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Fri Mar 21 17:15:49 2014 UTClccn-n780876070.01A ghost tale for Christmas time /0.230.53Charles Dickens : a critical study /88666393Charles_Dickensn 780876072227909288114Boz.Boz, 1812-1870Boz 1812-1870 PseudonymBoz, pseud.Charles DickensDickens.Dickens, 1812-1870Dickens, Boz 1812-1870Dickens, C.Dickens, Č. 1812-1870Dickens, C. (Charles), 1812-1870Dickens, Carl 1812-1870Dickens, Carles, 1812-1870Dickens, CarloDickens, Carlo 1812-1870Dickens, CarlosDickens, Carlos, 1812-1870Dickens, Ch.Dickens, Ch., 1812-1870Dickens, Ch. (Charles), 1812-1870Dickens, CharlesDickens, Charles Boz 1812-1870Dickens, Charles Huffham 1812-1870Dickens, Charles J. 1812-1870Dickens, Charles J. 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(Чарльз), 1812-1870Диккенс, Чарлз, 1812-1870Диккенс, Чарльз, 1812-1870דיקינס, צ׳רלס, 1812-1870דיקנס, טשרלסדיקנס, ַ צ׳רלזדיקנס, צ׳רלז, 1870־1812דיקנס, צ׳רלסדיקנס, צ׳רלס, 1812-1870דיקענס, טשדיקענס, טש., 1812־1870דיקענס, טשארלזדיקענס, טשארלז, 1812־1870דיקענס, צ'רלס, 1812-1870דיקקענס, טשארלזטשרלס, דיקנסتشارلز ديكنز، 1812-1870دكنز، تشارلز، 1812-1870ديكنز، تشارلس، 1812-1870ديكنز، تشالز، 1812-1870ديكنز، شارلز، 1812-1870ヂッケンスチャールズ.ディケンズ, 1812-1870ディケンズ, チャールズディッケンズディッケンズ, チャールズ佚更司, 1812-1870狄更斯, 1812-1870狄更斯查尔斯, 1812-1870Boz, 1812-1870containsVIAFID/259826675Sparks, Timothy, 1812-1870lccn-n50042827Browne, Hablot Knight1815-1882illartedtcrefast-1109428Scrooge, Ebenezer (Fictitious character)lccn-n50012791Slater, Michaelauiothedtlccn-n79045512Eliot, George1819-1880lccn-n79061084Collins, Wilkie1824-1889othantattcrplccn-n80067117Cruikshank, George1792-1878illartdtecrelccn-n78095677Thackeray, William Makepeace1811-1863attlccn-no90009812Marshalsea Prison (Southwark, London, England)lccn-n50026856Collins, Philip1923-2007auicomedtlccn-n79021157Chesterton, G. K.(Gilbert Keith)1874-1936auiantedtDickens, Charles1812-1870FictionHistoryDomestic fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyJuvenile worksSatirePolitical fictionChristmas storiesPsychological fictionEnglandEngland--LondonDickens, Charles,OrphansYoung menManners and customsFranceRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Novelists, EnglishFathers and daughtersCriminalsBenefactorsEx-convictsInheritance and successionSocial historyRevengeMan-woman relationshipsFrance--ParisGreat BritainChild laborBoysExecutions and executionersLookalikesStepfathersIllegitimate childrenPoor familiesGrandfathersFrenchYoung womenGuardian and wardKidnapping victimsUnited StatesSocial problemsEnglish literatureChristmas storiesTravelGamblersAntique dealersGirlsGrandparent and childEnglish fictionAuthors, EnglishBoarding schoolsTheatrical companiesExaminationsMen--Societies and clubsBritishScrooge, Ebenezer (Fictitious character)Debt, Imprisonment forChildren of prisoners181218701812182018221825182718281830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201410351362426176270823.8PZ3.D55ocn000358714ocn000437696ocn000460805ocn005656958ocn009669622ocn067410506ocn277220842ocn001651944ocn006124737ocn834448110ocn029295163ocn801307314ocn421426432ocn799438879ocn470576439ocn799459239ocn421919357ocn865059038ocn470750471ocn799838073ocn800206076ocn185647164ocn797221941ocn185275564ocn799787079ocn799097174ocn797839797ocn185735939ocn801141666ocn800854167ocn799344547ocn814522803ocn318210026ocn073668866ocn075401675ocn819743100ocn722749810ocn072572368ocn723889233ocn075319437ocn723320856ocn029476977ocn052207347ocn083654109ocn811540207ocn681469642ocn079294256ocn844021032ocn439641249ocn440996863ocn441117922ocn443212521ocn439120891ocn442541465ocn439560758ocn440171689ocn440668250ocn455879174ocn022715460ocn805495837ocn033465760ocn462717547ocn310454751ocn258730510ocn631114983ocn462752005ocn312376607ocn255338186ocn743105514ocn258176988ocn258579496ocn813303187ocn043651017ocn220968605ocn301663817ocn301663831ocn301663828ocn694087543ocn694088747ocn301663822ocn301663824ocn074805274ocn857900207ocn864626501ocn864521857ocn844873455ocn864626514ocn718906184ocn865129322ocn859341411ocn314527667ocn494722889ocn459234352ocn692001250ocn313730808ocn692001253ocn859425217ocn494663273ocn743018468ocn469292892ocn691260495ocn691203517ocn691262335ocn691262343ocn691259953ocn691262352ocn691260624ocn866769118ocn056136684ocn866321312ocn085475206ocn419660057ocn049562683ocn056397556ocn724949590ocn699273060ocn316072674ocn439989654ocn743018739ocn798326840ocn082488627ocn316012338ocn770702796ocn811508883ocn650911601Novelists, English264861695ocn001074068book18430.19Dickens, CharlesGreat expectationsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionStudy guidesPsychological fictionBildungsromansGraphic novelsHigh interest-low vocabulary booksLove storiesYoung Pip, an orphan is working as a blacksmith when he learns that an unknown person has willed him a fortune. He is sent to London to be educated as a rich gentleman+-+7987690226324253941514ocn049293655book18590.20Dickens, CharlesA tale of two citiesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksDramaStudy guidesAdventure storiesHigh interest-low vocabulary booksHistorical fictionLove storiesWar storiesWar stories, EnglishAfter eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille, the aging Doctor Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England. There the lives of two very different men, Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, a disreputable but brilliant English lawyer, become enmeshed through their love for Lucie Manette. From the tranquil roads of London, they are drawn against their will to the vengeful, bloodstained streets of Paris at the height of the Reign of Terror, and they soon fall under the lethal shadow of La Guillotine. This edition uses the text as it appeared in its first serial publication in 1859 to convey the full scope of Dickens's vision, and includes the original illustrations by H.K. Browne ('Phiz'). Richard Maxwell's introduction discusses the intricate interweaving of epic drama with personal tragedy+-+4087690226324181481367ocn000959213book10000.19Dickens, CharlesOliver TwistHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksFictionTextbooksDetective and mystery storiesHigh interest-low vocabulary booksDeals with the adventures of a young orphan boy trying to survive amid greed and poverty in 19th-century London+-+497269421512608942ocn000360133book18430.19Dickens, CharlesDavid CopperfieldHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksFictionAutobiographical fictionBildungsromansA classic tale of an orphan growing up in the 1800's of England. Intimately rooted in the author's own biography and written as a first-person narrative, "David Copperfield" charts a young man's progress through a difficult childhood in Victorian England to ultimate success as a novelist, finding true love along the way. Jeremy Tambling's provocative Introduction reveals subtle themes relevant today in Dickens' favorite work+-+982618030532412411955ocn503323784book10510.24Dickens, CharlesBleak houseHistoryJuvenile worksPeriodicalsFictionDetective and mystery storiesDomestic fictionLegal storiesDetective and mystery stories, EnglishBleak House, Dickens's most daring experiment in the narration of a complex plot, challenges the reader to make connections - between the fashionable and the outcast, the beautiful and the ugly, the powerful and the victims. Nowhere in Dickens's later novels is his attack on an uncaring society more imaginatively embodied, but nowhere either is the mixture of comedy and angry satire more deftly managed. Bleak House defies a single description. It is a mystery story, in which Esther Summerson discovers the truth about her birth and her unknown mother's tragic life. It is a murder story, which comes to a climax in a thrilling chase, led by one of the earliest detectives in English fiction, Inspector Bucket. And it is a fable about redemption, in which a bleak house is transformed by the resilience of human love+-+485090746532410078735ocn001710455book18000.24Dickens, CharlesThe old curiosity shopHistoryFictionDramaDomestic fictionHistorical fictionThe sensational bestselling story of Little Nell, the beautiful child thrown into a shadowy, terrifying world, seems to belong less to the history of the Victorian novel than to folklore, fairy tale, or myth. The sorrows of Nell and her grandfather are offset by Dickens's creation of a dazzling contemporary world inhabited by some of his most brilliantly drawn characters-the eloquent ne'er-do-well Dick Swiveller; the hungry maid known as the "Marchioness"; the mannish lawyer Sally Brass; Quilp's brow-beaten mother-in-law; and Quilp himself, the lustful, vengeful dwarf, whose demonic energy makes a vivid counterpoint to Nell's purity+-+74956902263249635726ocn002734176book18500.28Dickens, CharlesSketches by Boz : illustrative of every-day life and every-day peopleHistoryFictionExhibition catalogsDeals with the adventures of a young orphan boy trying to survive amid greed and poverty in 19th-century London+-+836090746532489471005ocn000646553book18200.31Dickens, CharlesThe posthumous papers of the Pickwick ClubHistoryBibliographyFictionIllustrationsDramaManuscriptsA report of travels and adventures by Pickwickians who visit the nooks and crannies of England+-+06509074653248529674ocn044958252book18400.31Dickens, CharlesLife and adventures of Martin ChuzzlewitHistoryFictionPicaresque literatureSatireAt The Center of Martin Chuzzlewit -- the novel Angus Wilson called "one of the most sheerly exciting of all Dickens stories"--Is Martin himself, very old, very rich, very much on his guard. What he suspects (with good reason) is that every one of Iris close and distant relations. now converging in droves on the country inn where they believe he is dying, will stop at nothing to become the inheritor of Iris great fortune. Having unjustly disinherited Iris grandson, young Martin, the old fellow now trusts no one but Mary Graham, the pretty girl hired as Iris companion. Though she has been made to understand she will not inherit a penny, she remains old Chuzzlewit's only ally. As the viperish relations and hangers-on close in on him, we meet some of Dickens's most marvelous characters -- among them Mr. Pecksniff (whose name has entered the language as a synonym for ultimate hypocrisy and self-importance); the fabulously evil Jonas Chuzzlewit; the strutting reptile Tigg Montague; and the ridiculous, terrible, comical Sairey Gamp. Reluctantly heading for America in search of opportunity, the penniless young Martin goes west, rides a riverboat, and is overtaken by bad company and mortal danger -- while the battle for his grandfather's gold reveals new depths of family treachery, cunning, and ruthlessness. And in scene after wonderful scene of conflict and suspense, of high excitement and fierce and hilarious satire, Dickens's huge saga of greed versus decency comes to its magnificent climax+-+64509074653246289237ocn062738691book18430.08Dickens, CharlesA Christmas carolHistoryJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionChristmas storiesGhost storiesA miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future+-+05768181256201585ocn002979509book18000.32Dickens, CharlesLittle DorritHistoryFictionDidactic fictionDomestic fictionLove storiesWhen Arthur Clennam returns to London after many years in China working for the family business, he wants to learn whether or not his father's dying words and a watch with a stange inscription have anything to do with his mother's new seamstress, young Amy Dorrit. His search brings him to the Marshalsea Debtors Prison, where he learns the truth about struggle and hardship in 1820s England+-+67609074653246127557ocn044958558book18380.32Dickens, CharlesThe life and adventures of Nicholas NicklebyHistoryAutographsFictionBildungsromansOn his pilgrimage Nicholas, in Dickens's words 'a young man of impetuous temper and little or no experience', meets such figures as his evil and grasping Uncle Ralph, the brutal schoolmaster Wackford Squeers, the abused Smike, the theatrical manager Vincent Crummles, and the good-humoured, philanthropic brothers Cheeryble+-+93509074653246118294ocn493311573book18540.24Dickens, CharlesHard times for these timesHistoryFictionDomestic fictionPolitical fictionSatireHard Times--Dickens's shortest novel and one of his major triumphs--tells the tragic story of Louisa Gradgrind and her father and has had lasting appeal to generations of readers+-+58666902263245576384ocn001710732book18390.21Dickens, CharlesNicholas NicklebyFictionHistorical fiction"Nicholas Nickleby is the son of a poor country gentleman, and has to make his own way in the world. He first goes as usher to Mr. Squeers, schoolmaster at Dotheboys Hall, in Yorkshire, but leaves in disgust with the tyranny of Squeers and his wife, especially to a poor boy named Smike. Smike runs away from his school to follow Nicholas, and remains his humble follower till death. At Portsmouth, Nicholas joins the theatrical company of Mr. Crummies, but leaves the profession for other adventures. He falls in with the brothers Cheeryble, who make him their clerk; in this post he rises to success as a merchant, and ultimately marries Madeline Bray." Benét Reader's Ency+-+42587942155352439ocn000959140book18450.28Dickens, CharlesOur mutual friendHistoryPeriodicalsFictionSatireYoung man's inheritance of his father's estate depends upon the conditions of his marriage. Dickens's last complete and full length novel, first published in 1865+-+25609074653244416468ocn540910124book18470.32Dickens, CharlesDombey and SonFictionIllustrationsDomestic fictionDickens reveals the complexity of London society as he takes the listener into the business firm and home of one of its most representative patriarchs, Paul Dombey. A sensitive family drama unfolds between this stern father, his two children and aloof wife in which time and fateful events bring a slow, inexorable pressure to bear upon the hearts of all. in Paul Dombey we witness the force of social and personal arrogance ("For Dombey is as proud, Ma'am, as Lucifer") wrestling with his own stubborn, but not unredeemable, heart+-+86256902263244296212ocn659614667book18000.28Dickens, CharlesThe mystery of Edwin DroodHistoryFictionPsychological fictionDetective and mystery storiesWhen young Edwin Drood mysteriously disappears from the quiet cathedral town of Cloisterham, foul play seems certain. The prime suspect is John Jasper, Edwin's uncle, who frequents the dark opium underworld and conceals a secret passion beneath his church choir respectability. Paul Scofield captures the haunting, occasionally humorous atmosphere and the many colorful characters in this unusual crime novel. Dickens' entertaining story is even more of a mystery than he intended, for he died before the work was completed+-+39726902263244291520ocn000961003book18000.28Dickens, CharlesChristmas booksFictionChristmas storiesA Christmas carol: A miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future. The chimes: Toby "Trotty" Veck, a poor working man, loses his faith in human nature and comes to believe that he and his fellow poor are naturally vicious. Then he is afforded a nightmare vision of his loved ones' future after his death. The cricket on the hearth: The cricket who sits and chirps from the hearth of John and Dot Peerybingle acts as a guarding angel to the family. The battle of life: Marion Jeddler is loved by two men, but a crisis tests her devotion to her older sister Grace. The haunted man: Professor Redlaw, a teacher of chemistry, often broods over wrongs done him and grief from his past. A specter appears and offers him the ability to cancel all memory of sorrow+-+59609074654076430ocn677988423book18000.24Dickens, CharlesBarnaby Rudge a tale of the riots of EightyHistoryFictionIllustrationsHistorical fictionPolitical fictionThe "No Popery" or Gordon Riots of 1780 include orgies and fires and Lord George Gordon as a major figure+-+73728959654039526ocn044962501book18000.32Dickens, CharlesSketches by bozFictionSatireShort storiesThis collection presents a combination of journalistic sketches of London scenes and people along with short fictions. First published by the twenty-four-year-old Dickens under the pseudonym of Boz, they were later revealed under his own name. Dickens's genius for eccentric characters and his novelist's eye for telling details were on full display in this early work+-+2098895965404423ocn014716561book19870.17Bloom, HaroldCharles DickensCriticism, interpretation, etcStudy guidesA comprehensive research and study guide for several novels by Charles Dickens, including plot summaries, thematic analyses, lists of characters, and critical views+-+3541902235397224ocn000291504book19520.28Johnson, EdgarCharles Dickens : his tragedy and triumphBiographyA scholarly biography of the author299221ocn023021795book19900.24Ackroyd, PeterDickensCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA biography of the life and work of the celebrated English novelist+-+545289445527679ocn027430252book19930.23Pool, DanielWhat Jane Austen ate and Charles Dickens knew : from fox hunting to whist : the facts of daily life in nineteenth-century EnglandHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcEssays provide a view of British life during the nineteenth century+-+8288426215268611ocn047739114book20020.23Smiley, JaneCharles DickensBiographyWith the delectable wit, unforgettable characters, and challenging themes that have won her a Pulitzer Prize and national bestseller status, Jane Smiley finds a kindred spirit in the author of classics such as Great expectations and A Christmas carol. As "his novels shaped his life as much as his life shaped his novels," Smiley's Charles Dickens is at once a sensitive profile of the great master and a fascinating meditation on the writing life. Smiley evokes Dickens as he might have seemed to his contemporaries: convivial, astute, boundlessly energetic-and lionized. As she makes clear, Dickens not only led the action-packed life of a prolific writer, editor, and family man but, balancing the artistic and the commercial in his work, he also consciously sustained his status as one of the first modern "celebrities." Charles Dickens offers brilliant interpretations of almost all the major works, an exploration of his narrative techniques and his innovative voice and themes, and a reflection on how his richly varied lower-class cameos sprang from an experience and passion more personal than his public knew. Jane Smiley touches, too, on controversial details that include Dickens's obsession with money and squabbles with publishers, his unhappy marriage, and the rumors of an affair. Here is a fresh look at the dazzling personality of a verbal magician and the fascinating times behind the classics we read in school and continue to enjoy today+-+0225855215263916ocn053344372com19710.37Collins, PhilipCharles Dickens the critical heritageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer's work, enabling students and researchers to read the works for themselves+-+087137857525425ocn056840378book20050.08Rosen, MichaelDickens : his work and his worldJuvenile worksBiographyLife and work of the man who wrote A Christmas carol and Oliver Twist+-+170271812524646ocn488730433book20100.01Osborne, Mary PopeA ghost tale for Christmas timeHistoryJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionHistorical fictionJack and Annie travel back to Victorian London when Merlin asks them to use their magic to inspire Charles Dickens to write "A Christmas Carol."+-+370103028524409ocn018050286book19880.24Kaplan, FredDickens : a biographyBiographyPresents Dickens and his novels in social and psychological context. Also discusses the autobiographical basis of his greatest works+-+5365136535239813ocn225870345book20090.16Simmons, DanDrood : a novelHistoryFictionBiographical fictionHistorical fictionBased on the historical details of Charles Dickens' life, "Drood" explores the still-unsolved mysteries of the famous author's last years and may provide the key to his final, unfinished work: "The Mystery of Edwin Drood"+-+675255168523303ocn000360117book19670.27Price, MartinDickens; a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc12 critical essays that analyze and evaulate the style and works of the 19th century British novelist, Charles Dickens231013ocn268547496book20090.15Pearl, MatthewThe last Dickens : a novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesSuspense fictionBoston, 1870. When news of Charles Dickens's untimely death reaches the office of his struggling American publisher, Fields & Osgood, partner James Osgood sends Daniel Sand to take possession of the unfinished novel. When Sand is killed, Osgood and Rebecca Sand journey to England determined to recover the manuscript and stop a murderous mastermind+-+0101155596226413ocn416250461book20070.27Slater, MichaelCharles Dickens : [a life defined by writing]BiographyThis long-awaited biography, twenty years after the last major account, uncovers Dickens the man through the profession in which he excelled. Drawing on a lifetime's study of this prodigiously brilliant figure, Michael Slater explores the personal and emotional life, the high-profile public activities, the relentless travel, the charitable works, the amateur theatricals and the astonishing productivity. But the core focus is Dickens' career as a writer and professional author, covering not only his big novels but also his phenomenal output of other writing--letters, journalism, shorter fiction, plays, verses, essays, writings for children, travel books, speeches, and scripts for his public readings, and the relationships among them. Slater's account, rooted in deep research but written with affection, clarity, and economy, illuminates the context of each of the great novels while locating the life of the author within the imagination that created them. It highlights Dickens' boundless energy, his passion for order and fascination with disorder, his organizational genius, his deep concern for the poor and outrage at indifference towards them, his susceptibility towards young women, his love of Christmas and fairy tales, and his hatred of tyranny+-+1257665585221944ocn000357971book19530.47Fielding, K. JCharles Dickens : a critical introductionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA study of Dickens' works, as seen in relationship to his life21027ocn700735598book20110.28Douglas-Fairhurst, RobertBecoming Dickens : the invention of a novelistBiographyBecoming Dickens tells the story of how an ambitious young Londoner became England's greatest novelist. In following the twists and turns of Charles Dickens's early career, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst examines a remarkable double transformation: in reinventing himself Dickens reinvented the form of the novel. It was a high-stakes gamble, and Dickens never forgot how differently things could have turned out. From his traumatized childhood to the suicide of his first collaborator and the sudden death of the woman who had a good claim to being the love of his life, Dickens faced powerful obstacles. Douglas-Fairhurst's provocative new biography, focused on the 1830s, portrays a restless and uncertain Dickens who could not decide on the career path he should take and would never feel secure in his considerable achievements. -- from Publisher Description+-+2855059215209511ocn000078279book19700.28Wilson, AngusThe world of Charles DickensCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyChildhood 1812-22 - Youth 1822-36 - Love, marriage, success and death 1827-40 - Away from it all and back again 1840-50 - England, home and beauty 1850-8 - In harness 1858-70+-+0175755215202719ocn707969079book20110.23Tomalin, ClaireCharles Dickens : a lifeBiographyWhen Charles Dickens died in 1870, The Times of London successfully campaigned for his burial in Westminster Abbey, the final resting place of England's kings and heroes. Thousands flocked to mourn the best recognized and loved man of nineteenth-century England. His books had made them laugh, shown them the squalor and greed of English life, and also the power of personal virtue and the strength of ordinary people. In his last years Dickens drew adoring crowds, had met presidents and princes, and had amassed a fortune. Yet like his heroes, Dickens trod a hard path to greatness. His young life was overturned when his profligate father was sent to debtors' prison and Dickens was forced into harsh factory work--but this led to his remarkable eye for all that was absurd, tragic, and redemptive in London life. This biography gives full measure to Dickens's stature--his virtues both as a writer and as a human being--while observing his failings in both respects with an unblinking eye.--From publisher description+-+64585794061994101ocn000626764book19030.53Chesterton, G. KCharles Dickens : a critical studyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyPictorial worksBoyhood - Pickwick papers - Popularity - Dickens and America - Dickens and Christmas - Time of transition - Later life and works - Characters - Optimism of Dickens - Future of Dickens+-+813478793619275ocn777620949book20120.06Pratchett, TerryDodgerHistoryJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesHumorous storiesLove storiesYoung adult works"In an alternative version of Victorian London, seventeen-year-old Dodger, a cunning and cheeky street urchin, unexpectedly rises in life when he saves a mysterious girl, meets Charles Dickens, and unintentionally puts a stop to the murders of Sweeney Todd"--19083ocn051306485file19990.28Glancy, Ruth FStudent companion to Charles DickensCriticism, interpretation, etcStudy guides+-+2661588685+-+6770907465+-+6770907465Fri Mar 21 15:30:54 EDT 2014batch1049004