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SSongs for the grange set to music and dedicated to the Order of Patrons of Husbandry in the United StatesMusic6121ocn000231902book18710.92National GrangeManual of subordinate granges of the Patrons of HusbandryHandbooks, manuals, etc433ocn004225617book19550.93National GrangeBarriers to increased consumption of fluid milk; a special report411ocn007529658score19800.17Lift up your hands Volume II : favorite songs with sign language interpretation374ocn010453909serial0.97National Grange monthlyPeriodicals361ocn001694054book19750.37National Grange bicentennial year cookbook281ocn022130376book19670.84Legal and economic influence of the Grange, 1867-1967 : prize-winning essays by law students on the impact of the Grange on social legislationHistory263ocn016011567book18720.97Adams, Dudley WAn address delivered before the Patrons of Husbandry of Muscatine and Union Counties, October, 1872253ocn016009513book18720.97Aiken, David WyattThe Patrons of Husbandry253ocn016096743book18940.97Messer, AlphaPrograms for subordinate and Pomona Granges242ocn016008256book18720.97Curtiss, Daniel SAddress by Colonel D.S. 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Also, of the foes of the farmers, or monopolies of land, water, transportation and education ; of a protective tariff, currency and banking+-+85370007962315ocn012124128book19000.66PAINE, Arthur ElijahThe granger movement in Illinois18411ocn011624959book18700.63Hall, C. ASongs for the grangeMusic1733ocn011583944book18750.59Gustin, M. EAn exposé of the Grangers Containing the opening and closing ceremonies of a Grangers' lodge ; the ceremonies of initiation, and the eight degrees of the order1714ocn017349175book18740.59Wells, John GThe Grange illustrated ; or, Patron's hand-book in the interests of the order of Patrons of Husbandry ; embracing the origin and history of the order, constitutions, by-laws, rules and regulations, together with invaluable suggestions, recipes, hints, and gems of wisdom for farmers' every-day wantsHistoryHandbooks, manuals, etc1582ocn011386691book18750.56Cramer, J. AThe Patron's pocket companion in four parts1552ocn011192313book18950.56Messer, AlphaThe grange its advantages, what it has accomplished, what it hopes to accomplish, organization of granges, declaration of purposes1533ocn018955612book18750.56Smedley, A. BManual of jurisprudence and co-operation of the Patrons of Husbandry1494ocn019250964book18740.53Smedley, A. BThe principles and aims of the Patrons of Husbandry their origin, rapid growth, and general statisticsHistory1482ocn012222362book19070.53National GrangeConstitution and digest of the laws and enactments of the order of Patrons of HusbandryHistory+-+5872078685324Fri Mar 21 16:10:00 EDT 2014batch40133