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Fri Mar 21 17:10:44 2014 UTClccn-n780386670.00Emergence and explanation /0.531.00La survenance et l'esprit /34538036Jaegwon_Kimn 78038667174657Jaegwon, Kim 1934-Kim, Chae-gwŏn, 1934-Kim, Jaegwonキム, ジェグォンlccn-n79055185Sosa, Ernestedtlccn-n85224219Goldman, Alvin I.1938-edtlccn-n79144658Frankena, William K.othhnrlccn-n50043215Brandt, Richard B.othlccn-n83020606Stevenson, Charles L.(Charles Leslie)1908-othlccn-n93059572Rosenkrantz, Gary S.edtviaf-107292935McGrath, Matthewedtlccn-n86045935Beckermann, Ansgar1945-edtlccn-n81130552Flohr, H.(Hans)1936-edtlccn-n2011036004Korman, Daniel Z.edtKim, JaegwonDictionariesConference proceedingsPhilosophy of mindMetaphysicsMind and bodyCausationKnowledge, Theory ofSupervenience (Philosophy)EthicsReductionismLogical positivismPhilosophyKim, JaegwonLogicMirror neuronsDavidson, Donald,Logic, Symbolic and mathematicalChisholm, Roderick MGrammar, Comparative and general--VerbEvents (Philosophy)Philosophical anthropologyDualismScience--Philosophy193419621963196719691973197819791990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220131011840293128.2BD418.3ocn299462385ocn496076350ocn263917874ocn797555701ocn802579570ocn450226082ocn462893625ocn803679701ocn613360235ocn799361764229038ocn707067915book19960.56Kim, JaegwonPhilosophy of mindA newly revised edition of the classic bestseller, focusing on the mind-body problem and related issues, presented with a remarkable combination of clarity, rigor, and accessibility+-+3570988635324227619ocn042856108file19980.37Kim, JaegwonMind in a physical world an essay on the mind-body problem and mental causationThis book, based on Jaegwon Kim's 1996 Townsend Lectures, presents the philosopher's current views on a variety of issues in the metaphysics of the mind - in particular, the mind-body problem, mental causation, and reductionism. Kim construes the mind-body problem as that of finding a place for the mind in a world that is fundamentally physical. Among other points, he redefines the roles of supervenience and emergence in the discussion of the mind-body problem. Arguing that various contemporary accounts of mental causation are inadequate, he offers his own partially reductionist solution on the basis of a novel model of reduction+-+0987667175324223763ocn047011879file19940.39Kim, JaegwonA Companion to metaphysicsDictionaries'A Companion to Metaphysics' includes a section of detailed review essays from renowned metaphysicians, and the addition of more than 30 new encyclopedic entries, taking the number of entries to over 300+-+844446681555220ocn056111757book20050.66Kim, JaegwonPhysicalism, or something near enoughContemporary discussions in philosophy of mind have largely been shaped by physicalism, the doctrine that all phenomena are ultimately physical. Here, Jaegwon Kim presents the most comprehensive and systematic presentation yet of his influential ideas on the mind-body problem. He seeks to determine, after half a century of debate: What kind of (or "how much") physicalism can we lay claim to? He begins by laying out mental causation and consciousness as the two principal challenges to contemporary physicalism. How can minds exercise their causal powers in a physical world? Is a physicalist acco+-+502866641548312ocn004036803book19780.73Goldman, Alvin IValues and morals : essays in honor of William Frankena, Charles Stevenson, and Richard Brandt+-+496452275445830ocn039281768book19980.66Kim, JaegwonMetaphysics : an anthology"Thoroughly updated, the second edition of this highly successful textbook continues to represent the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of canonical readings in metaphysics. In addition to updated material from the first edition, it presents entirely new sections on ontology and the metaphysics of material objects. One of the most comprehensive and authoritative metaphysics anthologies available - now updated and expanded Offers the most important contemporary works on the central issues of metaphysics Includes new sections on ontology and the metaphysics of material objects, as well as readings on the topics of fictionalism, fundamentality, tropes, vague identity, temporary intrinsics, stage theory, and composition Surpasses other anthologies in its combination of contributions from leading metaphysicians and a younger generation of "rising-stars" "--+-+K42757681544224ocn027430052book19930.73Kim, JaegwonSupervenience and mind : selected philosophical essays+-+014489670535611ocn041452573book20000.70SOFIAEpistemologyConference proceedings"This volume represents the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of canonical readings in the theory of knowledge." "Concentrating on the central topics of the field, it includes many of the most important contributions made in recent decades by several outstanding authors. Topics include skepticism and the Pyrrhonian problematic, the definition of knowledge, and the structure of epistemic justification." "It is ideal as a reader for all courses in epistemology."--BOOK JACKET+-+497246681534111ocn823663276book19920.73Emergence or reduction? essays on the prospects of nonreductive physicalismConference proceedings+-+753376566830616ocn615830930book20100.79Kim, JaegwonEssays in the metaphysics of mind"Jaegwon Kim presents a selection of his essays from the last two decades. The volume includes three new essays, on an agent-centered first-person account of action explanation, the concepts of realization and their bearings on the mind-body problem, and the nonexistence of laws in the special sciences. Among other topics covered are emergence and emergentism, the nature of explanation and of theories of explanation, reduction and reductive explanation, mental causation and explanatory exclusion. Kim tackles questions such as: How should we understand the concept of èmergence', and what are the prospects of emergentism as a doctrine about the status of minds? What does an agent-centered, first-person account of explanation of human actions look like? Why aren't there strict laws in the special sciences-sciences like biology, psychology, and sociology? The essays will be accessible to attentive readers without an extensive philosophical background. "--Book jacket+-+82303044651475ocn045620913book20010.79Supervenience+-+3815719025545ocn075803358book19980.37Kim, JaegwonPhilosophie des Geistes452ocn471018216book20080.59Kim, JaegwonPhilosophie de l'esprit304ocn300401685book20060.70Kim, JaegwonL'esprit dans un monde physique : essai sur le problème corps-esprit et la causalité mentale231ocn277231733book20060.73Kim, JaegwonTrois essais sur l'émergenceDans ces trois essais philosophiques, le philosophe américain examine et critique le sens et la cohérence de l'image générale du monde que sous-tendent les principes de la doctrine émergentiste211ocn494774242book20080.47Kim, JaegwonLa survenance et l'esprit95ocn221474260book19620.84Kim, JaegwonExplanation, prediction and retrodiction some logical and pragmatic considerationsBibliography: p.130-13161ocn320404919book20081.00Kim, JaegwonLa survenance et l'esprit51ocn797769456book20000.47Kim, JaegwonLa mente e il mondo fisico51ocn041534208book1997Vijver, Gertrudis van deEmergence and explanation61ocn779876380book20120.96Simonetti, NicolaLa mente incorporata : la lezione di J. Kim sino ai neuroni specchio22ocn053618789book19941.00Leboeuf, GuyLe problème de l'identité psychophysique chez Donald Davidson et Jaegwon Kim21ocn367702545book20080.47Stevens, JulietteMental causation a nonreductivist perspectiveCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn077070416book20021.00Kay, Kendrick NorrisA resolution of the problem of causal exclusion11ocn252066303file20080.47Vaught, J. RKim's pairing problem and the viability of substance dualismMental causation between the material and the immaterial has been problematic for interactionist substance dualism ever since its first major proponent René Descartes. The contemporary philosopher Jaegwon Kim believes he has found an argument that shows exactly why an immaterial event cannot be said to cause a material event; he calls this the pairing problem argument. This thesis will argue that there is actually sufficient empirical evidence to suggest that Kim's argument is unsuccessful due to one of its premises being false. Furthermore, this thesis will also argue that interactionist substance dualism is actually a philosophically viable alternative, and lastly ways are sketched of how one might go about constructing such a view responsibly11ocn024052734book19730.96Bohl, Frederick RobertDavidson and Chisholm on events11ocn007423509book19791.00Wierenga, Edward RayThree theories of events11ocn047953872book20010.47Carley, Craig TMeeting the challenge of Jaegwon Kim's theory of functional reduction as a solution to the mind/body problem+-+8444466815+-+8444466815Fri Mar 21 15:16:25 EDT 2014batch19784