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Fri Mar 21 17:13:22 2014 UTClccn-n780597000.00Turkle, Sherry0.380.70Terms and conditions may apply71478062Sherry_Turklen 78059700195393タークル, シェリーlccn-n80022983Lacan, Jacques1901-1981lccn-no2003057097Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)lccn-no2005057562Films Media Grouplccn-n98103209Clark, Jim1944-lccn-n88297262Stoll, Cliffordnc-university of notre dameUniversity of Notre Damelccn-no96019648Merlington, Lauralnrtnc-ted conferences llcTED Conferences LLClccn-no2009022548boyd, danah(danah michele)1977-np-wolf, benWolf, BenTurkle, SherryHistoryInterpersonal relationsElectronic data processing--Psychological aspectsComputersHuman-computer interactionInformation technology--Social aspectsTechnology--Psychological aspectsComputers and civilizationTransitional objects (Psychology)Internet--Psychological aspectsComputers--Psychological aspectsUnited StatesEngineering--Study and teachingScience--Study and teachingTechnology--Study and teachingComputer networks--Psychological aspectsTechnologyTechnology--Social aspectsComputer simulationVisualizationFrancePsychoanalysis--Political aspectsPsychoanalysis--Social aspectsPsychoanalysisLacan, Jacques,Virtual realitySocial isolationAttachment behaviorComputers--Social aspectsCommunication and technologySocial networksSelf-perceptionTurkle, SherryTechnology and civilizationSciencePrivacy, Right ofData protectionComputer networks--Social aspectsComputer gamesSimulation methodsIntellectual lifeStreaming video1948196819701976197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199419951996199719981999200220032005200620072008200920102011201220131653279305303.4833HM851ocn842581827ocn815776721ocn847548406ocn799802916ocn799802906ocn815776551ocn743198288ocn743198851ocn498446564321743ocn010273404book19840.35Turkle, SherryThe second self : computers and the human spiritExamines the effect of the new "computer culture" on both children and adults and theorizes that computers are responsible for the new wave of mechanical determinism and a revival of mysticism and spirituality+-+6666527175306120ocn535492220book20100.27Turkle, SherryAlone together : why we expect more from technology and less from each otherIn "Alone Together," MIT technology and society professor Sherry Turkle explores the power of our new tools and toys to dramatically alter our social lives. It's a nuanced exploration of what we are looking for--and sacrificing--in a world of electronic companions and social networking tools, and an argument that, despite the hand-waving of today's self-described prophets of the future, it will be the next generation who will chart the path between isolation and connectivity+-+5675650195178126ocn071146430file20070.47Mindell, GrahamEvocative objects : things we think withIn Evocative Objects, the author collects writings by scientists, humanists, artists, and designers that trace the power of everyday things. These essays reveal objects as emotional and intellectual companions that anchor memory, sustain relationships, and provoke new ideas+-+7316577175173015ocn273057443com20080.39The inner history of devices+-+8126577175168534ocn033078560book19950.35Turkle, SherryLife on the screen : identity in the age of the InternetA book about people and how computers are causing us to reevaluate our identities in the age of the Internet+-+9398839315166019ocn232295422file20080.35Falling for science objects in mindA love for science can start with a love for an object - be it a fishing rod or a microscope. In this collection, distinguished scientists, engineers and designers describe how objects encountered in childhood became part of the fabric of their scientific selves+-+5726577175138112ocn405039203file20090.39Turkle, SherrySimulation and its discontentsHistorySimulation and its discontents /Sherry Turkle --What does simulation want? --Theview from the 1980s --design and science at the millennium --New ways of knowing/New ways of forgetting --Sites of simulation: case studies --Outer space and undersea --Becoming a rover /William J. ClanceyIntimate sensing /Stefan Helmreich --Buildings and biology --Performing the protein fold /Natasha Myers+-+2527657175103826ocn004492153book19680.59Turkle, SherryPsychoanalytic politics : Freud's French RevolutionHistory+-+95668980363241202ocn707965319visu20020.56Cyberspace virtual unreality?The Information Age has been hailed as a quantum leap forward for humanity-an opportunity to finally achieve Marshall McLuhan's "global village" in which "the medium is the message. But what kind of people are being created in cyberspace? While computer technology has changed virtually all aspects of life, critics argue that this technology is contributing to the growing social isolation of individuals. This program examines just what the implications of the new Information Age may be with Jim Clark, President of Netscape Communications; Sherry Turkle, MIT psychologist and sociologist; and Clifford Stoll, author of Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway1184ocn047310098book19980.37Turkle, SherryLeben im Netz : Identitaet in Zeiten des Internet1085ocn707329342rcrd20110.16Turkle, SherryAlone together why we expect more from technology and less from each otherMIT technology and society professor Sherry Turkle explores the power of our new tools and toys to dramatically alter our social lives. It is an exploration of what we are looking for, and sacrificing, in a world of electronic companions and social networking tools. She tackles the precarious balance between isolation and connectivity introduced by the growth of social networking technologies+-+8646817096773ocn021138651book19860.59Turkle, SherryLes Enfants de l'ordinateur643ocn046211669book19840.37Turkle, SherryDie Wunschmaschine : vom Entstehen der Computerkultur622ocn775700269book20120.35Turkle, SherryVerloren unter 100 Freunden : wie wir in der digitalen Welt seelisch verkümmern612ocn855278566visu20130.70Terms and conditions may applyThis film documents the sign posts on the slippery slope of internet privacy and demonstrates how people unknowingly generate a cloud of data that records our every online move406ocn032459396book19780.53Turkle, SherryLa France freudienneHistory366ocn041153355book19950.35Turkle, SherryLa vida en la pantalla : la construcción de la identdad en la era de Internet353ocn074762505book19840.37Turkle, SherryDie Wunschmaschine : d. Computer als 2. Ich231ocn156898437visu20030.56Virtual worlds Inside online gamesShort segments discussing and demonstrating the uses of virtual reality203ocn012018794book19840.27Turkle, SherryEl segundo yo : las computadoras y el espíritu humano711ocn858453292com20120.53TEDTalks Sherry Turkle - Connected, But Alone?Educational filmsInternet videosAs we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? In this TEDTalk, Sherry Turkle explains how our devices and online personas are redefining human connection and communication - and asks us to think deeply about the new kinds of connection we want to have11ocn045819752art1997Turkle, Sherry+-+5675650195+-+5675650195Fri Mar 21 15:58:12 EDT 2014batch17761