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Fri Mar 21 17:12:03 2014 UTClccn-n780937340.00Papers,0.421.00Familie zwischen zwei Welten : ein deutsch-amerikanisches Auswandererschicksal /32791405Hermann_Hagedornn 78093734228831Hagedorn, Herman.Hagedorn, Hermann, Jr.ハゲドーン, ハーマンlccn-n79027239Roosevelt, Theodore1858-1919lccn-sh85115354Roosevelt familylccn-n79090055Schweitzer, Albert1875-1965lccn-n80008798Robinson, Edwin Arlington1869-1935lccn-n86041085Roosevelt Memorial Associationlccn-n81110663Wood, Leonard1860-1927lccn-n78093790Viereck, George Sylvester1884-1962lccn-n78094053Münsterberg, Hugo1863-1916lccn-n78094705Keller, Phyllis1930-lccn-n88222551Brookings, Robert S.(Robert Somers)1850-1932Hagedorn, Hermann1882-1964BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryJuvenile worksChurch historyPoetryDramaPersonal narrativesMusical settingsRobinson, Edwin Arlington,Roosevelt, Theodore,United StatesPoets, AmericanSchweitzer, Albert,Hagedorn, Hermann,Frontier and pioneer lifeUnited States--Dakota TerritoryPolitical scienceWood, Leonard,MissionsMissionaries, MedicalMissionariesGabonHuntingGerman AmericansWorld War (1914-1918)IntellectualsViereck, George Sylvester,Münsterberg, Hugo,TravelNew York (State)Natural historyHeroesBrookings, Robert S.--(Robert Somers),Hagedorn familyBiographyThompson, William Boyce,Magee, John,Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony)PageantsMassachusetts--PlymouthPresidentsAtomic bombChristian poetry, AmericanBombardment of Hiroshima-shi (Japan : 1945)PeaceJapan--Hiroshima-shiCourageWomenArthur,--KingRegimental historiesSpanish-American War (1898)1898CivilizationSacred songs (Medium voice) with pianoPhilanthropistsSacred songs (Low voice) with pianoSacred songs (High voice) with pianoAuthors, American1882196418821903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419661967196819691970197119731974197519771979198019821983198519861987198819901991199419992000200420052006200720082010201314345348771BPS3535.O25ocn000445389ocn001109935ocn000610436ocn002714222ocn476640055ocn832260212ocn562927858ocn832260140ocn832260232ocn558435207ocn001377065ocn001748223ocn663245195ocn674173373ocn022758502ocn045227490ocn153914203ocn041745873ocn173488045ocn866154334238414ocn000467068book19540.24Hagedorn, HermannThe Roosevelt family of Sagamore Hill108221ocn000627026book19470.39Hagedorn, HermannProphet in the wilderness : the story of Albert SchweitzerHistoryChurch historyBiography81713ocn000655624book19380.53Barnard, EllsworthEdwin Arlington Robinson; centenary essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRobinson had an organic and ineradicable need to embody in verse his response to the world of which he found himself a part. It was his passion to write poetry that destroyed any potential leaning toward other occupations77722ocn001525276book19210.37Hagedorn, HermannRoosevelt in the Bad LandsBiography65612ocn000422009book19310.56Hagedorn, HermannLeonard Wood, a biographyBiography56518ocn001748423book19180.14Hagedorn, HermannThe boys' life of Theodore RooseveltJuvenile worksBiography53410ocn000445389book19260.56Roosevelt, TheodoreThe works of Theodore RooseveltHistoryPersonal narratives4536ocn001109935book19570.29Roosevelt, TheodoreThe Theodore Roosevelt treasury; a self-portrait from his writingsBiographyThis is a selection, roughly chronological, from the many kinds of writing T.R. did when leisure allowed. Throughout his years in the presidency official and unofficial writings follow each other to show both the public man and the private. This is book is indeed a self-portrait of a vigorous and interesting personality, of a man with a high vision of America and her future37810ocn001614513book19460.35Hagedorn, HermannAmericans: a book of livesBiography3599ocn000799279book19360.63Hagedorn, HermannBrookings; a biography3493ocn001373068book19600.31Hagedorn, HermannThe hyphenated family; an American sagaThe story of the Hagedorns, a German-American family, whose divided loyalties between the two countries led the author to reject the German culture30011ocn003279493book19460.63Hagedorn, HermannThe bomb that fell on AmericaHistoryPoetry2438ocn000806879book19350.66Hagedorn, HermannThe magnate, William Boyce Thompson and his times (1869-1930)Biography24016ocn001316936book19290.08Hagedorn, HermannThe book of courageJuvenile worksBiography2327ocn001377065book19230.53Roosevelt, TheodoreThe Americanism of Theodore Roosevelt; selections from his writings and speeches2327ocn001371420book19420.50Hagedorn, HermannSunward I've climbed; the story of John Magee, poet and soldier, 1922-194122310ocn001488129book19120.81Hagedorn, HermannPoems and balladsPoetry2104ocn001137348book19570.06Hagedorn, HermannEleven who daredJuvenile worksShort biographies of eleven men and women of heroic spiritual and physical courage: Socrates, Hannibal, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, Elizabeth of England, Robert E. Lee, Father Damien, Theodore Roosevelt, Edith Cavell, Mahatma Gandhi, and Charles Lindbergh1977ocn031268764book19160.73Hagedorn, HermannThe great maze, and The heart of youth; a poem and a play1792ocn001497291book19210.81Baker, George PierceThe Pilgrim spirit : a pageant in celebration of the tercentenary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts, December 21, 1620Drama4903ocn004515221book19790.70Keller, PhyllisStates of belonging : German-American intellectuals and the First World WarHistoryBiographyThose surveyed: Hugo Münsterberg, George Sylvester Viereck, Hermann Hagedorn2025ocn000610436book19260.56Roosevelt, TheodoreThe works of Theodore RooseveltHistoryPersonal narratives1481ocn004863441book19030.56Everyman; a moral play131ocn551375854com19030.76Everyman a moral play81ocn004753114score19460.35Guion, David WPrayerMusical settings31ocn040571441book19831.00Hagedorn, HermannFamilie zwischen zwei Welten : ein deutsch-amerikanisches Auswandererschicksal21ocn047805588file0.92Linderman, Frank BirdFrank Bird Linderman Memorial Collection 1885-1986HistorySourcesPersons represented include Edward Borein, Grace Stone Coates, Walt Coburn, Joe De Yong, Joseph Moore Dixon, Paris Gibson, George Bird Grinnell, Herman Hagedorn, Ernest Horn, Will James, H.G. Merriam, Henry Lee Myers, E.S. Paxson, Gifford Pinchot, Winold Reiss, Charles M. Russell, O.C. Seltzer, Harry Holbert Turney-High, Frederic Franklyn Van de Water, Thomas James Walsh, and Harold Wave Whicker21ocn153780585book19600.31Hagedorn, HermannThe hyphenated family; an American sagaThe story of the Hagedorns, a German-American family, whose divided loyalties between the two countries led the author to reject the German culture12ocn269595481book1.00Lamont, Thomas WTreatiesCorrespondence; articles; speeches; files relating to the New York Evening Post, 1917-1923, and The Saturday Review of Literature, 1924-1948; records, 1906-1916, of Lamont, Corliss and Company; clippings, and photos. Relates to Lamont's partnership in J.P. Morgan & Company, his Exeter and Harvard connections, various directorships, congressional hearings which concerned him, properties, charitable interests, and especially to his role in the World War I Peace Conference and subsequent monetary and reparations commissions. Correspondents include well-known literary and political figures of this country and abroad during the 1920's and 1930's11ocn702336068book1.00Hagedorn, Hermann[Miscellaneous works by Hermann Hagedorn]11ocn760887564art19140.10Hagedorn, Hermann, Jr.: writerBiography11ocn017799634mixGreene, FrankPapersConsists of transcripts of letters from Theodore Roosevelt, Herman Hagedorn, and James Foley concerning events in western North Dakota during the period Roosevelt was ranching in the Badlands. Includes a biographical sketch of Greene11ocn702203616mix1.00Hagedorn, HermannHermann Hagedorn papersArchivesCollection contains correspondence, writings, clippings, and other materials documenting the life of author Hermann Hagedorn. Correspondence in the collection consists of letters to and from family, friends, other writers, publishers, scholars, and well-known political and cultural figures from the first half of the twentieth century. Noteworthy correspondents include Stephen Vincent Benét, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost, Percy MacKaye, Ezra Pound, Edwin Arlington Robinson, and Albert Schweitzer, as well as Theodore ("Teddy"), Franklin D., and Eleanor Roosevelt. Writings include drafts and research materials for articles, plays, poems, short stories, speeches, and biographical works. In addition, there are clippings on Hagedorn and reviews of his literary and biographical works. Other materials include medals, music, photographs, printed materials, and a scrapbook11ocn281557854book1916Hagedorn, HermannAutograph letter signed from Hermann Hagedorn, Fairfries?, Connecticut, to William WinterRefers to the testimonial given in honor of Winter, in which Hagedorn assisted11ocn849527400mix1.00Braithwaite, William StanleyWilliam Stanley Braithwaite PapersBiographyOther correspondents include Cyril Clemens, Grant Code, James Cozzens, Countee Cullen, Olive Dargan, Gustav Davidson, W.E.B. DuBois, Charles Eaton, Paul Engle, Norma Farber, Charles A. Fenton, Kimball Flaccus, Robert Frost, Claire K. Gerbaulet, Nina Gerbaulet, Louis Ginsberg, George Gomme, Hermann Hagedorn, Leigh Hanes, Robert Hillyer, John Holmes, Langston Hughes, Georgia Johnson, MacKinlay Kantor, Joseph Joel Keith, Burton Kline, Florence Becker Lennon, Benjamin Mays, David McCord, Marianne Moore, Paul Scott Mowrer, Maurice Peloubet, Maxwell Perkins, Bliss Perry, Minerva Perry, Helen Channing Pollock, Ira Reid, Ruby Altizer Roberts, Paul Robeson, Angelo Schmuller, Lulu Schultz, George S. Schuyler, Delmore Schwartz, Eli Siegel, Jules Siegel, Noble Sissle, Chard Powers Smith, Vladimir Sokoloff, and Arthur Spingarn11ocn071131695mix1.00Moral Re-armament (Organization)Records of the Moral Re-armamentHistoryRecords and correspondencePapers (1873-1966) of Moral Re-Armament's founder, Frank Nathan Daniel Buchman, include material relating to his personal and family life; his association with the YMCA and the Oxford Group (the forerunner of MRA); his missionary work in Asia; and his role in the organizational, theological, and philosophical development of MRA, especially in regard to pacifism, isolationism, and anticommunism. Papers (1812-1977) of Ray Foote Purdy (1889-1965), Buchman's student at Princeton Theological Seminary and later a director of the Oxford Group and the MRA, relate to his duties with the MRA, his views on Nazi Germany, and his personal and family life; to the activities of his wife, Elsa Toennies Purdy, son, Ray Foote Purdy, Jr., and brother, Frederick H. Purdy, all MRA coworkers; and to the psychological, social, and public relations aspects of the movement. Papers (1929-1979) of Kenaston Twitchell (1903-1988) include correspondence, reports, and printed matter chiefly relating to his efforts through meetings sponsored by MRA to promote peace between France and Germany following World War II and to establish an MRA group in postwar Japan11ocn014210943book0.47Ohlinger, GustavusGustaus Ohlinger papersCollection covers both personal and business aspects of Ohlingers life, including a journal written in South Africa and China (1902-1905), incoming and outgoing correspondence, speeches, articles, photographs, clippings, a scrapbook, and ephemera. Ohlingers correspondents, a significant aspect of the collection, include Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Ellery Sedgwick, and Charles M. Sheldon. Of special interest is an audio tape he made recalling his 1901 interview with the young Winston Churchill at the University of Michigan. The family papers series is also a significant record group in this collection. It includes papers created and generated by several members of Ohlingers immediate family including an extensive group of papers from Constance Ohlinger, sister of Gustavus and pilot, teacher, and music lover11ocn070981737mix1.00Frost, RobertRobert Frost papersRecords and correspondenceHolograph and typewritten signed poems including "Away," "The Bonfire," "Mending Wall," "Not Quite Social," and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." Also includes correspondence; transcript of press conference announcing Frost's appointment as Library of Congress consultant in poetry; text of remarks by Mark Van Doren, Felix Frankfurter, and Stewart L. Udall on Frost's 88th birthday; facsimiles and photoreproductions of poems; and photographs. Correspondents include Hermann Hagedorn, Robert S. Newdick, and Gertrude Clarke Whittall11ocn079634516mix1946Hagedorn, HermannPAD/D pamphlet file : miscellaneous uncataloged material11ocn070979848mix1.00MacDowell, MarianMarian MacDowell papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, writings, clippings and other printed material, memorabilia, and other papers relating primarily to MacDowell's activities with the MacDowell Colony, the artists' community in Peterborough, N.H., established to honor her husband. Includes Edward MacDowell's letters to his wife, musical scores, and other personal and family papers (1890-1904); records of the Edward MacDowell Association, Inc., a New York-based foundation that financed and administered the colony; and papers of Nina Maud Richardson, including her correspondence with Marian MacDowell and with Van Wyck Brooks, O. Louis Guglielmi, Hermann Hagedorn, and Jean Starr Untermeyer. Marian MacDowell's correspondents include Aaron Copland, Theodore Dreiser, Daniel Chester French, Hamlin Garland, DuBose Heyward, Archibald MacLeish, Nina Maud Richardson, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Roger Sessions, Upton Sinclair, and Thornton WilderFri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch35831