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Thu Oct 16 18:01:23 2014 UTClccn-n780861740.23No turning back : on the loose in China and Tibet /0.670.95Theories of the effects of education on civic participation in developing societies /61646670John_W._Meyern 78086174221386Meyer, Johnnp-scott, w richardScott, W. Richardedtlccn-n2002159900Drori, Gili S.edtlccn-n2006012212Hwang, Hokyuedtlccn-n83131817Hannan, Michael T.edtlccn-n91030135Kamens, Davidlccn-n94115163Krücken, Georgedtlccn-n82226980Institute for Research on Educational Finance and Governance (U.S.)lccn-n79042241National Institute of Education (U.S.)lccn-n81088269Amato, Joseph Anthonylccn-n80131870Scott, W. Richard(William Richard)Meyer, John W.HistoryCross-cultural studiesOrganizational sociologyOrganizational changeGlobalizationSocial institutionsManagementEducation and stateEconomic development--Effect of education onNation-stateEducation and globalizationComplex organizationsUnited StatesKnowledge, Sociology ofEducation, Elementary--CurriculaSocial sciences--PhilosophySociologySchool management and organizationImmigrants--Services forImmigrantsMinorities--Services forMinnesotaPopulation geographyMinoritiesEmigration and immigrationEducational law and legislationSchool districtsOrganization--ResearchEducation--ResearchFuelEnergy conservationEducationEducation--Political aspectsSoutheast AsiaEqualityGlobalization--Economic aspectsGlobalization--Social aspectsChinaChina--Tibet Autonomous RegionManners and customsComparative educationHigh school studentsJuvenile delinquencyMeyer, John WSchool violenceCommunity and schoolCrime preventionPolitical participationArmies--OrganizationDeveloping countriesOrganizationMcCarthy, Leo T1935195119541963196519661969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891991199219931994199519961997200020022004200520062008200920102011201220132014403691206658.4062HM131ocn474874355ocn757238490ocn441811565ocn455969533ocn797649361ocn814487403ocn855466366ocn889651806ocn798978489ocn88109554998331ocn009758586book19830.66Meyer, John WOrganizational environments : ritual and rationality+-+473994853579412ocn138761170file20060.59Drori, Gili SGlobalization and organization world society and organizational changeThe process of globalization has meant the intensification of global interdependencies and the consolidation of the global as a social horizon, and this has provided fertile breeding grounds for new organizations and the elaboration of extinct ones. This book describes and analyzes these organizations, and the modern managerialism that has accompanied them, looking at such issues as management education, corporate governance, accounting, and human resource management+-+29093744654799ocn004491800book19790.70National development and the world system : educational, economic, and political change, 1950-197042510ocn029598061book19940.70Scott, W. RichardInstitutional environments and organizations : structural complexity and individualism+-+82110485352479ocn025507818book19920.77Meyer, John WSchool knowledge for the masses : world models and national primary curricular categories in the twentieth centuryHistoryCross-cultural studies2454ocn785775683file20120.56Kamens, DavidBeyond the nation-state the reconstruction of nationhood and citizenshipThe book examines the effects of education in creating global citizens who share a world culture. This occurs within an international system that still remains decentralized, composed of independent nation-states as major actors. Prof. Kamens argues that as globalization intensifies, this system of nation-states becomes more saturated and dense with structure. Intensified globalization has produced a world society, thanks to the spread of global capitalism, education, democracy and bureaucracy. The upshot is that world culture travels quickly and produces recipes for the development of an imagined community that has increasing commonalities across societies. The book examines the role of education in diffusing such attitudes and models, as global citizens confront national institutions18211ocn226360122book20090.82Meyer, John WWorld society : the writings of John W. MeyerThis title gathers Meyer's widely-scattered work, reviewing four decades of scholarship, and adding several original pieces from his current work. It gathers substantive commentary on social processes, from stratification to globalisation to socialisation, and on key social institutions, from science to religion to law to education+-+8959874465792ocn012887116book19840.79Scott, W. RichardEnvironmental linkages and organizational complexity : public and private schools752ocn036072279book19960.53Amato, Joseph AnthonyTo call it home : the new immigrants of southwestern MinnesotaInformation about the newest wave of immigrants to southwestern Minnesota--Africans, Asians, and Hispanics. Responds to such questions as who the newcomers are, why they came, and what they experience upon arrival there. Gives special attention to matters of social services, housing, school, and crime. Seeks a comparative understanding of migration patterns and the different experiences of several food-processing cities in southwestern Minnesota654ocn076612853book20050.37Meyer, John WWeltkultur : wie die westlichen Prinzipien die Welt durchdringen602ocn009763065book19810.86Meyer, John WOrganizational factors affecting legalization in education552ocn014576568book19860.86Meyer, John WCentralization, fragmentation, and school district complexity542ocn010716407book19820.86Scott, W. RichardThe organization of institutional sectors461ocn002793430book19750.86Meyer, John WEnergy supply, demand/need, and the gaps between435ocn036892517book19720.95Meyer, John WTheories of the effects of education on civic participation in developing societies261ocn633549899book20100.39Große Armut, großer Reichtum zur Transnationalisierung sozialer Ungleichheit+-+6961763608324145ocn804727095book20100.33Meyer, John WLa Educación en la sociedad mundial : teoría institucional y agenda de investigación de los sistemas educativos contemporáneos131ocn025191718book19910.23Meyer, John WNo turning back : on the loose in China and Tibet121ocn009129012book19800.95Ramirez, Francisco OComparative education : the social construction of the modern world system104ocn004408153book19710.92Meyer, John WThe expansion of the antonomy of youth : responses of the secondary school to problems of order in the 1960s22ocn675118296book19950.47Maiyā kyōiku shakaigaku no kenkyū11ocn007399244book19790.47Meyer, John WA case study of the election process : John W. Meyer versus Leo T. McCarthy for Assembly District Eighteen, State of California, November, 1976+-+2909374465+-+2909374465Thu Oct 16 15:59:38 EDT 2014batch16512