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Thu Oct 16 18:02:12 2014 UTClccn-n780407860.17Samurai. Toho Co. ; directed by Hiroshi Inagaki0.290.97Waga kokoro no Inagaki Hiroshi /74058656Hiroshi_Inagakin 78040786176733Hiroshi, InagakiInagaki, Hiroshi.Inagaki, Hiroshi, 1905-1980Kajiwara, Kinpachi, 1905-1980イナガキ, ヒロシ, 1905-1980稲垣, 浩, 1905-1980稲垣浩, 1905-1980lccn-n81091357Mifune, Toshirō1920-1997scrprfdrtactlccn-n81128401東宝株式会社dstpronp-takimura, kazuoTakimura, Kazuoprolccn-n81015349Miyamoto, Musashi1584-1645viaf-172347298Yachigusa, Kaoru1931-prfactlccn-n78028672Wakao, Tokuhei1918-1976sceauslccn-nr99027591鶴田浩二1924-1987prfactlccn-n79089448団伊玖磨1924-2001cmplccn-no95013200Image Entertainment (Firm)lccn-nr2006027612岡田茉莉子1933-actInagaki, Hiroshi1905-1980DramaFilm adaptationsHistorySamurai filmsHistorical filmsFilm and video adaptationsAnecdotesJapanMiyamoto, Musashi,SamuraiSwordsmenYoshikawa, Eiji,Civil warHonorManners and customsMotion pictures, JapaneseRōninRevengeForty-seven RōninLoyaltyTakeda, Izumo,Courts and courtiersVendettaSasaki, Ganryū,Japanese languageSekigahara, Battle of (Japan : 1600)Man-woman relationshipsMotion picturesYamamoto, Kansuke,FeudalismTakeda, Shingen,Film adaptationsSelf-realizationShinsengumiRickshaw menInagaki, Hiroshi,Martial artsIwashita, Shunsaku,Kung fuSingle mothersSocial classesWidowsMotion picture actors and actressesMotion picture producers and directorsJapan--KyotoFriendshipMotion picture studiosSamurai--Religious lifeMartial arts--Religious aspects--BuddhismMotion pictures--Plots, themes, etcDramaAcademy Awards (Motion pictures)1905198019281934193519361937193819401941194219451947194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719691970197119761978197919811983198419861988199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092012201320143084161433791.4372PN1995.9.S24ocn796675701ocn046612420ocn044158381ocn051932654ocn041513391ocn061173230ocn044158378ocn799052025ocn029833914ocn029833964ocn046612420ocn051932654ocn041513391ocn646807820ocn044158381ocn044158378ocn780319733ocn821209840ocn691679643ocn691919270ocn804945688ocn03713934446921ocn042200968visu19860.24Inagaki, HiroshiMiyamoto Musashi Samurai IDramaFilm adaptationsMusashi is a brash and ambitious peasant who desires frame and power as a swordsman. His dreams of glory in war sour when his army is routed and he becomes hunted by the authorities. With the help of a severe monk, he develops from a hot-tempered into a thoughtful swordsman+-+863375532538121ocn042201246visu19860.24Inagaki, HiroshiZoku Miyamoto Musashi Ichijōji no kettō = Miyamoto Musashi two : duel at Ichijoji TempleDramaFilm adaptationsMusashi is a wondering samurai swordsman who is honing his skills during a succession of duels. When he defeats a succession of students, he becomes marked for death and is attacked in a series of cowardly ambushes. Romantic threads are further complicated when two women meet and discover their rivalry. Musashi earns himself an archenemy who vows to defeat Musashi to make his name the finest in all of Japan+-+693865532532435916ocn054839024visu19540.25Inagaki, Hiroshi Mifune, ToshiroThe samurai trilogyDramaFilm adaptationsHiroshi Inagaki's acclaimed Samurai trilogy is based on the novel that has been called Japan's Gone with the wind. This sweeping saga of the legendary seventeenth century samurai Musashi Miyamoto plays out against the turmoil of a devastating civil war. It follows Musashi's odyssey from unruly youth to enlightened warrior+-+863375532522514ocn046612420visu19620.30Inagaki, HiroshiChūshinguraHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsSet in 18th century Japan, the film tells the story of a young lord, Asano, who travels to the capital city of Edo to assume state duties. After refusing to bribe the Grand Master of Ceremonies for teaching him official etiquette, he is goaded into drawing his sword in the Shogun's palace, a capital offense for which he is sentenced to commit harakiri suicide. This leaves the warriors of Ako as rōnin, masterless samurai, with nowhere to go and no lord to serve2068ocn051932654visu19620.29Chūshingura the loyal 47 samuraiHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsHistorical filmsSamurai filmsFilm adaptationsTheir lord having been tricked into commiting suicide by a corrupt elder court official, a group of 47 samurai who have been forced to become ronin nurse their anger and outrage, each becoming the personification of the samurai spirit, until the time is right to avenge their dead lord's honor18310ocn042201565visu19980.21Miyamoto Musashi kanketsuhen kettō ganryūjima = Miyamoto Musashi three : duel at Ganryu IslandDramaFilm adaptationsMusashi is now a legendary swordsman whose latest quest is to save an isolated viallage from rampaging brigands. He also, remains haunted by his memories of Otsu. Meanwhile, the ruthless and increasingly jealous Kojiro plots his battle royal with Musashi to prove who is the finest swordsman in Japan15210ocn044158381visu19610.31Miyamoto Musashi kanketsu-hen kettō Genryū-jima = Samurai III : duel at Genryu islandDramaFilm adaptationsIn this third and last installment of the Samurai trilogy, the main character continues his quest for enlightenment, but turns his back on the world in disillusionment. Forced to fight again, he eventually comes face to face with his arch rival and long time enemy in a final showdown. This release includes the original theatrical trailer+-+86337553251053ocn029710681visu19930.24Samurai trilogyDramaFollows the formative years of Musashi Miyamoto, Japan's most famous swordsman, as he goes off to a civil war in search of glory but finds defeatand shame instead. He returns to his village a crazed outlaw, but is redeemed by the love of a girl and the spiritual healing of a Buddhist priest914ocn029711032visu19930.24Samurai trilogyDramaFinal showdown for Musashi Miyamoto and his archrival Kojiro Sasaki. Samurai III brings this epic to a close with its famous sunset scene+-+3038655325324892ocn029710422visu19930.26Samurai trilogyDramaThe legendary Musashi Miyamoto in this film meets his life-long enemy in the guise of a rival samurai, leading to the ultimate samurai showdown. There, in the heat of the battle, Miyamoto gains true insight into his profession, learning that mercy and kindness can be mightier than the sword+-+6938655325324622ocn058593641visu20050.28Incident at blood pass"In his final portrayal of the Yojimbo charachter, Mifune is hired to perform a mission so mysterious, he isn't told what it is. All he knows is that he is supposed to go to a remote mountain pass and wait for something to happen!"--Container531ocn061173230visu20050.33Fūrin kazanDramaYamamoto Kansuke is a fearsome warrior who has risen to the position of Clan Chamberlain through trickery and deceit, but he learns the meaning of honor when he and his Lord, Takeda, fall in love with the same woman4310ocn051199615visu19860.84Muhōmatsu no isshō Muhomatsu, the rikisha-manDramaFilm adaptationsA simple rikisha man falls in love with the beautiful mother of a young boy he has befriended, but knows he can never have her because of their class differences424ocn015024423visu19540.37Samurai IDuring a civil war, Musashi Miyamoto goes off in search of glory, only to suffer defeat on the wrong side. He returns as an outlaw, half-mad and uncontrollable, and is saved only by the intervention of a village girl who loves him and a Buddhist priest who tries to heal him388ocn016903123visu19860.50Inagaki, HiroshiSamurai III Duel at Ganryu IslandDramaThe 17th century master swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto, must face his lifelong enemy Kojiro Sasaki. The final film of Ingaki's trilogy about the most famed of all Japan's swordsmen+-+3038655325324381ocn795843603visu20120.17Samurai. Toho Co. ; directed by Hiroshi InagakiDramaThe third film in the Samurai trilogy, a fictionalized retelling of the life of legendary Kensei Musashi Miyamoto352ocn016734236visu19860.53The Rikisha-man Muhomatsu no isshoA tragic melodrama about a rickshaw puller who helps raise a young boy after his father died, and loves the boy's mother from afar302ocn225774038visu19980.50Zoku Miyamoto Musashi chijoji no kettoDramaFilm adaptationsMusashi Miyamoto, the 17th century warrior, must prove himself to be a worthy samurai by defeating many foes266ocn039200895visu19970.53Inagaki, HiroshiSamurai banners Furin kazanDramaToshirô Mifune stars in this epic adventure story, based on a best selling historical novel. Mifune plays a fearsome warrior who has risen to the position of Clan Chamberlain through trickery and deceit, but he learns the meaning of honor when he and his lord fall in love with the same woman251ocn123960534visu20070.21Shinsengumi Assassins of honorHistoryDramaThe Shinsengumi, a small army of samurai, farmers and peasants, band together to do battle against the tide of history122ocn048672279book20000.97Takase, MasahiroWaga kokoro no Inagaki HiroshiBiography81ocn025804800book19830.95Inagaki, HiroshiNihon eiga no wakaki hibiHistoryAnecdotes11ocn301105111book19810.92Inagaki Hiroshi kantoku tokushūHistory+-+8633755325+-+8633755325Thu Oct 16 15:41:24 EDT 2014batch23885