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Fri Mar 21 17:04:21 2014 UTClccn-n770176030.07The singing anthill : Ogoni folk tales /0.650.98Ken Saro-Wiwa and the discourse of ethnic minorities in Nigeria /113697883Ken_Saro-Wiwan 77017603134018Beeson Saro-Wiwa, Kenule 1941-1995Ken Saro-Wiwa 1941-1995Sarao-Wiwa, Kenule BeesonSaro-Wiwa KenuleSaro-Wiwa, Kenule, 1941-1995Saro-Wiwa, Kenule B. 1941-1995Saro-Wiwa, Kenule Beeson.Saro-Wiwa, Kenule Beeson, 1941-1995Tsaro-Wiwa, K. B., 1941-1995Tsaro-Wiwa, K. B. (Ken B.), 1941-1995Tsaro-Wiwa, Ken.Tsaro-Wiwa, Ken, 1941-1995Tsaro-Wiwa, Ken B.Wiwa, Ken Saro-.Wiwa, Ken Saro-, 1941-1995Wiwa, Kenule Beeson Saro- 1941-1995サロ=ウィワ, ケンlccn-no2001015154Wiwa, Ken1968-ivelccn-n81130629Boyd, William1952-auilccn-n88237418McLuckie, Craig W.lccn-n99033492McPhail, Aubrey1956-lccn-no92029987Okome, Onookomelccn-n92107613Naʼallah, Abdul Rasheedlccn-n93063169Brimah, Peregrinoilllccn-n85236958Ojo-Ade, Femilccn-n79064863Achebe, Chinualccn-n85035876Ugochukwu, FrançoiseSaro-Wiwa, Ken1941-1995FictionHistoryBiographyFolkloreDramaPoetryRecords and correspondenceNigeriaSaro-Wiwa, Ken,Political scienceAuthors, NigerianPolitical activistsWiwa, Ken,Social historyCivil War (Nigeria : 1967-1970)Ogoni (African people)--Government relationsPolitical persecutionMilitary governmentPolitical prisonersPolitics and literatureOgoni (African people)Manners and customsLiteratureOgoni (African people)--Crimes againstNigerian literature (English)War storiesGenocidePolitical and social viewsAssassinationNigerian drama (English)International business enterprisesCivil rightsDissenters in literatureFathers and sonsAchebe, ChinuaAfrican dramaNigerian dramaWiwa, OwensShell Oil CompanyTalesNigerNigeria--OgonilandFolk literature, KanaShell Petroleum Development Company of NigeriaNigeria, EasternIndigenous peoples--Crimes againstWomen murderersNigerian poetry (English)Drama--Black authorsCivilizationNigeria--Niger River DeltaTrials (Murder)Ethnic relationsJustice, Administration ofHuman rightsAfrican poetry (English)Blacks194119951966197319741979198319851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201220136730173491823PR9387.9.S27ocn288956501ocn549097712ocn72278527850241ocn030918720book19850.56Saro-Wiwa, KenSozaboy : a novel in rotten EnglishHistoryFictionFirst published in 1985 in Port Harcourt by Saros International Publishers+-+644187730530514ocn033825078book19860.73Saro-Wiwa, KenA forest of flowers : short storiesFictionA collection of nineteen darkly-comic short stories about life in Nigeria, by Ken Saro-Wiwa, an Ogoni rights activist, who was executed in 1995 by the dictator Sani Abacha+-+K5782773051458ocn019776924book19890.90Saro-Wiwa, KenAdaku & other storiesFiction1448ocn434083127com20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenThe transistor radio12511ocn017259512book19870.88Saro-Wiwa, KenPrisoners of JebsFiction1238ocn022763752book19900.07Saro-Wiwa, KenThe singing anthill : Ogoni folk talesFolklore+-+40616252361126ocn036358910book19960.66Saro-Wiwa, KenLemona's taleFictionThis is the life story of a downtrodden woman who ends up on Death Row for a crime for which she is not to blame. It is narrated by another, younger Nigerian woman, who herself is in search of answers about her past+-+61351759653241118ocn027043040book19920.84Saro-Wiwa, KenGenocide in Nigeria : the Ogoni tragedyHistory+-+67716252361105ocn019777053book19890.88Saro-Wiwa, KenOn a darkling plain : an account of the Nigerian civil warHistory11010ocn016806422book19870.79Saro-Wiwa, KenBasi and company : a modern African folktaleFiction+-+55516252361096ocn028549246book19890.84Saro-Wiwa, KenFour farcical playsDrama+-+94516252361018ocn024668370book19910.88Saro-Wiwa, KenPita Dumbrok's prisonFiction955ocn017678470book19850.81Saro-Wiwa, KenSongs in a time of warPoetry+-+6555197324796ocn027011605book19910.90Saro-Wiwa, KenNigeria : the brink of disaster795ocn434083141com20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenBride by return795ocn434083133com20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenMadam no go quench again795ocn079436960file20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenA shipload of rice795ocn079436956file20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenComrades all795ocn434083119com20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenThe wheel795ocn079436959file20020.95Saro-Wiwa, KenThe mattress7669ocn046835777book20000.27Wiwa, KenIn the shadow of a saint : a son's journey to understand his father's legacyBiographyCase studiesThe author attempts to understand his father, a popular Nigerian author who was executed in 1995 for leading the campaign for human rights against Shell Oil and the Nigerian government+-+407579130644511ocn034297696book19950.37Saro-Wiwa, KenA month and a day : a detention diaryBiographyRecords and correspondence"A Month and A Day & Letters" is an edited version of "A Detention Diary" - Ken Saro-Wiwa's own record of his arrest and imprisonment in July 1993, and the history of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) and his ever-increasing commitment to the Ogoni cause in Nigeria. This new edition has a foreword by the Nobel Laureate and fellow Nigerian writer, Wole Soyinka. It also includes a 'Letter to My Father' ten years on from the brutal hanging by Saro-Wiwa's eldest son, Ken Wiwa, and other letters of support (and later condolence to Ken Wiwa and his family) from world leaders, prominent writers, friends and individuals concerned with his plight and cause, delivered to and from Ken Saro-Wiwa in prison with the help of organisations such as International PEN. This book highlights his ideology, his cause, his ultimate sacrifice and the injustice of his death. It focuses on the Ogoni struggle against the multinational Shell and the Nigerian military dictatorship. It gives an insight into the reasons for Saro-Wiwa's elimination at all costs for daring to question the actions of Shell in polluting Ogoniland and for his criticisms of a corrupt regime financed largely by oil money. Ken Saro-Wiwa's story illustrates the consequences and dangers of living in a global economy powered by fossil fuel+-+29640759653271ocn041380517book20000.73Ken Saro-Wiwa : writer and political activistBiography"The shocking execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa at the hands of the Nigerian government in 1995 stirred new interest in the many facets of his life - as novelist and short story writer, radio and television personality, publisher and entrepreneur, political and environmental activist. This interdisciplinary collection critically assesses Saro-Wiwa's exceptional life and work from a range of fresh perspectives."--BOOK JACKET. "The authors examine Saro-Wiwa's literary output both in terms of literary criticism and within a political framework. They give equal attention to his more public roles, including public reaction within Nigeria to his work."--BOOK JACKET+-+78335694352113ocn040979953book19990.81Before I am hanged : Ken Saro-Wiwa--literature, politics, and dissentHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+40928901352083ocn039069420book19980.79Ogoni's agonies : Ken Saro-Wiwa and the crisis in NigeriaHistory+-+51918901351822ocn042412826book19990.76Ojo-Ade, FemiKen Saro-Wiwa : (a bio-critical study)Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+56283811451762ocn811407971file20100.56Ugochukwu, FrançoiseTorn apart the Nigerian civil war and its impactHistoryThe Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970 (also known as the Biafran War) has been described as a 'forgotten war'. Yet it led to the birth of the NGO Doctors without Borders / Médecins sans frontières and equipped journalists with the intercultural skills they later used in their coverage of other African conflicts. The Biafran conflict equally ended up strengthening the special relationship between France and Nigeria. From 1970 in particular, the Nigerian education sector was taken up with a wave of francophilia, which boosted the teaching of French in Language programmes at the secondary school level. The Civil War, which ravaged the South-Eastern part of the federation, was, above all, a collective experience which inspired poets, novelists and playwrights - Achebe, Soyinka, Okigbo, Saro-Wiwa, Okpewho, Adichie and others, while bringing about a massive religious revival which affected the whole region. The war mobilised politicians and NGOs, it changed the country and brought it into the limelight. This book reveals, through the study of oral genres, radio bulletins and the impact of the conflict on literature and the Web, the human history of the war, the role played by the media and the deep scar the conflict left on the bodies and minds of survivors+-+11295215463241552ocn811407953file20070.70Osha, SanyaKen Saro-Wiwa's shadow politics, nationalism and the Ogoni Protest Movement+-+3193150546425ocn035158068book19950.90Birnbaum, MichaelNigeria, fundamental rights denied : report of the trial of Ken Saro-Wiwa and othersTrials, litigation, etcTrial by a special tribunal401ocn062325988book20050.90Parkes, Nii AyikweiDance the guns to silence : 100 poems for Ken Saro-WiwaPoetry+-+4658870546373ocn071242876book20060.47Hunt, J. TimothyThe politics of bonesBiographyOn November 10, 1995, Nigeria's military dictatorship executed nine environmental activists. Among them was Ken Saro-Wiwa, the charismatic spokesman of the Ogoni people, whose land in the fertile Niger River delta has been grotesquely polluted by the Royal Dutch Shell Corporation. During Ken's incarceration, his brother, Dr. Owens Wiwa, fought valiantly to save his life. When his quest failed, Owens narrowly escaped Nigeria with his life, first to London, and then to Toronto. His story is a heart-stopping saga of personal courage and official corruption, of individual selflessness and corporate greed. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+8906956225273ocn038481179book19970.56Bernecker, Walther LPort Harcourt, 10. November 1995 : Aufbruch und Elend in der Dritten Welt253ocn042914047book19980.96Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (Nigeria)Ken Saro-Wiwa and the crises of the Nigerian state241ocn044994579book19990.98Ken Saro-Wiwa and the discourse of ethnic minorities in NigeriaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc232ocn039610050book19950.97The Ogoni question in Nigeria : the reality of the situationTrials, litigation, etc221ocn527366345book20030.27Contemporary Black biography. profiles from the international Black communityBiographyBiographical profiles of important and influential persons of African heritage who form the international black community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields providing coverage of names found in today's headlines as well as selected individuals from earlier in this century whose influence continues to have an impact on contemporary life+-+7088112325161ocn036129704book19950.93NigeriaNigeria Ogoni crisis : the judgementTrials, litigation, etc151ocn046999787book20000.98Lasisi, AkeemIremoje : ritual poetry for Ken Saro-WiwaPoetry152ocn041644899book19980.97Banjo, 'Wale 'SegunThe politics of United Nations fact-finding mission in Nigeria152ocn039177634book19960.95Grossman, JoeHanged : Ken Saro-Wiwa in the American print media+-+6441877305+-+6441877305Fri Mar 21 15:28:35 EDT 2014batch28582