanPolicy and politics : essays in honour of Norman Chester+-+961087888532419013ocn002404801book19610.84Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentAbility and educational opportunityConference proceedings1845ocn002525989book19760.84Traditions of social policy : essays in honour of Violet Butler1645ocn060793909book20050.88British sociology seen from without and within+-+4798172465801ocn036433623book19960.81Halsey, A. HNo discouragement : an autobiographyBiography11ocn526427068book20090.47Halsey, A. HChanging childhood : a history of the Halsey family to 2009Anecdotes+-+3486750465+-+3486750465Fri Mar 21 15:52:46 EDT 2014batch20856