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Fri Mar 21 17:14:19 2014 UTClccn-n780854280.06Lorenzo de' Medici and Renaissance Italy /0.480.94Ambra (descriptio hiemis) /54169908Lorenzo_de'_Medicin 78085428220646De’ Medici, Lorenzo.De' Medici, Lorenzo, |, 1449-1492De' Medicis, LaurentDe Médicis, Laurent, 1449-1492Dei Medici, LorenzoDei Medici, Lorenzo, 1449-1492DeMedici, Lorenzo 1449-1492De'Medici, Lorenzo, detto Il MagnificoLaurens, de Medicis, 1449-1492Laurent de Medicis 1449-1492Laurent, le MagnifiqueLaurent, le Magnifique, 1449-1492Laurent the Magnificent 1449-1492Laurentio, De' Médicis, 1449-1492Laurentios, ho MegaloprepesLaurentios, ho Megaloprepēs, 1449-1492Laurentius de Medicis 1449-1492Laurentius Magnificus 1449-1492Laurentius Medices 1449-1492Laurentius Mediceus 1449-1492Laurenzo de'Medici 1449-1492Lorenzo de' MediciLorenzo, de' Medici, 1449-1492Lorenzo dei MediciLorenzo dei Medici, 1449-1492Lorenzo de'MediciLorenzo de'Medici 1449-1492Lorenzo de'Medici, il MagnificoLorenzo der Grossmächtige 1449-1492Lorenzo, der PrächtigeLorenzo, der Prächtige, 1449-1492Lorenzo, el Magnífico 1449-1492Lorenzo I., Medicejský, 1449-1492Lorenzo, il MagnificLorenzo, il MagnificoLorenzo, il Magnifico, 1449-1492Lorenzo, the MagnificeLorenzo, the MagnificentLorenzo, the Magnificent, 1449-1492Lorenzo VeličanstveniMagnifico Lorenzo de Medici.Medices, Laurentius 1449-1492Mediči, Lorenco, 1449-1492Medici, Lorenzino de' 1449-1492Medici, Lorenzo, 1449-1492Medici, Lorenzo de'Medici, Lorenzo de, 1449-1492Medici, Lorenzo de', called Il Magnifico, 1449-1492Medici, Lorenzo de', il MagnificoMedici, Lorenzo de', il magnifico, 1449-1492Medici, Lorenzo deiMedici, Lorenzo dei, 1449-1492Medicis, Laurens de, 1449-1492Médicis, Laurent deMédicis, Laurent de (1449-1492).Medyceusz, Wawrzyniec.Wawrzyniec Wspaniały.Лоренцо, Великолепный, 1449-1492Медичи, Лоренцо, 1449-1492メディチ, ロレンツォメディチ, ロレンツォ・デviaf-305068417Medici, House oflccn-n50048425Roscoe, William1753-1831edtlccn-n84182735Martines, Laurolccn-n82137076Kent, F. W.(Francis William)1942-edtlccn-n85327326Ady, Cecilia M.(Cecilia Mary)1881-1958lccn-n2001007885Unger, Mileslccn-sh85098914Pazzi familylccn-n50009958Mee, Charles L.lccn-n80155479Ripley, Alexandralccn-n50042415Loth, David1899-1988Medici, Lorenzo de'1449-1492HistoryMusical settingsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryBiographyRecords and correspondenceSourcesMedici, Lorenzo de',Italy--FlorenceStatesmenIntellectualsRenaissanceItalyMedici, House ofNobilityPazzi Conspiracy (1478)Pazzi familyPolitics in artThemes, motivesCryptographySixtus--IV,--Pope,Botticelli, Sandro,Political participationFederico,--da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino,Medici, Giuliano de',History--SourcesPolyphonic chansonsAntiquities--Collection and preservationPrivate collectionsMedici, Cosimo de',Medici, Piero de',Sacred songs (High voice) with orchestraSongs (High voice) with orchestraCarnival songsBigi, EmilioItalian poetryPart songs, ItalianChristian poetry, ItalianJohn,--the Apostle, SaintPaul,--the Apostle, SaintPolitical scienceAssassination attemptItalian literatureArt--Private collectionsArt--Collectors and collectingSongs (High voice) with orchestra--Vocal scores with pianoCollectors and collectingPoetryRomance fictionMaggio musicale fiorentino14491492147414751476147714781479148014811482148414851486148714891490149114921493149514971498149915061507150915101512151315141515151815221538154715491553155415551559156315651568157115721581158615881589159315971600160516061611161416181637164616641667167416801692169817491757176017621763176917841786178817911795179617971799180018011802180318061808181018121813181618171818182218231824182518291830183418361839184218451846184718511857185818591861186218631864186518671869187218741875187618771879188018811882188318841886188718881889189118921893189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190819091910191119121913191419151917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013311569572089851.2DG737.9ocn185812107ocn797417242ocn725588190ocn461043395ocn461097405ocn658869989ocn232157148ocn767452097ocn767452081ocn658492392ocn767452077ocn662173274ocn767370821ocn661746322ocn662173270ocn797592892ocn833557682ocn833557602ocn246617692ocn833557837ocn833557673ocn833557823ocn833557840ocn833557842ocn256340871ocn249429301ocn454557944ocn420705127ocn449937500ocn406840993ocn764871923ocn661334295ocn743145121ocn842115309ocn843046110ocn774035405ocn661120579ocn765242286ocn17154391033449ocn023182554book19220.81Medici, Lorenzo de'Scritti sceltiHistory26720ocn025318006book19840.86Medici, Lorenzo de'Canzoniere / Lorenzo de' Medici23822ocn008744827book19390.84Medici, Lorenzo de'Opere2183ocn811253803com20100.79Markevitch, IgorComplete orchestral worksMusical settings17212ocn002097959book19660.92Medici, Lorenzo de'Simposio1438ocn015189928book19760.88Medici, Lorenzo de'Stanze1167ocn026767614book19900.88Medici, Lorenzo de'LaudeCriticism, interpretation, etc1134ocn811456320file19980.86Doulce mémoire (Musical group)Lorenzo il Magnifico trionfo di Bacco : chants de Carnaval : (1449-1492)1035ocn010404699book19820.92Medici, Lorenzo de'La Nencia da Barberino966ocn003212488book19580.84Medici, Lorenzo de'Tutte le opere949ocn508834077file17910.70Medici, Lorenzo de'Poesie Del magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici, tratte da testi a penna della Libreria Mediceo-Laurenziana, e finora inedite865ocn002370669score19410.79Piston, WalterCarnival song, for men's chorus and brass instrumentsMusical settings8311ocn767620698score19410.81Markevitch, IgorLorenzo il Magnifico sinfonia concertante for soprano and orchestraMusical settings796ocn001457811book19120.81Medici, Lorenzo de'Poesie volgari788ocn049375970book20000.93Medici, Lorenzo de'Rime spirituali ; La rappresentazione di san Giovanni e PauloPoetry747ocn024912255book19900.88Medici, Lorenzo de'Canti carnascialeschi7010ocn036649672book19960.88Medici, Lorenzo de'Poesie706ocn801665711com19830.70Biblioteca nazionale centrale di FirenzeA Florentine chansonnier from the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent : Florence, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, MS Banco rari 229enthält Kompositionen von: Agricola, Isaac, Busnois, Martini, Caron, Compère, Japart, Ghizeghem, Josquin, Rubinet, Obrecht, Weerbecke, Brumel, Fresneau677ocn015136176book19850.94Medici, Lorenzo de'Ambra (descriptio hiemis)673ocn003420100book19110.70Ross, JanetLives of the early MediciHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+851956390517398ocn050960657book20030.27Martines, LauroApril blood : Florence and the plot against the MediciHistoryBiographyThe failed assassination doomed the Pazzi. Medici revenge was swift and brutal - plotters were hanged or beheaded, innocents were hacked to pieces, and bodies were put out to dangle from the windows of the government palace. All remaining members of the Pazzi clan were forced to change their surname, and every public sign or symbol of the family was destroyed. April Blood offers us a fresh portrait of Renaissance Florence, where dazzling artistic achievements went side-by-side with violence, cruelty, and bare-knuckle politics. At the center of the canvas is the figure of Lorenzo the Magnificent - poet, statesman, connoisseur, patron of the arts, and ruthless ʺboss of bosses.ʺ This extraordinarily vivid account of a turning point in the Italian Renaissance is bound to become a lasting work of history. Book jacket+-+104706046515319ocn001093151book19740.29Ross Williamson, HughLorenzo the MagnificentHistoryBiography1140111ocn000407438book17950.73Roscoe, WilliamThe life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the MagnificentHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+6879540966324108816ocn002294544book19520.50Ady, Cecilia MLorenzo dei Medici and Renaissance ItalyPazzi conspiracy - Medici circle - Florence and the Italian renaissance - Medici bank9786ocn646769579file20040.56Kent, F. WLorenzo de' Medici and the art of magnificenceHistoryBiography"In the past half century, scholars have downplayed the significance of Lorenzo de' Medici (1449-1492) as a patron of the arts. Less wealthy than his grandfather Cosimo, the argument goes, Lorenzo was far more interested in collecting ancient objects of art than in commissioning contemporary art or architecture. His earlier reputation as a patron was said to be largely a construct of humanist exaggeration and partisan deference."+-+42713365359734ocn152581040book20080.23Unger, MilesMagnifico : the brilliant life and violent times of Lorenzo de' MediciHistoryBiography"Magnifico is a vividly colorful portrait of Lorenzo de' Medici, the uncrowned ruler of Florence during its golden age. A true "Renaissance man," Lorenzo dazzled contemporaries with his prodigious talents and magnetic personality. Known to history as Il Magnifico (the Magnificent), Lorenzo was not only the foremost patron of his day but also a renowned poet, equally adept at composing philosophical verses and obscene rhymes to be sung at Carnival. He befriended the greatest artists and writers of the time - Leonardo, Botticelli, Poliziano, and, especially, Michelangelo, whom he discovered as a young boy and invited to live at his palace - turning Florence into the cultural capital of Europe. He was the leading statesman of the age, the fulcrum of Italy, but also a cunning and ruthless political operative. Miles Unger's biography of this complex figure draws on primary research in Italian sources and on his intimate knowledge of Florence, where he lived for several years."--Jacket+-+69890789258873ocn000012921book19690.07Mee, Charles LLorenzo de' Medici and the RenaissanceHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyRecounts the violent political power struggles, the social and religious ferment, the cultural revolution, and the individual prominence surrounding the life of Lorenzo de' Medici, the Italian nobleman described as the archetype of "the Renaissance Man."8674ocn011917950book19850.14Ripley, AlexandraThe time returnsHistoryFictionIn fifteenth-century Florence, during the heart of the Renaissance, Lorenzo de' Medici and Ginevra de' Pazzi are bound by a love that transcends the bitter rivalry of their families+-+730751199579311ocn000789935book19290.47Loth, DavidLorenzo the MagnificentHistory+-+24244611256933ocn000741124book19740.47Sturm-Maddox, SaraLorenzo de'Medici5425ocn176951142book20080.23Simonetta, MarcelloThe Montefeltro conspiracy : a Renaissance mystery decodedHistorySourcesThe Italian Renaissance is remembered as much for intrigue as it is for art, with papal politics and infighting among Italy's many city-states. The attempted assassination of the Medici brothers in Florence in 1478 is one of the best-known examples of the machinations of the age. While the assailants were the Medici's rivals, the Pazzi family, questions have always lingered about who really orchestrated the attack. Five centuries later, Marcello Simonetta, working in a private archive in Italy, stumbled upon a coded letter written by Federico da Montefeltro, the Duke of Urbino, to Pope Sixtus IV, containing proof of a power grab by the Pope for control of Florence. Montefeltro, long believed a close friend of Lorenzo de Medici, was in fact conspiring with the Pope to unseat the Medici. Their failure changed the course of Italian and papal history.--From publisher description+-+931970038554026ocn013834833book18960.63Armstrong, EdwardLorenzo de' Medici and Florence in the fifteenth century / by E. ArmstrongHistory53410ocn181837292com17950.73Roscoe, WilliamThe life of Lorenzo de' Medici called the magnificent. By William Roscoe.History5312ocn005505545book19790.47Acton, HaroldThe Pazzi conspiracy : the plot against the MediciHistory5172ocn011343840book19840.50Hook, JudithLorenzo de' Medici : an historical biographyHistoryBiography3615ocn070397050book20040.73Fusco, Laurie SLorenzo de'Medici, collector and antiquarianHistoryThe book reveals how objects were studied, where they were displayed, the criteria for selecting them, and their monetary worth, and it examines the public and private sides of Lorenzo as a collector. After his death, others were eager to obtain his objects, and information about early collectors highlights where the collector Lorenzo was unique."--BOOK JACKET+-+20970967053282ocn000481303book19730.16Shulman, SandraThe FlorentineHistoryFictionFrancesca, a beguiling beauty, finds that her family is a scapegoat for the conspirators. To survive, she disguises herself as a boy, but eventually she triumphs2622ocn049285504book20020.06Greenblatt, MiriamLorenzo de' Medici and Renaissance ItalyHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyProvides an overview of the lives of Lorenzo de Medici and his subjects in late fourteenth-century Florence, a Renaissance-era city-state, and includes excerpts from poems, laws, and sermons of the time+-+35496961252531ocn023144060book19910.81Medici, Lorenzo de'Lorenzo de Medici : selected poems and prose+-+85227562752476ocn030398477book19950.84Medici, Lorenzo de'The autobiography of Lorenzo de' Medici the Magnificent : a commentary on my sonnets together with the text of Il comento in the critical edition of Tiziano ZanatoCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+8522756275+-+8522756275Fri Mar 21 15:30:19 EDT 2014batch60371